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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hoshi no Samidare 43

Yukimachi and Subaru

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Mar 21, 2010 07:20 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

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Reserved for Otakami Scans

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 73
SFX: Rattle Rattle
Yuki: Ah
Yuuhi: Ah

Page 74
Yuki: You come here often?
Yuuhi: About once a week
Yuki: So you're a regular then
Noi: Hohou
Noi: It's quite admirable for a girl to walk to a Ramen store alone.
Yuki: My mom will be coming home late because of work and I got some money to use for myself.
Yuki: The cup ramen I thought we had wasn't there so
Yuki: In the end I came because I was in the mood for some Ramen.
Yuuhi: I see
SFX: Rattle Rattle
Akane: Ah

Page 75
Title: Chapter 43 Yukimachi and Subaru

Page 76
Yuki: Hey
Yuuhi: Hey
AKane: He
Akane: Hello
Noi: ...what's with this combination

Page 77
Akane: Looks like you really like that stuff
Akane: Do-does it?
Akane: ...maybe
Loki: Taiyou
Loki: Since this is a good opportunity, I would suggest that you ask now.
Akane: Mm Mmm
Yuki: Ask what?
Akane: Umm that's... The knights' contractual wish... About that
Akane: I still haven't made mine
Akane: I was wondering what everyone used theirs for...

Page 78
Noi: Yuuhi, answer him.
Yuuhi: I wished it so that my grandfather would recover from his illness.
Yuki: And I wished... Ah. Can you keep it a secret from Subaru-chan?
Akane: ? Yeah
Yuki: I wished for Subaru-chan's happiness.
Yuuhi: That's quite vague
Yuuhi mutter: Is that okay
Ron: Well
Ron: It seems that effect will result in a slight change of its form

Page 79
Subaru: Yuki!! This place is mess! AGAIN(EMPHASIS)!!

Page 80
Yuki: Sorry Subaru-chan.
Yuki: Ehehe
Subaru: You're not sorry at all.
Subaru: Even though I come by every week and clean things up... Honestly
Subaru: Come to think of it I haven't seen your mom.
Yuki: I went out and ate ramen.
Subaru: It would have been better if you just came over. We do live in the same condo after all.
Yuki: Sorry. I really felt like eating Ramen.
Subaru: Hee. Ramen huh.
Yuki: I went there with Samidare-san and Shimaki-san last time.
Subaru: Well then, tell me the next time you go
Yuki: Sure

Page 81
Subaru: Guess that's that
Yuki: Thanks Subaru-chan
Subaru: Don't let me find a mess next time I come over.
Yuki: I can't promise you that though
Yuki: Yeah
Subaru (Frustrated font): There you go again with a completely laid-back reply...
Yuki: Ihyahyahyahyahya
Subaru: Later then
Yuki: Subaru-chan...
Subaru: Hm?
Yuki: Subaru-chan, you're going to make a wonderful bride.

Page 82
Subaru: Wha
Subaru: What are you saying...
Lee: I concur
Lee: Just not Mikazuki's!!
Subaru: Shut up Lee!!
Lee: Keehh!!
Yuki mutter: That's right
Ron: How close
Yuki: Fuu
Yuki: Say Ron
Yuki: What do you think Taiyou-kun's power is.

Page 83
Ron: I wouldn't know...
Ron: I did not see it after all...
Yuki: Eh
Ron: I was swung around left and right during the previous battle so I was not able to see it...
Yuki: Hmmmm
Small text: Sorry about that
Yuki: I wonder why Shimaki-san told me to keep quiet about it
Shimaki mutter: Shhh
Yuki: Would it be okay if I told Subaru-chan?
Yuki: And he hasn't used his wished yet...
Yuki: Mmmmm....
Yuki: It's a pain to think about it!
Yuki: Fuuh
Ron: Yukimachi
Ron: Do happent to be part of a martial arts dojo or club?
Yuki mutter: Pheew
Yuki: I might go join one if I'm free after this war is over
Yuki: Also it looks like the Karate that Master taught me isn't the normal kind.
Yuki: I don't really understand why though
Ron: Should you become strong enough, will you begin aiming for Mikazuki...

