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Mieru Hito 30


+ posted by TheHangedMan as translation on Nov 13, 2010 17:06 | Go to Mieru Hito

-> RTS Page for Mieru Hito 30

Mieru Hito Chapter 30

This is the translation from Indonesian tankoubon of Mieru Hito. Some changes are expected due to secondhand translation and cultural difference.
JPN-IND Translator: Ervin Kurniawati
Credits: Elex Media Komputindo
Note: The english word written in <> bracket means it's also written in English in the Indonesian tankoubon. It's up to other international translators whether you want to translate that word to your language or leave it in English.

Page 1
Chapter 30: "Together"

Page 2
Eiji: Hee... I'll prove that you're only big in stature
Eiji: I won't run away anymore!!

Eiji: I'll surpass you!!

Page 3
Bao: Gugu

Himeno: !

Holt: Listen carefully, Bao

Holt: The time to overthrow Komon has come...
Holt: If you found the woman who's underground, bring her to me
Holt: Kill all who stood in the way!!

Holt: Don't tell to those two!!
Bao: Bao
Holt: Oha! Yes, that's sufficient

Holt: You're still inexperienced.. If you follow what I said, mastering that technique and kept on hunting lots of souls
Holt: One day, your wish

Holt: To have the form of a human will come true!!

Page 3
Text: Human form!!

Eiji: Himenon!!

Eiji: Is it because I'm so small, you can't see me!?

Bao: Bao

Eiji: Go, Himenon!!
Himeno: Eiji-kun!!
Eiji: Find Myoujin!!

Page 4
Text: <Ghost buster strike!!>

Text: Right on spot!!

Himeno: I don't want to!! Why is everyone...

Himeno: Gakurin and Eiji-kun too!!
Himeno: If only I run away..

Eiji: Shut uuuuup!!

Page 4
Eiji: What is the most precious thing!?
Eiji: It's life!!

Eiji: Please understand!!

Tsukitake: .....
Chiko: Fiii..

Himeno: Let's go, Tsukitake-kun!!

Page 5
Himeno: After this, you have to catch up with us!!
Eiji: Okay

Tsukitake: .......

Text: The most precious thing...

Page 6
Eiji: Haha
Eiji: HA

Eiji: You're slower than a bird!

Eiji: Tap

Eiji: The bigger the target, the better

Page 7

Eiji: <GO!!>
Eiji: <FULL>
Eiji: <POWER!!>

Text: <Ghost Buster strike machine gun!!>

Holt: Bao

Page 8
Holt: You're a stupid and inexperienced Inhaku...
Holt: Rage on!
Holt: Focus yourself to the brutality that flares up within you... With that, you can hunt down a chiko

Eiji: !!

Holt: Anger will make you stronger
Holt: You who are stupid need not think rationally

Eiji: So now the real battle starts, huh

Page 9
Tsukitake: ....
Himeno: ........
Himeno: Tsukitake-kun

Text: The most precious thing...

Text: The most precious thing to me...
Text: I wonder what it is?

Text: It must be something that
Box: Kijinoha Tsukitake... The only son of a very rich millionaire
Box: Who went to a very normal school
Text: Even now after I became a spirit, I still wanted it

Page 10
Student: Whaaat!? That huge mansion on top of Kuronari Mountain is Kijinoha's house!?
Student2: You didn't know?
Student: Don't tell me he's really rich!?
Student2: The "very" is times 3, you know (very very very rich)

Student: Amaaaazing!!
Student: He'll hear you, idiot!!
Text: I can hear you, you know

Girl: In this school, you're the only one who doesn't know
Girl: He is famous, after all

Girl: Hasn't been happening lately, but... Before, everyday he went to school and got picked up with a high-class overseas-made car!!
Girl: Plus, the driver is hot

Text: Forget it

Girl: He's special from the start!! It seems like the world where he lives is different from ours
Girl: Boys who are jealous and bully him are a lot too

Boy: Oh...
Boy: So that's why he doesn't have any friends, huh
Girl: Idiot!!

