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Suzuro's Logfile 1

"Hello World" closed...

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Mar 18, 2010 14:50 | Go to Suzuro's Logfile

-> RTS Page for Suzuro's Logfile 1

Reserved for Stand Alone Scans.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Additional notes:
Suzuro calls Tsumugi "Obaachan" but that can mean either Grandma or Auntie and since Tsumugi's real body looks young she should logically be an aunt. On the other hand, she speaks like an old woman so it's quite ambigious with this being the future and all.

Page 1
Title: The author of [Sekaijuu Meikyuu 2 ~Rikka no Shoujo] & [Nekogami Yaoyorozu], FLIPFLOP, delivers a new world.
Box: That star...
Box: On the 3rd of January in the year 2097 A.D. the asteroid Rudola fell to the ground.

Page 2
Box: Two great Calamities struck his star.
Box: One was that civilisation on the surface was utterly anhilated.
Box: The other was
Box: Space Debris from the Satelites orbiting above accelerated the Casula Syndrome

Page 3
Box: Even after barely managing to survive by escaping to space
Box: The hazardous debris belt prevented return trips back to the surface.
Box: Only a small number of the living were able to reach out in the void of space.
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep Beep
SFX: Boop
SFX: Bloop
SFX: Bloop
Box: Since then
Box: 70 years have passed

Page 4
Top words: A New Series
Box: It is now 2167 A.D.

Page 6
Box: 27th November 2167 A.D.
Box: ETA to destinated elveation is 300 seconds
Man: Hey Suzuro. Your turn is almost here. Standby and good luck!
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep
Man: Hey!! Suzuro!
Man: Are you listening!?
Man: Hmm. I wonder if your area's Diver will really be okay in that state Ginga-kun.
Ginga: Tch

Page 7
Man: I knew it. Isn't it a bit too much for a mere 14 year old girl with a C rank license to escape a pharmaceutical company's security system?
Man: Both New Meditech and Ooshima Pharmaceutics invested in A rankers.

O2 Pharmaceutics
Second Reseach Division's Head
Joseph S. Tanaka
(The company's name is written as O-Tsu which could be Ootsu or O2)

Ginga: Say what you want Tanaka-san. However, Suzuro won't lose to any A ranked Divers in terms of experience and results.
Ginga: The reason why her license is at rank C is because she falls short in terms of age for rank B and above exams.
Tsumugi: Hey
Tsumugi: It seems like there's some stuff going on up in the cockpit that we'd better leave alone Suzuro.
Suzuro: Tsumugi-obaachan.
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep
Suzuro: "I suggest that the two of you focus that enthusiasm and dedication towards the task at hand." Please tell them that.

Page 8
Tsumugi: Suzuro has a suggestion for those in the cockpit.
Tsumugi: She says "You're being noisy. Shut up."
Ginga: Now see here...
Ginga: Well, you should listen properly to the noise we're making
Ginga: If there aren't any problems then let's begin the mission.
Ginga: Suzuro
Suzuro: ...Roger

Page 9
Ginga: As I told you before, the time window we have for establishing a link to the accesspoint int Sacrament, California in North America is approximately 15 minutes.
Ginga: Before the connection gets cut, I will switch over to the New Apple access point. The connection will unstable for several seconds as the distance to our target, the Shinonome Pharmaceutical server, will increase further.
Ginga: Finish this within 15 minutes
Suzuro: Tsumugi-obaachan.
Suzuro: Run the Diver Scan. The Shinonome Pharmaceutical server is still on autopilot.
Tsumugi: Roger. Counting down from 5.

Page 10
Box: Since that day 70 years ago.
Box: Humans have been unable to return home to their birthplace.
Box: That which now connects the Land and the Sky is
Tsumugi: Dive

Page 11
Box: A fine micropulse thread transmitted through the Stardust Sea
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep

Page 12
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep

Page 13
SFX: Tap
Suzuro: Phew...

