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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Battlefield: Masurao 7

Talk with our fists

+ posted by trabius as translation on Mar 29, 2012 19:20 | Go to Battlefield: Masurao

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H: It's been a week since the Seimahai started.

H: Every morning, I head out for work. I'm no longer just a housesitter.
I'm a company man.

H: It's a refreshing morning.

Iori Massatsu Firm Group Blacklist Eliminator
Kawamura Hideo

W: Good morning Master!
W: All set?
W: Let's go out and collect some more today~!


W: ...is what I'd like to say, but you know, during this week
we've lost our spot as the top competitors!!
H: ...No surprise there.

H: That is, in this week, we haven't had a single match.
H: ...Hand over
H: The plan to have the debtors challenge us to a match with the condition of clearing their debts if they won.

H: Surprisingly, they would always pay up so it never ended in a fight.
H: the money
?: Forgive me!
H: More significant than our position as the top competitors, it seemed it was my hitman-like appearance that was scaring them off.

H: ...We'll need to fight today...
W: ...Ah!


W: If it isn't Fukei-san
W: Morning~

H: Good morning

F: ...You're going out to extort some innocent people again, aren't you...

H: ...

F: ...I know that you've gotten stuck with an unreasonable debt.


F: To simply pass your troubles onto others...
I...I didn't think that Hideo-san was such a weak person...!

W: ...Master
H: So that's how others see me, huh...

H: It's no use, even just that's enough to bring me down---
W: Cheer up~

K: Ah! Morning, Hideo-kun and Wiruko-chan!


W: Ohh! It's the chairman.
K: How are ya?

W: Are you free from work today?
K: Kya~ So cute~ Is that a maid outfit?
W: Nihihi~ It's a uniform~
K: Yep, I'm off today! And so it's been a while, so I was wondering what you two

K: were... up to...
K: O, oh...Awesome!!!


K: Kya~! Hideo-kun, you're so stylish!! How should I put it...You've got the feel of a pro~

K: ...Hey, are you free today, Hideo-kun?

K: I've got some time, so do you wanna go out and have some fun?

W: Is...Is this what they call...

W: She's asking master!!
Out on a date...?!!
K: What an exaggerated reaction~
K: Ahaha

W: Nihihi
But what are you going to do Master?
We need to fight today...

H: To be honest


H: I wouldn't have a clue what to do if it were just the two of us.
W: ...Master

W: What a missed opportunity...You should have gone on a date.
H: ...We shouldn't be playing around...

K: That's right, I also want to watch Hideo-kun have a match.
So it's fine, right?

H: But where should we be heading?
W: Hm---Anywhere should be fine, I think?
W: Since there are tourney participants pretty much everywhere...


H: ...In that case...
H: Since this is a rare free day for Kirishima-san...

W: Wow~ What a busy place~!
H: We should be able to have some fun while we look for our targets in a place like this.
K: ...Hey hey, Hideo-kun!


K: Why don't we watch a movie?

W: Master, let's play a game~

K: Ah~ Today was quite fun.

H: ...Yeah


H: While we didn't find any debtors, I feel like it's been a while since we've been able to cut loose like this.

K: And the meat here is so tender, it's delicious!

K: You really don't want any, Wiruko-chan?
W: I'm totally full~

K: ...This steakhouse is pretty well known, and I've heard that the owner is pretty hard-headed.
K: Though some may call it stubbornness, it just means he's got passion.
I'm sure of it.

H: I see, so the interior design is the result of the owner's passion---
K: ...What about you, Hideo-kun...?


K: Is there anything you're passionate about like that?

H: ...No good.

W: Nihihi, Master, I'll just go into my PC and---

H: Yeah, it's no good.
K: But there's something bugging me...


K: Besides us, the shop is completely empty, isn't it...?
W: Now that you mention it...That is pretty unusual for such a popular shop.

K: ...Waiter, is everything alright with the shop?
J: ! Eh, well actually...

J: ...Ah, no, it's nothing. We're just having one of those days.
J: It sucks

K: Hmm, is that so...


?: Come out, shopkeeper!!

?: We're the Massatsu Firm Group!!
If you won't pay up, you'll have to get out!!

J: You, you bastards! So you're back here again, huh!
J: You're not getting to the owner!!

W: ...Those guys...
are Master's coworkers, it seems...

H: I see...So this must be why the customers are all...
?: Don't get in our way!!

J: Uwah!!


J: O, owner!
J: Run away, owner!!

W: Haa, looks like this'll be over soon...

W: W, what...The masked guys are all...?!
?: Gya~
?: Gueh~


?: Y, you stubborn mule...!!
Or rather, you hard-headed owner!!

W: No, forget about being stubborn or whatever...!
Isn't that thing a hardened haniwa---!!

J: O, owner!! I mean, Haniwaru-san~!

O: ...Hey Johnny, there are customers here...Don't go screaming your head off like that...


H: P, prince...
?: Ah! Aren't you...!

?: The new recruits...
The tourney frontrunners!!

?: H, help us out here! Even though he's a tournament participant, that shopkeeper opened his store and without even paying for the land, he's continuing to run his business.
Completely brazen!!
W: ...The shopkeeper is a participant?!

J: ...The tournament favorites?! Then that means you guys are the ones who took out our best customers,
the colonel and Rocky...!!


