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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Tokyo Innocent 11

The White Fox and The Hardy Shirobou

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Jun 15, 2010 15:38 | Go to Tokyo Innocent

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Innocent 11

This is reserved for Ala Atra Scans.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(H) - Heart

Page 35
Hanzou: What on earth happened with this body last night!?
Hanzou: This appearance belongs to Shirobou no matter how you look at it.
Hanzou: Come to think of it said,
Chitose: From a long time ago, Shiro has had the ability to suck out...
Hanzou mutter: ...this is
Hanzou: What kind of weird event happened for my soul to enter Shirobou's body...
Hanzou: So does that mean inside of the "me" over there is
Hanzou(BOLD): !? "I" disappeared

Page 36
Title: Chapter 11 The White Fox and The Hardy Shiroubou

Page 37
Hnazou: Where exactly did "I" go...
Mei: Hyaa
Mei: You startled me
Hanzou: We have an emergency situation Mei!! Have you seen my body!?
Mei: Good Morning Shiro-chan

Page 38
Hanzou: CRAP!!!(BOLD) I can't use my mouth in this form
Angela: My my. I wonder what happened with Hanzou-kun?
Mei: Eh? Hanzou's gone?
Small text(BOLD): That's right
Hanzou: Angela's an exorcist so she should be able notice this disaster.
ANgela: Oh my?
Angela: My my.
ANgela: You have nothing to worry about. I'll make sure to cook up your share of breakfast as well.

Page 39
Hanzou: NO!(BOLD) This is an act of god... That's not it!! Why doesn't she realize it!?(BOLD:"That's not it!! Why doesn't she realize it!?") Come on Angela
Mei: Somehow Shirou-chan's acting strange today...
Angela: Maybe it's because he's all aggravated by the changing seasons?
Small text: Probably!
Mei mutter: I see
Hanzou: Finished just like that
Hanzou mutter: Probably she says...
Hanzou: Since it's like this, I have no other choice but to do something about this on my own.
Mei: Hanzou's moving around so maybe that means he's gotten over his cold.
Angela: He probably left for the shrine early to make up for the time off from yesterday.
Mei: What about Oneechan?
ANgela: It's her day off so she wants to catch some beauty sleep...
Hanzou: ...I can't verify it but
Hanzou: My initial assumptions about Shirobou's soul being in my body right now don't seem to be wrong.

Page 40
Hanzou: ...If that's the case, I can't stay a moment longer. I have to go out and look for my body!!
Hanzou mutter: Talking comes after that
Hanzou mutter: Thank you for the meal
Mei: Shiro-chan's manners seem to be top notch today.
Angela mutter: My
Hanzou: This form makes even folding a futon gives me a hard time.
Box: Low Altitude Flight
Hanzou: I wonder if Shirobou is still inside the mansion...
Hanzou: Maybe Shirobou headed over to Mei's room...
Hanzou: At any rate, I just can't used to floating around like this. I don't feel too good...

Page 40
Hanzou: I'm coming in Mei...
Mei: Ah
Mei: Shiro-chan. Come here you(H)
Hanzou: Mei ...Forgive me!!
Mei: Today, I'm going to go start a new part time job in the afternoon.
Hanzou SFX: Fidgety Fidgety
Hanzou mutter: Ahhh...
Hanzou: I can't relax in a place like this...

Page 41
Mei: I found a job that's just perfect for me!
Mei: I'm going to work hard for my money.
Mei mutter: Aiming for the 100 Million!!
(TN: 100 Million yen = US$1.2M roughly)
Hanzou: This is also awfully Mei-ish.
Mei: It's because I haven't been able to focus on my jobs even a little since Hanzou came.
Hanzou mutter: uh
Mei mutter: Staaare
Mei: Eyy
Mei: Have you heard Shiro-chan? You see
Mei: Just some time ago, I was confessed to for the first time ever.

Page 43
Mei: The confessor is a secret okay! It was impossible for a lot of different reasons so I turned him down.
Hanzou: ...Not good. ...It'd be a bad thing for me to hear this...
Mei: But to tell the truth, I was a little happy about it.
Mei: It's embarassing so I couldn't tell him about it.
Mei: ...Shiro-chan. Your face looks kinda feverish somehow.
Hanzou: Mu

Page 44
Small text: Ahhh
Mei: Maybe you've caught Hanzou's cold.
Hanzou: Huh? The forehead is hard...
Hanzou: No...
Hanzou: Not good!!!

