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Toushin Toshi III 1


+ posted by Transfade as translation on May 1, 2010 03:13 | Go to Toushin Toshi III

-> RTS Page for Toushin Toshi III 1

Reserved for Helz0ne

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 1
Text: 5 years ago, Dad said "I'm taking part in the War God's Tourney" and left home.
Text: Afterwards, we got a letter that said "I'm the champion. From here, I'm heading back home"... No matter how much time has passed by, Dad hasn't come back home...
Text: If I go to the War God's Tourney... If I go there, I might be able to find a clue about dad...!!

Page 2-3
Nakuto: Whoah... How should I say it. This sure is one big city...
Nakuto: Seriously... I really wonder if I'll really be able to find Dad in this kind of place...
Nakuto: No no!! What can I do if I get depressed!
Nakuto: Furthermore... I also came to join in the War God's Tourney and test out my own strength!!
Nakuto: The War God's City...
Title: Level01[Entry]
Side text: Here in the vortex of ambition and desire, Nakuto's battle begins!!
Author: Yabuki Gou
Original Work: AliceSoft
Nakuto: It's completely different from my village...
Nakuto: Uguh
Nakuto: Guhee

Page 4
Nakuto: That hurt! You just bumped into me! Watch where you're going!
Doki: Ahhhhnn~ Did you just say something??
Doki: Mmm. It's a tiny brat. You should consider it good luck to be bumped by the current Tournament's favorite, the great Doki-sama!
(Doki-sama alone doesn't sound quite right to me to I put "the great" to make sound more natural)

Page 5
Nakuto: I'm the one who's going to take the championship!
Doki: What? Brat, you're going to join the tournament!?
Nakuto: I'm just about to go register!!
Doki: Haa... Aah~
Doki: So a little shrimp like you wants to join in do you...
Doki: Then... Do you have a partner?
Nakuto: Huh? Partner?
Nakuto: What? You have to register in pairs?

Page 5
Doki: WAAHAHAHAHA! You didn't even know you need a partner to register!? I can't believe what I'm hearing!!
Doki: There's no way you're going to join shrimp. There ain't nobody bored enough who's gonna leave it to that tiny body of yours!
Nakuto: Eh? Eh!? Leave it to my body? What are you talking about?
Doki: Come on. We're going.

Page 6
Doki: Hurry up and decide on the inn. I'm looking forward to this!
Girl: Ah... Uh...
Girl: Ex-excuse me...
Girl: I'm sorry... Pardon me!!
Nakuto: Ah... No that's...

Page 7
Nakuto: Even so... A partner...
Nakuto: Mmmm... Maybe I should go ask around about it...
Nakuto: I guess I'll also have to decide on an inn...
NakutO: Sigh...
Nakuto: I've been walking around for an hour now but
Nakuto: Lodgings... I haven't found any lodgings... Even though there so many inns here...
Nakuto: And why is it the moderate inns have no vancancies too...
Nakuto mutter: I really don't want to camp outside...

Page 8
Woman: Could it be that you're looking for a place to sleep?
Woman: In that case, you should come over to our place! The tournament grounds are also nearby so it's a super good deal!! The next person gets the room so the fastest person wins you know!
Woman: Hoe~ A really pretty lady...
Nakuto: Ah... Yes! Please!
Woman: Wah! Yaaaay!
Nakuto: Ehh! Suite!?
Inn: Welcome to the Kattenye Mansion!!
Nakuto: EH!?
(TN: This does not translate at all. Basically Kattenye sounds like "Katte Nai" which means "Can't Win". To add to that the names Marde and Tokoton sound like MaRuDe and ToKoTon mean respectively "completely" and "thoroughly". This joke fills me with hatred. Hatred...)
Woman: Guess you're wondering about that aren't you...
Woman: Onee-san's... By that I mean the owner's wife is named Marde Kattenye and the owner himself is named Tokoton Kattenye.
Nakuto: ...that's way too ominous...
Nakuto: But at least...
Nakuto: I finally set up base!