Page 14
Suzuro: Connection to the Shinonome Pharmaceutical server has been established without error.
Suzuro: I will now proceed throught the entrance.
Ginga: OK
Ginga: We're after the data on the new drug for Moon Influenza. According to the Iwafune Administration Information program, there are three pharmaceutical companies that sent ahead Divers. It's likely they're here too.
SFX: Beep
Ginga: You're all in the same trade but don't expect them to work together with you. Proceed at your own discretion.
Suzuro: I know
Tsumugi: Say Suzuro. We can only talk here so...
Tsumugi: Why did you accept that creepy Tanaka's request?
Tsumugi: Are you doing this out of obligation for Saburouta?
Suzuro: Tsumugi-obaachan, that's mere conjecture. Any obligation towards that topknot's companion can only be assumed valid based on the situation.
(You should try to get a secondary translator to check this line. Cannot understand what she means)
Tsumugi: Then what is it?

Page 15
Box: 5 days ago
Girl: Mmmmmm
Box: Orbital Colony Iwafune
Girl: If I move this then that will come so that's a no...
Box: 1st Level
Girl: Looks like I'll have to go with this...
Suzuro: Hurry up will you.
Box: Item shop Tinkerbell, Narukami Shopping District

Page 16
Girl: Alright. How's that!
Girl: This is your weakspot isn't it Suzuro!
SFX: Ping
Suzuro: Yes
Girl: Eh
Girl: Huh. Could it be that I've lost...?
Suzuro: Actually, I won 3 moves ago.
Girl: Darnit! Then you should have said so!
Girl: It's unfair to tease a beginner!
Boy: Ahaha. Onee-chan's weak!
Suzuro: It's alright. Touko is not weak.
Touko: Really!?

Page 17
Suzuro: After all, the one who salvaged and rebuilt this game was me.
Suzuro: Right now, I'm the strongest in the universe.
Suzuro: And that makes Touko the 2nd strongest in universe.
Suzuro: If you want to become better at this game.
Suzuro: All you have to do is come to this store and purchase them.
Small text: You still have to practice though
(TN:Yugioh used to be so much fun...)
Touko: I want to but they're way too expensive!
Touko: Even I use all of the pocket money dad and grandpa gave me, it still wouldn't be enough to buy them! Just lose!
Suzuro: How disappointing... I'm not going to

Page 18
Suzuro: Come to think of you two, where is your grandfather?
Suzuro: He didn't come along today?
Boy: Grandpa's in the hospital. They said he's got Moon Influenza.
Touko: It's contagious so we can't go see him! That's what they said.
Suzuro: Moon Influenza...
Touko: You don't need to worry. He's just fine!
Touko: He'll definitely be back on his feet making noise like it was nothing!
Suzuro: I see...
SFX: Click Beep Beep Beep
SFX: Beep

Page 19
Box: Even on the orbital colony Iwafune, symptoms of moon influenza are prevalent
Box: Today, the Iwafune's administration has issued a statement that quarantine measures will be reinforced and that the distributors of medical treatment and also vaccine innoculations will...
News: The recent epidemic of the highly infectious virulent Type D Virus has sparked concerns among the public.
News: Just on the Iwafune alone, over 30,000 people have been infected and more than a thousand of those are children and the elderly. Simulations of fatalities appearing also indicate...
Suzuro: It's quite a busy virus.
Tsumugi: Hey Suzuro!
Suzuro: Tsumugi-obaachan.
Tsumugi: There's a job offer on the phone.

Page 20
Tanaka: Hmm. She just logged in and she's already there.
Tanaka: If they leave it to the machines then just about anyone can reach that far.
Ginga: Tanaka-san
Ginga: Could you please be quiet for a bit.
Ginga: Now then. Looks like her Link Level has stabilised at 75%.
Ginga: Also there's no danger from the surrounding debris orbitting around us.
Ginga: Real space is completely silent.

Page 21
Ginga: Suzuro. How are things on your end?
Suzuro: There are Boids acting busy over here.

Note: Boids (Imitation Birds. Bird-oid)
The flight formation of these birds are simulated animation programs.
Nowadays in 2167, small animal type objects in the Net are generally called Boids

Suzuro: How typical of the security in a pharmaceutical company's server. This space's design is devoid of anything interesting.
Ginga: Whether it's interesting or not is beside the point you guys...
Tsumugi: So how should we proceed from here Suzuro.
Tsumugi: Should we start off the crude way?
Suzuro: We're just starting so let's go with the technical approach first Tsumugi-obaachan.

Page 22
SFX: Slide
Suzuro: There's a guy
Suzuro: So another Diver got here before us huh.

