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Hoshi no Samidare 45

Taiyou and Mikazuki

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Mar 30, 2010 14:49 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

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Hammer 45

Reserved for Otakami Scans

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
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Page 125
Title: Chapter 45 Taiyou and Mikazuki
Nagumo: Damn...
Nagumo: Them again...!!

Page 126
Subaru: Something's different...
Yuki: Did their arms change?
Yayoi: It feels like their attack power has increased...
Yuuhi: So the ones that we take down come back even stronger huh...
Yuuhi: They sure are troublesome...
Shiamki: ...May I make a suggestion? I propose that we make a retreat to another area while Donnerstag remains and test out their attack power.
Nagumo: Right then! Let's do that!!
Nagumo: Hakudou and I will handle the rear!
Nagumo: Shimaki! Sorano! You two take the lead!! Scout the terrain!
Nagumo: Amamiya! Mikazuki! You two watch the flanks! Protect the kids!! Asahina will be ready to do a followup raid for all positions!! Commence the retreat!!

Page 127
Mikazuki: Sou-chan's kinda awesome.
Subaru: He does sound like a soldier doesn't he.
Sami: Hmmmm
Sami: Annoying...
Sami: I really just want to mow them all down in one go...
Yayoi: It's a rowdy Shogun
Nagumo: Safety is our no. 1 concern
Nagumo: Don't forget that

Page 128
Yuki: It'll be alright.
Yuki: Everyone's protecting us

Page 129
Shimaki: Maybe we should go over there?
Hanako: If we take a detour over here then I think we should be able to get there.

Page 130
Nagumo: Shimaki. How is it?
Shimaki: ...Tough. Very.
Shimaki: Compared to last time, it's harder to damage them this time around.

Page 131
Yuki: Go for it!!
Yuuhi: We have 5 eyes on our side and 10 eyes on theirs. It seems that the tables have turned but...
Yuuhi: On the other hand, did he take the possibility of there being extras into consideration...? The odds of it soloing them all are obviously...
Shimaki: It's no use. ...Nagumo-san.
Shimaki: I think it's time to use them.
Nagumo: ...yeah. Got it.
Nagumo: Everyone! Stop watching!!
Nagumo: And cover your ears!!

Page 133
Animus: Ahhh
Animus: Ahhh
Animus: How ungraceful.
Yuuhi: Golems and Modern Weapons... I didn't think they'd work that well.
Yuuhi: ...Donnerstag got blown away though.
Sami: Don't think about it
Yuuhi: Nobody finds fighting enjoyable...
Mikazuki mutter: U Hya Hya Hya Hya
Yuuhi: ...well almost nobody.
Sami: Hmm

Page 134
Yuuhi: Have you come to hate it? A world where such weapons exist.
Sami: Not one bit
Sami: I happen to find kids who can be naughty rather cute.
Sami: How about you? I never thought I'd hear that coming from you.
Sami: Have you changed your mind about destroying the Earth?
Yuuhi: Not one bit
Sami: I wonder about that
Sami: The Yuu-kun as of late has become a lot like Shinonome-san.

Page 135
Yuuhi: That as well
Yuuhi: Not one bit
Mikazuhi: Toh!!
Mikazuki: Pheew!!
Mikazuki: I guess that's it for now.
Mikazuki: But really, that Sou-chan. Bringing in boring stuff like that.
Mikazuki: Wasn't he the one that said the kids should pull back...
Mikazuki: ...hm?

Page 136
Mikazuki: Hmmm
Mikazuki: This...
Mikazuki: I've seen this before haven't I.
Akane: What's with this huge trap hole...
Akane: Which idiot dug this up
Mikazuki: Yo
Mikazuki: Takkun
Akane: Shinonome-san!? Ta... Takkun?
TN: I'm flashing back to FLCL...

Page 137
Akane: Your name's Akane Taiyou so it's Takkun.
Akane: Huh
Loki: Hou. What are you doing up in these mountains.
Mikazuki: Training
Mikazuki: I'd like to ask you the same thing.
Akane: Eh Ahh
Loki: Damn it. I brought a troublesome topic.
Akane: Training
Akane: Uwwaaaaah
Mikazuki: Eh? Training?
Akane: What an obviously fake lie
Akane: This is bad. He'll find out that I've been meeting with the Golems

Page 138
Mikazuki: Well done young man!!
Mikazuki: Alright then!! Let your big bro help you out!!
Akane: He bought it!?
Mikazuki: I also climbed my fair share of mountains as a kid. Let's start training!!
Akane: Yeah. So this person is just an idiot.
Subaru: Is this it Yuki? The place you mentioned last time?
Yuki: Yup
Yuki&Subaru: Ah
Yuuhi: Ah.

