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Hoshi no Samidare 49

Before the Door

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Apr 28, 2010 14:30 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

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Reserved for Otakami Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 37
Box: Well well. This is how it happens
Box: I didn't put on much of an expression
Box: It really came out of nowhere

Page 38
Box: Grandpa died.
Box: He was involved in a traffic accident.
Box: The Truck driver was looking to the side and Grandpa was crossing during the wrong light.
Box: Well, even if either of them had been paying more attention the result probably would have been the same.
Box: Cause of Death - Bad Timing
Box: It was that kind of thing
Yuuhi: Well, things like this happen too. It was simply his time.
Box: It was no one's fault.
Yuuhi: That's what they say

Page 39
Title: Chapter 49 Before the Door

Page 40
Yuuhi: What's with you?
Noi: I-is that all you have to say!! That was your own grandfather...
Noi: You used your Knight's contractual wish to cure his illness after all!!
NOi: What is this... In this kind of manner!! Isn't this unreasonable!! For a comrade to die in an unknown place in such a way...!!

Page 41
Yuuhi: That's because humans live only to die.
Yuuhi: If dying is unreasonable then living is just as senseless.
Noi: Playing with words like that...
Cousin: Yuu-nii, can I come in?
Yuuhi: Go ahead
Cousin: Mom told me to bring you some tea.
Cousin: Let's drink it together.
Yuuhi: Mm

Page 42
Cousin: Yuu-nii sure has changed.
Cousin: You seem to have become gentler.
Yuuhi: I have?
Cousin: You have.
Cousin: After we finish drinking tea
Cousin: Would like to step out for a bit?

Page 43
Cousin: Over there
Cousin: See that mailbox?
Cousin: Grandpa often came by to send off letters.
Cousin: But he only looked at it.
Cousin: He wouldn't send them and go back home.
Cousin: Here are the letters.
Cousin: The ones he didn't send.
Yuuhi: There sure is a lot of them.
Cousin: Yuu-nii
Cousin: Yes?
Cousin: ...I'm sorry for taking your room.
Yuuhi: I already said it's fine. That's your house now after all.
Cousin: It's Yuu-ni's house.
Cousin: Even though Grandpa's no longer here
Cousin: Please do come back

Page 44
Yuuhi: I've got work
Yuuhi: I just asked for time off.
Box: The things he wrote in those letters
Box: Seasonal greetings, the food I ate, how my studies were going
Box: Auntie buying a car
Box: Koishi getting placing first on tests in her class
Box: A stray cat accompanying the children
Box: Anything was fine, he wrote a lot
Box: He wrote about mundane things like this every month.
Box: Was he saving these up to send them off?
Box: In every letter, he always ended it with the same sentence.

Page 45
Box: Yuuhi
Box: When are you coming home again?
Yuuhi: Well, at the very least
Yuuhi: I wasn't planning to come back at this time either

Page 46
Grandpa: Don't make enemies
Grandpa: They'll stab you in the front
Grandpa: Don't make friends
Grandpa: They'll stab you in the back
Grandpa: All humans are trash

Page 47
Yuuhi: You Shitty Old Man
Yuuhi: Humans
Yuuhi: Not one of them is trash!!
Yuuhi: HA HA
Yuuhi: Serves you right!!

Page 48
Yuuhi: Pheew
Noi: Yuuhi...
Yuuhi: Dowwaoo
Car: You don't stand in the middle of the road dammit!!
Noi: Yu... Yuuhi...
Yuuhi: Ahh. Yeah. ...I'm ...alright.

Page 49
Yuuhi: ...And I was just thinking that was kind of a good scene just now.
Yuuhi: It wasn't cool at all.
Noi: It would have been uncool if it had only been cool.
Noi: Yuuhi, I think the you now is plenty cool.
Yuuhi: In what way exactly
Noi: I see it now. Your grandfather. You've already forgiven him.
Noi: It takes a great man to forgive another.
Yuuhi: Well
Yuuhi: He went and died
Yuuhi: It's already... fine
Yuuhi: I'm fine
Yuuhi: With this

Page 50
Animus: Is it really?
ANimus: I wonder...
Yuuhi: What the!?
ANimus: Mmm. This is
ANimus: The place where Elaphebolion came isn't it.
Yuuhi: Elaphe... That 3 eyed one?
Yuuhi: That was before Animus showed up... He knows about it?
Animus: Your grandfather has passed on right.
Animus: I'll give you time to mourn.
Yuuhi: State your business
Animus: You're thinking "Grandfather why were you crossing when the light said not to?" aren't you.
Animus: And you can't forgive that driver for looking away can you.
Yuuhi: Your business

