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Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 2

Chapter 2

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Apr 30, 2010 16:30 | Go to Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

-> RTS Page for Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 2

Reserved for Otakami

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(H) - Heart symbol

Page 00
Title: A recap of what happened last time on Shinigami-sama
Woman: Last time will be explained in 4koma format.
Note(right): The main character, Older Brother Aida Shizuka
Note(left): That little sister, Hibiki
Hibiki: I doing this to make sure you go to hell!
Box: Tsun
Bubble: Shizuka
Hibiki: Did you or did you not do it!?
Girl mutter: One wholesome body please
Box: Tsun
Hibiki: Shizukaaaaa!!!
Shizuka mutter: Doesn't this seem wrong!?
Box: Tsun
Note: This is what a Tsundere litte sister should be like
Girl mutter: I got it~
Hibiki: Oniichaaaaaan!!
Box: Dere
Hibiki mutter: Noooo!!
Text: And now the real story starts

Page 1
Satsuki: Oh. Found him!
Satsuki: I found him Saaya ...This counts as a "loan"
Satsuki: Huh? The neck? There's a pretty good one there
Satsuki: He's been revived this one.
Man=: Unable to locate the Shinigami. She must have run away
Satsuki: Rather than that
Satsuki: What should we do with this "Aida Shizuka"? Is it okay if we kill him?
Hibiki: Don't!!

Page 2
Hibiki: Don't touch Oniichan!!
Satsuki: Restrain her. Masamune! Sasuke!
Satsuki: It's good to be such a spirited brat but well, your opponents were just a bad match.

Page 3
Satsuki: Saaya. We've found the Shinigami as well.
Title: Shinigami-sama ni Saigo Onegai wo
Boxes: Yamaguchi Mikoto
Subtitle: The second chapter
Satsuki: Fugitive Shinigami Hibiki secured.
Satsuki: This makes two "loans" doesn't it.

Page 4
Satsuki: I'm Satsuki. The Shinigami in charge of this sector.
Hibiki: ...Satsuki?
Satsuki: That's right... You're still just a newbie right.
Small text: You don't know
Hibiki: What's with that attitude! You...
Hibiki: Shrimp!!
Hibiki: Nyaaaaa!!?
Satsuki: You really do have some guts don't you. Well that's the only way you could have done that.(BOLD-"only way you could have done that")

Page 5
Box: A week ago
Woman: More so than the escape of convict Boy A, Aida Shizuka.
Woman: Another incident of the worst magnitude has come up
Woman: There are 7 casualties
Woman: A group of Boy A's admirers is said to have met up with him... Following the same modus operandi from the incident where he had slaughtered his own family, a large cleaver had been utilized in the killings that had taken place.
Woman: Additionally... Investigations are underway on the origin behind the girl who died of a heart attack at the scene...
Text: Arisawa Asami (19)
Woman: And now about Boy A himself...

Page 6
Woman: A decapitated corpse was discovered at the scene of the crime.
Woman: It's been declared this was very likely a suicide...
Woman: According to information we have said corpse was said to have disappeared later on...
Woman: An urban legend is currently circulating that Boy A's headless corpse is now walking around the city searching for its head.
Satsuki: ...In reality, the bod just disappeared.
Satsuki: To be exact, it was carried away.

Page 7
Satsuki: Just so a silly shinigami...
Satsuki: could bring him back to life.
Satsuki: Why did you do such a thing?
Satsuki: Was it that hard for you to have your beloved brother die?
Hibiki: That's wrong!!
Hibiki: Beloved, I didn't think of him in such a manner. That wasn't it...
Hibiki: ...it's just ...I just had to grant Shizuka's final wish.

Page 8
Hibiki: "The two of us, let's seek out the truth"
Shizuka: ...that's...right.
Hibiki: That's a promise Oniichan.
Shizuka: ...yeah.
Hibiki: That was his "Last Request" and I accepted it!
Hibiki: In that case there should be no problems!!
Satsuki: "A Shinigami should always do everything they can to grant a last request"... Is that it?
Satsuki: That's the first thing they tell you when one becomes a Shinigami isn't it.
Satsuki: That seems to be the reason Saaya.