Page 9
Nakuto: This is such a huge place... I want to show it my childhood friend Hazumi
Nakuto: I wonder how she's doing... She did look worried when I left...
Nakuto: Since a long time ago... She's always been nosy but this time...
Hazumi: Nakuto... Where are you going?
Nakuto: Eh? I'm... I'm not going anywhere...
Hazumi: Liar. Your face says otherwise.... Are you going to look for uncle?
Hazumi: You are coming back... right? Won't it be dangerous to go alone?
Nakuto: Who... who knows?

Page 10
Hazumi: Nakuto!
Nakuto: Sorry! That was just a joke... Don't get angry!
Nakuto: There's no need to worry... After all, I've been training for how many years now.
Nakuto: Also... I don't expect to find Dad that quickly.
Nakuto: That's why I was thinking that I'd come back to the village after I go on this journey to see what I can do...
Nakuto: That promise... keeping it is an absolute must! Make sure... you make sure that you come back home!
Nakuto: Yeah
Nakuto: Alright!
Nakuto: I'll have to take a breath and keep looking for an inn... Maybe I should try the streets again.

Page 11
Nakuto: First, I'll have to ask around and gather information on the partners in the War God's Tourney...
Nakuto: When it comes to information then it's got be...
Nakuto: At a tavern.
Nakuto: Uuu... Coming in alone... This is a first...
Nakuto: Don't get nervous... You've gone along with dad to one of these places...
Maid: Haniya iiiin~!
(Must be a special greeting for customers)
Maid: You're a first timer right~?

Page 12
Nakuto: Ah... Yeah!
Maid: What would you like to order sir?
Nakuto: Umm, I don't want to order but I would like to ask you something...
Maid: yup, that's fine. What would like to order?
Nakuto: ...Milk
Maid: Now then... What was it you wanted to ask?
Nakuto: Let's see.. Do you know a man by the name of Regulus Ragnad? He's my father... He was supposed to have been the War God TOurney's champion five years ago.
Maid: Ahh. You mean War God Regulus-sama right.
NakutO: !! You know him! Do you know where I can meet him!?
Maid: Hold your horses. I just know the names of the War Gods... There's still just 6 of them after all...

Page 13
Nakuto: I... I see. Sorry... I got impatient...
Arisa: Mmm, the War Gods get a luxurious mansion in the War God's district and they're given luxuries and they're set for extravagance for life.
Arisa: I think he should be living there as I've never heard of any of them leaving the city.
Haniwa: Arisa-chan, bring this to the customer over there.
Arisa: Yes! Leave it to me Darling.
Nakuto: Eh!
Nakuto: Da... Darling!? This Haniwa... Huh?
Arisa: That's right.
Aria: The two of us are a lovey dovey couple you see~
Haniwa mutter: Hani Hani
Nakuto: Isn't this... different... from society? No... Am I the one who's mistaken?
Arisa: In any case... I should go check out that War God's district...

Page 14
Guard: Without an appointment or permission from either the mayor or the War Gods I simply cannot let you through...
Nakuto: No way! Hey...
Nakuto: Damn it
Nakuto: Not being able to see them without a prior appointment... Even though I said I was a relative...
Nakuto: It's not that he isn't here but rather that I can't meet him... Dad is here...
Nakuto: Damn it... Looks like I'll have to become a War God to get in... If that's how it is, I'll have to do just that... I am going to walk through these gates and meet dad!

Page 15
Nakuto: I'm concerned about the thing about partners but... In any case... If I don't register...
Box: The Coliseum Reception
Shuri: That would be impossible.(BOLD EMPHASIS ON THIS PART OF THE SENTENCE) I cannot approve your particpation.
Nakuto: Wha- Why!?

Page 16
NakutO: Umm... Shuri-san... was it?
Nakuto: Wh... Why is that? Is it really about the... partner?
Shuri: Yes, that's right. Ah, but your partner can just be any woman.
Shuri: They have to be "beautiful women" to participate you see...
Nakuto: Then... Then would you become my partner Shuri-san. I'll get in if it's you won't I!
Shuri: Oh my
Shuri: That's the first time anyone said that in the (secret) years I've been working as a receptionist. I'm a wee bit touched!
Nakuto: Then...
Shuri: But that won't do. I have my duties as a receptionist after all.
Nakuto: Naaaaa! I won't be able to join!!