Page 23
Suzuro: A security A.I.!?
Ginga: Damn! Which company went and hired that amateur!?
Ginga: Damage to the Avatar aside, that kind of state could lead to the Diver's own death!

Page 24
Tanaka: No Ginga-kun... That man is no amateur...
Tanaka: Freelancers like you may not know of him but that man has quite the reputation in our line of business.
Tanaka: That's one of New Meditech's A ranked Diver, Ashley Crowley.
Tanaka: He an elite Diver works for a rival company and seems to be quite infamous.
Ginga: ...Hey hey. An A rank Diver shouldn't be taken down at the entrance. On top of that, this is an area open to the public isn't it...
Tanaka: Ginga-kun...
Tanaka: I won't say anything bad so have her withdraw before it's too late.
Tanaka: I also have no intention of putting that girl's life on the line for data on the new drug.

Page 25
Tsumugi: This looks bad Suzuro.
SFX: Beep Beep
SFX: Beep
Tsumugi: I think we should watch out for that security A.I.
Tanaka: She just got marked all of a sudden. Are you certain that the login account that you used isn't on the blacklist?
Ginga: We took advantage of a family member account of one of Shinonome Pharmaceutical's employees to make things easier didn't we? Also, if that were the case then the server would have just denied our connection in the first place...
Ginga: Did it deduce what our goal is based on the situation?
Ginga: Or could it be that...

Page 26
Suzuro: Look at the top! This security A.I. has a bug in it!
Suzuro: It seems that things have turned out crude, just the way you like it Tsumugi-obaachan.
Tsumugi: Wahahaha! Are you sure don't you mean convinient!
Tsumugi: After all this time I've finally got the chance to test out the newly developed combat use WeaponWare.
(I know there's no such word but this term will probably come in the future)
Suzuro: Newly developed?
Tsumugi: Here we go. Summoning...

Page 27
Tsumugi: Demon Blade Muramasa!

Page 28
Suzuro: How much of this is new? This appearance looks quite trad.
(I'm thinking the author wants to give boost the image of the distant future with all these slangs hence "trad")
Tsumugi: When it comes to the strongest weapons, Muramasa or Excalibur would obviously be the best. There's nothing in this server that COMOS version 5.6 can't cut.

COMOS Abbreviation of COMunicationOS
One of Syncware's products made for Virtual Reality Servers.
Their latest version is 5.6.

Tsumugi: It's easy to use.
Tsumugi: All you need to do to defeat the object is to
Suzuro: Slice off its head!

Page 29
Tsumugi: Oooh. That was pretty good Suzuro!
Tsumugi: Do they teach Iai in schools these days?
Suzuro: I'm fond of Virtual Reality games on the net.
Tsumugi: Suzuro! The next wave is coming up!

Page 31
Tsumugi: Keep this Rhythm up!
Ginga: As expected of Suzuro and Tsumugi!
Tanaka: Ginga-kun, she may have plenty of spirit to spare in there but there isn't a trace of battle tactics being used at all.
Tanaka: Those girls may be one of the elite but they should retreat to a safe area while they still can.
Ginga: Look here you! Who do you think it was that sent us to break into this danger!
Tanaka: I'm said to withdraw didn't I. Or could it be that...
Tanaka: You want your precious payslip that much?
Ginga: You!
Ginga: You asshole! Who the hell said anything about money!?

Page 32
GInga: What on earth just happened!

Page 33
Suzuro: That's strange. My Avatar feels heavy and I can't really move.
Suzuro: Is there a transmission lag!?

Page 34
SFX: Slide

Page 35
SFX: Bang
SFX: Bang
SFX: Bzzt
Suzuro mutter: Haa
Suzuro mutter: Haa
Tsumugi: Are you alright Suzuro!?
Suzuro: I'm fine. It's just a scratch.
Suzuro: Rather than that, go find out what's the situation from that Topknot.

Page 36
Tsumugi: Hey! What was with that lag just now! What happened on your side!?
Ginga: My bad! Some debris probably hit us! The ship didn't take any big damage and we managed to return back to position but the communication antenna's angle still slipped off for a second. Shit! The radar's warning alarm is also...
Ginga: Crap...
Ginga: Can't believe this...
Ginga: Gingagou's A.I. inference system says the impact just now was due to a run in with "Shadow Debris"
Ginga: There's an 89% probability that we're dealing with military satelite stealth material.
Ginga: It's quite likely we're inside of a Debris Cloud where the military satelite came from...

