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Hoshi no Samidare 55

Amamiya Yuuhi and Asahina Samidare 2

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Jun 16, 2010 16:12 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

-> RTS Page for Hoshi no Samidare 55

Reserved for Otakami Scans.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
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Page 1
Sami: After this, there's just one last golem to go.
Yuuhi: ...yeah.
Sami: Soon
Sami: All of this will end
Sami: So very soon

Page 2
Text: The Lucifer Samidare
Title: Chapter 55 Amamiya Yuuhi and Asahina Samidare 2
Text: This is where it all started!!

Page 3
Anima: Asahina Samidare
Anima: Do you love this planet?
Sami: I don't really follow.
Sami: Oneechan, are you one of the hospital's people?
Anima: I am the princess who fights against the bad mage who seeks to destroy the Earth.
Anima: If you bear the desire to protect this planet alongside me, then I shall grant you one wish.
Sami: Ummm
Sami: ...can you say it in an easier way?

Page 4
Anima: I am going to fight with a bad guy.
Sami: Okay
Anima: And I want your help.
Sami: Why?
Anima: I need to surround myself with those from this era who possess the conciousness to sympathize with me...
Anima: As such, those very people should carry with them the intention to live on.
Anima: Animus and I are foreign to this universe.
Anima: The ones that would remove us should be those from this very universe.
Sami: Don't get it.
Anima: You have been chosen.
Sami: Oh. Okay.
Anima: It will take time for Animus to appear.

Page 5
Anima: He's concerned himself with the knights of previous eras many times through his golems. It is how he likes to manifest himself.
Sami: Not following.
Anima: To that guy, the methods I use to pull in those connected to me are preemptive...
Anima: Help me out and I'll give you candy.
Sami: Alright.
Anima: While we're at it, I'll also grant you one wish.
Anima: Anything's okay.
Sami: Wish?
Anima: What is it you desire?
Anima: What do you want?
Sami: Nothing

Page 6
Sami: Not a thing
Hisame: Mom, at least one more day would...
SFX: Clack
Mother: I have a surgery planned over there

Page 7
Anima: Good afternoon, my honoured ancestor.
Hisame: Huh?
Anima: For example, I can even detain your mother and sister for you.
Anima: That much is just service though...
Sami: Mm
Sami: It's okay

Page 8
Sami: That kind of thing for me is
Sami: Is there anywhere for me to go?
Sami: I did get to eat candy though.
Anima: How about a body that can do anything?
Anima: Wish for it
Anima: And I'll cure your illness.
Sami: It's okay.
ANima: Why?
Sami: Mmm. Just because.

Page 9
Anima: ...There's a lot to see out there
Anima: Why don't we go outside.
Sami: Sure.
Sami: Let's go.

Page 10
Sami: Waaah
Anima: I included clothes as service too.
Anima: It doesn't count.
Sami: Thanks oneechan. Bye.
Anima: ...mm? You're going alone?
Sami: Yup.
Sami: Don't follow me okay.

Page 11
Sami: Puppy
Yuuhi: That's dangerous isn't it?

Page 12
Yuuhi: That one barks at everyone.
Yuuhi: Because it'll bite anyone no matter who they are.

Page 13
Yuuhi: Gah...
Yuuhi: Why does the chain stretch out this far!?
Yuuhi: You stupid dog! Stupid dog! Stupid dog!
Sami: Are you awright?
Yuuhi: ...I've always had a bad affinity with dogs.
Yuuhi: By the way, who are you?
Yuuhi: I've never seen you around here.
Sami: I came from the hospital.
Yuuhi: Hospital? Where's your house? How about your mom and dad?

Page 14
Sami: I don't know where mom and dad went off to. I live at the hospital ya see.
Sami: I move around a lot ya see. I've lived at a whole bunch of hospitals.
Yuuhi: ...ummm
Sami: A-ma-mi-ya Yu-u-hi
Yuuhi: Ah. The nametag.
Yuuhi mutter: Forgot to take it off.
Yuuhi: You can read Kanji pretty well.
Yuuhi: Ah. There was Furigana there huh.
Sami: Yuu-kun.
Yuuhi: Don't call me Yuu-kun. You, could it be that you're a lost child?
Sami: I did lose to Maiko-chan.
Yuuhi: That's not what I meant.
Yuuhi: ...right then. Let's go to the police.
Sami: The cops!?
Sami: Nooo! They're scary!! They'll put me away!
Yuuhi: !? They're not going to do that so there's no need be afraid!!