Text: ...Wrong

Page 11
Text: I'm just not looking for a friend
Boy: Kijinoha!! You wanna play football together?
Boy2: Come on, let's play

Tsukitake: Yeah, I'm coming!
Boy: In that case, meet us at the park after school!!

Boy: I'll be waiting

Boy: Who wants to play with that boy?
Boy: Go play game in your house, rich kid!!

Text: It's not that I have no friends
Text: I'm just not looking for one

Boy: Hey, Kijinoha, you wanna play today?
Boy: I wanna go to your house, let's play game or something...

Tsukitake: ...I don't have games in my house
Tsukitake: I don't wanna

Page 12
Boy: Boring
Girl: That's how the unfriendly young master Tsukitake Kijinoha is

Text: Say 'Let's go' honestly, you idiot
Tsukitake: Chik (SFX for pinching)

Todoroki: Master...

Todoroki: Worked hard so he could be like this in just one generation... That's why Master wanted Bocchama
Todoroki: Raised to become strong and went to the same school as he
Tsukitake: But the way everyone sees me is different
Tsukitake: I can't make friends

Todoroki: Friends are a precious thing, Bocchama
T/N: Bocchama means Young master. Bocchan literally means son of someone, while the suffix -Chama is a mixture of -Chan(used for someone close, or kids) and -sama(means master)

Todoroki: I think, the most important thing, more important than how others view you is
Todoroki: Expressing yourself with honesty

Page 13
Todoroki: You can't be here with me all the time
Tsukitake: Todoroki too, got no friends except for cars, right?
Todoroki: If you took 'car' from me, I'm just 'Sounosuke'*
T/N: Todoroki's name is written with 3 kanji which means 'car'. His full name is 'Todoroki Sounosuke'
Text: A ha ha
Tsukitake: I've heard that a lot of times

Text: I need to change

Eiji: Your name is Tsukitake, huh.. Hmm
Eiji: Do you like baseball?
Text: Huh?
Text: Who're you?

Eiji: Nice to meet you
Text: Let's shake hands

Eiji: I heard you guys also train to fight Inhaku
Eiji: Sounds interesting. Let's play together some time
Tsukitake: ...

Tsukitake: ...........Chibi saru
T/N: Chibi means small, saru means monkey. Chibi saru can be translated as Midget monkey

Page 14
Tsukitake: Don't be too friendly!!
Eiji: Huwaaaa! This kid is so rude!!
Text: I need to change
Gaku: Eh? When I saw your face, my hands move by their own...
Myoujin: What the hell is with you! Jeeeeerk!! (Should be fucker, if you want the rude one)

Tsukitake: Go on first, nee-chan

Himeno: Tsu...

Tsukitake: I've got a boring job to do
Tsukitake: I'll be going now

Tsukitake: ...I've just remembered
Tsukitake: I need to go back and say it....

Page 15
Tsukitake: The answer that I forgot to tell when I first met him...
Tsukitake: I need to tell that guy

Tsukitake: I guess nee-chan can never understand, but
Tsukitake: Sorry

Tsukitake: For me
Tsukitake: This is something important

Himeno: ......

Text: I can't touch them
Himeno: Yes,
Himeno: I understand
Text: I can't stop Eiji-kun, and also Tsukitake-kun
Himeno: Please be careful!!

Himeno: I'll be fine, there's this kid
Himeno: I'll find Myoujin-san

Himeno: ....
Himeno: If you run into Gakurin and Eiji-kun, tell them...

Page 16-17
Himeno: Let's all go back
Himeno: To Utakata Mansion together
Tsukitake: Yeah...

Page 18
Bao: Boon
Eiji: Ghaa!!

Text: My techniques became ineffective all of a sudden...!?
Text: No, there's response...!!

Text: He... Completely ignored the wounds he received and kept on attacking!!

Page 19
Text: Ugh

Text: I can't move...

Page 20
Tsukitake: *whish*
Eiji: !!

Tsukitake: *run*

Page 21
Eiji: Tsukitake!!

Tsukitake: Let's play together, Eiji!!

Mieru Hito Chapter 30, the end....

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