Page 139
Subaru: Good afternoon Amamiya-san.
Yuki: Hi there
Yuki: This guy eats way too much Ramen.
Yuki mutter: This is definitely more than once a week.
Yuuhi: Hey there.
Yuuki: That's some timing
Subaru: It's good
Noi: Come to think of it, seeing the two of you together during normal hours is quite a rare sight.
Yuuhi: Oh yeah.
Yuuhi: ...Ah
Yuuhi: Are the two of free after this?
Yuki: Why do you ask?
Subaru: Yes?

Page 140
Mikazuki: Ahh
Mikazuki: Good Run Good Run
Loki: How unreasonable...
Akane: Ugh... Running one lap around a mountain. That's just insane...
Mikazuki: Right then! Let's finish this off!
Akane: Wh-what's after this...
Mikazuki: After a good workout you just have to reward yourself!!
Mikazuki: Let's get a drink!!
Akane: Eh
Akane mutter: Drink?
Akane: Umm this is
Mikazuki: You can tell from a glance that it's not a bar but an apartment.
Mikazuki: Let's go in

Page 141
Mikazuki: Ah
Mikazuki: He's kidnapping of middle school girls now.
Yuuhi: I'm not!!
Mikazuki: Ah. My bad.
Mikazuki: My eyes just spoke for me
Yuki mutter: A ha ha ha
Subaru: We came to pick this up.
Book: The Great Sea!! An Autobiography

Page 142
Mikazuki: What's that
Subaru: It's a book that Master wrote.
Yuuhi: I picked it up at the mountain though. I thought that it'd be better for these two have it rather than me.
Yuuhi: Rather than that, what happened to Akane-kun?
Small text: ...He seems all worn out
Mikazuki: That's because this guy fell down a hole at the mountains.
Mikazuki mutter: Uhyahyahya
Akane: Yes...
Yuuhi: I see. ...Sorry.
Akane: ? Why is Amamiya-san apologizing?
Mikazuki: Well then, there you have it! Let's party!!
Mikazuki: I got plenty of juice too!!
Yuuhi: So you did come to drink after all...

Page 143
Mary: Ultimagical~~
Mary: God Careless Miss!!
Radical: Kyaaaaa!!
(TN: Short for "God's Careless Mistake" while the Kanji is read as "Natural Disaster")
Mikazuki: How are the current anime
Yuuhi: I don't watch them
Mikazuki: They're rebroadcasting Inkoman
(TN: Inkoman=Parrotman)
Mikazuki: Seriously
Akane: How noisy...

Page 144
Yuuhi: Is it good
Akane: Yeah
Yuki: Well then. We'll be going by bike
Yuki: We'll be fine on our own
Mikazuki: Alright. Watch yourselves.
Mikazuki: Let's go. Where's your house.
Akane: ...It's that way.
Mikazuki: Sorry about taking so long.
AKane: No... It's fine.

Page 145
Akane: ...My parents won't get worried about me.
Mikazuki: There's no such thing a parent who don't worry about their kids.
Akane: ...That's not... Ah
Maimakterion: ...Taiyou
Maimakterion: I saw you from the window
Maimakterion: I came to pick you up myself
Akane: Father...
MIkazuki: See. There's no way they wouldn't.
Mikazuki: Hello
Maimakterion: Thank you for accompanying my son home.
Mikazuki: It's fine. Well then, bye for now.

Page 146
Akane: Never do that again.
Maimakterion: Hunh. I only intended to do you a favor.

Page 147
Maimakterion: ...What's that book?
Yuki: If you'd like, take this.
Yuki: You can have it.
Akane: Eh. But this is...
Yuki: It's alright.
Yuki: The two of us
Subaru: Have already received everything from Master.
Akane: So I got this
Maimakterion: Let me read it
Akane: Next time

Page 148
Maimakterion: You seem upset. What kind of day did you have.
Akane: It's nothing. It was just a rowdy today. How was yours.
Maimakterion: Mine... That's right.
Maimakterion: Your house is nice place.
Maimakterion: No one ever talks.
Akane: Yeah
Akane: True
Maimakterion: Taiyou
Akane: What is it?

Page 149
Maimakterion: It'd be great if the Hammer would fall sooner
Akane: Yeah

Page 150
Hanako: They changed again...
Nagumo: What an unpleasant intensity they came with...
Nagumo: If this goes on any further...
Yuuhi: Hm?
Mikazuki: Doesn't the middle over there feel kinda off?

Page 151
Sami: First Strike!!
Nagumo: Wait!! Asahina!!
(TN: Nothing is scarier than having to fight a bloodthirsty magical girl)

Page 152
Everyone: Ma
Everyerone: MAGICAL MARY!!?
Maimakterion: Magical~~

Page 153
Maimakterion: Pudding Knife!!

Page 154
Nagumo: I'm issuing an order!!
Nagumo: DO NOT DIE!!

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