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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Hoshi no Samidare 40

Knight Sorano Hanako (First Half)

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Mar 8, 2010 01:24 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

-> RTS Page for Hoshi no Samidare 40

Hammer 40

This is free to be used by anyone. If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 142
Box: Chapter 40
Nagumo: ...............a transforming golem you say!?
Yuuhi: Right. On top of that it took on the appearance of Shinonome-san who died before Animus appeared.
Noi: Oh. The rain stopped.
Nagumo: ...There is the possibility that Animus made preparations beforehand...
Nagumo: In any case contact everyone. Just in case it disguises itself as one of us we should decide on passwords to identify one another.

Page 143
Yuuhi: If the enemy can read our minds in addition to transforming then it might learn about the passwords.
Yuuhi: Let's confirm by showing each other our respective Domain Control instead.
Nagumo: Alright. Let's do that.
Noi: I see
Yuuhi: Let's start with Sorano-san...
Noi mutter: Right
Noi: She's our number one concern at the moment.
Phone: Ring Ring
Yuuhi: She's not picking up...!!

Page 144
Hanako: ...Haa
Hanako: ...Haa
Maimakterion: ...What's wrong? Your face looks pale.
Maimakterion: Are you alright?
Hanako: ...Haa
Hanako: ...Haa
Maimakterion: Why don't you sit over there on the park bench.
Kil: Hanako! Remain calm!!
Kil: This is one of Animus' traps! Kusakabe Tarou is...
Hanako: Haa
Hanako: Haa...
Maimakterion: Have you calmed down?

Page 145
Title: Chapter 40 Knight Sorano Hanako (First Half)

Page 146
Hanako: Ou...
Tarou: U...
Tarou: Uuuwaaaaau Aaaan
Hanako: Why is Tarou-kun the one crying?
Tarou: Because
Tarou: It-it hurts. Uwaaaau
Hanako: Even though I'm the one who fell?
Hanako: That's weird!
Hanako: Ahaha
Hanako: It doesn't hurt Tarou-kun. Come on.
Hanako: Pain pain... ummm how did it go again...
(TN:She's trying to do one of those "pain go away" charms)

Page 147
Man: Hey Hanako! What are you bullying Tarou-kun for?
Hanako: Ah
Hanako: That hurt.
Tarou: Uaaah Uuuaah
Tarou: Aaaaaaaah!
Hanako: Tarou-kun was always the quickest to cry
Hanako: He was the one who felt pain
Hanako: Ever since then, little by little
Man: You too Tarou-kun. Get a hold of yourself... Mm? Hanako, isn't that a graze on your knee? It looks pretty painful. Are you okay?
Tarou: It huuurts. It hurts a loooot.
Hanako: It doesn't hurt at all
Hanako: He took my pain away

Page 148
Boy A: Where are you girls going!
Boy B: We got here first!
Girl A: What's with you boys!
Girl B: The park belongs to everyone!
Hanako: Tarou-kun! Let's play!
Tarou: Eh!
Tarou: Ah
Boy A: Tarou! Are you going to betray us!
Tarou: Uh Uhh G-go away you girls!!
(TN: If you think they're adorable wait till you see Anima and Animus)

Page 149
Tarou: ...Hanako. I'm sorry.
Hanako: It's fine already.
Tarou: Uu
Tarou: Are you still angry?
Tarou: Uuu
Tarou: Uuuu
Hanako: Don't cry! I'm not angry anymore okay.
Tarou: You mean it?
Tarou: I mean it.
Hanako: Here. See?
Hanako: Let's go.

Page 150
Man: Oh. What's wrong Tarou. You're holding Hana-chan's hand again.
Woman: Fufufu
Man: You two look like brother and sister.
Woman: I guess that makes Hana-chan the responsible older sister then.
Hanako: Yup!!
Tarou: Eehh
Hanako: I was crybaby Tarou's responsible older sister.

Page 151
Hanako: I knew everything about him.
Hanako: I took good care of him... Well not really
Hanako: That's just what I thought.
Sign: Library
Tarou: Uuu. I just can't get this.
Hanako: You want to go to the same school as me don't you. Come on. Do your best.

Page 152
Hanako: I wonder If I'm going to have to keep taking care of you even in university.
Tarou: Ahh
Tarou: I'm not going to go to university.
Hanako: ...eh? What do you mean?
Tarou: After I graduate high school I'm going to go to specialty school and get my Chef's license.
Tarou: I want to be a cook.
Hanako: ...Since when did you think of that?
Tarou: Well it was some time back.
Tarou: You know. The first floor of your house used to be a restaurant right? Uncle is working a different job now though. It's kind of always been on my mind since then...

Page 153
HanakO: ...I
Hanako: See...

Page 154
Tarou: Ohh. Hanako's in third place.

