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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Hoshi no Samidare 42

Amamiya Yuuhi and The Shinonome Brothers 2

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Mar 17, 2010 12:59 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

-> RTS Page for Hoshi no Samidare 42

Hammer 42

This is free to be used by anyone. If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 2 Index
Sub-caption: Children
Chapter 42 Amamiya Yuuhi and The Shinonome Brothers 2
Chapter 43 Yukimachi and Subaru
Chapter 44 Taiyou and The Golem
Chapter 45 Taiyou and Mikazuki
Chapter 46 The Heroes and The Children
Chapter 47 The Boy Akane Taiyou

Page 3
Title: Hoshi no Samidare
Yuuhi: Mgoh...
Yuuhi: ...guu~
Yuuhi: ...mm
Yuuhi: Mfufufufufu
Yuuhi: Little bunny...
Noi: Let's recap
Noi: The events up till now!!
Noi: April!! The war begins!
Noi: Two sides take part will determine whether or not the Biscuit Hammer will smash the Earth to bits!!

Page 4
Noi: The Biscuit Hammer and its master the Mage Animus along with his golems!!
Noi: The protectors of the planet, the Spirit Anima and her Beast Knights!!
Noi: And behind the scenes of this war is a hidden third side that aims to destroy the Earth with their very own hands!! The one who the Spirit Anima dwells with and also the one with strongest warring potential - The Lucifer, Asahina Samidare!!
Noi: With her is the one who fell for her ambitions and swore loyalty to her as the Lizard Knight and as her Demon Knight!!

Page 5
Noi: Amamiya Yuuhi!! If the war between the Spirit and the Mage is said to be surface story
Yuuhi: Cat...? Tiger?
Yuuhi: Tiger pattern you say... Ufufufu
Noi: Then the protagonist of the hidden story is supposedly this guy! This gloomy four eyes who laughs in his sleep!!
Noi: This man
Noi: Hates the world and would sooner rebel than coopearate.
Noi: But after meeting Shinonome Hangetsu the Dog Knight.

Noi: His hate for the world gradually faded away!!
Noi: During a battle wih a golem
Noi: Shinonome Hangetsu took an attack for Yuuhi and died!!
Noi: And right before the grief stricken Yuuhi's eyes
Noi: His little brother, Shinonome Mikazuki the Crow Knight appeared!!

Page 6
Noi: This Mikazuki just returned from a trip to train so he could surpass his brother, the martial arts genius of his household
Noi: Declared Yuuhi who was involved in the death of his brother as his rival!!
Noi: He then proceeded to profess his love to the princess!!
Noi: During the battle with the next golem that came, Shinonome Hangetsu's Knight contractual wish revealed itself!!
Noi: He wished so that his skills as a martial arts genius
Noi: would be inherited by Yuuhi!!
Noi: Soon after that, the Beast Knights came together under the Princess!!

Page 7
Noi: The war intensified after that!!
Noi: Three Knights have already fallen
Noi: When the strongest Golem, 9 eyed Boedromion was crushed
Noi: October had come!!
Noi: Half a year has now passed!!
Yuuhi: Ugh. The tiger. The tiger...
Yuuhi mutter: Nggh
Yuuhi mutter: Nggh
Yuuhi: Don't eat me.

Page 8
Title: Chapter 42 Amamiya Yuuhi and the Shinonome Brothers 2

Page 9
Yuuhi mutter: Chew
Yuuhi mutter: Chew
Noi: ...Is it tasty?
Noi mutter: You're eating but your eyes look dead.
Yuuhi: It is not tasty...
Mikazuki: Hey Yuu-kun!!
Mikazuki: Are you free today? You interested in a job?
Yuuhi: A job?
Mikazuki: You need to wear a suit though.
Yuuhi: I did wear one for the school entrance ceremony.
Mikazuki: Wear that and all you have to do is stand for 2 or 3 hours.
Mikazuki: 30000 yen!!
(TN: $300 roughly)