Page 51
Animus: Haven't you heard anything from Anima?
Yuuhi: Hear what?
Animus: You know about the recent changes in the rules right
Animus: The ones that let up on the conditions required for the hammer to move.
Yuuhi: ...What?
Animus: The Hammer can move once all 12 golems are destroyed.
ANimus: Before this, it could only move after either all the Knights or the Princess dies, whichever comes first. I'm only allowed to fight once all the Golems are destroyed though.
Yuuhi: Anima herself loosened up on the rules..!?
Yuuhi: So then that timing has a defensive move behind it...?
Animus: One more thing
Animus: Your death will cancel out those changes to the rules and conditions.
Yuuhi: ...huh?
Small text: Me?

Page 52
Animus: In the event that you die during a battle with 11th or the 12th
Animus: The condition where the golems would all have to be destroyed first would be no more and it'd go back to me myself joining the battle.
Yuuhi: ...Why would my...
Animus: Who knows? That's why I was wondering if she told you anything about it. I do wonder if she might be planning to use you in a suicide attack on the hammer.
Anima mutter: Fly True
Yuuhi: ...That can't be
Yuuhi: But still
Noi: Did you come here just to shake up Yuuhi?
Animus: More or less
Animus: However, what I said about the rules was true.
Animus: I'm fine with either by the way. That's why the battlefield been it's been up till now.
Animus: I'll still be aiming for you so don't expect it to miss
Animus: Bye now

Page 53
Box: I had a late lunch when I got back. I went to sleep after that.
Box: At least I thought I did
Grandpa: Yuuhi...
Yuuhi: Mm...
Grandpa: Yuuhi
Yuuhi: Mmmm...?
Granpa: Do you have a moment?
Yuuhi: Grandpa...?

Page 54
Grandpa: Do you... have anything you want to ask?
Yuuhi: ...Why did you ignore the traffic light?
Grandpa: That was because there normally aren't many cars on the road. It was being rather dim about it.
Grandpa: Plasae don't think badly of the truck driver.
Yuuhi: ...so that's it.
Yuuhi: There wasn't any meaning or anything to it then.
Grandpa: Yeah. Looks like there was nothing special or meaningful about it.
Grandpa: My Death
Yuuhi: ...How about you? Do have anything else you want to tell me...
Grandpa: Mmm? Hmmm...
Grandpa: Welcome Home
Grandpa: Have a good rest

Page 55
Yuuhi: Yeah
Yuuhi: It's good to be back
Father: Father. The bus is leaving.
SFX: Honk Honk
Father: It's about time to go.
Grandpa: Right
Grandpa: I'm coming now
Grandpa: Bye then
Grandpa: Yuuhi
Yuuhi: Goodbye
Yuuhi: Grandpa

Page 57
Yuuhi: ...A dream, was it.
Yuuhi: Or could it be that, he really came.
Anima: It's all subjective
Anima: Believe it if you want to believe.
Yuuhi: I'll do that.
Sami: Yuu-kun
Sami: I'm issuing an order.

Page 58
Sami: Come here.

Page 59
Anima: Amamiya Yuuhi
Anima: Normally, you come here as the one person that Samidare invites to this place.
Anima: You who sympathizes with her desire to destroy the world. Those aggresive aspects of your consciousness manifest themselves here.
Anima: However, this time I was the one who invited you here so your entire personalities are here now.
Anima: Consequently, from this point onwards you will be able to remember the experiences you would have forgotten.
Yuuhi: ...What are you
Yuuhi: Planning on having me do
Anima: From here, I will give you an ordeal you must overcome for a "Hint".
Anima: You will bring that information back with you

Page 60
Yuuhi: Ordeal?
Anima: All three Mythical Beast Knights are present. One of Animus' Three Divine Bodies has been destroyed.
Anima: And the key, the purification ceremony for your soul has been carried out.
Anima: The Story is
Anima: Coming to an End

Page 61
Letter: To Amamiya Yuuhi
Letter: Anima is counting on you.
Letter: (I'll leave it to you as to which parts to block out. "Anima" should not be blocked out btw)
Yuuhi: Why...
Yuuhi: Why me?
Sami: Come on. It's time to go.
Sami: You know where right?
Yuuhi: Yes
Sami: Live up to my expectations
Sami: My Knight
Yuuhi: That I will
Yuuhi: My Demon Lord

Page 66
Yuuhi: Shinonome-san
Hangetsu: Yo

TN: Betcha didn't see that coming. Next week on The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer, all kinds of awesome and then some.

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