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Hoshi no Samidare 48

Golems and Golem Users

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Apr 22, 2010 15:10 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

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Reserved for Otakami Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Subcaption: Souls
Chapter 48 Golems and Golem Users
Chapter 49 Before the Door
Chapter 50 Amamiya Yuuhi and Shinonome Hangetsu
Chapter 51 Inkoman and the Beast Knights
Chapter 52 Maimakterion and The Beast Knights (First Half)
Chapter 53 Maimakterion and The Beast Knights (Latter Half)

Page 3
Animus: ...Hey there.
Animus: Anima
Animus: I was starting to think we wouldn't see each other this round. I never see your face on the battlefield.

Page 4
Animus: Why are you upside down?
Anima: Just felt like it
Animus: Hmmm. Oh well.
Animus: In any case, it's really been a while hasn't it. ...What should we talk about?
Anima: How about the conclusion of this war.
Title: Chapter 48 Golems and Golem Users

Page 5
Box: Early November
Box: Knowledge of the 10th's destruction circulated amongst the Knights.
Box: The 10th golem was special in that its body was composed of many. Upon discovering the last body, the 10th was destroyed.
Box: Akane-kun did that.
Box: Additionally, it seems that Anima who was there at the time decided to have Akane-kun become the Mythical Beast Knight, Hraesvelgr .
Box: Unicorn
Box: Invisible
Box: Hraesvelgr
Box: All three of the Mythical Beast Knights have finally appeared.
Shimaki: And now the enemy's golem is the 11th... is that right?
Phone: Right

Page 6
Nagumo: It's becoming more and more apparent.
Nagumo: The end is near.
Shimaki: Incidentally, I would like to hold a short get together to talk about something.
Nagumo: About what?
Shimaki: My golems... I would like to discuss my golems.

Page 7
Yuuhi: A slump?
Shimaki: It seems that I'm having trouble coming up with good images.
Nagumo: That's why I called in the brainy Amamiya and the warrior-like Hakudou.
Nagumo: I'd also like to hear from Anima who specializes in Psychics.
(TN: I would like to point out that Nagumo, a hardcore detective, is eating a very extravagant parfait)
Anima sounds: Om nom nom Om nom nom nom nom
Yayoi: He's calling you Anima-sama~
Yuuhi: Even if we give our opinions
Yuuhi: ...Even up till now, I still haven't the foggiest idea how you make them.

Page 8
Shimaki: I just need to bring up the shape in my mind.
Shimaki: If you're curious as to how I do make it I possible, I just activate the power after that and just leave it up to the flow.
Nagumo: I also wanted to have Asahina voice her opinions but
Nagumo: She's feeling the effects of Loki being turned into Hraesvelgr and she has to get bedrest.
Yuuhi: I doubt you'll be able to get Anima's opinions anyway. All she does is eat after all.
Nagumo: Creation Domain Kybele(SUBTITLE:Mother Earth) huh... Its special characteristics are way too overpowered if you ask me.
Yayoi: How about we use something like this~~
Noi: A sketchbook?
Yayoi: When it comes to imagining things, drawing is the best way to go~~
Shimaki: That'll work!!
Nagumo: It will!?

Page 9
Anima mutter: Om nom nom Om nom nom nom nom
Yayoi mutter: Brush Brush
(She's making brushing noises. Weird)
Yuuhi mutter: Scratch Scratch Scratch
Shimaki: Mmmm
Yayoi: How is this~
Drawing note: Morning Stars
(Those medieval iron balls attached to sticks)
Noi: It sucks
Shea: Wow! Nagumochi's amazing!!
Nagumo: Hmm... How's this

Page 10
Yayoi: I-incredible!!
Yuuhi: Looks powerful!!
Noi: Rather that's a ship!!
Anima: Pass it here.
Yayoi: She signed someone elses work!!
Yuuhi: What audacity!!
Nagumo: Well Shimaki, how's this?
Nagumo: We came up with a lot of images.

Page 11
Shimaki: Hmmm... These will make for some good inspiration.
Shimaki: I'm sure I'll figure out something with these filling up my head.
Shimaki: Ah. Is it okay if I take these with me?
Anima mutter: Slurp
Yayoi: Go right on ahead.
Nagumo: Anima, don't you have at least one word of advice to give?
Shop: Thank you for your patronage
Anima: Mmm? Alright
Anima: The foundation of psychic abilities is one's conviction. The awakened phenomenon and the unconciousness of domains stem from conviction.
Anima: If you feel lost, just listen to your guts.
Anima: If you can't hear the voice of your guts then plug your ears and you just might figure it out.
Shimaki: My ears...
SFX: Jiggle

Page 12
Shea: The two of you didn't talk to each other even though you were finally right next to Amamii.
yayoi: Na-nagumo-san and the rest were there too so~~...
Shea: Even if you two were alone, you two would still wouldn't make any noise.
Yuuhi: Safe...
Noi: From what exactly
Coo: It's quite rare for Hyou-kun to rely on people.
Coo: Sincerely asking to borrow the hands of others is the first step to happiness.
Coo: But you're the one who tried to take on Animus alone when you decided on your ability.
Shmaki: It wasn't like that. That was because I thought it was finally time for a direct confrontation with Animus.
Shimaki: At the very least I figured that the golem battles would put the knights at ease.

