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Honoka Lv. Up 2

An Encounter and Losing One's Bearings

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Apr 16, 2010 08:44 | Go to Honoka Lv. Up

-> RTS Page for Honoka Lv. Up 2

Reserved for Pure Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(H) means that there's a heart symbol at that point.
(S)- Musical Note

Page 29
Title: An encounter and losing one's bearings

Page 30
Door: Reception Room
Honoka: I'm done filling it in
Honoka small text: Um?
Woman: Right. Thank You.
Woman: Sorry for all the trouble.
Woman: It's because of current regulations you see
Honoka: I-it's okay

Page 31
Ryuuichi: This awfully thorough for someone to come in
Woman: See here Kandatsu-kun. You are being far too irresponsible.
SFX: Click
Woman: Information is an important asset to a game company isn't it.
Woman: Rather, I didn't hear of this beforehand in the first place. This is a company after all. Please understand that. You are not sufficiently aware of this.
Ryuuichi: Ugh...
Woman: Come on. The young lady looks troubled. Why don't you hurry up and give her a tour of the place.
Ryuuichi: Yes. Yes. Come on Honoka.
Honoka: Ah. Okay.
Honoka: Please excuse us.

Page 32
Ryuuichi: I just can't win against that person...
(There's a name with the furigana that says "Ano Hito" but I can't translate the name without knowing how it's pronounced)
Ryuuichi: Ah that's right. We have a locker room for the women so you should change your clothes in there right after getting here
Honoka: Change?
Banner: The "Sailor Uniform"/"Sera Fuku"
Ryuuichi: You shouldn't be loitering about in a company looking like that since there are plenty of unsavory characters you know.
(Somehow the idea of a company filled with women dressed in school uniforms doesn't sound so bad if you ask me...)
SFX: Beep
Ryuuichi: Now then

Page 33
Ryuuichi: This is the workplace.
Box: This...
Honoka: ...wow.
Box: Amazing...!!

Page 34
Honoka: Workplace...?
Text: An amazingly strange world...!!!
Ryuuichi: Umm... For the time being just sit here.
Honoka: Y-yes
Ryuuichi: Hey Tateshina
Saki: Hm

Page 35
Saki: Nya?
(What exactly is the onomotopeia sound for taking off headphones?)
Ryuuichi: Could I trouble you with watching over your newbie neighbor?
Saki: A newbie?
Honoka: Ah I...
Honoka: It's a pleasure to meet you
Saki: A high school girl...
Small text: Girl
Ryuuichi mutter: Please be quiet
Saki: Mmmph

Page 36
Ryuuichi: For now let her play one of our previous works.
Saki: Got it
Small text: Ro-roger
Ryuuichi: Well then, Honoka
Ryuuichi: "Get used to gaming"/"Have fun with the game"
(First one is closer to the literal meaning but the second seems more suitable )
Honoka: Eh? Wait Ryuuichi-san!?
Ryuuichi: I'm leaving her to you Tateshina.
Saki: Oui!!
(Yes, it's french)
Honoka: Game...!?
Text: I was left behind?
Saki: Honoka... chan?

Page 37
Honoka: Ah yes. My name is Shiga Honoka!!
Saki: Mine is Tateshina Saki.
Saki: It's nice to meet you(H)
Honoka: Ah... Same here...
Honoka: Please take good care of me!!
Honoka: Ah. It looks like I'll be able to do this.
Takumi: Jack In
(That's the only thing that comes to mind here. MBN maybe?)
Honoka: Jack in
Honoka: ... Jack in?

Page 38
Takumi: Who are you?
Takumi: Hey Saki. Who is this?
Saki: Hakuba-san, please don't point your gun at other people.
Takumi: This one isn't loaded
Text: Eh...
Saki: That isn't the problem here.
(I agree. What matters is whether it fires bullets or BBs)

Page 39
Takumi: Well. Who is this?
Saki: Honoka-chan(H) Kandatsu-san brought her here.
Takumi: Huh? Another(BOLD) high school girl? What is going through that old lolicon's head?
Honoka: Umm... I am Ryuuichi-san's niece actually...
Takumi: ...hnnn
Honoka: Um...
Takumi: I don't get it but oh well.
Takumi: Work hard.
Saki: That was our Graphics Chief, Hakuba Takumi-san. Don't mind him since he's always like that you see.
Honoka: Graphics...

