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Tokyo Innocent 10

The Youkai with a Cold and Light Rain After School

+ posted by Transfade as translation on May 22, 2010 09:18 | Go to Tokyo Innocent

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Reserved for Ala Atra Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(S) - Music Note
(H) - Heart

Title: Soft
Chitose: Shirobou!(BOLD) You ate grandpa's rice cakes didn't you!?
Shiro mutter: Fuuuuu
Shiro mutter: Don't know
Hanzou mutter: There's jam on his mouth...
Gramps: It can't be helped. I don't really mind either. I prefer western confectionary over local ones.
Gramps mutter: Ho Ho
Note: Grandpa's Boy
Shiro mutter: Fuuuuu
Shiro mutter: Scary
Chitose: That's not the problem here...
Chitose: That damn Shirobou.
Hanzou mutter: Mei...
Mei: Chii-chan. I brought something over.
Small text: Dango from work just now(s)
Text: Other Side

Chitose: Honestly! Grandpa's always a softie when it comes to Shirobou!
Mei: Just that much is important
Hanzou mutter: You still want to eat?
SFX: Gobble Gobble
Chitose: Hm? What's the matter Mei?
Hanzou: She's probably tired from work
CHitose: Mm
Chitose: It... It can't be helped with this one. For the time being I'll let her sleep in my room.
Hanzou mutter: Ahhh...
Note: Soft
Note: Soft

Chapter 10 The Youkai with a Cold and Light Rain After School
Chapter 11 The White Fox and The Hardy Shiroubou
Chapter 12 The Start of Summer and The First Date in Tokyo 1
Chapter 13 The Start of Summer and The First Date in Tokyo 2
Chapter 14 The Start of Summer and The First Date in Tokyo 3

Page 3
Mei: This is a pretty nice drizzle isn't it. Guess it's about time for the rainy season to start.
Mei: Good thing there was a spare umbrella.
Mei: ...Say, Chii-chan.
Mei: If you don't come closer, your shoulder's going to get wet.
Box: Forgot her umbrella.

Page 4
Chitose: If I do that, you'll be the one who gets wet.
Chitose: ...I knew I should have just run all the way home.
Mei: You can't do that Chii-chan.
Mei: You'll catch a cold if you do that.
Mei: Especially since it's been chilly since this morning.
Chitose: Don't lump me with you feeble humans. A member of the White Fox Clan would not get a cold from this!
Chitose: ...In the first place.

Page 5
Small text: See
Mei: If we walk like this neither of us will get wet.
Mei: In any case my house is on the way to the Yukishiro Shrine. I'll lend you the umbrella there okay(S)
Chitose: ...It happened again.
Chitose: My pace gets screwed no matter what I do.

Page 6
Title: Chapter 10 The Youkai with a Cold and Light Rain After School

Page 7
Mei: I'll go get you a towel now. Come inside and wait there okay.
Chitose: So this is the Youkai Mansion and the rumoured Ichijouji's...
Chitose: I see. There's certainly an odd ambience here...
Chitose: No. This is
Chitose: Wait a second Mei. I sense Youki.
Chitose: I will go on ahead. Please step back.

Page 8
Chitose: What happened to the people of the house?
Mei: Oneechan went out to collect data. And Angela said she'll be late because of a staff meeting.
Chitose: What's the matter? The presence is this way...
Mei: Yeah
Mei: Eh?
Mei: Hyaaaaaa!!

Page 9
Small text: Wawawawa
Mei: Hanzou!?
Chitose: What do you think you're doing!!!
Small text: Get away from her!!
Mei: Hang on there Chi-chan!!?
Mei: Doesn't he look off?
Mei: Waaah. That sure is a pretty high fever.
Mei(BOLD): So youkai can catch colds.
(TN: It's idiots who don't)

Page 10
Hanzou: The shivers and headaches haven't stopped since this morning regardless of what I did.
Hanzou: I went off to work but the priest wouldn't let me do anything and told me to go back early and get some rest.
Mei mutter: Ahhhhh
Mei: It really was cold this morning wasn't it
Chitose: It's just like said. That foolish honesty of yours is going to take its toll on your body. This is so like you...
Small text: How should I say it
Chitose mutter: Honestly
Chitose: Normally one would figure it out. This proves it.
Mei: Now Now
Mei: For the time being you're a patient. I'll go make you some porridge.
(Gruel is also porridge right because the dictionary says gruel but gruel's more towards prisoners)
Mei: You'll get better once you eat some
Mei: Is there anything else you'd like to eat?
Mei: We bought a lot yesterday so anything's fine.
Mei mutter: Come on
Mei: For example, the tastiest thing you've eaten since you came to Tokyo or something like that!
Hanzou mutter: Mm
Hanzou: ...mmm

Page 11
Hanzou: Bo...
Both: Bo?
Hanzou: Boiled Tofu.
Small text: Roge...
Mei: Roger!!
Mei: How plain...
Chitose: Very plain.
Mei: In that case, I'll go fix up some of the Ichijouji's specially made boiled Tofu and Milk Porridge!!

