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Honoka Lv. Up 1

A Step at the Start of Experience

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Apr 16, 2010 08:40 | Go to Honoka Lv. Up

-> RTS Page for Honoka Lv. Up 1

Reserved for Pure Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(H) means that there's a heart symbol at that point.
(S)- Musical Note

Page 3
Honoka: Shi ga
Honoka: Ho no
Honoka: ka ...and
Honoka: there
(She's spelling out her name and pick whichever sounds more natural to say)

Page 5
Title: Stage 1 A step at the start of experience
(That was the most sensible thing I could come up with for the title)

Page 6
Box: I wonder
Box: where is it I should go?

Page 7
Box: Maps won't show me
Box: The world before me is this big

Page 8
Teacher: Alriiiight. I will now take them from those who have finished writing theirs. Class dismissed~~

Course Aspiration Survey

Year Group Full Name

First Ambition
Second Ambition
Third Ambition

Box: What do I want to become?
Yuuka: Honokaaa

Page 9
Yuuka: Let's head home
Honoka: Ah. Okay.
Yuuka: ? Course aspirations? You forgot to send it in? Can't you still make it if you run?
Honoka: Ah, yeah. Tommorow's...
Yuuka: Really?
Yuuka: Actually, a new game is coming out today so think we could, you know?
Yuuka: You're going buy another one? I got it. I got it. Let's just go home quickly.
Box: What exactly
Box: can I do...

Page 10
Shopkeeper: Thank you for your patronage
Yuuka: Mfuufuu...
Yuuka: I've been waiting a long time for this you know~~
Honoka: Mm...
Yuuka: Heeey... You've been hanging your head in the clouds for a while now. If you've got some kind of trouble, feel free to say it out loud!
Honoka: Ye-yes!?
Yuuka: Reserved! You're being too reseeerved~~ What's wrong? This Yuuka-chan will gladly listen if you tell her about it.
Yuuka mutter: Come on. I'll get you some juice.
Honoka: Um... Mmmm... huh
Honoka mutter: Then I'll have some Calpis Water
(Why does my dictionary say KARUPIS could also mean sperm? Wth?)
Honoka: Trouble you say... I seems that... I'm lost.

Page 11
Honoka: You already sent in your course aspirations, right Yuuka-chan?
Yuuka: Instantly/Immediately/"On the spot"
Small text: Yup.
Yuuka: Even so it's not like this really matters at this point in time, right? I wrote Seishin Junior College for the time being though.
Honoka: ... is that so...
Yuuka: Ahh...
Small text: I see
Yuuka: Come oooon. You're overthinking things here Honoka. Seriously overthinking it.
Yuuka: It's enough to just write something suitable on that piece of paper.
Yuuka: It's not like everything's going to be decided by this. Just take it easy.
Yuuka: Got it?
Honoka: Mm... I see. You're right.
Honoka: That's true

Page 12
Honoka: I'm home... Though no one's even here today...
Honoka: Huh?
Honoka: Someone's here...?
Honoka: Uncle... Ryuiichi?

Page 13
Honoka: Uncle Ryuuichi!?
Ryuuichi: Yo!
Ryuuichi: Welcome home, Honoka. ?
Honoka: Wel... welcome home...

Page 14
Honoka: Is not what you're supposed to be saying! Yooooooou!! I keep telling you that it's not okay for you to just come into someone else's room whenever you like!!
(My cousins tell me the same thing. Never stops me from going in though)
Ryuuichi: Wah. Hey wait... Calm down
Honoka: Wha. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!
Honoka: That's my sketch...! book.
Ryuuichi: I haven't even reached the halfway point.
Honoka: Don't just look as you please! Heeeeeey
Honoka: Ecchi/Lech/Pervert!

Page 15
Box: Critical Hit!
Box: Ecchi/Lech/Pervert... I've been babysitting you since you were a kid you know.
Ryuuichi: Have I mentioned that I've even change your diapers?
Honoka: Old stuff like that should never ever be brought up...
Ryuuichi: Hey
Ryuuichi: This isn't really something you should be so embarassed about you know.
Ryuuichi: It's actually pretty good.
Honoka: Huh
Honoka: Re-really?
Ryuuichi: Just pass that over here for a bit

Page 16
Honoka: It's nothing... I've just been sketching as a hobby...
Ryuuichi: Becoming a picture book auhtor... didn't you mention it before?
Honoka: I wasn't being serious about that though.
Ryuuichi: Didn't you say it just recently?
Honoka: That was back in elementary school... a really long time ago.
Ryuuichi: But your infatuation with scribbles was still around yesterday wasn't it?
(Maybe it's some kind of phrase they use in japan but that's what I can figure from it)
Honoka: Like I said...
Honoka: This is just a hobby
Honoka: To be able to do it for a carreer is...