O: ...I see...

O: In that case, I have no choice but to take you on.

H: ...Your debt...You don't intend to pay...?

O: Even if I wanted to...I can't...That sort of usury that goes against the spirit of chivalry makes me sick.
O: If you're a man, then let's talk...with our fists.


K: Ah
I'm the tournament chairman...Well then, are you going with the standards rules?

O: That's fine with us...

W: ...Master, I think now's the time to use this...!
H: ...

H: It's probably something I won't be able to handle.
On the off chance that it's something that might cause the opponent to lose their life--

H: ...Here

H: ...Let me borrow that.


K: Alright...
Let the match between Haniwaru & Johnny and Hideo & Wiruko

K: Begin!!

O: Hani~

H: ...This is.


H: These large swings...!!
H: It's not something I can't avoid...!

O: Hani~
O: Ha~
O: Hanifu~

O: Hanihoooo~~!!


?: Careful! He's a lot tougher than you might think!!

O: Hmph...Bring it...

H: ...Here I

O: Hanihaa~~!!


O: ...My knuckles
might hurt you a bit...

H: ...Crap.

W: ...Ma...


W: Master~!!
?: H, he took out the frontrunner with just one hit...?!
J: That's Haniwaru-san for ya!!

O: ...No, he's not down yet...

W: Master...

H: ...This pain, this fear---so this is a battlefield.
This is the world I've stepped into...


H: This is...imposs---

O: Hanihaa~!!

O: Little miss...?!

W: All or nothing...!!


K: ...T, that's...!!

H: ...Wiruko, you...

W: ...Master, are you alright?!
H: ...That's right, it's not impossible.


W: ...I was able to hold that off just now, but...This shield isn't complete~!
H: If it was just me, I think I'd be running away right now without a second thought.

H: ...But, I have a partner.
H: ...Let's use it.

W: ...OK~!

O: Hm...I don't know what you're planning to use, but--go ahead and try it...

H: ...This is my first, since I've arrived to the competition---


H: My first, weapon...!!

K: T, that's--
W: Master's...!!


H: ...It's too crude to be called a sword.
And too delicate to be called an axe...


H: When it comes to splitting something apart, it could be called the ultimate,
H: The strongest--tool!!

J: S...
?: Scary~~!

O: ...I see. So this is how you get debtors to pay up, huh...

O: ...However, this body that was crafted by Japanese artisans who poured their spirit into it
That little toy...won't be able to harm it.


H: Nevertheless, we can only bet everything on this.

O: Interesting, let's go then...

H: ...Let's do it----!!


O: Kuh

?: That isn't a normal chainsaw...?!

?: ...Isn't that the mithril silver chainsaw that the Doctor made?
?: What?! You mean it's the Doctor's...

?: Then, it is amazing how that chainsaw can cut like that without breaking, but

?: It's equally amazing how the shopkeeper can stand up to it.

H: ...I see.
W: Master, that's...?!


W: The shopkeeper's knuckles are...turning red...!!
O: Ha~ Hani~...?!
H: The intense friction must be causing his knuckles to suddenly heat up.
As it stands, as it undergoes thermal expansion, that hard body of his should be

H: Reaching a breaking point...!

W: ...Just a bit more, Master!!
J: Haniwaru-san, that's enough, you can't take much more...!

O: Kuh
H: Haniwaru-shi's knuckles are...
done for...!!

O: Haniha~!
O: Haaa~...!!


J: Ha...Haniwaru-san!

J: If it's come to this, then I--!!
O: ...Johnny

O: ...You can't win...
And unlike me, you can't just be fixed with some glue.
J: But, then...!

O: ...Ah, we've lost...Go ahead and take the deed or whatever you want...

K: ...The winners are...! Hideo and Wiruko...!!

: Haniwaru and Johnny----eliminated


W: Haa~
...Are you sure about this, Master?

W: Instead of just accepting the victory, if you accepted the deed, we could have paid off our debts in no time~~
H: ...But

H: Haniwaru-shi gave a straightforward fight...
H: If he had wanted to, I'm sure he could have hit me while he was holding off the chainsaw.

H: ...I

H: Doing this kind of work, I get the feeling I'm losing something important.
H: And also...


O: ...So I'm guessing that you're in this situation because of your own debt...

H: ...Hm...?
O: From what I felt through my fist...I can tell, that you're not really a bad guy...

O: ...You should meet with the president of Elize Industries...and get out of that rotten business...
H: ...Haniwaru-shi...

W: ...But Elize Industries seems to have a bad relationship with the Massatsu Firm.
Master, are you going to break ties with them?

H: That...I don't know...

H: In the match just now...I was surprised when you defended against Haniwaru-shi's knuckles.


W: I really lost myself in the moment then.
W: I just couldn't be the only one sitting back and doing nothing...

H: ...Just like how it was for me, she was also thinking of her partner

H: That's how we were able to win.

H: With that in mind, today's win was, much moreso than the ones before, our most important victory.

?: ...This pair...They've finally scored a win after quite some time, huh...


?: ...But it's just luck after all?
?: I've heard they failed at the dungeon and now they're dogs of the Massatsu group.

K: ...And that's why I went to check things out today.

K: ...Luck...Certainly, luck may have been involved

Magical barrier

K: ...Surprisingly,
Wiruko-chan might be the key...?

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