Page 12
Chitose: I'm not going to leave behind someone sick and just go home. I'll help out too.
Mei mutter: Yay(H)
Chitose: You're rather good at this aren't you.
Mei: That's because I been living a sloppy older sisters for a long time you see.
Small text: That much is
Chitose: Grandpa takes care of all the chores at home. That's why when it comes to things like this, I have no idea what...
Both: Ah

Page 13
Mei: Chii-chan, could you go get some milk from the fridge?
Chitose(BOLD): Right
Mei mutter: After this I have to set the pot on fire
Chitose: In the end, I was wondering how Hanzou was doing after that confession but...
Mei: Come to think of it Chii-chan.
Mei: You're not good with milk right.
Mei mutter: I heard from Shiro-chan
Chitose: From Shiro?
Chitose: It seems that from long ago, neither the color nor the smell would sit well with me. I could be never bothered to drink it.
Small text: Ah
Mei: So that means you don't actually hate drinking it?

Page 14
Mei: What a waste
Mei: You'll find that it tastes good if you try it
Mei: On top of that, it helps your body grow taller!
Chitose: I have no need to become taller.
Mei mutter: Also
Mei: Your breasts will get bigger too
Chitose: .......... My heart skipped a beat.
Chitose mutter: ...So that's how it is
Chitose: Secretly has a complex
Chitose: Mei! The pot is overflowing! Fire... stop the fire!
Chitose: HOT!!
Mei mutter: Wah
Mei: Chii-chan! Calm down!!

Page 15
Mei: Alright! Here's your meal!!
Small text: Not bad. Not bad.
Hanzou: The Tofu is good. It's all crumbly and that makes it easy to swallow.
Chitose(BOLD): Be quiet!
Mei: In that case I'll go clean things up.
Mei: Make sure you properly take your medicine okay.
Mei: Does human medicine work on them?
Hanzou: ...Chitose

Page 16
Hanzou: I knew that medicine from the city would have really bright colors. They look like the candy I got before...
Chitose: Never mind that, just take them.
Hanzou(BOLD&Slightly wavy font): Bitter
Chitose: Of course it'd taste bitter!
Chitose mutter: You moron!
Chitose: You're supposed to swallow it with water! Don't savor it!!
Chitose: Here, WATER(BOLD)!
Hanzou: Sorry
Chitose: You really are an idiot aren't you.

Page 18
Chitose: What's wrong? Are you in pain?
Hanzou: ...No
Hanzou: I'm fine already. It wasn't anything big in the first place.
Hanzou: You don't need to worry about me Chitose.
Chitose: It's not like... I was worried.
Chitose: What did you mean "I'm fine already"!!(BOLD-What did you mean "I'm fine already"!!) Your fever hasn't gone down at all has it!
Chitose: At this rate, there's no way I wouldn't worry!
hanzou mutter: Kyuuu...
Chitose mutter: Ah

Page 18
Hanzou: Somehow, it seems that you and me may be very much alike.
Chitose: Mmm...
Small text: Honestly
Chitose: My pace has been completely screwed up since I got myself involved.
Chitose mutter: Whispering
Shiro mutter: Staaaaaaare

Page 19
Small text: Wah
Chitose: Shirobou!? Don't sneak up on me like that!
Shiro mutter: Fuuuuuu
Shiro mutter: I came to play
Shiro mutter: Pat
Chitose: Oww... Don't touch my finger Shiro
Hanzou: What's wrong Chitose.
Chitose: It's nothing. I just scalded my myself a little earlier. That's all!
Hanzou: What's Shirobou doing?
SFX: Suuuuuck
Chitose: He's sucking out the heat from the injury.
Chitose: From a long time ago, Shiro has had the ability to suck out things that cannot be seen.
Chitose mutter: Well
Chitose: How about we have him suck out your fever as well? He might suck out your soul if he overdoes it though.
Hanzou: What an unexpectedly dangerous Youkai
Hanzou mutter: Soul...