Page 9
Saaya: The two(BOLD) of you would look for the truth... For that reason, you revived him... Am I correct?
Saaya: It's true that I told you to do everything you can to fulfill "Last Requests".
Saaya: However, I should have also told you about "Murder" and "Resurrection" being entirely different matters altogether.
Saaya: If one were to interfere with life and death of humans too much, then that Shinigami would be distrupting the system of Death that they are supposed to protect.
Saaya: And it is because you yourself understand that you took flight, isn't that right? You even threw away your PDA so you could avoid a forced transfer...

Page 10
Saaya: It's unfortunate but, you will have to undergo an inquiry as well.
Saaya: Speak your farewells now... This may possibly be the very last chance to do so.
Saaya: Satsuki-san. His last request, can it be done?
Satsuki: And that makes the "loan" three. Well, it can't be help.
Satsuki: A man struck by death two-fold.

Page 11
Satsuki: Aida Shizuka
Satsuki: Aren't you the interesting one.
Shizuka: ...Am I dead...
Shizuka: ...But. I can hear Hibiki's voice...
Hibiki(Thicker font): Oniichan!
Hibiki(Thicker font): Oniichan... Please don't die!!
Hibiki: Come back!!

Page 12
SFX: Staaaare~
SFX: Roll
Shizuka: Wha... What is it?
SFX: Boing~

Page 13
Shizuka: Wha-what is this!?
Girl: What are you guys doing!!

Page 14
Luka: We are the Surface Service Shinigami. I am Luka.
Small girl: Ume...
Big girl: I'm Yoshino
Shizuka: ...Wha
Shizuka: The... Surface Service Shinigami?

Page 15
Luka: Well, that's, how do you say... This is something like a transit point for those in the process of becoming fully fledged Shinigami...
Ume: A gathering of leftovers...
Shizuka: ...Leftovers?
Luka: Ahaha. Don't mind what she said.
Luka: Don't say unnecessary things!
Yoshino: Excuse~
Yoshino: Me~
Yoshino: Do you dislike big breasts?
Small text: It's okay(BOLD) to touch
(I can't actually read the kanji since it's too small but given the scene that's probably what she's saying)
Luka: Stop that!!
Yoshino: Oww

Page 16
Luka: In any case, Satsuki will talk to you about all the detail. You should go take a bath and change your clothes!
Yoshino mutter: Awwww
Shizuka: ...a bath? ...change?
Shizuka: Woah!? I'm covered in blood!
Sign: Satsuki's Personal Bath
Shizuka: ...So this is it.
Shizuka: ...It's big.

Page 17
Shizuka: My hair's turned completely white...
Shizuka: My neck too... It's only a little but there's some scarring there...
Shizuka: I really did... die didn't I?
Satsuki: That's right!
Satsuki: You are dead.
Shizuka: Wah!!

Page 18
Shizuka: ...I see.
Shizuka: So that kind of thing happened.
Note: Voluntary Blindfold
Satsuki: That's right. A lot of things happened while you were dead.
Shizuka: Then... What about Hibiki? What kind of punishment will she receive for returning me back to life?
Satsuki: Are you an idiot! A matter of that degree isn't a simple thing to talk about.

Page 19
Satsuki: She twisted the fates of seven humans in all.
Satsuki: Obviously one was you who she brought back to life.
Satsuki: And the other six were all killed by that Arisawa Asami.
Satsuki: If she hadn't been granted a healthy body, then those six people wouldn't have died.
Shizuka: However that was
Satsuki: Yeah, I know you want to say that Hibiki wasn't the only one responsible for that.
Satsuki: However, there is no denying the fact that in the end the deaths of six people were brought on by the involvement of a Shinigami you see.
Satsuki: Also, we can't have no one take responsibility for this. It's really about the higher ups. They'll cut themselves off from those below them for their own safety.