Page 84
Yuki: Ehhehe. If it does turn out that way then I'd duel him with Subaru as the prize.
(TN: I approve of this yuri subtext)
Mikazuki mutter: Guhehehe
Mikazuki mutter: Show me your panties
Ron: Subaru huh... I wonder what Subaru wished for.
Yuki: She'd ask me about mine if I asked her so i won't since it's embarassing.
Yuki: ...Hmm. The thinking is what Shimaki-san, Amamiya-san and Subaru-chan are capable of doing.
Yuki: What I can do is
Yuki: Get stronger
Yuki: Fuuh
Yuki: And protect Subaru-chan!!

Page 85
Yuki: Subaru-chan, you're going to make a wonderful bride.
Lee: What's with this red face!!
Subaru: Quiet you!!
Box: Early April

Page 86
Ron: Good morning. I am the Turtle Knight Ron Yue. Right now, the planet is facing a crisis.
Ron: I as the Turtle Knight will become your partner and cooperate with you.
Ron: The Ma-
Yuki: Ehhehe
Yuki: A talking turtle. This should surprise Master and Subaru-chan.
Yuki: Ah. Speak of the devil. Subaru-cha...

Page 87
Yuki: Morniing
Subaru: ...morning.
Master: Pleased to meet you. Lee Soleil-kun. Ron Yue-kun.
Master: I have been waiting for you for a long time.
Lee: What's with this bastard!? Why is it someone who's not even a knight can see us!?
Ron: I think we should introduce ourselves...
Subaru: Hey you! How dare you call Master a bastard!!
Lee: Kokkee!!
Master: I am the one who will become the Swordfish Knight.
Master: People call me The Master!!

Page 88
Lee: ...So you're Zan's partner. I guess it can't be helped. It's always the weird ones with him.
Ron: Hohou
Subaru: Master, what are these guys? Do Chickens talk?
Yuki: Turtle Turtle
Master: Well even Parrots and Minah birds are incapable of holding conversations.
Master: For the time being we should listen to them. I would have to say that they are not lying as well.
Lee: That's right! Listen!!

Page 89
Subaru: Yuki. Do you believe this? Knights and all that
Yuki: Master said that they aren't lying so I believe them.
Lee: That's right! We're not lying!!
Subaru: However they really aren't what you'd call astounding...
Yuki: That's just because they aren't as mysterious as the all-knowing and all-capable Master.
Subaru: Well...
Lee: By the way, what on earth is up with that guy?
Subaru: ...Don't know. Master is just Master and that's all.
Subaru&Yuki: A wish?

Page 90
Lee: It'd be best if you make it as soon as you can.
Lee: You never know when you might die.
Suabru: What can you actually do
Lee: You don't believe me!! Not one bit!!
Yuki: Mmm
Ron: Anything is fine
Ron: Money Health
Yuki: Those probably won't happen...

Page 95
Yuki: Can I wish to be happy?
Ron: Hmmm. If you wish for it that way...
Ron: It could manifest itself in the form of a change in your brain composition that makes it so that you would feel the sensation of being happy at all times.
Yuki: No way
Yuki: Definitely not that
Ron: If it's to become blessed with good fortune, to recover from an illness.
Ron: Or for the people around you would smile. ...Then they can be fulfilled.
Ron: It is difficult to understand without seeing it with you own eyes.
Yuki: Ahhh
Yuki: That's okay
Subaru: ...yeah. I've decided.
Lee: Then proclaim your wish.
Suabru: Proclaim?
Lee: Well, it's just for the mood.

Page 92
Yuki: Let Subaru-chan
Subaru: I want Yuki to
Shared: find her happiness

Page 93
Loki: ...What is the matter Taiyou?
Loki: You have been especially moody since yesterday.
Akane: ...It's nothing
Akane: ...Hey Maimakterion
Akane: It's time for the library books to...
Loki: Hou
Akane: Eh!?

Page 94
AKane: Puanepsion!!
Akane: I thought for sure they were defeated before...
Loki: I was right
Loki: They are a scary lot

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