Page 20
Chitose: In any case, he doesn't seem to like you.
Hanzou: Mmm...
Chitose: It can't be helped. I'll go back for a while and get Grandpa's anti-cold medicine.
Hanzou: I'm in your debt
(That's how you use that phrase right?)
Chitose: ... we're alike huh

Page 21
Chitose mutter: Ah
Chitose mutter: Haaaaaa
Chitose mutter: No matter what my pace has...
Mei: Sorry about this Shiro-chan.
Mei: I'm sorry I can't entertain you even though you came all this way to play.
Mei: It'd be nice if Hanzou's cold doesn't last much longer
Mei: Hm

Page 22
Mei(BOLD&Pointy font): What is this!!!?
Mei(BOLD&Pointy Font) A huge frog!? A youkai!!?
Mei: What should I do!? Bothering Hanzou today is...
Mei mutter: Wawawawawa...
Mei: Ah
Mei: Don't! That leads to Hanzou's room!

Page 23
Hanzou: ...I've been sweating a lot
Hanzou: I better change.
Hanzou mutter: I'll get worse I get cold
Mei: Hanzou!
Small text: Huh
Mei: Did Shiro-chan and company come here!?
Hanzou: Hey Mei... Right now, I'm in the middle of changing my clothes so
Mei mutter: That's weird
Mei: Where did they go?

Page 24
Hanzou: Me... Mei!?
Hanzou: Shirobou...(BOLD) ...and a Toad Youkai!?

Page 26
Hanzou: I beg you
Hanzou: Would you please be quiet just for today.

Page 27
Hanzou mutter: Dizzy Dizzy
Hanzou: Hey Mei. Wake up.
Hanzou: Mu
Hanzou: Hey, don't pull on my clothes! They'll get torn!!
Hanzou mutter: Wake up
Mei mutter: Mmmmm~
Chitose: I'm coming in Hanzou. I've brought it with me just like I pro...

Page 28
Chitose: ...mised
Mei mutter: Huah?
Chitose(BOLD&Scary Font): Yo... Yo You as a man......
Mei mutter: Ah. Chiichan. Welcome back.
Hanzou: Ahhh
Chitose: ...You

Page 29
Chitose(BOLD): Skirt Chaser!!!
Hanzou: Calm down Chitose... Ah. It's ringing out through my head......
Mei mutter: Uwah
Mei: The room is all messed up. That's a no no Hanzou.
Box: Sleeping over

Page 30
Shirou mutter: He saved me earlier
Hanzou: ... Boiled Tofu...

Page 31
Hanzou: Hmmm, It's already morning.
Hanzou: Yesterday's languidness feels like a lie. Chitose's medicine worked really well.
Hanzou: My legs and arms feel so light and white........ !?
Hanzou mutter: Ah
Hanzou: "I'm" sleeping next to me!?

Page 32
Hanzou: Why do I look like Shirobou!!?
Hanzou: What in the world happened here!!?

Page 34
[Age] Unknown (Assumed Age is 18)
[Attribute] Youkai, White Fox (To be exact, a Hanyou)
[Height] 181cm
[Birthday] Unknown
[Star Sign] Unknown
[Blood Type] Unknown
[Likes] Tall Trees. Old and Rare Buildings
[Food] Likes tofu and other similarly bland tasting Japanese cooking. Weak towards mint and any kind of carbonated goods that hurt his mouth.

[Specialties] Shiatsu Massage, Waking up early & Kanji
[Weak Spots] Womens' Hearts, Crowds & Horizontal Writing
[Character] An honest and serious character, unable to lie and honest to a fault. Fundamentally a positive person, caves in easily but also recovers quickly. Frequently says one word too many but there's no trace of malice in them.
-Wears a Gakuran and a Mantle
-Often gets tricked
-No sense of direction
-Polite towards the elderly

[Concerning Hanzou]
-Will try having him wear a lot of clothes other than his gakuran... If it's possible!
-There's no real meaning behind Hanzou being a Hanyou, half-human and half-youkai.
-Girls are the ultimate mystery to him. Angela>Suzuko>Chitose>Mei. For him, that's the order of whose feelings he's unable to read.
-However, he's only poor with women, he doesn't hate them.
-Wonder if he'll be able to find happiness properly.

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