Page 37
Tanaka: In other words, you're saying that
Tanaka: "This ship could be surrounded by a countless number of Shadow Debris and we have no idea when we might take a fatal collision"
Tanaka: In this sort of situation, I doubt that there is a captain who would want to go down with their ship.
Ginga: Shit...
Ginga: Gingagou. Calculate the the variance and statistics concerning our safety based on our orbit. Assume that we are in the Debris Cloud where the military satelite originated from.

The safety factor will drop from 1.0 after 300 seconds.
Beyond 600 seconds, the probability of a fatal collision occuring is 23%.

Ginga: So this is it huh.

Page 38
Ginga: To all crew members, this is the captain speaking. We will hereby abort mission at this point.
Ginga: Suzuro and Tsumugi are to immediately...
Suzuro: Wait
Suzuro: Just a little longer
Suzuro: Give me three more minutes.
GInga: No can do. Right now, it's not just you and me on this ship.
Ginga: Tanaka-san is also on here as our guest. We cannot expose him to danger greater than what we had anticipated...!

Page 39
Suzuro: Tanaka-san.
Suzuro: Are you listening?
Tanaka: What is it Suzuro-kun?
SUzuro: The Earth's Virtual Reality Network is an automatic mechanism but it still requires maintanence. It is not such a miraculous machine.
Suzuro: If we run now, we may not be able to access this server a second time.
Suzuro: Please give me three more minutes.
Suzuro: I beg you
Tanaka: Why do you intend to go so far...
Tanaka mutter: Haa
Tanaka: Do you really need money that much? Or could you be doing this simply for some glory?

Page 40
Suzuro: I will ask the same of you.
Suzuro: Did you come onto this salvage ship and put yourself especially at risk for money and prestige?
Suzuro: Wouldn't it have been just fine for you to remain safely in the colony and wait for results?
Tanaka: Even if we just quit right here, someone else will definitely come to salvage it.
Suzuro: Halfway through, I saw New Meditech's Salvager.
Suzuro: I saw him fall right before very my own eyes.

Page 41
Suzuro: "Someone else". That's who we are.

Page 42
Tanaka: I will give you your three minutes.
Tanaka: After all, that Data will benefit mankind in no small way and it will bring my company a huge amount of profit.
Suzuro: ...Thank you.
Tanaka: You don't need to be so polite.
Tanaka: I just changed my mind on using this rare opportunity to show New Meditech up.
Ginga: Tanaka-san. You remind a bit of my dead old man.
Tanaka: In what way?
Ginga: When it comes down to it, you just piss me off but you're still worth respecting!
Ginga: Let's go Suzuro! You have 180 seconds left!

Page 43
SFX: Slide
Tsumugi: Suzuro! You have 170 seconds left so don't dilly-dally!
Suzuro: I know that! I'm taking a shortcut to our target's address!
Tsumugi: How!? We still don't have administrative control over this server yet!?

Page 44
Suzuro: In that case I really have to do it the the crude way.
Suzuro: I'm going to ask that receptionist for the address!
Tsumugi: Hey now. No matter how much we...
Tsumugi: !
Tsumugi: I see...
Tsumugi: That's definitely more of a technical move!
Suzuro: Obaa-chan! Raise a defensive wall! I need 30 seconds!
Tsumugi: Leave it to me!

Page 45
Reception: Welcome. You have reached the North American Shinonome Pharmaceutical server's information kiosk.
Reception: How may I be of service?
Suzuro: I would like to see the 3rd Research Laboratory's Deputy Head, Christopher A. Smith
Reception: Pardon me but do you have an appointment?
Tsumugi: These fellows have some decent attack power!
Tsumugi: Suzuro! We don't have long!
Suzuro: I don't have an appointment.
Receptionist: I'm sorry but without an appointment a meeting would be...

Page 46
Suzuro: I am Angela A. Smith
Suzuro: I would like to see my father, Christopher A. Smith.
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep Beep
Tsumugi: Suzuro I can't hold them off any longer!
Receptionist: I have confrimed your guest account as a family member that did not move here with our employee.
Receptionist: I will now issue you a Level 1 pass.