Page 15
Yuuhi: The police won't arrest anyone but bad people! My dad may be a detective but he wouldn't arrest a child who got lost!!
Yuuhi: It'll be okay.
Sami: No way! I'm bad kid!
Sami: I'm a bad kid so I can't!!
Yuuhi: Ah
Yuuhi: Wai...
Yuuhi: Ugh!!

Page 16
Yuuhi: A detective doesn't feel pain...
Yuuhi: A detective doesn't feel pain...
Title: Civil Servants
Subtitle: Compiled Tests
Band: The past 10 years
Yuuhi: I have to help her
Yuuhi: Just like dad would

Page 17
Sami: Haa Haa
Sami: Haa
Sami: Haa Haa
Sami: Haa
Anima: ...Running is hazardous you know.
Anima: To your health I mean.

Page 18
Anima: Are you okay?
Sami: Oneechan
Sami: Huhhe
Sami: Huhehe
Sami: Running around
Sami: Haa
Sami: Haa
Sami: Getting tired. It's fun.
Sami: Haa
Sami: Eheh Ehehe.
Anima: ...It's about time to head back don't you think.
Sami: Just a little longer
Anima: ...I see
Sami: Mm

Page 19
ANima: ...Why did you call yourself a bad kid?
Sami: Me being sick causes trouble for everyone. And I'm sick because I'm a bad.
Sami: I'm just full of badness.
Anima: Once again
Anima: You can wish your illness away.
Sami: It's okay
ANima: Why
Sami: I may be sick and I may be bad
Sami: But right now
Sami: I'm alive

Page 20
Anima: Your... soul seems to be that of a much older age.
Anima: I have asked the body that endures much tragedy many times.
Anima: But now, I will ask that soul.
Anima: What is it that you desire?
Sami: I've got no idea what you're talking about
Anima: Little girl
Anima: I will buy you whatever you want.
Yuuhi: Caught you red handed kidnapper!!

Page 21
Sami: Eh?
Yuuhi: Eve- Even ordinary citizens are entitled to apprehend criminals when they see someone committing a felony!!
Anima: You sure know some pretty difficult words.
Yuuhi: Catch!!
Anima: Hm?

Page 22
Anima: Buhh!?
Sami: Waah
Yuuhi: Run!! Now's the time to get away!
Sami: ? Okay. Run(BLOCKY FONT)
Yuuhi: Haa Haa Haa Ar-are you hurt anywhere?
Sami: Haa Haa
Yuuhi: ?...... None
Sami: Haa
Sami: Haa Haa

Page 23
Small text: Haa
Small text: Haa
Yuuhi: I won't try taking you to the police anymore so please don't run away again. Instead, let me escort you back to your house.
Small text: Haa
Small text: Haa
Sami: But I Don't Want to
Small text: Haa
Small text: Haa
Sami: go back yet
Small text: Haa
Small text: Haa
Small text: Haa
Sami mutter: Haa
Sami mutter: Haa
Sami mutter: Haa
Sami mutter: Haa
Sami mutter: Haa
Sami mutter: Haa
Yuuhi: Are you okay?
Sami: I'm okay
Sami: Ehehe
Sami mutter: Haa
Sami mutter: Haa
Sami mutter: Haa...
Sami: I like running.
Yuuhi: ...can I just say something? You may not think so
Yuuhi: But the police really aren't that scary, you know?
Sami: Uh?
Yuuhi: Protecting everyone. Being an ally of justice.
Yuuhi: I want to be just like my dad. I want to be a detective.

Page 24
Sami mutter: Haa...
Sami mutter: Haa
Sami mutter: Phew...
Sami: Ummm... Detective?
Yuuhi: It's fine if you don't understand.
Yuuhi: For the time being, we don't need to go to the police right now.
Yuuhi: Everything's going to be okay. I'm right here with you.
Sami: Yuu-kun's here
Sami: So everything's okay.
Yuuhi: I told you not to call me Yuu-kun.
Yuuhi: Come to think of it, what's your name...

Page 25
Sami: Ah
Anima: Yo. Yuu-kun.
Yuuhi: Waaah
Anima: I happen to be that girl's guardian.
Anima: What's with that look?
ANima: Trust me
Yuuhi: Those who talk about trust
Yuuhi: Are those who deceive others
Anima: ...What brave eyes you have there.
Anima: Grow up to be fine man.

Page 26
Sami: Waah
Sami: We better go back now or else the doctor will find out. Let's go.
Yuuhi: Flo... Floatin...
Sami: Nyahahaha
Sami: Amazing
Anima: Forget about today
Anima: See ya
Yuuhi: Eh?

