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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Hoshi no Samidare 46

The Heroes and The Children

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Mar 31, 2010 07:40 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

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Hammer 46

Reserved for Otakami Scans

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 155
Shimaki: Dowah
Yuuhi: Ugh!
Yuki: Subaru-chan!!
Subaru: Yuki!!
Mikazuki: Dawaaah

Page 156
Yuuhi: Alone... huh.
Yuuhi: They sure did a good job of splitting us up...
Mikazuki: Kikiki. Aahhh.
Mikazuki: This looks serious.
Shimaki: If I don't meet up with everyone then...
Shimaki: Right
Shimaki: Come on out
Shimaki: Freitag

Page 157
Hanako: It'll be alright... It'll be alright.
Hanako: Tarou-kun.
Subaru: Yuki, you're amazing
Subaru: You hung on great
Yuki: Yup
Yuki: That's a relief
Yuki: We stuck together
Akane: Ye... yeah

Page 158
Title: Chapter 46 The Heroes and The Children

Page 159
Sami: Magical Mary...
Yayoi: Is... Is that the transforming 1th golem...?
Nagumo: This fellow... Does it intend on taking on two Mythical Beast Knights along with the Princess?
Nagumo: However...

Page 160
Nagumo: Hakudou!! Withdraw from here go search for our friends and help them!!
Nagumo: Leave this place to me and Asahina!!
Yayoi: Ye-
Yayoi: Yes!!

Page 161
Sami: Nishishi
Sami: To think I'd get to take on Mary
Nagumo: Don't get careless
Nagumo: We don't know what else it'll transform into
Sami: Righty-o

Page 162
Yuuhi: Hmph
Yuuhi: As if I'd take you all head on
Noi: But still, your body has gotten much lighter.
Yuuhi: Yeah. I've trained it a lot this past year.
Yuuhi: Right!! Let's go look for our friends.
Mikazuki: Iyottoh
Yuuhi: Ah
Mikazuki: Oh

Page 163
Mikazuki: When we were being split up, I saw the kids go together in one group.
Mikazuki: We're going to go find them
Yuuhi: Right
Yuuhi: And then save them
Mikazuki: How about we make a grand entrance.
Yuuhi: Right
Both: It's our chance to become Heroes
Subaru: Haa
Yuki: Haa
Akane: Haa

Page 164
Subaru: The Invincible Shield!!
Subaru: Haah Haah... Guhh... We... got away. Next... A place... to hide... Haa
Yuki: Are you okay Subaru-chan?
Akane: ...Are they taking it easy on us because I'm here...?
Akane: Animus...

Page 165
Subaru: Let's rest here for the time being. I need to... think.
Subaru: Haa
Subaru: Haa
Subaru: Haa
Akane: If they catch up to us
Akane: Will I have to watch these two die here right in front of me...
Shimaki: Yeah
Shimaki: It turned out great.

Page 166
Shimaki: Freitag
Shimaki: Guess it's about time to go

Page 167
Shimaki: Ha Ha Ha Ha Haa
Hanako: Pheew

Hanako: I was only able to freeze three of them just this much water huh...
Hanako: Damn...

Page 168
Yayoi: Hanako-chan!!
Hanako: Hakudou-san!!
Hanako: That was pretty amazing. As expected of the Mythical Beast...
Hanako: Thanks for saving me
Yayoi: But that took everything...
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Yayoi: The really were much harder...
Yayoi: Let's go.
Yayoi: We need to meet everyone quickly...
Yayoi: Haa
Yayoi: Haa

Page 169
Sami: Damn...
Sami: Uggh!!

Page 170
Nagumo: You've prepared quite well!!
Nagumo: However
Nagumo: My Beloved Ship in a Bottle Kiiiiick!!
Sami: Ship in a Bottle...?
Nagumo: It's an old story!! Don't mind it!!
Nagumo: It's sturdy... So with just that special ability, the 11th can adapt its combat strength to suit its needs huh...
Nagumo: On top of that, Asahina is weak to psychological attacks...!
Nagumo: What should I do!?

Page 171
Sami: Shimaki-san!?
Sami: What is that!? It's so cool!!
Shimaki: Sorry for being late!!
Shimaki: Great timing!!
Nagumo: Let's go!

Page 172
Subaru: Cheh...
Yuki: Subaru-chan?
Subaru: ...I twisted it when we made it down that cliffside...
Subaru: This is bad... It's becoming more and more painful...
Akane: She can't run anymore.
Akane: That decides her survival...
Yuki: It'll be alright.
Yuki: I'll just carry you on my back
Akane: It's impossible
Subaru: No way. You won't be able to run like that.
Subaru: Just leave me here.
Akane: Self sacrifice. Is she serious?

Page 173
Yuki: Hell no!!
Yuki: We're going to be okay!! They'll come save us!!
Subaru: Just take a good look around you!!
Subaru: It's so that nobody else has to die!!
Yuki: Don't say that!!
Subaru: Think of something to save everyone!! Subaru-chan!!

Page 174
Akane: ...Those two are serious...
Akane: Definitely
Akane: They're going to die
Akane: ...Die...?
Akane: Then
Akane: What about me?
Akane: I really won't die?
Akane: Really?
Akane: Can I really trust Animus?

Page 175
Akane: Animus won last time as well
Akane: So why is it that the Owl Knight from last time isn't around now?
Loki: Taiyou...
Loki: Calm yourself... Your pulse is...
Akane: Haa Haa Haa
Akane: Calm down
Akane: Calm down
Akane: Calm down
Akane: Die? ...Dead?
Akane: That's right. It's nothing
Akane: It's fine either way
Akane: It'll be fine if I die
Akane: It'll be good to die
Akane: The destruction of the world
Akane: Yeah...
Akane: That's right...
Akane: That's what I wanted

Page 176
Akane: If we stay here quietly...
Akane: Then we're probably going to meet a painful end.
Yuki: Don't give up like that!!
Yuki: You're a man!!

Page 177
Yuki: Say that you want to live!!
Akane: I have no reason to live!!
Yuki: There has to be!!
Yuki: If not, go make one!!
(TN: The most GAR character in this series is officially a twin-tailed middle school girl)
Yuki: We're going back alive. And we're going to eat Ramen.
Yuki: Let's go with everyone.

Page 178
Yuki: ...Can you use that ability? The one you used yo return that golem back to the ground.
Akane: Pandora... Its power is to scramble time.
Akane: That's why only new ones get broken down.
Akane: I don't know whether it'll work or not but in any case I can only handle one at a time...
Yuki: Time...
Yuki: Could it be
Subaru: The pain is going away...
Subaru: It's... It's healing...!?
Akane: To think it could be used this way...
Yuki: It worked!!

Page 179
Akane: Healing...?
Yuki: Right!! Definitely!! We're definitely going back!!
Akane: ...No... The situation still hasn't changed very much.
Akane: It's impossible for the three of us to break through the 10ths pack
Akane: But now, I think
Akane: I don't want to die...
SFX: Rustle

Page 180
Yuuhi: Are you three
Yuuhi: Alright!?

Page 181
Mikazuki: Sorry for the wait Kids!! We're here to save you!!

Page 182
Yuuhi: You did well

Page 183
Yuuhi: Now then
Mikazuki: For the time let's do that(EMPHASIS).
Yuuhi: Eh? Are we seriously going to it?
Mikazuki: It's our turn isn't it?
Mikazuki: We have to be polite.
Yuuhi: Polite to who exactly?
Mikazuki: What? We decided on it after all.
Yuuhi: Decided you say... Oh well. In that case, it can't be helped...

Page 184
Mikazuki: HAVE ARRIVED!!

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