Page 47
Suzuro: Transfer me to my father's room!
SFX: Beep!?
SFX: Beep!?
SFX: Beep!?
Receptionist: Please enjoy your day off together.

Page 48
Receptionist: Guest account Angela A. Smith has been certified.
SFX: Slide
SFX: Push
Suzuro: It seems to be a simple password lock. Obaachan, a blank key please.
Tsumugi: Coming right up.

Page 49
Tsumugi: Ho!
Tsumugi: Hah!
Tsumugi: It'd be great if we could find a clue to snatching the administrative rights of this server.
Suzuro: Found it.
Tsumugi: Really!? In that case we chould crack the core database.
Suzuro: No need.
Suzuro: We don't have to Tsumugi-obaachan.

Page 50
Suzuro: All the data related to the new drug is right here.
SFX: Phoom
Tsumugi: What you say!?
Tsumugi: I'm amazed that the deputy head of a research facility would have only so much sense to invest this much security here.
Small text: It does save me a lot of trouble though...
Suzuro: It can't be helped Obaachan.
Tsumugi: ?
Suzuro: Even if he could bring such an treasured piece of work like this home, he still couldn't bring it home with him.
Suzuro: You see, the last access timestamp was in 2096
Suzuro: Chrismas Eve

Page 51
SFX: Beep
Suzuro: This is Suzuro
Suzuro: Salvage of target's data complete.
SFx: Beep Beep
Suzuro: I will now proceed to log out.
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep
Tanaka: These results are beyond my expectations. We've collected all the data related to the Anti-virus vaccine.
Tanaka: With this we can start production on the new drug immediately.
Tanaka: Mm?
Tanaka: This data file isn't related to the Anti-virus vaccine...
Tanaka: What is this CAD file...

Page 52
1 Month Later
24th December 2167 A.D.
Orbital Colony Iwafune

Announcer: And as concerns regarding the type D Moon Influenza virus subside, the Iwafune Administration have lowered the alert level down to stage 1.
Announcer: For now, there is still a need to monitor the situation in case of another outbreak...
Announcer: And also just recently, the new anti-influenza drug "Supreza" has urgently been approved.
Kokoro: Hey hey Suzuro!
Suzuro: What?
SFX: Whirr

A grade B A.I. that dwells within suzuro's house.

Kokoro: The address we just delivered to doesn't appear to be on the store's client list. Is there really no problem?
Suzuro: Yes. What we just delivered was not part of our inventory.
Box: Angela A. Smith
SFX: Whooosh

Page 53
Box: Born on earth, she lost her parents at the age of 8 after Rudola fell.
Box: She earned her M.D. from the Lunoar University of Science at 22 and joined the Research Institute of Iwafune University of Physics and Chemistry at 28.
Box: At the ripe young age of 40, she was inaugerated as the head of the same research insitute. She was an excellent researcher who made contributed efforts towards the treatment for Space Radiation.
Box: She retired at 70
Box: She currently lives on the Iwafune's first level at 751-6 Yoshizaki street.
SFX: Whirr
SFX: Ding Dong
Angela: Oh my...?

Page 54
ANgela: No one's here...?
Angela: Oh my
ANgela: This is...?
Tsumugi: Did you deliver it to her properly Suzuro?
Suzuro: More or less.
Kokoro: We dropped it off quietly. She might mistake it for a bomb threat though.
Kokoro: At! At any rate customers won't be coming.
Small text: It's the last of the Christmas Sale Wars after all!
Kokoro: This store's current situation can't be helped.

Page 55
Suzuro: Seems that there won't be much of an increase in your new year's money when I review.
Kokoro: EH!? Mine!? You're taking this out on me!?
Kokoro: Even though I'm not at fault!?
SFX: Slide
Touko: Suzuro!
Touko: Grandpa came to buy that as a christmas present!!
Suzuro: The Duck and Leek came to the store.
(I have no idea what she means here. Might as well throw in farfetch'd instead of duck and leek)
Kokoro: My new year's money!?
Touko: Hey you guys! You're supposed to the greet your customers over here!

Page 56
Suzuro: Merry Christmas
Text: Offering relief for humanity, the time of giving presents has arrived..... And so, those sentiments reach his beloved daughter.

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I can translate your translations of the manga to Spanish?

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Changed pages 9, 10, 11 and 24. A few first run through mistakes I missed during my final proofing.

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