Page 45
Hanzou: This is no time to be playing around carelessly!! I have to go hunt down Shiroubou and my body!!
Mei mutter: Ah
Hanzou: The next place Shirobou would probably go to is... The Yukishiro Shrine
Hanzou: Mu
Small text: Hi-
Hanzou: High
Hanzou mutter: Rose too much
Chitose: ...Hanzou. Are you mocking me?

Page 46
Chitose: What's with that slovenly attire!!
Chitose: Do you seriously intend on working!?
Box: Shirobou
Shirou: Yawn...
Shiro muttter: Don't want
Chitose: Wha
Chitose: What's the matter with him. The way Hanzou's spirit is slacking is...
Chitose(BOLD): Could it be an after effect of the cold!?
Chitose: His Human Transformation technique has subtly come undone.

Page 47
Chitose: What!?
Chitose: Ubuh
Chitose: Wha
SFX: Rub
SFX: Rub
CHitose: EEEII
Hanzou: Ngggh
Chitose mutter: SCOLD
Chitose: Don't touch me so casually!!

Page 48
Chitose: Grandpa is out at the moment, so you go patrol and sweep the grounds!
Chitose mutter: Shirobou
Chitose mutter: Shirobou
Chitose mutter: Shirobou
Chitose mutter: Shirobou

Page 49
Shiro mutter: Can't fly
Shiro mutter: Hungry
Shiro mutter: Really board
(Not going to bother translating the cat's bubbles here. Seems like a lot a trouble for the editors)

Page 50
Chitose: ...There's something off about Hanzou today.
CHitose: Leaving him be worries me somehwat.
Chitose: But, he's just recovering from his cold so I can't really scold him...
Chitose: Hm

Page 51
Chitose: Mwwhaaaaa!!?
Chitose: Outside of the purification of Jyaki, you shouldn't be using your ability for anything else!!
Chitose mutter: YOU FOOL
Hanzou mutter: Fuuu
Chitose: For the time being, EAT(BOLD)

Page 52
Chitose: I made these from the uncooked rice leftover. That being said, there aren't any ingredients in there.
Shiro mutter: I love uncooked rice
Chitose: ...mu...
Shiro mutter: Have one
CHitose mutter: Rabbh
Small text: Bite
Chitose: Ugh It's soggy.
Small text: ...I should have at least put in some salt.
Shiro: Fuuuuu
Shiro mutter: Finished all
Chitose: ...well
Chitose: Having them being eaten up so heartily does make them worth making.

Page 53
Chitose: It might be nice to have a day off from helping out with chores after this.

Page 54
Chitose: What on earth is he up to!?
CHitose: He's been in strange state since this morning...
CHitose: Is he in despair about Mei refusing his marriage proposal!?
Chitose: ...or could it be that he's just having fun messing with me!?
Chitose: I don't understand!!
CHitose mutter: A wa wa wa wa wa
Chitose mutter: EEII
Chitose: In any case, I'll lose if I get agitated!
Chitose: What!?
SFX: Lick

Page 55
Chitose: Uu
Hanzou: At long last, I made it. I got tangled up in some electric lines and attacked by pigeons. It was a trying journey.
Chitose: U U U WA A A A A A A A A A A A A AH
(Be sure to check the raw for how this should look)

Page 56
Gramps: I got a real bargain on roe today,
Gramps: Hm
Gramps: What happened here?
Chitose: Uwaaaaa
Hanzou mutter: Shock
Hanzou mutter: Shock
Chitose: Uwaaaaaaaaah
Gramps: ...So Hanzou's also been struck with a disaster is it.
Small text: Hmm Hmm
Gramps: So Hanzou and Shirobou have switched places and you didn't realize this. You're still not quite there Chitose.
Chitose: Uh...
Chitose: But still, to think that he'd really suck out a soul is... On top of that switching bodies upon waking up.
Hanzou: Chitose, just what exactly did Shirobou do in my body?
Note: The priest made it so that he could talk.
Chitose: Quiet. Don't ask.
Hanzou: ......but
Chitose: DON'T ASK!!!