Page 10
Yuuhi: I'll do it
Noi: You will!?
Noi: At least be a little suspicious!! What kind of job is that!?
Mikazuki: No need to worry! It's alright!!
Man: ...hey Mikazuki.
Man: Will that four eyes really be alright?
Mikazuki: It's alright.
Mikazuki: This guy is Aniki's disciple.
Man: Hangetsu's!?
Man: That guy had a disciple!?
Yuuhi: I am Amamiya.
Yuuhi: He... Hello

Page 11
Man: ......I see...
Man: So that greenhorn had a disciple huh...
Man: Right then! I'll be counting on you for today!!
Mikazuki: This way.
Yuuhi: Right...
Man: Time sure has gone by...
Mikazuki: Well, all we really do is stand around. Somehow I had lots of fun doing this alone... Ahh. Never mind that.
Mikazuki: Pay is pay.
Yuuhi: ...What shouldn't I mind...

Page 12
Mikazuki: Well, there's no need to worry.
Mikazuki: Oh.
Mikazuki: Go right in.
Man mutter: Stare
Sign: Beware of fires.
Mikazuki mutter: Leer
Mikazuki mutter: Leer

Page 13
Box: 2 hours later.
Man mutter: Glare
Noi: Uwaah. Scary.
Man: Let's go. Cheh. Damn Fuujin
Small text: Grumble Grumble
Man: So he left behind a disciple...
(TN: Mikazuki! Door Slams You!)
Man: Ku ku ku
Man: Here. This is for your hard work. That's it for today
Yuuhi: Eh? Yes. Thank you very much. ...I really didn't do anything though...

Page 14
Yuuhi: So there are mysterious jobs like that too...
Noi: You mean unnatural.
Mikazuki: But really, you just got payed for work.
Mikazuki: And here you are munching down on a luxurious 800 yen steak box set.
Yuuhi: Go home
Yuuhi: Leave me be
Mikazuki: I went home to change clothes.
Mikazuki: And also to get some Sake!!
Noi: Again?
Yuuhi: Snacks?
Mikazuki: Delicacy brand snacks!
Yuuhi: Sounds good enough.
Mikazuki: Let's call in the princess after this! The Princess!
Yuuhi: Okay but sake is...
Mikazuki: That's why I also bought juice!

Page 15
Sami: Cheers
Anima: Mm
Yuuhi: Hey. Why is Anima here too...
Mikazuki: It can't be helped after all
Anima: Mm.
Mikazuki: Oh. You want more?
Sami: So you got a job?
Yuuhi: Yes
Yuuhi: It was a strange job though.
Yuuhi: ...Shinonome-san was called a greenhorn though.
Mikazuki: That's because he was young.
Yuuhi: Well. There's that.

Page 16
Yuuhi: To me, he was like a prime example of what an adult was like.
Mikazuki: Well, even Aniki was a greehorn in the company.
Mikazuki: It's just like a first grader looking up to a 6th grader as amazing grown ups.
Sami: I wonder if Akane-kun, Subaru-chan and Yuki-chan see us as amazing adults too.
Yuuhi: I doubt it...
Mikazuki: That's right. When I was Subaru's age...
Mikazuki: Aniki was a university student.
Yuuhi: Shinonome-san at our age huh...
Yuuhi: I can't imagine that.
Sami: I can't imagine Mii-kun as a 1st year middle schooler.
Mikazuki: Ki Ki Ki. Well then, I'll tell you about it.
Sami: I wanna hear about it!!

Page 17
Mikazuki: When I just entered middle school...
Mikazuki: Aniki!! Aniki! Aniki!
Mikazuki: Today I beat six guys from the 3rd year!!
Mikazuki: What was the highest number of guys you fought when you were my age!?
Shinonome-san: 20 Billion.
(TN: He probably counts arcade games too)
Mikazuki: Yo... You lie!
Hangetsu: Hey Mikazuki.
Hangetsu: Can you get a job for just being strong at fighting?
Hangetsu: It's a bad time for employment too... Seriously
Hangetsu: There's no use in fighting!
Hangetsu: You're just an idiot!
Mikazuki: Mukii! Let's head to the dojo and settle this! I've gotten strong! A lot stronger!!

