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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Hoshi no Samidare 47

The Boy Akane Taiyou

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Apr 16, 2010 08:33 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

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Reserved for Otakami scans

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 185
Mikazuki: Hey! Yuu-kun! Aren't we going to fight them!?
Mikazuki: Even though we finally made a flashy entrance!!
Subaru: Wh-when exactly are we going to face them!?
Yuuhi: We're almost there!!
Yuuhi: Everyone, gather around me after this!!

Page 186
Akane: A trap hole!?
Yuuhi mutter: Ah
Yuuhi: Hmph!!
Subaru: Yuki!
Yuki: Yeah
Both: The Strongest Spear!!

Page 187
Yuuhi: Alright!! They cut down the numbers! Let's take care of the rest!!
Mikazuki: Right on!!
Subaru: Haa
Subaru: Haa
Subaru: Haa
Subaru: Haa
Subaru: Haa
Subaru: Haa
Akane: They... saved... us...?

Page 188
Title: The Boy Akane Taiyou

Page 189
Yayoi: Haa
Yayoi: Haa
Yayoi: Haa
Hanako: Hakudou-san
Yayoi: I'm... fine. We have to... hurry and find the others or else...
Yayoi: Haa
Yayoi: Haa
Hanako: For now, let's go back. I doubt we'll find anymore even after finding this much.
Hanako: They may already have met up with Nagumo-san and the rest. Many of the 10ths bodies have been destroyed while we were looking as well...
Hanako: In any case, you're exhausted so you won't be able to do any more than this...
Yayoi: Yes... I do rather feel lightheaded...

Page 190
Nagumo: Damn...
Nagumo: It still won't do even with 3 people huh...
Nagumo: Shimaki! The next golem...
Shimaki: I do apologize but that's impossible anytime soon. I feel now is an appropriate time to run away.
Nagumo: I see
Sami: Ah

Page 191
Animus: Hey there...
Animus: Good work, Maimakterion.
Nagumo: Animus!!
Animus: How about we end it here for today?
Animus mutter: Heee. Very well made. This here.
Animus: All the Puapnepsions on the mountain have been completely destroyed you know.
Animus: Really, Miss Snake Girl pretty strong.
Nagumo: Hakudou's...
Animus: We'll wait until they recover again before playing with them.
Maimakterion: Roger

Page 192
Animus: Bye for now all you Beast Knights.
Sami: Hnnngg...
Shimaki: All the ones on the mountain were exterminated...
Shimaki: And they're going to recover again huh... ...
Yayoi: What a relief...
Yayoi: Everyone's... Safe...
Mikazuki mutter: Yaaaaaay

Page 193
Yuuhi: It was really close this time wasn't it.
Nagumo: Yeah
Nagumo: Everyone, good job on overcoming that crisis.
Shimaki: Nagumo-san, about the 10th
Nagumo: Yes
Shimaki: Just now, Animus definitely said that they'd recover.
Shimaki: Those guys are all parts of one whole golem after all. That's why no matter how many we take out, they just multiply and recover later on... that's how it seems to work.

Top Left: Fight
Top Right: Damaged!! (Destroyed)
Bottom left: Time Passes
Bottom Right: Restored!! (Multiplied)
Shimaki: Even probably up till now we've been persistently trying to exterminate them... However, no matter how many times we fight, we have never been able to reduce them down to zero.
Nagumo: But for us to keep letting it slip...
Shimaki: No, all of the ones on the mountain have been eliminated... at least that's what he said. In other words
Yuuhi: There's a mini-golem that's hidden away from the battlefield...!!
Shimaki: Quite possibly

Page 194
Akane: The power... to heal...
AKane: Heal?
AKane: At that time
Akane: Kusakabe-san
Akane: I
AKane: Let him die

Page 195
Hanako: What's the matter?
Akane: Ah. It's nothing...
Hanako: It's great that we made it out alive
Hanako: This time as well
Akane: Alive...
Akane: Great...
Subaru: Ah...
Akane: I am going
Hanako: Ah...
Akane: Home... Bye...

Page 196
Yuuhi: A place where a mini-golem that rarely fought can hide...
Sami: If it were me, I think I'd hide under my bed.
Mikazuki: Where exactly does Animus sleep anyway?
Nagumo: We can't let our battle with the 10th go on any longer.
Nagumo: If we don't defeat it, a corpse might come out of it next time.
Akane: A corpse...
AKane: Loki... What happened to the Owl Knight from "Last Time"?
Loki: ...After the final battle he... turned traitor
Akane: On the Beast Knights?
Loki: ...on Animus

Page 197
Loki: When all the Beast Knights fell, the last to fall was the Dog Knight.
Loki: At the end, he had built up Animus' trust in him
Loki: Just as Animus turned towards everyone
Loki: He stabbed him
Loki: EVen I did not foresee it happening
Loki: He joined Animus' side for that one opportunity. He sacrificed the rest for that one moment.
Loki: However
Loki: The would be avenger met his end
Loki: I... have to aplogize...