Page 40
Saki: Now, let's pull ourselves together. How about we get started on the game.
Honoka: ...haa
Saki: Hm? Have you ever played this one before?
Honoka: Ah no. Never. How do you use this?
Saki: Huuuuh!!? Whaa
(Seems like she was going for "Nyani" with a catgirl accent but that doesn't translate well)

Page 41
Takumi: Silence
(Be quiet normally fits better but given the guy's attitude this should fit better)
Saki: Ow...!!
Takumi: Here. Use these if you're going to play the game. These should hush the shouts louder than the BGM.
Saki: I know you're anti-social but can't you be a bit more polite?
Saki mutter: Owww~~
Honoka: Um... I...
Saki: Well then. Could it be that you don't have a gamestation Honoka?

Page 42
Honoka: Ah. I'm sorry. I don't have one...
Saki: You really are an ojou-sama~~
(Is there a need to explain the "ojou-sama" character type here as note?"
Saki mutter: I want...
Saki: So you really do play different games! Chess? Trump? Squeee~~~!!
Honoka: !? Tateshina-san!?
Saki: Ah. Just call me Saki Pkay(H)
Saki: Alright! Let's play the game. Game! Game!
Honoka: Ye-yes

Page 43
Ryuuichi: Well?
Takumi: What are you planning to do with that little girl?
Ryuuichi: Hm that's right. It seems that she has her heart set on her drawings at the moment. That's why I wanted to leave her in your hands.
Takumi: That sounds like a troublesome favor
Ryuuichi: Well that's it if it turns out that way. It's fine to let her go in that case.
Takumi: Don't raise any complaints to me later if I really do let her go.
Ryuuichi: Now... I think I'll have a look myself

Page 44
Ryuuichi: Hm?
Ryuuichi: What's up with you all. Are high school girls really that rare?
Ryuuichi mutter: Sigh~~
Ryuuichi mutter: These guys...
(What does "Doitsumo Koitsumo" usually mean? This should fit since I can't find a set translation for it)
Nozawa: Ah, Kandatsu-san.
Nozawa: It's not that. Over there. She doesn't understand the dungeon so she's been walking around in circles.
Woman: Now I wonder who was it that put in such a mean gimmick~~
Ryuuichi: Sorry about that...
Honoka: Ah
Small text: Beep Beep

Page 45
Honoka: I did it!!!
Saki: Congratulations~~~(H)
Small text: You did it
Honoka: I-I'm sorry!!
Small text: Ah
Oval text: Small Voice
Nozawa: It's alright~~ Watching such innocent/unsophisticated/clumsy playing was very relaxing.
(First two are the literal translations but clumsy fits in as well. Choose what seems to fit best here)
Woman: Nozawa-san, are you that it wasn't the high school girl that made it relaxing~~?
Nozawa: Ehhh!? That's mean...
Ryuuichi: You all. Don't teach her anything strange behind my back alright.
Woman: Oh, okaaay.

Page 46
Honoka: Um... Ryuuichi-san
Ryuuichi: Hm?
Honoka: My part time job...
Honoka: Is this it?
Ryuuichi: There's no such job where you test out a company's finished product.
Ryuuichi: That's actually a game made by the previous company I worked at. There were a few stories behind that don't need told though.
Honoka: Previous company?
Ryuuichi: "Cubix". You should have heard of them yourself since they're quite famous.

Page 47
Honoka: Ah... I think I've seen this is commercial...
Ryuuichi: I stopped working there and formed a new company because of it.
Saki: As you can see, we tagged along with Kandatsu-san for the ride(H)
Guy: You say tagged along but he really had to push us into coming though
Guy: A lousy reputation...!!
Honoka: Somehow...
Ryuuichi: In any case, clear the game before the day is over.
Saki: Kandatsu-san that's impossible... Even experienced players would take at least 20 hours to clear it...

Page 48
Ryuuichi: Hey. Don't look so free all the time. Work. Work.
Someone: Riiight
Someone: Gotcha
Honoka: Everyone is walking the paths they chose...
Honoka: I stick out since I came here unconcernedly. I feel embarassed...
Honoka: Kyaaaa!?
Takumi: Here

Page 49
Takumi: You're an artist right?
Honoka: Um... That is...
Takumi: You'll get worn out if you keep gaming. Work on the sketches when you're up to it.
SFX: Click Clack
SFX: Click
SFX: Click
SFX: Click Clack
(What sound does typing make? Just insert it in the sfx following the number of times required)
Honoka: ...uh
Honoka: I'm here...
Honoka: What is it am I supposed to do...

>Honoka< Lv. 1
Honoka is lost in the forest of anxiety and bewilderment!

Page 50
Quote: Would you like to come work for my company?
Arrow Small text:
Zero Frame

Age: 31 Years old
Height: 178cm
Blood Type: B
Honoka's Uncle (The younger brother of Honoka's mother)
A former employee of the major Game Maker Cubix
He was the director of a cult hit while he was working for Cubix
However, he suddenly resigned from Cubix to become independent.
He and his former subordinates then went on to establish their new game developing company, Zero Frame

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