Page 17
Shuri: It's alright Nakuto-san.
Nakuto: Uuu
Nakuto mutter: Sniffle Sniffle
Shuri: There's plenty of beauties in this place you see... It's just a matter of you negotiating with them.
Shuri: For example... Look... That girl over there, she'd be OK.

Page 18
Nakuto: You've got to be... Kidding me... Hazumi?
Hazumi: ...Nakuto?
Nakuto: Why are you... here?
Hauzmi: That's... I was worried that you'd do something reckless...

Page 19
Hazumi: But... I didn't think I'd find you so quickly.
Nakuto: You came to help? But what about you learning about the enchantment magic job... How did you even get here anyway?
Hazumi: Well that's because I told father "Since I don't know when Nakuto will be coming back" for how many weeks...
Nakuto: Then... Then...!
Nakuto: Will you... please become my partner!!
Hazumi: Eh!?

Page 20
Nakuto: If you don't... I won't be able to join in the War God's Tourney! It'll be fine since you don't even have to fight!
Hazumi: To-tourney... You came here to look for your father didn't you!?
Nakuto: Ahh. That's... Umm... Let's see... Yeah... You see...
Nakuto: You could say it's to check... Anyways...
Nakuto: Just come here!
Hazumi: Hey! Nakuto!
Shuri: Ah. Welcome back. Did you manage to talk things out?
Shuri: Shuri-san, just now you said she was ok right? You said beauties or cute girls are fine right?
Shuri: Of course! She's perfectly OK. You think so too don't you?
Nakuto: No... Umm... She might be cute? Well?
Hazumi: I don't know! It's because I never hear that kind of thing.

Page 21
Shuri: Well then, the participant will be Nakuto-san
Shuri: And the partner will be...
Nakuto: Ummm... Hazumi?
Hazumi: Nakuto... Even though I told you not to get in any danger...
Nakuto: Sorry... The only thing I can do is to be careful...
Hazumi: You've... already decided right? Joining in.
Nakuto: If I had a partner then... yeah
Hazumi: You promised! Once the tourney is over, you'll go back home at once!
Nakuto: Yeah... I know.
Hazumi: In that case

Page 22
Hazumi: I'll do it.
Hazumi: You won't stop once you've made up your mind...
(What's with some of the dialogue for this series. It feels like I'm tranlating japanese that was translated from english)
Nakuto: Alright! Thanks Hazumi!!
Shuri: Well then, the partner will be, let's see...
Shuri: Hazumi Furamel
Shuri: Here. This is your entry application.
Shuri: Now then, this is a list of the rules and the official documents...
Nakuto: Ugh... The writing's small. And it's packed too.
Nakuto mutter: This is hopeless
Nakuto: In order to participate you need to consent to the rules and in doing so by leaving your mark, magic seals also appear at the same time. After you've thoroughly read the rules, you should place your hands right here.
Nakuto: So all we need to do is just put our hands here. Come on Hazumi.
Hazumi: Eh... Ah!

Page 23
Hazumi: Ah! Wait a secon...

Page 24
Shuri: Ahh. Nakuto-san... Hazumi-san.
Shuri: Ah... Magic Seals
Shuri: For the time being... Let's go over the rules shall we?
Hazumi: Ah... Yes...
Shuri: Ah well... It is a little too late but... There's a big difference between knowing and not knowing after all...
Hazumi: Eh... Ah... Haa...
Hazumi: Hmm Hmm

Page 25
Title: The Rules of the War God's Tourney

Participation Requirements
Anyone is capable may take part in the Tourney. Male participants are required to have beautiful women as their partners. Female participants are allowed to act as their own partners.

Matches will be generally be conducted as 1 on 1 battles. A point is awarded to the winner when a loss occurs in the event where one of the participants die and is unable to battle or when a verbal surrender is accepted.

