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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Hoshi no Samidare 44

Akane Taiyou and The Golem

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Mar 24, 2010 18:09 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

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Hammer 44

Reserved for Otakami Scans.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 95
Title: Chapter 44 Akane Taiyou and The Golem

Page 97
Nagumo: Damn...

Page 98
Nagumo: To think these guys would show up again...!!
Nagumo: So we didn't take them all out in the last battle...
Nagumo: Did we miss one...
Yuuhi: They're as brittle as always...
Hanako: But they not that easy to cut

Page 99
Mikazuki: Uhyahyahyhahya
(TN: That looks like a lot of fun)
Coo: ...The tension in the air has steadily gone away hasn't it.
Shimaki: It sure did
Nagumo: In any case, divide the workload and exterminate them!!
Nagumo: Be careful and make sure you don't get surrounded!! Don't let even one get away!!
Sami: Uryaaaaah!
Sami: Just dropping by!!

Page 100
Sami: Samidare Punch!!
Sami: Samidare Kick!!
(TN: Samidre Pantsu!!)
Yayoi: Quick...!?

Page 101
(TN: There is nothing that rivals epicness of this scene)
Sami: Ah. It's Shimaki-san's golem huh...
Sami: A spinning top of doom
Shimaki: Hahaha. It's somewhat refreshing.
Yuuhi: It's like watching a dream...
Mikazuki mutter: Uhyahyahyahya

Page 102
Nagumo: Did we let even one get away?
Yuuhi: I didn't see any get away.
Yayoi: Me neither. I made sure to destroy every one I could see though~
Mikazuki: Even if that's so
Mikazuki: It can't be helped if one or two get away right?
Nagumo: That may be so but
Nagumo: It's possible that the others may have taken care of them. If you can't recall any further then we have no choice but to be thorough.
Nagumo: ...hm
Nagumo: What's wrong Asahina?
Sami: ...seems that
Sami: Compared to last time, they've gotten a little harder...

Page 103
Nagumo: ...what?
Sami: Ahh. I feel kinda beat...
Sami: Think I'll head home and take a nap. See ya later.
Nagumo: ...I can't feel their presence so there's no point in remaining here. Let's end it here.
Shimaki: Good work
Mikazuki: Who wants to go grab a bite to eat?
Yuuhi: I'm the mood for some Gyuudon...
(TN: Gyuudon - A japanese rice dish topped with beef and veggies)
Nagumo: I doubt this is the end of this. Neither we nor the 10th have the power to settle things... Does he intend to turn this into a stalemate...? The movements of the 11th also bothers me.

Page 104
Yuuhi: Oh
Yuuhi: It's Semishigure-sensei's new book.
Book: Assasination Leg Arts of the Heavens
Noi: He doesn't even come home so where exactly does he do his writing?
Yayoi: Ah
Yuuhi: Ah. Hakudou-san

Page 105
Yayoi: I was seen buying an Anime magazine...
Yayoi: Amamiya-kun
Cashier: That will be 700 yen please.
Yuuhi: He-hello
Shea: Amamii. Noi. Did you watch Mary?
Noi: The ones we borrowed haven't caught up with the broadcasts yet.
Shea: We're now at the finale. It was really good.
Shea: Yaako can just lend you the video tapes.
Yayoi: Su-sure. I can do that~
Shea: Then let's go to the house right now.
Yayoi: Eh
Yuuhi: Eh
Noi: EH

Page 106
SHea: Since we can get it over with quickly
Yayoi: Th-that's true. Well then, let us drop by for a bit~
Yuuhi: Ah. Okay.
Yayoi: Please wait out here for a bit~
Yuuhi: Okay
Yayoi: I have to clean up first~
Noi: Hey Yuuhi...
Yuuhi: What?
Noi: Don't "what?" me
Noi: What are you going to do about that matter.
Yuuhi: What matter are you refering to?
Noi: No, it's just that moment right before we returned from the Invisible Class Change battle with Hakudou...
Yayoi: ... I like you, Amamiya-kun.

Page 107
Yuuhi: ...I haven't the faintest idea of what you mean.
Yuuhi: I was in daze at that moment.
Yuuhi: I do not know anything. Also, you don't need to expalin it to me.
Yuuhi: I have no interest in it.
Yuuhi: Uwah!! This lousy four-eyes!! He wants to act like he didn't hear it!!
Noi: Oh well. It's already been a month since then. Hakudou hasn't even mentioned it around him.
Yuuhi mutter: Hmmm
Noi: It's not like she's asking for an answer...
Yayoi: Here. Please drink~

Page 108
Yayoi: The DVD-R is burning at the moment~
Shea: Say Amamii. You said you like it right.
Shea: What kind of Cosp- HEBBU!!
Yayoi: The thing that Amamiya-kun likes.
Yayoi: What kind of Corn Soup do you like~?
Yuuhi: Eh?
Yuuhi: Umm... The University's vending machine's i guess...

Page 109
Shea: Behe
Noi: What was that about...
Shea: Gohho
SFX: Burning
Yayoi: A topic... I need a topic... Say
Yayoi: Have ypu already used your wish~?
Yuuhi: Ah. I have.
Yayoi: I see~ What did you wish for?
Yuuhi: Mm... Mm
Yuuhi: ...I'm sorry.
Yuuhi: That's...
Yayoi: Ah. I'm sorry. It's fine if you don't want to tell me~
Noi: ...hm?

Page 110
Yayoi: I'm sorry for asking you such a strange thing~
Yuuhi: No. It's okay...
Yayoi: As for me~
Yayoi: I wished so that my family
Yayoi: would die with smiles on their faces
Yuuhi: He... Heee
Noi: She's a little scary...
Shea: Yaako you idiot. That was a good chance for you two.