Page 13
Animus: But that time when you let out your 1st in the dream world
Animus: You really were aiming to kill me then.
Animus: Hey
Shimaki: Hey
Animus: That was because you were nearby at the time.
Animus: Scary
Shimaki: ...in any case, did you have some business with me?
Animus: Maimakterion here would like to have a word with you.
Shimaki: Maimakterion?
Shimaki: That boy?

Page 14
Maimakterion: ...You knights are quick so I can't seem to land a hit on you all.
Maimakterion: If I did, you'd die instantly with that one hit. That's what makes fighting you all boring.
Maimakterion: And that annoys me.
Maimakterion: Golem user. Your blockheaded puppets are the only ones who can take my attacks.
Maimakterion: That's why I want you to come up stronger and hardier ones. I don't want one like the last time since its body felt like it was made of paper mache.
Maimakterion: I want to fight so much more.

Page 15
Animus: In any case it seems that ever since he had a taste of what battling is like, he now feels the desire to become ever stronger you see. This kid.
Animus: If you want to, we don't have to be enemies.
Animus: If Maimakterion really wanted to, he could kill you all just like that.
Animus: Well, what do you say? This may very well be your final chance.
Animus: Are you sure you don't want to be my ally?
Maimakterion: I don't want that
Animus: Silence
Animus: You are nothing more than my golem.

Page 16
ANimus: And that's why your ability is trailing behind mine.
Animus: That is your limit as a human.
Shimaki: You're human too.
Animus: A God
Animus: I have no such limitations.
Shimaki: Then I'll just have to defeat you.
Shimaki: I'll become the hero of the legend.
Animus: Is that it
Shimaki: Seems like it
Animus: Tch
Maimakterion: I'll be waiting at the mountain.

Page 17
Shimaki: ...Hey.
Shimaki: You defeated the 10th and became a Mythical Beast Knight am I right?
Akane: Yeah
Shimaki: Looks like it was tough.
Shimaki: Good job.
Akane: ...later...
Loki: Shimaki. ...For a little longer
Loki: Please watch over this boy.
Akane: Loki. Stop it.
SHimaki: That was my intention from the beginning.
Shimaki: What kind of answer Akane-kun will come up with.
Shimaki: I intend to wait for it even until the final battle.

Page 18
Yuki: Ahh. Found him. Found him.
Yuki: Akane-kuuun
Yuki: We went looking for you since you were late.
Subaru: Shimaki-san.
Subaru: Good afternoon.
Shimaki: Hey there. The three of you are going out?
Subaru: Yes. We're going to the ramen shop.
Shimaki: I see.
Yuki: Waah. That's some face.
Yuki: So I hit you this hard huh.
Yuki: Sorry about that okay.

Page 19
Akane: This was from the 10th...
Yuki: Your face is red. Do you have a cold?
Akane: I-I'm fine.

Page 20
Box: One's conviction
Box: If you can't her the voice of your guts then plug ears and you just might figure it out.
Box: That is your limit as a human.
Box: like it was made of paper mache.

Page 21
Coo: This really isn't like you.
Coo: Hyou-kun is always doing amazing things.
Coo: You're always brimming with confidence. And you never tremble.
Shimaki: ...yeah. Confidence... I have that.
Shimaki: When I came up with Freitag
Shimaki: That may be why. ...However...that's right.
Shimaki: I am a man of confidence.
Shimaki: A man of confidence does not establish his limitations.
Shimaki: You showed me how to listen to my the voice of my guts without plugging my ears and hands down.
Shimaki: Thank you Coo
Shimaki: I will do my best.

Page 23
Nagumo: Ohhh
Yuuhi: Ahh
Mikazuki: Whoah!!
Shimaki: This is Sonnabend.
Noi: Yuuhi, isn't that one of your drawings?
(TN: What do you expect from the guy who came up with Tengu Sami)
Sketch note: Hands are heads
Yuuhi: Yeah this is... I am deeply moved.
Mikazuki: Uuoooh!! A mock battle!! Let me at him!!
Yayoi: Um~~ Me as well~~
Shimaki: I was thinking the same thing, that's why I called you all.
Mikazuki: Yaaay
Nagumo: It's a mock battle but you shouldn't go easy.
Shimaki: It'll be fine if it's the agile Mikazuki-kun and Hakudou-san the Mythical Beast Knight.
Shimaki: I'd like to get some idea from those two.