Page 18
Hangetsu: Yeah Yeah. Honestly.
Hangetsu: What a troublesome guy.
Mikazuki: Gohgo!
Mikazuki: Fugugugugu!!

Page 19
Mikazuki: Dammit!! Even though I fought so much!!
Mikazuki: If we were the same age then I'd definitely win!!
Hangetsu: You don't learn at all. I'll tell you then.
Hangetsu: If it was the me when I was your age then
Hangetsu: That just now would be me being serious.
Mikazuki: Serious!? Then just now was!?
Hangetsu: About 30%
Hangetsu: If I was just standing around with my aura at 100%, you'd be completely reduced to ashes.
Mikazuki: What do you mean aura!?
Hangetsu: Read more manga.
Hangetsu mutter: Bye now
Mikazuki: Damn...
Mikazuki: What's with that talent!! All that guy does is roll around and read manga!
Mikazuki: I'm the one who should be that strong!!

Page 20
Mikazuki: He has to have some kind of secret!
Mikazuki: He has to be getting stronger by doing stuff like sucking the sap out of a tree.
Mikazuki: Definitely.
Mikazuki: He's gone!?
Mikazuki: That's weird.
Mikazuki: Hey you
Man: Can I have a bit of your time?
Men mutter: Mutter Mutter
Man: I wonder why is it you're trailing that guy?

Page 21
Man: We're not going to find out anything if we use this brat anyway.
Man mutter: Mutter mutter
Man: You can tell that from his face.
Small text: Mutter mutter
Man: What kind of person was that man?
Mikazuki: ...I'm not telling
Man: How much were you given? I'll double
Man: Are you sure you won't tell.
Mikazuki: Hyahahahahaha!!
Mikazuki: If it's about power, ask away!!
Man: Guh
Men: Wha!?

Page 22
Man: Fuckin' Brat!!
Mikazuki: Hyaahyahyahya!!
Mikazuki mutter: Sneer
Mikazuki mutter: Sneer
Man: What a brat... He's still got the nerve to smile...
Man: Oh. This is him?
Man: Nggh...

Page 23
Man: I took 4 guys to finally take down the middle son??
Man: Yeah. I didn't think he was related to that man...
Man: The Fuujin's relative huh.
Man: Fuujin?
Man: That's what they call the man we were talking about.
Man: Whenever that guy gets surrounded.
Man: He turns into a tornado and guys end up flying in the air.
Mikazuki: Kikikiki
Man: Cheh!! What are you smiling for!!
Man: Hurry up and spit out what you know!!

Page 24
Mikazuki: I knew Aniki was amazing.
Mikazuki: Just mentioning him scares the hell out of the adults.
MIkazuki: Hihihihihihi
Man: Uwaah...
Man mutter: What's with this kid...
Hangetsu: Um, excuse me.
Man: Ah? Sorry bro but right now this place is...

Page 25
Hangetsu: Kidnapping a child is something that could put you guys behind bars you know.
Man: Don't come any nearer!!
Man: Who the fuck is this guy!?
Hangetsu: Fuu. Me? I am a...
Hangetsu: Superhero!!
Man: That's the Fuujin!!
Man: He's taking us head on!?
Hangetsu: Masked Hange!!
Man: Pop his legs! The legs!!
Man: Don't kill him. I want to know who's backing him!!
Man: Got it boss!!

Page 26
SFX: Crack

Page 27
HangetsU: Why were there people shadowing me
Man: Shut the fuck up! Which group hired a bastard like you!? Going wild on our turf!!
Hangetsu: The one who's acting wild is you isn't it. I'm just giving you a warning about causing trouble for the regular folks.
Man: Heeeey Hanketsu Mask.
Man: Hurry up. The cops are coming.
Man: Uuu...
Hangetsu: It's Hangetsu! Hangetsu!
Mikazuki: Ukikiki. Hanketsu...!!
Hangetsu: ...I'm going to spank you later.
Hangetsu: Eh! In these times!?
Man: Ku ku. It's obvious for naughty kids to get spanked these days.

