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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Honoka Lv. Up 3

Things to Realize on Your Own

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Apr 16, 2010 08:45 | Go to Honoka Lv. Up

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Reserved for Pure Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(H) means that there's a heart symbol at that point.
(S)- Musical Note

Page 51
Title: Things to Realize On Your Own

Page 52
Cashier mutter: Thank you very much~
Yuuka(BOLD): You started working at a game developer~~~!?
Honoka: ...yeah.
Yuuka mutter: A game developer... Honoka is...?
Yuuka(BOLD): What is this!? Why!!?
Yuuka mutter: Honoka's working...?
Yuuka(BOLD): How!?
Honoka: Yuuka-chan, you're shouting...
Honoka: Cold!!!

Page 53
Yuuka: So your uncle is the director of the company... Rather than that.
Honoka: I was pushed into taking a job...
(I doesn't seem that way to me but that is what she's saying)
Yuuka mutter: Hunhun
Honoka: At some company by the name of Zero Frame...
Yuuka(BOLD): ...wha!?
Yuuka: Ze... You don't mean that Zero Frame do you...?
Honoka: Huh? Do you know of it?
Yuuka: Of course I know it!! They're Super famous!!
Yuuka: Then what does this mean? Could it be that Honoka's uncle is... Kandatsu Ryuuichi(BOLD)?

Page 54
Honoka: Wh-why do you know that!? Have I told you...?
Yuuka mutter: Bright! You are shining so brightly...!!
Yuuka: Daaarn it!! To think that Honoka was Kandatsu Ryuuichi's niece. Could she be the lighthouse in the dark!? I fail as a friend!! I fail as a gaming otaku!!!
Yuuka: Well... It's normal for any human who loves game to know Kandatsu Ryuuichi's name you see.
Yuuka mutter: Phew... A scoop fell off
(Couldn't find that kanji after searching for it so many times so I'll just put this here)
Yuuka: He debuted under Cubix as the director of the extremely popular "Crystal Tale"
Honoka: Hee~~
Yuuka: However, he then left Cubix after getting tired of their rules for epics and recently turned indepedent. After that he completely disappeared off the radar.
Yuuka: There are loads of fans who are eagerly awaiting Kandatsu Ryuuichi's next project.

Page 55
Yuuka: And the place where you said you're working at is that independent company.
Yuuka: That is Zero Frame.
Honoka:...so that's how it is... that's really amazing...
Yuuka: Don't say "that's really amazing..."... You should put some effort into learning about the place you're working at.
Yuuka: You say that you were forced to take the job but wasn't it you who went there on your own?
Text: My own naiveity is almost like a crime.
Honoka: Ah... ...right
Text: I feel so ashamed...
Yuuka: And theeeen?

Page 56
Yuuka: What do you do at your job? Could it be that you're helping with rumoured new project!?
Honoka: Mmmm. I'm just playing a game that uncle made...
(I'm not quite sure how to interpret that "Uun" so I just changed to an mmm which fits too)
Yuuka: ...C-Crystal Tale 5?
Honoka: Ah, that's it...
Yuuka: ... and you're just playing it?
Honoka: Yeah...
Yuuka: What's up with that...
Yuuka: H-Hey. Maybe they just wanted someone to test out their games.
Honoka: That's what I thought too but...

Page 57
Yuuka: Right!
Yuuka: Ho
(She's throwing rubbish into the bin)
Yuuka: Honoka, are you free tomorrow?
Honoka: Yes...? I'm free tomorrow
Yuuka: Well then, I'll see you here tomorrow at 11.
Honoka: ? Where are we going?
Yuuka: Hm. You'll just have to look forward to seeing it (H)

Page 58
Honoka: Ah. Oh no...!!
Small text: It's already this late...
Honoka: Saki-san Saki-san
Saki: Hmmmm?
Saki: I'll be going now
Saki: Ah. Alright. Thanks for all the hard work~~

Page 59
Takumi: Tch. She ran away huh...
Saki mutter: Ohhh
Saki: What's with that "Tch"...
Small text: Again with that thing again...
Takumi: Well I have to praise her for working this late...
Saki: She really is a diligent person isn't she~~~
Saki mutter: I on the other hand usually come in by the time offices usually close.
Takumi: Oh
Small text: Let's see
Takumi: Ah. I just can't win against Hakuba-san...
Takumi: ...Hey. There's nothing inside at all.
Saki mutter: Spotless...
Saki: Oh my?

Page 60
Saki: Should we tell her to start drawing?
Takumi: Don't do anything unnecessary.
Takumi: If she can't do anything without saying a word then it's best for her to leave.
Saki: But kids these days need to be talked to properly, otherwise...
Saki: Maybe it's too much for her?
Saki: Aside from that... Honoka-chan is doing her best. She's been going at the games Kandatsu-san that Kandatsu-san's been telling her to play.
Saki: There must be a lot of things going through her mind...