Page 57
Gramps: You shouldn't be so easygoing you know.
Gramps: If we leave it too long, their souls might affix themselves in each others body they'll lose their compatability with their original ones.
Chitose: No way...
Hanzou: So what should we do!?
Gramps: It's Simple.(BOLD&LARGE:"It's Simple"). All you have to do is recover the soul through the mouth!
Hanzou: ...through my own mouth?
Gramps: Yup. Suck with all your strength.
Hanzou: How complicated.
Hanzou: But, I can't complete my mission of searching for a bride in Shirobou's form.
Chitose: I don't think I can live my life the way I have up till now with Shirobou in that form.
Chitose: Hanzou! Let's go find Shirobou!
Hanzou: Chitose!?
Chitose: This is an emergency! Let's cooperate this time.
Shirobou: Achooo

Page 58
Shiro mutter: Cold
Shiro mutter: Warm
Chitose: Shirobou!!
Chitose: Get over here Shirobou!!
Hanzou: Return to your original body!!
Shiro mutter: Scary
Chitose: Wait!!

Page 59
Chitose: At that kind of place!
Hanzou: Listen to us, Shirobou
Shiro mutter: Hii
Hanzou mutter: Guh
Small text: Close

Page 60
Shiro mutter: Mmmmm
Mei: Hanzou... I wonder if he's gotten healthy enough to work properly.
Mei: Maybe I should go see just his face before I go off to work.

Page 61
Hanzou: Stop it Shirobou!!
Hanzou: Cal-calm down.
Hanzou(Shaky Font): Kids sure are merciless...... ....Rather than that, he's having fun with it.
Hanzou mutter: How unreasonable
Hanzou mutter: Haa
Hanzou mutter: Haa
Shiro mutter: I'm strong

Page 62
Chitose: Cut it out!!!
Hanzou: Chitose
Chitose mutter: Fuuuuu
Shiro mutter: Fuuuuu
Chitose mutter: Gyaaaa
Chitose: Stop struggling!!
Chitose: Listen Shirobou
Chitose: If you say you want to stay in this form like this

Page 63
Chitose: Things like the two of us sleeping and taking baths together like we always do. All of those will become absolutely impossible to continue.
Shiro mutter: HAH
Mei: What are they talking about!!?
Mei mutter: EEEHHHHHH?!!
Chitose: Are you fine with that too!?
Chitose: Hanzou! Now!
Hanzou: Got it!

Page 64
Mei: WHAT'S GOING ON~~~!!?

Page 65
Mei: So that's what happened. I don't know for how long but it seems that something serious went on.
Mei mutter: It shocked me
Chitose: There was a swinging about. I also got a good deal of trouble from it.
Mei: But it's relief isn't it. Returning back to normal!(BOLD&LARGE:"Returning bak to normal")
Hanzou: Mmm
Mei: Hm? Wait... then that means, the Shiro-chan that was with me this morning was...........
Hanzou: Chitose

Page 66
Mei: Ah
Chitose: Um
Mei mutter: Jeez
Mei: I don't know!!
Chitose: Like I know!!
Chitose mutter: Scold
Gramps mutter: You seem all worn down.
Hanzou: Say Shiro. Why is it I'm being hated even though I didn't even do a thing.
Hanzou mutter: Siiiiigh
Hanzou's can: Green Tea
Shiro's can: Calpis
(TN: Calpis is a milk based soft drink in japan)
Shiro mutter: Well, chin up.

Page 68
[Age] 16
[Occupation] High School Girl (1st Year)
[Attribute] Human (Possessee)
[Objective] Gather enough funds to live on her own (To be independent)
[Height] 152cm
[Birthday] May 2nd
[Star Sign] Taurus
[Blood Type] A
[Likes] Family. Friends. Stuffed Dolls. Anything that's cute.

[Food] Milk. Doesn't dislike anything in particular. Especially likes sweet stuff.
[Specialties] Every kind of house chore(Easpecially at cleaning big houses). Manual Labour.
[Weak Spots] Scary things. Strange things. Dark Places.
[Character] A pure and well mannered girl, the type to poke her nose into other peoples' business. Tends to get involved with troublesome matters but she's full of optimisim so she doesn't mind.
- Sailor Uniform.
- As a possessee, it never rains but it pours.
- Has a complex with being childish. Likes milk because she wants looks more like an adult(Bigger).
- Surprisingly sturdy(Big-boned because the milk was effective?) and also a crybaby.

[Concerning Mei]
- It may be because she's a second daughter but she comes to like the Onee-san types easily. (Chitose and Shima for example)
- She may very well be the no. 1 character in the series in terms of not knwoing about romance.
- Mei is the no. 1 normal girl in the story, I draw her growth and changes carefully. Quite a nice character I think.
- However, even though she's a high schooler she still looks like she's in middle school...
- It's nice drawing a lot of expressions for her.

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