Page 28
Hangetsu: Seriously. Just what are you doing...
Mikazuki: Kikiki!
Mikazuki: I was just wondering how you fight normally Aniki.
Hangetsu: You moron
Hangetsu: That ain't no fight for a brat.
Hangetsu: Rather than that
Hangetsu: A genius like me was strong from the start you know.
Mikazuki: Yo... You lie!!
Man: kukkukku
Mikazuki: ...By the way, who's this old guy?
Man: I do stuff like settling disputes or providing protection... Well, a jack of all trades really.

Page 29
Mikazuki: So you're Aniki's backer!
Mikazuki: Let me work here too!!
Hangetsu: Look here you
Hangetsu: No matter how you say it, this is a job to stop fights.
Man: Why do you want to surpass your brother so much?
Mikazuki: It's because there's a mountain there!!
Man: A mountain huh
Man mutter: Kuu kuu ku
Hangetsu: He doesn't have a shred of reason.
Man: This guy does have a reason. Isn't it that he wants you to acknowledge him.
Man: That's a messed up way of looking up to you
Hangetsu: ....... ...Mikazuki

Page 30
Hangetsu: Right now, you should walk your path properly.
Hangetsu: Climb up the mountain at your own pace. You don't need to run.
Hangetsu: There's no way that I can take it easy like that.
Mikazuki: I want to get stronger! Even stronger than Aniki!!
Hangetsu: Then do it
Hangetsu: Get stronger
Hangetsu: I'm looking forward to it

Page 31
Mikazuki: Yeah!! Just you wait!!
Mikazuki: I will definitely surpass you!!
Box: 6 years later
Mikazuki: Uoooooooh!!

Page 32
Mikazuki: Gahha
Mikazuki: Haa
Mikazuki: Haa
Mikazuki: Haa
Mikazuki: Strong...!! I just keep realizing how far you are more and more...
Shinonome: Pheeeew
Hangetsu: Mikazuki
Shinonome: I think it's about time. Want to start working?
Mikazuki: Yeah!

Page 33
Hangetsu: It's just a job where you stop fights though.
Hangetsu: How about it?
Mikazuki: Hell yeah!!
Mikazuki: Leave it to me!
Mikazuki: Aniki
Mikazuki: Just now, how much was that?
Hangetsu: I used all of my strength.
Hangetsu: It was to celebrate you making it to university.
Hangetsu: ...Well how is it? Is the mountain high?
Mikazuki: Yeah
Mikazuki: I'm really enjoying it
Hangetsu: Is that so

Page 34
Hangetsu: Congratulations on making it
Hangetsu: You've become strong Mikazuki.
Mikazuki: ...well. That's the gist of it.
Mikazuki: As for when me and Aniki worked together...
Mikazuki: Huh!? She's sleeping!?
Yuuhi: The princess did her best to listen to your story.
Yuuhi: However...

Page 35
Yuuhi: Anima's been drinking a lot and her eyes look tipsy...
Mikazuki: Siigh
Mikazuki: Oh well.
Noi: But it was still a great story.
Mikazuki: Thanks
Mikazuki: Are you okay Noi? Didn't Yuu-kun down quite a few rounds?
Noi: I do feel a little light headed...
Yuuhi: Mikazuki
Yuuhi: Want to do it this weekend?
Mikazuki: Do what?
Yuuhi: A duel.
Yuuhi: I want a rematch.

Page 36
Mikazuki: Hahha!
Mikazuki: I never thought I'd hear that come from Yuu-kun.
Mikazuki: Did talking about Aniki give you a fever? That's rare!
Noi: What are you saying
Noi: Yuuhi's always been hotheaded.
Yuuhi: Well... I am the Fuujin's disciple after all.
Yuuhi: So. What's your answer?
Mikazuki: Alright.
Mikazuki: Let's do it.
Yuuhi: Right

Page 37
Anima: Well then.
Anima: Whoever wins gets to go on a date with Samidare.
Yuuhi: Eh.
Mikazuki: Eh
Yuuhi: I can't lose...
Yuuhi mutter: Mmmm
Noi: Didn't you say it because you had a chance of winning?
Yuuhi: ...I wonder about that.
Noi: How undependable

Page 38
Yuuhi: ...at any rate
Noi: Before this, I thought I wouldn't fight him no matter how many times he asked
Noi: Why is that?
Yuuhi: ...Who knows? ...However
Yuuhi: ...it seems that it's necessary.
Lee: Keh
Subaru: Umm... You seem to be in a good mood...
Mikazuki: Mmm? Mfufu
Mikazuki: I have a date this weekend.