Page 61
Takumi: Who cares. I'm neither her parents or her teacher you know.
Saki mutter: Meanie
Saki: Puu
Takumi: Also... We don't need someone who's diligent but has no skills. This company really is full of strange people isn't it?
Saki: Puh
Saki: Ahahaa. What are you saying~~
Saki mutter: My god
Saki: Aren't there only super normal people around here~~
Person 1: Good job~
Person 2: Night
Person 3: Good work~
Person 4: Good night~
Saki: Huh!? Wha!?
Person 5: Night~

Page 62
Honoka: Uwaaah... Ah
Yuuka: Honoka... You aren't a country bumpkin you know...
Honoka: Ah sorry. This is the first time I've been to Akihabara...
Yuuka: It certainly does seem like an alien place to an ojou-sama(Subtitle: Honoka) doesn't it~
(Out a subtitle of Honoka's name under the word ojou-sama)
Honoka: That kind of thing...! That's not...
Honoka mutter top: Abababa
Honoka mutter right: A lot of people...
Honoka mutter left: A lot...
Honoka: true...

Page 63
Honoka: By the way Yuuka-chan, what did we come to Akihabara for?
Yuuka: When you say Akiba you think of games of course (H)
Honoka: ? Is that so? But don't the regular stores have them too...
Yuuka: There's no real impact in those places you see.
Honoka: Impact...?
Yuuka: Right...
Yuuka: Impact

Page 64
Honoka: Wow...
Honoka: Amaziing... These are all games?
Yuuka: Yeah. I was really shocked too the first time I came here.
Honoka mutter: Ah, Ryuuichi-san's one
Yuuka: Say, how many do you think come out every month?
Honoka: ? Umm... About five I guess?

Page 65
Yuuka: Wrong. It's actually ten times more.
Honoka: ...h!!
Honoka: It really is amazing.
Honoka: And the shelves are like this...
Honoka: Right...
Text: Amazing...
Text: I didn't know at all...
Yuuka: Well to be honest. The number of games that are planned for actually exceed the number of games that are released.
Yuuka: How many are released every year... That's a good way to go about it

Page 66
Honoka: How many...
Honoka mutter: 5 a month x 12 months... 600 games...
Honoka mutter: Mmm...
Yuuka: That's about right. As long as you get them out it's fine if you don't turn a profit.
Yuuka: ...That means the one who makes the remaining planned games is your uncle.
Yuuka: That is what Kandatsu Ryuuichi does.
Honoka: Hee~~
Yuuka: Coooome on. He really is an amazing person~ Wouldn't it be good for you to have a bit more respect for him now that you know more about him?
Honoka: Y-yeah... I understand that he's an amazing person but it's hard to connect that with the actual person...

Page 67
Yuuka mutter: Right. Work hard me.
Yuuka mutter: Pheeew
Yuuka: ...About yesterday, I'm sorry for speaking so intensely.
Honoka: Eh...?
Yuuka: You just started working so it's natural for you not to know anything.
Yuuka: And yet...
Yuuka: I felt a little frustrated... For someone like me who loves that stuff to find out that someone involved knows nothing about it is...
Yuuka: But no matter how I'd talk to you about those kinds of things there's no way around it...
Honoka: But I as well...!!
Honoka: I... There's a lot more things I have to learn...
Honoka: ...mm

Page 68
Yuuka: Work hard.
Yuuka: There is definitely something you can do there.
Text: Something I can do...
Yuuka: I'm sure it's there
Text: You're an artist right?
Honoka: Ah...
Box: Something I can do...
Honoka: Yuuka-chan...
Yuuka: Cover my share as well, okay?
Box: ...I forgot about it.
Honoka: I already ate donuts today so I don't want the Gyuudon's calories(S)
(Gyuudon is a japanese dish consisting of beef, leek and some other stuff)
Box: Thank you, Yuuka-chan.
Yuuka: ...!!? Ate... Say that before buying it!!!

Page 69
Honoka: I'll be going now.
Someone: Okay. Good work Honoka-chan~~
Takumi: Hey Tateshina.
Saki: Hakuba-san!? You're sitting in Honoka-chan's seat as you like again...!!
Takumi: Did you poke your nose in somewhere it doesn't belong?
Saki: Huh? Nope, I don't think I did anything.
Takumi: Here.
Saki: Wow. Umm.

Page 70
Saki: Ah...
Text: Something I can do...
Saki: ...Honoka-chan
Saki: These are some good sketches.
Takumi: What? These are still in their early stages. They're far from being usable yet.
Takumi: ... What?
Saki: Did you realise it~~~?
Saki: You went from saying "unremarkable" to "early stages"(H)
(I'm not sure when he says that. I can't find that part anywhere)

Page 71
Ryuuichi: What are they doing... Oh. It's already this late huh...
Document Title: [Rune Chronicle] (Temporary)
Document text: Draft by Kandatsu Ryuuichi
Text: I'll take it one step at a time...

>Honoka< Lv. 2
She has escaped the forest of anxiety and bewilderment. Honoka has levelled up!!

Page 72
Quote: Hakuba-san!? You're sitting in Honoka-chan's seat as you like again...!!

Zero Frame

Age: 20
Height: 157cm
Blood Type: A
The senior who's looking after Honoka and helping her make progresss, likes little girls(?)
She's hung out with the same literary group since her school days, apparently they seem to be famous writers.

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