Page 24
Mikazuki: I'm fine with that.
Mikazuki: Alright Ane-san. I'm in your hands.
Yayoi: Understood.
Yayoi: The same to you.
Yuuhi: I'll just watch from afar...
Hanako: Me as well... It seems kinda scary.
Hanako mutter: That
Nagumo: As expected of the 7th, it looks considerably powerful.

Page 25
Nagumo: Animus' 7th, Hekatombaion... It really put us through a lot of trouble.
Nagumo: It's quite promising to have that on our side.
Mikazuki: Woaah!
Mikazuki: Hyo-chan. This one is good!!
Yayoi: Ngh
Yayoi: It's strong!!
Yayoi: Alright. In that case I'll have to be serious... HAAAAH!!

(Page 26 and 27 should really be patched together)

Page 28
Shea: We made him cry.
Shimaki: It's fine Hakudou-san.
Shimaki: It's a good thing that it be finished here than taking something of this level out as the 11th's opponent.
Shimaki: With this, the number also increases sooner you see. Thank you for that. There's no need to feel bad about it.

Page 29
Shimaki: Amamiya-kun.
Shimaki: When you said you had a good way to let off steam...
yuuhi: Yeah.
Yuuhi: We're digging holes.
Yuuhi: There is nothing better than excercise to stimulate the brain.
Yuuhi: That especially applies to digging holes as the human race has been pursuing safety in the form an advanced unison of instinct and knowledge during the most dire emergencies since ancient times.

Page 30
Yuuhi: Haa Haa To sum it up in one word, it's fun.
Yuuhi: It clears my head.
Yuuhi: Haa Haa
(TN: Yuuhi the digger. Simon as his Drama CD seiyuu. Come on GAINAX! Just announce it will ya!)
Yuuhi: Before long the feeling of exhaustion goes away and exhilaration begins to build up. It's known as [the other side of lactic acid]. Also soon after.
Yuuhi various mutters: Haa Haa Haa Uhi Haa Hihi Fuhihihi
(TN: Yes. He IS giggling and panting at the same time)
Yuuhi: Whether I am the shovel or the shovel is me, I'm not too sure about that. I get a little mixed up about that. I do remember that my self is human though but your brain does feel the highest bliss at one instant.
(TN: He uses "Boku", "Ware", "Jibun" and "Kikun" in this bubble alone, all meaning "I" and that's unsettling in japanese)
Coo: ...Dangerous
Coo mutter: this guy
Noi: He's usually a quiet guy but...
Noi: Ever since that(BOLD) became his hobby... His physical strength has become monstrous.
Shimaki: You seem to be really good at athletics.
Yuuhi: Is that so? I did think I act more like the intellectual type though
Yuuhi: Like I mentioned earlier about the ancients' wisdom and instincts and creation and destruction...
Shimaki: Alright then.
Shimaki: Guess I should give this a try.

Page 31
Yuuhi: And after all this sweating, we'll go get a drink of the highest quality.
Yuuhi: How does that sound?
Shimaki: No thanks
Shimaki: I'm not fond of alcohol
Shimaki: On top of that I didn't know about this
Yuuhi: About what?

Page 32
Shimaki: Inviting me to de-stress like this.
Yuuhi: Getting covered in dirt. And then going off to get a drink.
Shimaki: I pegged you as a more introverted person.
Shimaki mutter: Pheew
Shimaki: Somehow. You're amazing Amamiya-kun.
Yuuhi: I'm not amazing at all.
Shimaki: I wonder about that.
Shimaki: Thanks for that. I really enjoyed moving around like that. Bye then.
Yuuhi: Good work.

Page 33
Noi: Changed... Rather than that
Noi: This might have been the original nature.
Noi: Yours
Yuuhi: Who knows
Yuuhi: Haa
Yuuhi: Good flavor
SFX: Vibrate Vibrate Vibrate
Yuuhi: Hello... Auntie...
Aunt: Erm Yuu-kun. Rem-remain calm and listen carefully...

Page 34
Yuuhi: Yes. Right now?
Yuuhi: Eh? What?
Yuuhi: How is grandfather... Please calm down.
Yuuhi: What happened exactly?
Yuuhi: Eh? A truck?
Yuuhi: Auntie
Yuuhi: Calm down...

Credits Page
TN: Furesberg has been changed to Hraesvelgr as Kaji had brought the actual the origin of the name to light. We put up a poll to decide which name to go with and Hraesvelgr has been in the lead everytime I checked so I decided to go with Hraesvelgr. It's pronounced the same but I will make a game of seeing how often people spell it wrongly. Also, I curse Yuuhi for his damn shovel talk. You have any idea how much less sense he made in japanese? I say there wasn't enough oxygen getting to his brain.

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