Name list:
1. Yamada Ichirou
2. Kaida Jirou
3. Sorano Hanako
4. Kawabata Michio
5. Morita Sakura

Tarou: That's so amazing!
Hanako: ...is it?
Tarou: It really is. I'm only at 204th.
Tarou: Ahahaha
Hanako: ...it really isn't.
Tarou: Ah. I have to get to the library.
Tarou: The cooking books I asked for just came in you see.
Teacher: Sorano. You still haven't submitted your course aspiration survey yet.
Teacher: Are you feeling troubled?

Page 155
Hanako: For the time being I'm fine with going to university.
Hanako: I don't have a particular vision for my future.
Hanako: With the exception of pain, all sorts of things were brought along.
Hanako: No. Maybe
Hanako: I
Hanako: left them behind.
Hanako: I smiled for crybaby Tarou's sake.
Hanako: Seeing that smiling face made me forget to smile myself.
Hanako: Crybaby Tarou was no more
Hanako: What was left
Hanako: An aimless four-eyed drone

Page 156
Hanako: However, I was fine with that.
Hanako: I let go of my little brother's hand.
Hanako: From that point forward I would feel sentiments for my own sake
Hanako: I'll pick them up at my own pace
Tarou: How is it?
Hanako: And someday
Hanako: It's delicious.
Tarou: Heheh. Isn't it?
Tarou: Ah. It feels like it's been a while since I saw that smile.
Hanako: Is it?
Hanako: I wanted
Hanako: To be worthy of him.

Page 158
Hanako: You don't look like him at all.
Hanako: Mister Impostor
Kil: Hanako!!
Kil: Right! Attack!
Hanako: Why don't you just be quiet.
Maimakterion: ?... What? You don't want to fight?
Hanako: If I did, I'd probably be the one who ends up dead. Also

Page 159
Hanako: I would like to express my gratitude.
Hanako: Thank you.
Hanako: Somehow, I sorted things out in your company.
Hanako: I was the one who left him.
Hanako: He's not here anymore.
Maimakterion: ...I don't understand what you mean.
Maimakterion: I came all this way in this form to ridicule a knight.
Maimakterion: ...How dull... At least the Lizard and Crow made a big fuss out of it...
Maimakterion: I'm going back...

Page 160
Hanako: Hey
Hanako: Can you tell me
Hanako: Your name
Maimakterion: Maimakterion.
Kil: A Golem!!
Hanako: Thank you Maikmakterion.
Hanako: Let's meet once more.
Hanako: ...Goodbye...

Page 161
Hanako: Next time we meet
Hanako: It'll be on the battlefield.

Page 162
Yuuhi: ...it's here!
Nagumo: Now

Page 163
Nagumo: Time for the decisive battle!!
Nagumo: We're going to...
Nagumo: Bring that thing down right here!!

Page 164
Noi: Knights in funeral attire... huh.
Yuuhi: ...Be happy. Everyone thought of the same thing.
Mikazuki: ...Sou-chan. Where's Hanako-chan?
Nagumo: She said she won't be coming.
Nagumo: She's not ready to fight yet.
Mikazuki: Tch...
Mikazuki: So we're going without our chief mourner for this payback battle...
Nagumo: ...if we need to apologize then we will.
Nagumo: However, we're still going through with it.
Nagumo: We are doing this.

Page 165
Kil: Hanako
Hanako: It's fine Kil. I'm going.
Hanako: I've finally found it. For the time being at least.
Hanako: What it is I want to do

Page 166
Hanako: I'm done with being a drone.
Hanako: From now on.
Hanako: I am a warrior.
Hanako: If... I live, I'll return home.
Hanako: ...That's right. First, I'll start with Omurice.
(TN: Omurice a japanese dish with an omelette served on top of rice with ketchup)
Hanako: ...Tarou-kun.

Page 167
Subaru: Again with the mini golems...!
Yuuhi: Stay alert!!
Yuuhi: These guys... They're probably the 10th golem!!

Page 168
Noi: What!? But these numbers are...
Yuuhi: I don't what their trick is but we're supposed to have met the 10th already... There's nothing else but them!!
Mikazuki: I'm not complaining...!! Hihihi
(TN: These guys are Mikazuki's favorites)
Yayoi: I will declare it. I am the... Shea
Shea: Right
Nagumo: Dance!
Dance: Got it
Yayoi: Invisible!!
Nagumo: Unicorn!!
Akane: !? The Invisible!?
Shimaki: The Mythical...
Shimaki: Beast Knight...!!

Page 169
Yayoi: In one breath... I'll take them out!!

Page 170
Nagumo: Let's go!
Nagumo: 9 Eyes!! En Garde!!

Page 171
Animus: Hey there.
Animus: Searching while skipping out on the the battle with the Knights...
Animus: Do you have some business with me?
(TN: John Titor. A self proclaimed time traveler from the future who came to pick an old IBM machine to fix a unix computer problem)
Hanako: ...yes. I have a request to ask of you.
Animus: That was rather quick... What is it?
Hanako: Let me fight the 9th
Hanako: One on One.

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