The Victor's Rights
The victor is allowed to do whatever they want to their opponent's partner for a period of 24 hours after the match. However, injuries caused during sexual intercourse as well as murder are not allowed. If your opponent was female and she serves as her own partner then the same circumstances apply to her.

Penalties for Losing
During the 24 hour period after the match, the partner will be kept in the custody of the participant. After that, the partner will work manual labour for the 3 years without compensation in the War God's City. If one wishes too, the partner can be exonerated from manual labour by paying 30000 Gold.

Additional Rules
It is forbidden to hold personal fights with fellow participants while the War God's Tourney is being held. This applies to the participant's partner as well. In the event where the participant does not appear for the match, it will be considered as a loss by deafult and the penalties for losing are imposed upon the participant.

Page 26
Nakuto: Just now... What was that!?
SHuri: The winner gets to do whatever they want with their opponents partner however they like for an entire day. Outside of killing, anything goes!
Nakuto mutter: Uwaah
Hazumi: That's horrible! Why does have to be like that...
Shuri: Nakuto-san, you understand that if you lose, Hazumi-san will be subject to lewd things.
Shuri: You understand that you absolutely cannot stop it if that happens right? Will you do your best whether it's in a match, during training and throughout the competition?

Page 27
Nakuto: Of course I will
Shuri: That's it in a nutshell.
Shuri: You just have to unleash more power than anybody else time and time again for the sake of person that's precious to you...
Shuri: Furthermore... If you win then your opponent's partner will... Are you sure wouldn't be up for that?
Nakuto: Uh...
Shuri: Also... You shouldn't even think of running away. The magic seals on your hands are connected with the defense system after all. If they catch you'll be severely penalised for it...
Nakuto: I... I've really gotten Hazumi caught up in something outrageous...

Page 28
Nakuto: I'm to blame... Hazumi...!
Nakuto: If I had just read the rules properly then... this kind of thing...
Hazumi: It's okay... I'm fine with this... I can't exactly say that though...
Hauzmi: I also said I'd be fine with it
Hazumi: Can you really win the championship?
nakuto: That's what I intend to do...
Nakuto: No
Nakuto: That is what I wll do!
Hazumi: Yes...

Page 29
Nakuto: Come to think of it... The receptionist Shuri-san said...
Nakuto: You just have to unleash more power than anybody else time and time again for the sake of person that's precious to you... That's why this system exists...
Nakuto: Protecting someone precious huh... Come to think, that person said that too...
Nakuto: I first met her as a kid that time I secretly followed Dad on his way to work.
Hazumi: Hazumi also came aling with me... And I got a fist from Dad for that...
Dad: Come on! Come out with a proper thank you!

Page 30
Nakuto: Thank you o... oniisan
Remedea: I... am not an oniisan.
Nakuto: In those days, that woman, Remedea, was in dad's party for a short while.
Nakuto: I wanted to be as strong as she was in those days. One time, I asked her how I could become like her.

Page 31
Guy: Re... Remedea, could you at least take it a little easy on...
Remedea: A way to become like me...
Remedea: Don't do something so reckless...
Remedea: TO protect for the sake of protecting others
Remedea: Before that, you need to protect yourself.
Remedea: If you're that determined then

Remedea: Strength... Don't let it get to you...
(She doesn't use any kanji for the second half so I can't figure what she's really saying so better to get someone else to check out this line since I just put whatever fit into this line)

Remedea: That's... How you become "like this"
Remedea: You cannot let yourself die and you also cannot let Hazumi get hurt...

Page 32
Nakuto: Yeah...
Nakuto: Remedea... I will become stronger and I will prove that I can protect Hazumi:
Nakuto: Remedea... I wonder what she's doing now...
Nakuto: Right. Now then...