Page 20
Satsuki: In the worst case scenario, Hibiki's soul will fall into hell.
Shizuka: ...Hell?
Satsuki: If one's "sex" is omitted when one falls then it'll still be fine but...
Satsuki: If a woman were to retain her form then...
Satsuki: The especially timid souls would just break down.
Shizuka: ...no way.
Shizuka: Wait! Isn't there anything I can do?

Page 21
Satsuki: Don't bring filthy things close to my face!!
Satsuki: Furthermore, you aren't in a position to be worrying about other people.
Satsuki: You are a human who should already be dead.
Satsuki: In other words, there's still the possibility of you yourself being killed off again!

Page 22
Shizuka: Woah!
Shizuka: ...yes?
Ume: Keeping watch
Ume: I'm here to make sure "Itome" doesn't run away
Shizuka: ...Itome
Small text: Me?
(TN: She's calling him Itome. It means "fine line" or "Weight of a thread". Don't know why though.)
Shizuka: You don't have to worry about me escaping. I have no idea where I am in the first place.
Ume: Got it. Then... I'll be working here.

Page 23
Shizuka: ...A Shinigami's work... What could that be?
Shizuka: Th-this is!?
Shizuka: What on earth is she writing!?
SHizuka: This is... her work?
Shizuka: Say... What are you writing there?
Ume: Written Report
Ume: Subject Nakatani Takuya, Age 24, Male, Father died soon after he was born so he was raised in a fatherless family. Mother died of illness at age 15 leaving him without a single relative. He then wanted to serve as the strength for people in similar situations so he decided to become an activist. However, just before he could formally start up activities, he himself was stricken with the same sickness that...
Shizuka: The gap between the contents is incredible...
Shizuka: Umm... Ume-... san. Don't you have any computers or anything like that?
Ume: We do
Ume: But nobody ever uses it so we leave in the corner.
Shizuka: Really? If you lend that to me then I can type it out for you.

Page 24
Ume: So this is your specialty. Since you were aspiring to be a novel writer.
Ume mutter: Ohhh~
Ume mutter: Ohhh~
Shizuka: There. I'm done!

Page 25
Yoshino: Ex~cuse~me~
Shizuka: Ah... Erm. Yoshino-san?
Yoshino: I only just heard from Ume-chan but
Yoshino: She said that Shizuka-san was amazing with fingering work, right(H)
Ume mutter: Ohhh~
Shizuka: N-no. Fingering is...
Yohsino: I would very much like to see you do the same for me. Would you hit this please.
(TN: It ACTUALLY does say "Hit this")
Shizuka: Aahh, you want me be your amanuensis.
(TN: Amanuensis - The person who types down another person's dictations. That's your word of the day for you)
Luka: Darn it. She beat me to it.
Luka mutter: Sigh
SFX: Wakya
Yoshino mutter: Ufufu
Shizuka: Awawa
Satsuki: What did she beat you to?
Luka: No, it seems that man knows how to use the computer so I figured he could act as an amanuensis

Page 26
Satsuki: Hou. I see.
Luka: You see, I heard about it from Ume so I was thinking I should probably go learn how to use the computer from him and...
Satsuki: Hmmmmmmm~~
Luka: I beg of you~ Please don't report this to Saaya-sama~
Luka mutter: Waan~
Satsuki: That's a loan
Satsuki: Even so, for that withdrawn Ume to...
Satsuki: ...So this is Aida Shizuka.
Satsuki: How unexpected... Can he be used?

