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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Hoshi no Samidare 52

Maimakterion and The Beast Knights (First Half)

+ posted by Transfade as translation on May 19, 2010 08:37 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

-> RTS Page for Hoshi no Samidare 52

Reserved for Otakami Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(S) - Music Note

Page 133
Mikazuki: So, what was it you wanted to test?
Subaru: About that, I'm not sure if we can pull it off but
Subaru: I thought it'd be better to try and see if it'll work rather than not at all. It's really just an idea though.
Mikazuki: Like I said, what are we going to do exactly?
Subaru: Umm. That's...
Yuki: Subaru-chan. Go for it.
Subaru: Umm...
Subaru: Pl- Please Take
Subaru: My Hand
(TN: Aww. How adorable.)

Page 134
Mikazuki: There
SFX: Grip
Yuki: Pass one to me.
Mikazuki: ...Hey...
Mikazuki: Don't tell you're planning on...
Subaru: Exactly
Mikazuki: Are you serious?
Mikazuki: Is that even possible?
Yuki: That's what we're going to find out from here

Page 135
Subaru: ...This technique should be able to crush even the 12th as soon as it's in our sights. We're going to research and develop said technique.
Subaru: This is not a pretense for the 11th.
Maimakterion(BOLD): I will find all of your friends and families
Maimakterion(BOLD): And I will kill them
Box: And this is not some crusade to protect the Earth.
Subaru: This is so that we can get the real power we need to make through the very end.
Box: It's a fight to protect my everyday life.
Box: I have people I want to prtoect
Box: That's why

Page 136
Title: Chapter 52 Maimakterion and The Beast Knights (First Half)
Box: It begins with the three of us.
Subaru: Let's start Yuki.
Subaru: Here we go Shinonome-san.
Mikazuki: Right on
Yuki: Yep

Page 137
Hanako: Mmm! This is delicious!
Hanako: How exactly did you season this?
Yayoi: Eh? How?
Yayoi: Well
Yayoi: I just.. Followed a feeling...
Hanako: You certainly had to have had someone teach you how to cook right?
Yayoi: Self-study. That's also why I'm no good at teaching others you see...
Yayoi: Sorry about that~ Even though you came all this way.
Hanako: No no. Me as well. You ended up treating me to some food.
Hanako: Thank you very much for the food. It was incredibly scrumptious.
Yayoi: Thanks~~

Page 138
Hanako: Have you come up with a plan that'll work on 11th or anything like that?
Yayoi mutter: Hmm
Yayoi: I was thinking that I could twist around it and capture it but... How about you?
Hanako: I can operate both spectrums of heat so that should mean I should be able to use fire as well. I think.
Yayoi: Kusakabe-kun's technique right~~
Hanako: Yes. Aragami... It'll only be enough to stun it though.
Yayoi: Capturing and stunning huh...
Yayoi: What's crucial this time really is
Hanako: Shimaki-san isn't it.

Page 139
Hanako: His ability is too unique. He can't train and we can't help him at all...
Yayoi: That's true.
Hanako: For ther time being, wouldn't it be better if you did some capturing practice
Hanako: And having someone agile for a partner
Yayoi: Alright
Hanako: For example
Hanako: Amamiya-san
Yayoi: Practicing on catching Amamiya-kun...
Yayoi mutter: Jeez. Wait for me.
Yuuhi mutter: Come and catch me
Yuuhi mutter: Ha Ha Ha
(TN: At this point these two really seem to be made for each other)
Hanako: I meant having Amamiya-san as your opponent
Hanako mutter: No No
Hanako: So you can practice catching the 11th
Yayoi: Yes!! Yes, yes. The 11th, yes.
Hanako: I knew it
Hanako: You really do have it bad for Amamiya-san...
Yayoi: No. That's. That kind of thing...

Page 140
Hanako: You don't need to hide it like that. It wouldn't be such a bad thing if you did catch him would it.
Yayoi: Ca-cath him...
Shea: They're squealing about...
Hanako: Practice. Practice.
Yayoi: Ha-Hanako-chan~
Yayoi: Sorry about this~~ For calling you out of the blue.
Yuuhi: No problem. This serves as combat practice for the both of us after all.
Yuuhi: I also have something I'd like to practice on.

Page 141
Yayoi: Catching and binding him means to capture him...
Yayoi: In that case, let's begin~
Yayoi: Catching and binding him means to capture him...
Yuuhi: Very well
Yuuhi: With Babylon's physical boost, let's see how far I can slip through a mythical beast's firepower...

Page 142
Yuuhi: I dodged it!!
Noi: Whooah!!
Yuuhi: My body is keeping up with the eyes!!
Yuuhi: Next up
Yuuhi: How about I dive right into her bosom!!

