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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Hoshi no Samidare 39

The Invisible

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Mar 4, 2010 15:23 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

-> RTS Page for Hoshi no Samidare 39

This is free to be used by anyone. If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 111
Kil: Hanako
Kil: That wasn't like you.
Kil: Venting out like that.

Page 112
Title: Chapter 39 The Invisible

Page 113
Anima: Well then, I will bestow upon the winner the power of the Mythical Beast Knight, The Invisible.
Anima: Is that fine?
Yayoi: Fine
Yuuhi: Yeah
Noi: That's...
Shea: Yaako's personal fighting style.
Noi: ...personal...?
Noi: Why did she come up with a personal fighting style that uses domain control...?

Page 114
Anima: Well I guess you can start now.
Yuuhi: ...her Domain Control. With it she controls the way her weapon strikes...
Yuuhi: This situation is enitrely in favor of her.
Yayoi: The power isn't all that high so
Yayoi: I will fight as if to kill.
Yuuhi: I have Shinonome-san's martial art and Houtengeki as my weapons.
Yuuhi: I can't use Houtengeki on humans.
Yuuhi: However, if it's close combat I can win.
Yayoi: If he gets close I will lose
Yayoi: However

Page 115
Yayoi: If I can maintain this distance. I can fight!!

Page 116
Yuuhi: So this is her range!
Yuuhi: Fast!
Yuuhi: How do I work this out!?

Page 117
Yuuhi: She can come at me from the other side by stepping forward.
Yuuhi: On top of that
Yuuhi: Her attacks are heavier than I imagined!!
Shea: That's her Domain Control. She takes it into her grip and makes it so her posture will not matter. She makes use of the weight so that even a bamboo sword works splendidly and effectively.
Noi: How troublesome...
Yuuhi: If I can't get close... I have to get close...

Page 118
Yuuhi: I'll ignore the damage!!
Yuuhi: I will not fall! Not to this!!
Yuuhi: It shouldn't be like this
Yuuhi: Those two

Page 119
Yayoi: Haa
Yayoi: Haa
Yayoi: Haa
Yuuhi mutter: Haa
Yuuhi mutter: Haa
Yuuhi: Kusakabe-kun
Yuuhi: I'm sorry
Yuuhi: I couldn't save you

Page 120
Yuuhi: Forgive me Shinonome-san
Yuuhi: Even after gaining power, my comrades...
Yuuhi: My friends!
Yuuhi: I couldn't protect them!

Page 121
Yuuhi: DAMN IT ALL!!
Yayoi: Haa
Yayoi: Haa

Page 122
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Anima: It's decided.
Shea: What the!?
Shea: What is this sack!!
(TN: Shaken, not stirred)

Page 123
Yayoi: Shea...!!

Page 124
Yayoi: Amamiya-kun...
Yayoi: ...I
Yayoi: I like you, Amamiya-kun.

Page 125
Yayoi: So please
Yayoi: Sto...
Noi: Yuuhi...

Page 126
Noi: ...The weather is horrible.
Yuuhi: Mmm? Yeah...
Noi: Hey Yuuhi. I think it'd be best for you stay inside quietly for today...
Yuuhi: Mmm?
Yuuhi: Yeah
Noi: Mmm... Could this be because of yesterday's loss?
Noi: And then there was that... Halfway through the fight he wasn't even looking at his opponent anymore.
Noi: It was as if he wasn't even paying any attention.
Noi: ...On top of that what does he think of Hakudou's confession? He hasn't said anything about yesterday at all...

Page 127
Noi: Wha!?
Noi: Yu... Yuuhiiiiii!? This is... It's one the trap holes you dug...!!

Page 128
Noi: Ah...
Noi: Aahhh. It's raining.
Mikazuki: Yo! Yuu-kun. Noi.
Mikazuki: What are you doing?
Small text: And in this kind of place
Noi: Mikazuki
Yuuhi: ...ry
Noi: Ry?
Yuuhi: Please bury me...

Page 129
Noi: ...is what he said. I beg you.
Mikazuki: No way
Mikazuki: I'm going to have to pass up on the chance on playing the lead in a picture where someone gets buried in the middle of the mountains while it's raining.
Mikazuki: Seriously
Mikazuki: Just look at you
Mikazuki: Did you drop your wallet?
Yuuhi: Well... So it's that kind of place
Mikazuki: It can't be helped then.
Mikazuki: Want me to lend you some money?
Yuuhi: Alright
Mikazuki: Well let's drink and forget!
Mikazuki: Right now! The 3 of us...

Page 130
Noi: ...I think it's best for the two of you go home for today. ...You'll catch colds.
Mikazuki: Later then...
Yuuhi: Yeah...
Mikazuki: ...What the...?

Page 132
Hangetsu: Yo
Noi: Shi... Shinonome-dono...
Noi: No way...!? But... I know for certain that at that time he
Noi: Died...

Page 133
Mikazuki: Yaaaaaargh!!

Page 134
Noi: Wha...
Noi: Mikazuki!?

Page 135
Noi: Yuuhi...!?
Yuuhi: You understand don't you Noi. That is NOT Shinonome-san.
Yuuhi: That person is dead!
Yuuhi: He's no longer here!!
Yuuhi: Animus...!!
Yuuhi: Even jokes have their limits...!!

Page 136
Noi: Go...
Noi: It's a Golem...!!
Mikazuki: !? This guy...
Mikazuki: It has 11 eyes!?

Page 137
Yuuhi: We haven't even defeated the 9th yet... And the 10th hasn't even appeared yet...
Yuuhi: The 11th?
Maimakterion: The 10th, Puanepsion
Maimakterion: You should already have met
Maimaketerion: It spoke!?
Yuuhi: The 10th...
Yuuhi: We've already met!? Could it be...
Mikazuki: This guy!? This time it changed into the Princess?
Mikazuki: On top of that, NUDE!
Yuuhi: Mikazuki!!

Page 138
Yuuhi: Retreat!!
Mikazuki: Ahh!?
Mikazuki: Tch! Can't be helped!
Yuuhi: I get it. That's the one form I don't want to fight.
Mikazuki mutter: Goddammit!!
Mikazuki: I won't forget this!!

Page 139
Kil: ...even though I did say to bring an umbrella with you this morning.
Kil: Taking good care of your body is also one of a warrior's duties.
Tarou: Well, I forgot my umbrella. I'm not complaining though.
Tarou: It's a lot of fun to walk in the rain empty handed you know
Tarou: Getting soaked as much as you like this feels great!!
Kil: Hanako, at the very least get on the bike.
Kil: ...You'll catch a cold.

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#1. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Mar 4, 2010
this might take longer than the others >.>

busy with job ftw :D

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