Page 17
Ryuuichi: Right. Gas refill complete.
Ryuuichi: Honoka, could you make me some coffee please.
Honoka: Ah okay. ...Hmm?
Honoka: Roger that. Uncle(BOLD) Ryuuichi(H)
Honoka: One coffee coming right up(H)
Ryuuichi: That was some really nice retaliation there, Honoka.
Honoka: It's not nice of you to just barge in here and take a look through my skecthbook as you please, Uncle(BOLD) Ryuuichi.
Ryuuichi: It's Ryuuichi-san, got it?

Page 18
Honoka: Ryuuichi-san, we only have sugar. Will that do?
Ryuuichi: Mmmm
Honoka: Here you go.
Ryuuichi: Oh, Sankyuu.
Ryuuichi: I have some business with Sis but is she not coming back yet?
Honoka: Yes
Honoka: It's because they extended clinic hours at mom's clinic.
Honoka: I think she should be back soon though...
Ryuuichi: I see
Ryuuichi: That's rough...

Page 19
Honoka: Well it can't be helped because of the recession
Ryuuichi: I meant for you.
Ryuuichi: Brother being overseas and all that.
Honoka: Mm...
Honoka: Thanks for worrying about me(H)
Ryuuichi: Hm...
Honoka: How ever Sneaking into another person's room as you please is an entirely different matter.
Ryuuichi: Hahahahahahaha
Ryuuichi: You sure are fixated on such a small thing(S)
Honoka: I said it's not small!!
Ryuuichi: Speaking of small things, is it true you're having exams this year?
Honoka: It's not small!! I'm already in high school and...!!
Ryuuichi: Hm? I see. High school huh...

Page 20
Ryuuichi: Are you in any clubs? Like maybe the art club
Honoka: Like I said... It's just a hobby... that's why...
Ryuuichi: ....Well then.
Ryuuichi: WOuld you like to come work for my company?
Honoka: Huh? Ehhhh!? Wh-why are you so suddenly...
Ryuuichi: Nothing really. To put it simply, we're short of helping hands at the moment.
Honoka: Short!?

Page 21
Ryuuichi: You're free anyway since you aren't in any clubs, right?
Honoka: Bu-but... Thats is...
Ryuuichi: Nobody is here when you come back home quickly too.
(Needs better phrasing)
Honoka: But come on. There's still stuff like studying for me to do.
Ryuuichi: Hahaha. You're not that diligent.
Honoka: uu...
Ryuuichi: Here
Ryuuichi: Well it's fine if you just forget about it.
Ryuuichi: Also go back home from school accordingly too.
Honoka: A corporation...

Page 22
Text: Zero Frame
Honoka: ...here.
Honoka: This is the place... right?
Honoka: Ummm...

Page 23
Mari: Hello there little girl. Do you have some business with us?
Honoka: Hyaaaa! ...Ah. Um that is... er!!
Mari mutter: Seishin Girls Academy's school uniform(S)
Mari: Wow. It's a young lady from an all girls school~~
Honoka mutter: Wow... She's really pretty...
Honoka: Ah no. That's not...
Mari: However~~ For a cute little girl like you this is a no no~~
Mari: To be this close to a place like this. For a little lamb such as yourself to plunge into a pack of wolves of your own will is...

Page 24
Ryuuichi: Stop spouting nonsense Mari.
Mari: Ouch
Mari: Ow... What was that for Kandatsu-san
Honoka: Ryuuichi-san
Ryuuichi: Nice of you to come Honoka.
Honoka: Right
Mari: Kandatsu-san could it be that... You and her...
Ryuuichi: I-Idiot
Mari: Ow!!

Page 25
Ryuuichi: That is my niece, Shiga Honoka. Our new employee!
Honoka mutter: Dumbfounded
Mari: Oh~~~ ...huh? Ehhhhhhhhh!?
Ryuuichi: What? Such a noisy person.
Mari: But we... Isn't our company is a game(BOLD) developer

Page 26
Text: Gam...
Text Game Developer~~!?
Honoka: ...Ryuuichi-san. This is a game developer...?
Ryuuichi: Hm? You didn't know? Well it is a recently formed company though.
Honoka: I didn't hear about it
Mari: Kandatsu-san. Don't tell me... You had her come without telling her about anything...
Honoka: Umm... I...

Page 27
Honoka: I have no experience with games but would it still be okay for me to work here?
Text: And so...
Ryuuichi: Eh
Text: I took the first step of my long journey...

>Honoka< Lv. 1
Honoka's adventure has finally begun!!

Page 28
Text: I wonder where is it I should go?

Arrow Small text:
Zero Frame
Character Designer

Age: 16. I am a first year at Seishin Senior High Girls academy.
Height: 150cm
Blood Type: A
Has been attending the famed Seishin Girls Academy since childhood and commutes there from her house.
(I can't translate the first two kanji of this sentence so it's quite possibly incomplete)
The only daughter in her family.
Incidentally both her parents are doctors. (Her father is overseas taking part in medical treatment activity)

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