Page 39
Subaru: Eh!! With... With who...
Mikazuki: With Yuu-kun.
Subaru. Ah. Ahhh. A Kenpo match... That's what you mean.
Mikazuki: Yeah, more or less.
Lee: This is madness!! That's what this battle is! If you try to seel a fight to SUbaru then I'll beat you to death!!
Subaru: Lee! Be quiet!!
Mikazuki: Kikiki
Ron: I... I would acknowledge a fight if you we... were to sell one to Yukimachi.
Yuki: Ron, that's enough.
Yuki mutter: No need to do the impossible.
Ron: Mu! Say something as well you bastard!!
Ron: As usual, this guy doesn't use his mouth at all.
Mikazuki: He does talk once in a while though.

Page 40
Mikazuki: The last time we talked
Mikazuki: That was a long while ago... I think it was when i made my wish?
Lee: What sort of unsavory thing did you wish for?
Subaru: Lee!!
Mikazuki: Kikiki
Mikazuki: It was while I was backpacking through India...
Mikazuki: I was hiding under the shade looking at the map.
Mikazuki: A kid was dancing around.
Mikazuki: I didn't have anything on me to give her

Page 41
Yuki: Bre... Bread!?
Mikazuki: Bread
Subaru: That's all...!?
Mikazuki: Yeah
Ron: Un... Unbelieveable.
Ron: What a wish
Ron mutter: Mu as well
Mikazuki: What did you two wish for?
Subaru: Well that's...
Subaru: Sorry but that's a secret...
Yuki mutter: Bread...

Page 42
Ron: Even so, we haven't made much progress on finding Animus...
Akane: Hey umm... Maimakterion. I'll leave the books here.

Page 43
Akane: ...What a strange fellow... A golem that reads books...
Loki: Further, it's been reading books from things like learning how to write to manga rather studiously.
Akane: These guys here are quite strange.
Akane: They aren't big or strong like the 9th...
Loki: Is that so...
Loki: I think they're quite terrifying...

Page 44
Akane: Wha... It came right out of nowhere...!?
Loki: Hou. So that's how regeneration works for these guys huh...
Loki: That's the reason why Pandora was effective.

Page 45
Akane: Wha...
Animus: Yo. Aren't you going?
Akane: Animus!
Animus: Now then, it's time to play.
Animus: Puanepsion

Page 46
Nagumo: This sensation...
Nagumo: So those guys really were the 10th...!!

Page 48
Nagumo: Asahina! Do you plan on joining in.
Sami: This is perfect!!

Page 49
Hanako: A lot as usual...
Shimaki: Hakudou-san and Shinonome-kun's wide spread attacks didn't finsh them off. In order to eliminate them for certain...
Yayoi: ...In this kind of situation.
Yayoi: Shouldn't there be a "Real Body" or a "Heart" somewhere~?
Nagumo: None of the previous golems carried such a weakness...
Nagumo: For the time being, we can't attack it head on like we've been doing so far...
Animus: Kukuku...

Page 50
Animus: Now then... How will you fight, Knights?
Animus: If you do this recklessly, you'll be overwhelmed and they'll take their time to kill you.
Sami: It's simple!!
Sami: We'll just smash them all!!
Yayoi: Eh

Page 51
(TN: A panty shot. It's been a while.)
Sami: Daaryaaa
Sami: aaaaagh!!

