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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Hoshi no Samidare 51

Inkoman and the Beast Knights

+ posted by Transfade as translation on May 13, 2010 08:48 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

-> RTS Page for Hoshi no Samidare 51

Reserved for Otakami Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(S) - Music Note

Page 101
Yayoi: Invisible!!
Nagumo: Unicorn!!
Akane: Hraesvelgr
Animus: Oh my
ANimus: All three mythical beast knights huh.
Animus: Quite a spectacle seeing all of them lined up.

Page 102
Title: Inkoman and the Beast Knights

Page 103
Nagumo: Everyone's favorite Superman, Inkoman huh...
Nagumo: So you even watched the rebroadcasts? 11th
Nagumo: There was a time when I wanted to just once take up the role as the enemy's monster of the week.
Nagumo: Episode 33, African Kenpou Hipopotamus Man.
(TN: Kenpou is a chinese martial art)
Nagumo: For the sake of bringing out my full power, I said I'll fight him seriously
Note: Muscles, At the actor's expense
Nagumo: And beat him in 20 seconds.
Nagumo: I quit my job after punching the superintendent. After that, things really got to me. What do you(BOLD) think of that 11th?
(TN: What kind of kid was he to have wanted to beat up his hero?)
Nagumo: Sorry Everyone
Nagumo: But you're going to have to give me 20 seconds with him.

Page 104
Nagumo: Haaaah!!

Page 106
Nagumo: So I can't stop him with my domain!!
Nagumo: Not good! My stance isn't...

Page 107
Subaru: The Invincible Shield...!!
Yuki: Your 20 seconds are up Nagumo-san!!
Mikazuki: That was pretty sly of you Sou-chan!!
Nagumo: Mikazuki!!
Mikazuki: I'm joining in too!!
Mikazuki: Hyahahahaha!!
Mikazuki: Owowowow!!
Mikazuki mutter: He's hard
Hanako: That's because you attacked him barehanded...
Hanako mutter: Even Drill Kick didn't work on it

Page 108
Yayoi: Senbiryuu!!
(TN: It means 1000 Dragon Tails)
Yayoi: Did it work!?
Yayoi: Wah
Akane: Domain Pandemonium Silent Flow of Time and Space
(TN: Pandora's Kanji read "Turbulence of Cause and Effect". Also, this came so close to being translated as Chaos Control lol)

Page 109
Mikazuki: Oh?
Yayoi: Eh
Nagumo: My stamina's recovered!?
Loki: To think the Mythical Beast transformation would mute your ability
Akane mutter: Whew
Akane: ...It takes more out of me than before though since I'm dealing with nerves.
Nagumo: But, it's happening again. It took full powered attacks and yet it still hasn't taken any damage? This is strange...
Nagumo: What should we do!?

Page 111
Shimaki: Don't Miss
Shimaki: Fruhling
Mikazuki: Whooah!!
Nagumo: Ohhh

Page 112
Shimaki: Don't let up
Shimaki: Keep making Rock Bullets and maintain the rapid fire.

Page 113
Nagumo: Did it get him!?
Shimaki: ...No...
Shimaki: Wha...
Shimaki: What a guy...

Page 114
Yayoi: A child!?
AKane: ...Maimakterion...
Maimakterion(Angry font): Weak!!
Maimakterion(Angry font): Are you looking down on me!?
Nagumo: That's a piece of Shimaki's 8th...!?
Nagumo: He destroyed it...!?

Page 115
Maimakterion: Ten days Golem user.(BOLD="Ten days Golem user.") You have ten days.
Maimakterion: If you're still bringing out 3rd rate golems by then
Maimakterion(BOLD): Then I will leave the battlefield
Maimakterion(BOLD): I will find all of your friends and families
Maimakterion(BOLD): And I will kill them
Maimakterion: You got that
Maimakterion: Ten days from now

Page 116
Nagumo: Everyone. Don't lose your nerve over that. We've been fighting for the lives of many from the beginning.
Nagumo: The decisive will be ten days from now
Nagumo: We will defeat it
Nagumo: That's it for now
Nagumo: Everyone. Do everything you can.

Page 117
Shimaki: ...Golems...
Coo: ...Hyou-kun

Page 118
Nagumo: 9 days left... The strength of the 11th's armor is incomparable to anything before it.
Nagumo: Even with Akane's ability to replenish all of our fighting power over and over again, I still can't imagine that guy being destroyed... If Asahina manages return to the war front in time, the compatibility would still be bad...
Nagumo: We have no choice but to rely on Shimaki's Golems and the rest of his intellectual group...

Intellectuals Shimaki Amamiya? Hoshikawa?
Warriors Hakudou Sorano? Tsukishiro
Hooligans Shinonome Asahina Akane(Left Side note: No Idea)

Hiwatari: Sorry about this Nagumo-san
Hiwatari: For calling you out of the blue

Page 119
Nagumo: No problem. Does it have something to do with another prediction?
Nagumo: Hiwatari
Hiwatari: Yes
Hiwatari: This time it... That is... It has something to do with Nagumo-san...
Nagumo: So you can see deaths as well huh. Mine at that.
Hiwatari: ...I don't know the particulars of what happens before and after the scene I saw.
Hiwatari: Time and Place, also unknown. This prediction is of the type where it's likely that I won't be around to witness it...
Nagumo: Doesn't matter.
Nagumo: Can you sketch it out
Hiwatari: I don't know if you're dead...
Hiwatari: But... You...