Page 198
Loki: For letting you watch
Loki: Your comrade die miserably, I apologize. ...Taiyou
Loki: I am neither on Animus' nor Anima's side.
Loki: The Knight's... I am on your(EMPHASIS) side.
Loki: That's why... I did not want you to lose the war.
Loki: Even at the cost of others
Loki: But
Loki: If... you were to become attached to the knights. If you began to desire for the ruined future.
Loki: I would stop
Loki: ...and I would support you

Page 199
Loki: That's how children are
Loki: It is a given that they wish for the future.
Yuki: We're going to eat Ramen
Yuki: Let's go with everyone
Yuuhi: You did well

Page 200
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa
Hanako: It's great that we made it out alive
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haah
Akane: Haah
Akane: Haah
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa

Page 201
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa
SFX: Ding Dong
Mother: Comiing
SFX: Click
Woman: Here's the circular Akane-san
Mother: Oh, thank you.
Woman: Did you hear? About what?
Loki: Taiyou?
Loki: Why did you sneak in...

Page 202
Loki: Puanepsion!? This is the first form...
Loki: It hasn't been defeated even once?
Akane: Animus or Maimakterion, they were the ones who came up with this!
Akane: For them to hide it in my house!!

Page 203
Loki: Ta-Taiyou!?
Loki: Do you intend to defeat it!? No... But still...

Page 204
Baby: Aahh
Akane mutter: Haa
Akane mutter: Haa
Akane mutter: Haa
Akane: Haa Haa
Akane: Kuh!!

Page 205
Loki: That technique is...
Loki: But still, for him to shape it into a spear that skillfully... Furthermore, the power depends on Taiyou's physical strength so...
Akane: Then
Akane: I'll just hit it as many times as it takes!!
Baby: Ahhh

Page 206
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa
Akane: Haa
(TN: Playboy Bunny Anima! Hell Yeah! I demand to see fanarts of this!)
Anima: That's the face of a handsome man. Akane Taiyou.
Baby: Aaa
Akane: Anima!?

Page 207
Akane: When did you...
Akane: What's with that outfit...
Anima: You did well in destroying one of Animus' Three Divine Bodies.
Anima: You've earned yourself a treat
Akane: Three Divine Bodies?
(TN: Kanji reads as "San Shin Gai" which translates into "Three God Corpses")
Anima: Don't move
Loki: Mugyuu
Akane: Huh?
Akane: Umm
AKane: Lo-

Page 208
Akane: Loki!!
Loki: This is...
Loki: ...cramped
Anima: The Third Mythical Beast Knight
Anima: Furesberg
Anima: This too, is another service.

Page 209
Akane: The room's back to normal...
ANima: The baby could see the golem
Baby: Aaa
Anima: Remember this
Anima: It was the first time this child saw the shape of a man fighting.
Anima: You
Baby: Daa

Page 210
Akane: Aaa
Animus: Welcome back
Animus: I made it so that your mother wouldn't be able to hear from outside.
Akane: Ani... mus
Animus: Puanepsion has been defeated

Page 211
Loki: Take a look at this form Animus
Loki: The beautiful Anima's power of Furesberg is now in our hands.
Animus: Yeah. Good job.
Animus: Well, there's no need to be so stiff. Didn't I say it was okay for you to defeat the golems?
Animus: With this, maybe you'll melt into the Beast Kinghts a bit more.
Animus: Well then, I'll be counting on you to keep up the good work, Mr. Knight of God.
Loki: ...Taiyou

Page 212
Loki: Why... Why did you defeat Puanepsion?
Akane: ...... I don't know ...I just felt like it
Akane: It wasn't about what I should do or what I wanted to do
Akane: ...I don't understand those kind of things.
Akane: There's no way I would...
Phone: Ring Ring
Akane: ...Hello
Hanako: Akane-kun? This is Sorano
Hanako: ...I heard from Subaru-chan and Yuki-chan.

Page 213
Hanako: Is it true your ability can heal wounds?
Hanako: That's the reason why you were looking at me earlier and it troubled you didn't it.
Hanakp: However
Hanako: What happened with Tarou-kun... Don't let it bother you

Hanako: Even you yourself didn't know you had such an ability after all.
Hanako: On top of that, Lance also disappeared immediately. It's regrettable but... I don't think you would have made it in time.
Small text:
Hanako: ...yeah. I'm sorry but that's it.
Hanako: Well then... bye.
Phone: ...click
Phone: Doot Doot

Page 214
Akane: ...suu
Akane: ...suu
Loki: ...Pleasant dreams...Taiyou
Akane mutter: suu
Akane mutter: suu
Loki: You have that right...

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