Page 27
Shizuka: Un... Nggh
Shizuka: ..........Hibiki

Page 28
Hibiki: Good morning, Shizuka.
Shizuka: ...Good morning, Hibiki.
Hibiki: Say, how I go make breakfast.
Hibiki: You made them quite nicely in the past didn't you. This time is special so I'll be helping you.
Hibiki mutter: Come on Come on

Page 29
Both: Who?
Yoshino mutter: Cute(H)
Ume mutter: Slanted...
Satsuki: She's that man's younger sister! Well, she's now a shinigami though.
Luka: I don't know the details but, there seems to be a lot of complications there.
Both: Let's go join them
Yoshino mutter: Shamelessly
Satsuki mutter: Hmph
Satsuki: Don't
Satsuki: ...that mug.
Satsuki: Looks like
Satsuki: The outcome has been decided

Page 30
Hibiki: Ahah! This tastes pretty good deosn't it. Cooking's a cinch.
Hibiki: What!? It's only one mistake! I did make it.
Hibiki: Mmph! But the rice is...
Hibiki: ...it's got a tough core...
Small text: Not enough water?
Hibiki: ...The salmon's also salty...

Page 31
Hibiki: I made it after all!! It's no wonder everything ended up lousy!!
Hibiki mutter: Ah
Hibiki: Sorry... I really am hopeless aren't I.
Hibiki: I just wanted to spend our last(BOLD) moments smiling like in the past.
Shizuka: ...Last
Hibika: One week

Page 32
Hibiki: In one week, I'll be sent to hell
Hibiki: And you... will die again.

Page 33
Hibiki: ...You're not surprised?
Shizuka: I heard the general outline from Satsuki.
Hibiki: ...I see.
Shizuka: I've always been thinking about it since then...
Shizuka: Isn't there something we can...
Hibiki: It's impossible
Hibiki: Decisions from the higher ups are absolute. This one week was a Saaya showing some compassion.
Hibiki: On top of that, I currently have no powers at all. My shinigami abilities have been taken away from me...
Hibiki: It's pointless to think about resisting.

Page 34
Shizuka: We made a promise didn't we? The two of will seek out the truth together
Shizuka: Father... Mother... And you as welll
Shizuka: You promised we'd go hunting for the truth behind everyone's deaths. Was that a lie? Or could it be that you still think I'm the criminal?
Hibiki: It's not like that! ...It's not but
Shizuka: Think about it
Shizuka: We should do everything we can while there's still time.
Shizuka: That's why right now, we have to think.

Page 35
Hibiki: ........ ...yeah
Hibiki: ...Ah

Page 36
Hibiki: ...it just might work... Maybe.
Shizuka: What did you come up with?
Hibiki: ...but... this method is...
Hibiki: Shizuka... I have a method we can use right now... But... the probability of it succeeding is very low.
Hibiki: On top of that I have to speak frankly about it... This is a truly terrible method.
Hibiki: You... might probably scorn me for this.

Page 37
Hibiki: Even so, do you still want to hear it? If you do then I'd like to have your resolve.
Shizuka: My resolve...?
Hibiki: No matter what kind of cruel decisions I push for...
Hibiki: You have to choose the one where we siblings will be saved...

Page 38
Shizuka: ...I understand.
Hibiki: I thought about it and when it comes to what allows a Shinigami to answer hopes...
Hibiki: there's simply one move...
Hibiki: "The Last Request"
Hibiki: And as such, the ones who are can do this humans who will die from this point onwards. Of course, I don't have my shinigami powers right now but those people won't be able to find out about that.
Hibiki: However, one method still exist.

Page 39
Hibiki: The two of us will participate in this gathering.
Hibiki: And then we will have the members of this gathering use their "Last Rewquests" to grant ours(BOLD).
Shizuka: Is... Isn't this

Page 40
Shizuka: A suicide website!?
Text: For the sake of saving themselves, that method is...!?

Credits Page
TN: I've decided to stick with Shinigami rather than Reaper for this series as it is called 'Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai Wo' and 'Last Wish' to 'Last Request' because I think it sounds more appropriate. Look forward to the rest of this great series. Also this gets lost in translation but all the Shinigami's names are written in Katakana rather than Kanji.

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