Page 143
Yayoi: He's heading this way!?
Yayoi: This is the mobility of Amamiya-kun's new technique...
Yayoi: Fa... Fast!!
Yayoi: I...
Sami: The one who will smash this planet
Sami: Is me
Yayoi: I have to stop them

Page 144
Yayoi: Taaah
Yuuhi: Mugyuu
Shea: Yaako's awesome
Noi: Ahhhh
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Yayoi: I...
Yayoi: I did it...
Yuuhi: Awawa!! Getting hanged upside down is scary! SCAAARRY!!
(TN: Make fun of his retreat gimmick now)
Noi: Fuhaha. So you're scared of being hung upside down.
Small text: Serves you right

Page 145
Yayoi: One more time! Please
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Yuuhi: Happy to oblige
Yuuhi mutter: Wheez Wheez
Yayoi: Why don't we end it here for today.
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Yayoi mutter: Haa
Yayoi: What is this. It was so much fun... How should I put it... Dynamic Fishing!!
Yayoi: Go-good work
Yuuhi mutter: Wheez
Yuuhi mutter: Wheez
Yuuhi: With the exception when I intend on doing it, hanging upside down in the air is horribly terrifying... No wonder Noi hates it...
Yayoi: Umm
Yayoi: Amamiya-kun, are you free after this?
Yuuhi: Yes?
Yayoi: Ummm
Yayoi: That's

Page 146
Hanako: You have to capture men through their stomachs!!
Hanako: After the practice, how about you invite him over to have something like a home cooked meal.
Yayoi: Since you accompanied me today, why don't I treat you to some food. Come over to my place.
Yuuhi: Eh
Yuuhi mutter: Err
Yayoi: Please
Yuuhi: Uh... Su-sure
Yayoi: How is it~~?
Yuuhi: Ah. It's very delicious.
SFX: Tick
SFX: Tock
Yuuhi: Tha... Thanks for the meal...

Page 147
Yuuhi: Pardon me but it's getting late and I'd rather not stay too long.
Yuuhi: That's about it for today... Thank you very much.
Yayoi: Ah. I-is that so? At least have some tea~~
Yayoi: I didn't capture him at all!!
Shea: Even though it's prefectly fine for you to stay over.
Yayoi: Waaaaaaaah!!
Shea: Waaaaah!?
Shea: Bu-but, Amamii
Shea: Just how long exactly are you going to let this go on?
Yuuhi: What are you...
Shea: Yaako's confession from that time.

Page 148
Shea: You actually heard her right.
Yayoi: I like you, Amamiya-kun.
Yayoi: So please
Yayoi: Sto...
Yuuhi: I heard her.
Yuuhi: Shea
Yuuhi: ...but I didn't hear the last part very well.
Yuuhi: Hakudou-san, the words from that time
Yuuhi: "So please, sto..."
Yuuhi: What came after that?

Page 149
Yayoi: "p"
Yayoi: "stop"
Yuuhi: What exactly
Yuuhi: do you want me to "stop"
Yayoi: The Princess' and Amamiya-kun's
Yayoi: Plan to destroy the Earth

Page 150
Yuuhi: So you knew then
Yuuhi: Oh well. However
Yuuhi: That's after settling things with Animus. Therefore
Yuuhi: Would it be alright if we remain friends until then?
Yayoi: ...sure. That's fine.
Yayoi: Can I also ask something of you?
Yuuhi: And that would be?
Yayoi: If at the very end, I win
Yayoi: And stop the two of you

Page 151
Yayoi: Would you go out with me?
Yuuhi: I...
Yuuhi: I'll think about it...

Page 152
Noi: ...Since when did Hakudou...
Yuuhi: Who knows
Yuuhi: But that's fine
Yuuhi: It doesn't change what I'm going to do
Noi: You're saying that even though you took more than your fair share of getting hanged during practice like that.
Yuuhi: ...I brought down my ability so I could give an estimate.
Noi: That was on purpose? You sure you're not just being a sore loser?
Yuuhi: It was
Noi: Really?
Yuuhi: What

Page 153
Maimakterion: I'm done
Maimakterion: Here
Book: The Great Sea!! An Autobiography
Maimakterion: Taiyou
Maimakterion: Humans, what are they?

Page 154
Akane: ...Animals that evolved from monekys...
Akane: With better brains
Akane: ...I think?
Maimakterion: Is that all?
Akane: Mmm
AKane: There's... things like souls I guess? ...I don't really know.
Maimakterion: ...and what are golems?
Akane: ...Animus' minions?
Maimakterion: ...I see. We were brought forth from Animus' psychic powers. Soldiers.
Maimakterion: I am a golem.

Page 155
Maimakterion: You are
Maimakterion: A human
Akane: Yeah
Maimakterion: Is that all?
Akane: No. There's all sorts of other things though...
Maimakterion: Other things?
Maimakterion: A Name
Maimakterion: A Designation
Maimakterion: A Form

Page 156
Maimakterion: What am I
Maimakterion: lacking?
Shimaki: ...Anything will do.
Coo: What?
Shimaki: Coo. I've got it.
Shimaki: I've figured out what to do about the 11th.
Coo: Like I said, what?

Page 157
Maimakterion: My Self
Maimakterion: What am I
Shimaki: Anything's fine.
Shimaki: Anything will do.

Page(158 should be patched 159)

Page 160
Nagumo: Asahina, what's your status?
Sami: Invincible
Mikazuki: Sou-chan. We have a new technique.
Subaru: We're taking the initiative!
Nagumi: Right

Page 161
Mikazuki: Hougun
Mikazuki: Houtenjin!!
(TN: The Burning Army, Heavenly Destruction Formation)
Nagumo: Alright!!
Nagumo: Let's go to war!!

Page 162

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