Page 27
Yuuhi: Floating... Disappearing...
Yuuhi: That... That's scientifically impossible...
Yuuhi: Hah
Yuuhi: A dream!?
Yuuhi: A dream... A really realistic dream...
Anima: ...So what did you think of the outside?
Sami: It was fun. Thanks a lot oneechan.
Anima: ...yeah.
Sami: Oneechan, don't you have anything you want to wish for?

Page 28
Anima: ...me?
Anima: ...you really aren't an ordinary person are you.
Anima: This is the first time anyone's ever asked me about what I want.
Sami: Ordinary?
Anima: That's right
Anima: I'd like to fall in love
Sami: Love?
ANima: Yeah.
Anima: I myself require a serious fighting spirit. I am carrying a one sided attempt on someone's life after all.
Anima: Those who see Animus' hammer and are still able hold on to hope.
Anima: A man who would wish for me to live on

Page 29
Anima: ...and that all of this would come to an end.
Anima: This guy too would break into pieces.
Anima: I've always kept this super weapon hidden, building it bit by bit.
Anima: It'll take another six to seven years of this universe's time for me to complete it. After that, I will align myself with your body and get absorbed into you.
Anima: The battle will begin a further three or four years later. In that time I will draw out your power for you. As your power and your illness stabilise themselves, I may have to go to sleep for a while though...
Sami: Huuh?
Sami: I don't get it.
Anima: Is that so

Page 30
Anima: Well, if you ever think of something to wish for, go right ahead and say it.
Sami: Ahh. I do. I have a wish.
Anima: What is it?
Sami: I want to see that boy again.
Sami: Yuu-kun.
Anima: Very well.
Sami: Also... That

Page 31
Anima: What is it?
Sami: I want that too.
Sami: That big jewel.
Anima: That's the earth.
Anima: Now that you mention it, it is a rock but it's not one that anyone can own.
Sami: Hmmm

Page 32
Anima: ...The number of things you want seem to have suddenly increased.
Anima: Even though you were the one who said you didn't need anything.
Sami: Yeah
ANima: ...on top of that, the sheer scale of your desire is just way too big. Did you not understand on the surface...
Sami: Uhh? I don't really get it...
Sami: That(EMPHASIS)
Sami: What do I have to do make that mine...

Page 33
Everyone: Beast Knights FIGHT
Everyone: ON!!
Subaru mutter: Haa
Subaru mutter: Haa
Subaru mutter: Haa
Yuki mutter: Haa
Yuki mutter: Haa
Yuki mutter: Haa

Page 34
Nagumo: The exhaustion those two are going through seems to be quite intense.
Shimaki: It must be quite difficult. The control I mean.
Nagumo: ...but the power rather satisfactory.
Yayoi: Are you alright~?
Subaru: Yes
Subaru: It's slowly pulling together. It's just a matter of time. We will definitely take control of it.
Hanako: ...time. huh...
Mikazuki: ...Come to think of it, the next golem sure is taking it's time to come out.
Yuuhi: It's been two weeks since we started practice...
Yuuhi: Usually it'd show up by now...

Page 35
Nagumo: Animus
Animus: Hey there. I'll stay up here if you don't mind.
Animus: I just came to notify you all of something today.
Animus: We've been having fun with a monthly pace when it comes to golem battles. However, I was thinking of granting you guys a couple of months of reprieve.
Animus: I want to take my time shaping up the 12th
Nagumo: Reprieve?
Animus: You guys can take that time to work on your new technique and sort out your own things.
ANimus: It would be good for you to enjoy humanity's last winet.

Page 36
Animus: And when the time comes
Animus: The 12th The Biscuit Hammer
Animus: With them
Animus: All of you Anima's Blues Drive Monster The Earth
Animus: Will all be smashed into oblivion.
Animus: The next time
Animus: Will be our Last Battle

Page 37
Animus: They're all fired up.
Animus: Everyone had some nice faces on
Animus: Look forward to it okay
Animus: Poseideon.

Page 38
Box: Like a storm Spring, Summer and Fall passed us by.
Box: Winter was its silent eye.
Box: The year passed with it and we the knights perfected our multi-domain.
Box: In that time, the special psychic power training that the Princess and Anima underwent also proceeded smoothly.

Page 39
Yuuhi: I also went through some special training of my own.
Yuuhi: To overcome "Everyone"
Yuhhi: All in order to
Yuuhi: Put an end to the story of the planet's destruction.
Box: ...End of March
Text: At long last, the conclusive battle with the last golem begins!

Credits Page
TN: Let me just say that it is great to see Anima in a nurse's outfit. That is all.

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#1. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Jun 20, 2010
done with the scan..wow..took me forever

Areas to check:

Made a mistake on page 29. The kanji for "eyeball" looks very similar to the kanji for "Sleep".

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