Page 55
Yuuhi: Ahhh...
Yuuhi: How beautiful..
Mikazuki: ...I wouldn't mind getting killed by her.
(TN: I wonder if this will come back to haunt him later)
Mikazuki mutter: mumble
Yuuhi: Couldn't agree with you more
Yuuhi: Mikazuki
Nagumo: Could it be...
Nagumo: Was that it?
Yayoi: No way...
Yayoi: I didn't see any of it...
Shimaki: Donnerstag
Shimaki: Looks you weren't able to make your debut.
Animus: Puh

Page 56
Animus: HA HA HA HA HA!!

Page 57
Box: The Weekend.
Noi: Right now that park is full of mud...
Yuuhi: The tension's gone down...

Not cancelling even for the rain!!

Noi: Yuuhi. I believe this is also another courtesy...
Yuuhi: ... I guess so.

Page 58
MIkazuki: What the heck!?
Mikazuki: Where is this!?
Noi: As expected of Anima-sama! What a grandiose stage!!
Yuuhi: It's nice but somehow she's pissing me off...!!

Page 59
Yuuhi: It's fine that she lifted the prohibition on fighting and that she put the princess to sleep but...
Yuuhi: But why did you have to bring her along?
Mikazuki: This is pretty nice place isn't it!!
Mikazuki: Let's get started!
Yuuhi: ...yeah.

Page 62
Mikazuki: Gofuuh...
(TN: I'd love to see Gainax animate this)
Noi: Ohhhh...!!

Page 63
Yuuhi: Haa Haa
Yuuhi: Look! Compared to before, look!
Mikazuki: Gohho Hya Hya!
Mikazuki: That's great. Your movements are different from before! You're putting your spirit into it!!
Yuuhi: Uoooooooooooh!!
Mikazuki: Daaraaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Page 64
Yuuhi: What is this...
Yuuhi: This feeling
Mikazuki: Hya Hya Hya!!
Mikazuki: How is it!? That feeling!!
Yuuhi: It feels amazing!!
Mikazuki: Couldn't agree with you more!!
Mikazuki: Rather than that Yuu-kun.
Mikazuki: Do you have something you want to or something like that
Mikazuki: Do you get what I mean?
Yuuhi: That's right
Yuuhi: What I want to do is important

Page 65
Yuuhi: Being entrusted with these skills. They're not just for show.
Yuuhi: I need to beleive in the results and step forward!!
Yuuhi: Shinonome-san was definitely the same
Mikazuki: Fighting. Always wanting push yourself further
Yuuhi: Further
Yuuhi: And further!!

Page 66
Yuuhi: Mikazuki
Yuuhi: You're strong
Yuuhi: You have my respect
Yuuhi: Uooooooh
(Might be better to leave this particular bubble unchanged)

Page 68
Yuuhi: Haa
Yuuhi: Haa
Yuuhi: Haa
Anima: That is it
Anima: Match decided.
Yuuhi: Haa
Yuuhi: Haa
Yuuhi: Haa
Yuuhi: .....ah

Page 69
Anima: Not bad
Anima: I could fall for them

Page 70
Mikazuki: Our dojo... huh. I'm always...
Mikazuki: Lying down on the floor like this.
Hangetsu: How is it?
Hangetsu: Is the mountain high?
Mikazuki: Yeah
Mikazuki: I'm really enjoying it
Mikazuki: Hii Hi Hi

Page 71
Mikazuki: Hya Hya Hya
Mikazuki: Hya Hya Hya Hya!!
Yuuhi: Haa
Yuuhi: Haa
Yuuhi: Haa
Mikazuki: Ahhhh. Yuu-kun is on a date with the princess right now.
Subaru: ...so you guys bet a date on the match yesterday?
Mikazuki: Guess so
Yuki: What are you talking about?

Page 72
Yuki: Isn't it already good enough that Shinonome-san also has a pair of flowers in both hands.
Mikazuki: Ki ki ki
Mikazuki: That's true.
Mikazuki: Now then, where do two of you want to play?
Subaru: I-I didn't bring any money.
Mikazuki: It's on me.
Yuuhi: Why is Anima also here...
Sami: Excuse me! I want to order something!
(TN: This is what you call a honey trap. Yuuhi's in despair!)

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