Page 120
Note: Woods?
Note: Mountain?
Note: In the middle of trees and thickets
Note: Legs
Note: Nagumo-san
Bottom note: Ground (Soil)
Hiwatari: You get... well... stuck...in the ground... like this
Nagumo: It's like something out of a gag manga
Hiwatari: Well pardon me if someone actually ending up like this looks it came right out of a gag manga!!
Hiwatari: How does one even end up underground like that...
Nagumo: Could be minced beef
(TN: Yeah... I don't know. That's what he says.)
Nagumo: Thanks for coming all this way to tell me
Nagumo: This is for the consult
Hiwatari: Na-nagumo-san

Page 121
Hiwatari: Right now
Hiwatari: "What" are you battling against?
Nagumo: Battling? That too sounds like it's from a manga.
Hiwatari: When you're done dealing with "what" you're doing... Will you come back to the force...
Nagumo: ...I can no longer return there.
Nagumo: If at that time I'm still alive... That's right... ...Maybe I'll do some detective work.
Hiwatari: Then I
Hiwatari: I'll also...
Nagumo: You
Nagumo: Are going to protect the children right?
Nagumo: Police work suits you. Hiwatari
SFX: Ding Ding
Shopkeeper: Thank you for your patronage

Page 122
Anima: Nagumo
Nagumo: !? Anima
Nagumo: What is it
Anima: A warning
Anima: Don't get close to precogs
Nagumo: Are you alking about Hiwatari!? Why is that?
Anima: Knowing about a future event will cause that event to happen.
Anima: The subjectivity of the free future will be cursed by what should take place.
Nagumo: Knowing will cause it to happen...? Not the other way around?
Anima: The past and the future exist simultaneously in one solid continuum.
(TN: For full details, go watch the 10th Doctor's explanation on the Timey Wimey ball. The 10th, best doctor ever!)
Anima: Cause and Effect are illusions. The sequence is subjective. Time moves in all directions is infinite but the subjective consciousness also possess the freedom to choose.

Page 123
Anima: Did you all that?
Nagumo: Not one bit
Anima: For 5000 yen, I'll tell you a cheat on how to avoid it.
Nagumo: !? You're going to take money from me!?
Anima: You can't avoid the cost of the station in front of China.
(TN: That might be a very obscure reference)
Nagumo: Fine. So? What should I do?
Anima: Fulfill the prediction!!
Anima: You can't evade it accurately but
Anima: You can trigger it in such a way that you can make the effects of the event harmless.

Page 124
Dance: I see... It's not uncommon but it is effective.
Nagumo: I don't undestand what you were talking about earlier but that subjectivity is...
Anima: Lunchtime's over. You're free to think it over after this.
Anima: Also, if you won't stop having an affair with her then at the very least avoid talking about predictions.
Nagumo: Ah
Nagumo: Just now... Did she just accuse me of adultery? That woman.
Dance: She did

Page 125
Dance: Hmm
Nagumo: Hmm
Yayoi: Nagumo-san. Is Shimaki-san alright~
Nagumo: No idea. In any case I have a favor to ask the two of you.
Kanamari: Me as well?
Yayoi: What is it~

Page 126
Kanamari mutter: Whew
SFX: Flash
SFX: Pirorin(S)
Kanamari: Satisfied?
Nagumo: Yeah
Yayoi: I took the picture but...
Nagumo: Thanks
Kanamari: I don't really get it but does this also have something to do with the occult?
Nagumo: Yeah
Kanamari: Hmmmm

Page 127
Kanamari: Incidentally, are you guys now near the finale of whatever it is you're involved in?
Yayoi: Eh
Nagumo: Why do you...
Kanamari: Well
Kanamari: I had a hunch
Kanamari: A hunch you say...
Shea: No meaning behind it at all. This guy is pretty amazing isn't he.
Nagumo: ...Kanamari-san, how does being an old master sound to you?
Nagumo: Kanamari-san's intuition is within the realms of the occult.
Kanamari: It was just a hunch. I don't have the nerve to take money though.
Kanamari: Well, the finale's here so...
Kanamari: Good luck
Kanamari: ...that's it.
Yayoi: Is that all?
kanamari: Yeah
Nagumo: If you're cheering us on would you say "I have this feeling that world will become peaceful".
Kanamari: What's that? Is the entire involved in your occult business?
Small text: That's pretty amazing
Kanamari: Well alright. I have a feeling that it might turn out that way? Not that I know though.

Page 128
Nagumo: Thanks
Yayoi: Just what kind of person do you suppose kanamari-san is~~
Nagumo: It's nothing like that. He's a just ordinary everyday person.
Yayoi: An ordinary everyday man you say... Sometimes it seems like he can see the Biscuit Hammer~
Nagumo: Just about anyone can see that can't they? They just have to believe in despair.
Nagumo: In this world, there's no small number of people that can see it. It's just a matter of wanting it enough.
Yayoi: ...Seeing despair... People...

Page 129
Noi: But still, for a batte to go on while we went to your home...
Noi: We missed the chance to see Shimaki-dono's 8th.
Yuuhi: Hmm? Mmm...
Yuuhi: ...That's right...
Noi: What has your head in the clouds? Don't we have 8 days left until the decisive battle with the 11th don't we.
Yuuhi: I know that. I have a new technique I can use in battle. ...Rather than that...

Page 130
Yuuhi: ...That place in the dreams. I could see the Biscuit Hammer from there. What does this mean...
Yuuhi: That place was neither on earth or the hammer...
Yuuhi: ...A hint... Just what kind of hint...?
Yuuhi: Ah
Noi: What's the matter?
Noi: ...Hey. Yuuhi?
Dance: By the way. You did manage to recreate the scene but
Dance: But wouldn't it have been better if you had just dressed a mannequin in your clothes and use that instead?
Nagumo: No
Dance mutter: I see
Nagumo: We got to take a nice picture
Nagumo mutter: Nice

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#1. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on May 13, 2010
tennant was awesome.but i got to like the new one too. the fact that he has the hottest "assistant" ever helped as well

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