Page 111
Villain: Fuhahaha!! You have done well to come here alone.
Hero: I am not alone!! It was thanks to my friends that I made it here!!
Villain: However, the world will soon break apart!!
Villain: What can you(EMPHASIS) do about it!?

Page 112
Maimakterion: I see. So that's a movie.
Maimakterion: Now then, I want to see the sea next.
Akane: You can go do that on your own.
AKane: Why do you need me to guide you around anyway, Maimakterion.

Page 113
Maimakterion: I wanted to hear an explanation from a human. I also wanted to learn more about movies.
Akane: Were you intending to talk while we were watching?
Loki: In any case, that is a rather skillful disguise.
Akane: Rather, why are you disguised as a human in the first place?
Akane: The golems up till now can't even be seen by regular people.
Maimakterion: I wouldn't be able to fit in my seat if I hadn't.
Akane: Wouldn't it have been fine if you just watched standing up.
Akane mutter: Golems don't get tired
Maimakterion: It was a matter of the mood. Even golems feel emotions.
Akane: I'm not seeing it though.
Maimakterion: Have you never noticed in the battles up till now?
Maimakterion: They're quite meager compared to humans but it is not as if they do not exist.
Akane: Hmmm

Page 114
Boys mutter: Pass it here!
Boys mutter: Stop him!
Loki: Well then, how did you find the movie?
Maimakterion: Nothing
Maimakterion: I cannot empathize with the such a concept as camaraderie.
Maimakterion: I have no interest in the fall of other individuals. The applies to effort and victory as well.
Akane: And yet you say you feel emotions.
Maimakterion: I do
Maimakterion: I feel the desire to know.
Maimakterion: I was prepared with the knowledge need for transformation. It will be the first it becomes a battle ability.

Page 115
Maimakterion: In any case, my original form resembled a bun.
Maimakterion: If I remained that way, I would literally be unarmed.
Akane: Ahhh... That would have been problematic...
Maimakterion: You are of the same age as those humans over there are you not?
Akane: Yeah
Maimakterion: Do you not have any friends?
Akane: Be quiet.
Maimakterion: Even though you are a human, you do not harbour any form of friendship.
Maimakterion: I am the same
Maimakterion: Hm? Is this camaraderie?
Akane: Don't lump me together with a golem like you.

Page 116
Maimakterion: ...It has gotten dark. Aren't you returning home?
Akane: Yeah. And you should go back to the mountain.
Maimakterion: I cannot read books at the mountain at night. ...That's why I do not wish to return there.
Maimakterion: Would you like to switch places with me?
Maimakterion: I would like to see the way humans live in their houses raw.
Akane: Wha...
Maimakterion: No, wait... Your family might see through me.
Maimakterion: There are nearby humans who are capable of doing so.

Page 117
AKane: Just don't get caught. At my house
AKane: It'll be fine even if you don't talk. Give it a try.
Maimakterion: I see
Maimakterion: I will do just that.
Akane: Don't run into any knights. If they think something's off, they'll ask you to confirm your identity by showing their domain controls.
Maimakterion: Got it
Loki: Taiyou. What do you intend to do from here?
Akane: Maybe the mountain... We did switch places after all.

Page 118
Animus: Hey. Sorry about that. It's for Maimakterion's sake.
Animus: That's why I'm giving this sleeping bag to you as a present.
Animus: Here
Akane: ...Ahhh. Thanks.
Animus: Bye then
Akane: Where are you going?
Animus: I like to sleep in the sky.
Akane: Hmm...
ANimus: ...So he floats while he sleeps huh...
Akane: ...Since there's nothing to do I guess I'll go to sleep...
Akane: ...It's still early though.

Page 119
Loki: I wonder how well things are going with the 11th.
Akane: ...I don't think he'll get busted.
Akane: At most they'll just be a little strange, that's all.
Shop: Thanks for your business
Noi: We didn't meet up with anyone today.
Yuuhi: From the start it wasn't a problem of meeting them
Noi: But still, Yuuhi, you didn't tell Hakudou about it. Your wish.
Yuuhi: No reason to. Hakudou-san said it was fine even though I didn't tell her.
Noi: So Akane Taiyou and Yukimachi are special then?
Yuuhi: I wonder about that

Page 120
Noi: Perhaps it was camaraderie? Particularly in Akane's case
Yuuhi: Comrades in what way?
Noi: Comrades in rebelliousness.
Yuuhi: Come to think of it, weren't you the one who told me to answer them?
Noi: Ababababa!! It has been a while since I've been in this position!! But you were the one who obediently answered them anyway!!
Yuuhi: I had no choice. I had to answer properly. Rather, I wanted to show off.
Yuuhi: In the eyes of those kids. I probably
Yuuhi: ...look like an adult.

Page 121
Akane: ...amazing...

Page 122
Akane: Yawn...
Akane: Puanepsion...
Akane: ...Did they... change a little...?

Page 123
Akane: Maimakterion
Loki: What is the matter?
Loki: As I thought, you stirred up some suspicion in them didn't you.
Maimakterion: No?
Maimakterion: There were no problems at all. Books and movies really are different.
Maimakterion: Real families do not seem to present very many traces of camaraderie.
Maimakterion: ...or could it be that's just only your place?

Page 124
Akane: ...Who knows.
Akane: I don't know much about that house.
Akane: ...Hey. Do you want to switch places from time to time?
Akane: The stars are very beautiful at night.
Maimakterion: I don't mind.

Credits Page
TN: Get ready for the best battle debut ever in the next chapter. Maimakterion's joining in.

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