Page 33
Nakuto: I'm off to the preliminary labyrinth.
Hazumi: Yes. Please take care.
Box: According to Shuri-san, you start off with a preliminary labyrinth and it seems that you can't really fail there... And... After that it'll be a round of fighting.
Nakuto: ...huh? What's going on? There's whole lot of people...
Person: Poor girl... Crank-sama is being depraved again...
Person: Totocalcio's meeting grounds show girl, right?
Person: The other party is a War God after all...
Person: And I really wanted that girl... Shit~

Page 34
Nakuto: What is this about?
Crank: Guheheheee You sure are soft Pani-chaaan
Pani: Mmm Ahh
Pani: Pl... Please... Forgive me... Crank-sama...

Page 35
Crank: I don't need no restraint~~ Coome on~ Take it!
Crank: Having a taste of the War God should make you real happy~
Pani: Hii
Crank: No... The truth is that Pani-chan feels real good aren't ya

Page 36
Pani: Nooooooo!!
Nakuto: Damn... Even if it wasn't against her will, this is no place for that!!

Page 37
Man: Wait right there... Boy
Nakuto: Let go of me! I have to stop it!
Man: Calm down, even though he's a lowlife he's still a War God. You understand what that means don't you?
Man: Hm... This boy...
Man: So you(BOLD) are an entrant as well huh... Then, all the more reason for you to be silent...
Nakuto: But... We can't just watch and do nothing!
Man: In this place, the War Gods are absolute existences. In other words, he is the same as the law itself.

Page 38
Man: Also, if you start a fight with another participant then your qualifications as one will be nulled and your partner will be punished as well...
Nakuto: Hazumi too...
Man: That's why boy.
Man: There's nothing else to do but to bear with it.
Nakuto: Damn it all...!!
Man: Well... I understand how you feel...
Man: Well then Boy... Don't do anything anything rash!
Nakuto: Ah... Yeah...
Nakuto: That's right... If I get caught, Hazumi will get dragged down...
Nakuto: Damn it... I have to be patient for now.

Page 39
Nakuto: But... It won't end at this rate...
Nakuto: I'll definitely put a stop to this kind of thing when I take the championship and become the War God...!
Nakuto: I'll bring Hazumi back safely... I'll meet up with dad...
Nakuto: For those reasons... This kind of preliminary labyrinth or whatever else
Nakuto: I can't let them slow me down...!!
Nakuto: I have to get stronger... A lot stronger...

Page 40
Nakuto: Just like Remedea...
Nakuto: Even more than Remedea... More than that...!!
Hazumi: Ah
Nakuto: Hazumi?
Nakuto: Why are you? Here?
Hazumi: Mm... I was wondering if you were alright and I...
Hazumi: So... How was it?
Nakuto: Yeah. I managed somehow...

Page 41
Hazumi: Then, with this we've passed through the preliminaries right.
Nakuto: Yeah. Next up are the real battles.
Nakuto: I have to be tenacious
Doki: Hey
Doki: Hold on there shrimp
Doki: Looks like you managed to find a partner haven't ya mmm~~?
Nakuto: You! You're the guy from that time...
Doki: Thaaat's right...! It's the great Doki-sama! I just wanted to check out your partner for a bit~~
Nakuto: What?

Page 42
Doki: Guhihi...
Hazumi: Eww...
Doki: Not bad~~ She's quite the looker
Doki: If I get you, there's no way I ain't gonna hit that...
Nakuto: This scumbag... What the hell did you just say. Furthermore... Don't looking at Hazumi those weird eyes!
Doki: But... I want to get with her as soon as possible~ I could you out quick and easy now and enjoy myself now. Mmm.
Nakuto: If that's how you want it then bring it!

Page 43
Hauzmi: Don't! If participants get caught fighting amongst themselves they'll get disqualified...
Nakuto: But he's aiming for you.
Hazumi: Please Nakuto! Please don't be reckless!!
Doki: Kukukuku... Ah well...
Doki: Too bad for you but... From here on, I'll be a participant once I receive my nomination for the preliminaries. That's why this don't count as a personal fight!!

Page 44
Nakuto: Hazumi!!
Doki: I'm going to kill you right here you fuckin' brat!

Page 46
Doki: What's this... You... You wanna to get in my way?
Doki: Interesting
Text: This cloaked character is!?

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