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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hoshi no Samidare 56

The Last Battle 1

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Jun 24, 2010 01:22 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

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This is reserved for Otakami Scans.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 1
Animus: Hey there...
Animus: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Beast Knights
Animus: ...Pardon me for doing this in your dreams.
ANimus: For today... Well I'm fine with whenever, But could you all gather in one place for this?
SFX: Scratch Scratch
Animus: From there I'll move you all to a bigger stage.
Animus: It's time.
Animus: Our last battle happens today. I'll see you all later.

Page 2
Yuuhi: Morning Noi
Small text: It's freezing
Noi: ...yeah. Good morning Yuuhi

Page 3
Hisame: Really, you guys sure are eating a lot today.
Hisame: Don't you guys eat anywhere else but here?
Yuuhi: We do actually.
Yuuhi: It might be because we exercise.
Anima: Asahina-san.
Hisame: Yes?

Page 4
Anima: Today will be the last time for me.
Anima: Starting tomorrow, I will be travelling abroad with my family.
Hisame: Eh... Is that so?
Hisame: That's quite sudden.
Anima: I truly am grateful to you for every one of these mornings.
Yuuhi: So you are(BOLD) capable of speaking in such a manner...
SFX: Slap Slap
Anima: Just for now.
ANima: I am an adult after all.
SFX: Smirk
Hisame: Amamiya, make sure you come over tomorrow as well.
Hisame: We're having Mentaiko tomorrow after all.
TN: Mentaiko is either Salted Pollack or Cod Roe spiced with Red Pepper.
Yuuhi: ...Tomorrow.
Yuuhi: ...sure.

Page 5
Sami: Mmm
Sami: Yeah.

Page 6
Subaru: Yuki
Lee: Ho! Ron!! Yukimachi!!
Yuki: Subaru-chan.
Ron: Ohhh... Subaru... Lee...
Yuki: You're also going in your uniform Subaru-chan?
Subaru: Yeah... Not really sure why but I felt like it.
Yuki: I know what you mean.
Yuki: Tomorrow... How about we go visit Master's grave tomorrow?
Subaru: Sure, but we might so dead tired tomorrow that we won't even be able to move an inch you know.
Yuki: Ahhh. That's true.
Subaru: Ahaha
Hanako: Tarou-kun.
Hanako: After all of this is done and over with, I will go and attend the vocational school you weren't able to.
Hanako: I'm heading off now.
Kil: Are you going in your uniform Hanako?
Hanako: Yeah
Hanako: Let's go Kil
Yayoi: My heart is racing... The 12th... Animus... Amamiya-kun and the Princess...
Yayoi: Shea... Do you really think I can win?
Shea: No idea.
Shea: However, I do think that things will work out. Yaako's strong after all.
Yayoi: Thanks Shea.

Page 7
Loki: Taiyou, you weren't really able toget much sleep.
Loki: Are you alright?
Akane: Yeah
Akan: ...I'm fine.
Mikazuki: Yo! Loki! Takkun!
Mikazuki: Heading the same way?
Akane: He... Hello Shinonome-san.
Mikazuki: Mmm? What? Feeling nervous?
Mikazuki: It'll be alright! We'll definitely win!
Mikazuki: In any case, you're going off to middle school soon, right? What kind of clubs do you plan on joining?
Akane: Haa... I haven't really...
Coo: Hyou-kun, are you really going with that(BOLD) for the 12th?
Shimaki: Yeah, it's the form that I have the most faith in after all.
Coo: Yeah... But I can't help but worry.
Shimaki: It'll be alright. Let's go Coo.
Nagumo: Dance. We're heading off to the last battle. Won't you at least give me a ride on our way there.
Dance: Nagumo, you are a dear friend of mine. However, I refuse with every fibre of my being.(BOLD:"However, I refuse with every fibre of my being.")
Nagumo: A stubborn bastard to the end huh.
Dance: Right back at you.

Page 8
Title: The Last Battle 1
Nagumo: Everyone's here then.

Page 9
Nagumo: It'll be alright. There's no guarantee that we'll finish it off with one attack.
Nagumo: So we'll have Asahina cover us while we charge up the next shot.
Nagumo: Originally the Knights were there to safeguard you but your own abilities are extremely powerful.
Sami: Got it
Sami: Well, even if you don't make it in time with recharge
Sami(BOLD): I might just go ahead and bring it down anyway.
Sami(BOLD): Feel free to kick back and relax.
Nagumo: ...Do you have words for us Anima?
Nagumo mutter: Before the deciding battle
Someone mutter: Same as usual. Rather...

Page 10
Animus: Hey there. Thanks for waiting.
Animus: All of you are here huh.
Someone: Animus!!
Animus: Before I send everyone there, there's something I'd like to confirm.
Animus: After you guys destroy my 12th, I will then be able to bring out the Biscuit Hammer. You have heard about this right?
Animus: Well then, how about the fact that Amamiya-kun's survival is the condition behind that.
Animus: Did you not know about that too?
Lee: What is the meaning of this!?
Animus: In the event that Amamiya-kun is still alive at the moment of the 12th's destruction, I will be allowed to use my Hammer without having to join in the battle.
Animus: On the other hand, if he happens to die instead, the Hammer stays put and I'll come down onto the battlefield myself.
Nagumo: Amamiya's...?
Animus(BOLD): In other words, if you all go and kill off Amamiya-kun
Animus(BOLD): The Hammer's descent will get put off for a while longer.

Page 11
Mikazuki: Hah!
Subaru: Is that all
Nagumo: How pointless
Nagumo: Now hurry up and send us to the battlefield
Shimaki: At this point, there's no way something like that would even shake us.
Shimaki: Animus
Animus: Ahaha
Animus: Quite right
Animus: Now then, let's go.

Page 12
Sami: ...huh?
Nagumo: We're not in the mountains?
Mikazuki: It sure is a pretty open area.
Yuuhi: The princess isn't here!?

Page 13
Mikazuki: Ah?
Nagumo: What!?
Animus: Ahh. My bad.
Anumus: I forgot one.
Shimaki: You intended to do such trivial things since just now didn't you.
Animus: I thought I was being kind in not having left Subaru-chan or Yukimachi-chan behind.
Animus: Well then Ladies and Gentlemen. I wish you all the best of luck.
Hanako: This is bad isn't it. What should we do...
Nagumo: Don't let him get to you. Asahina will follow Anima here.
Subaru: At any rate line up!! We have to be ready to take on the enemy whenever it shows up!!
Mikazuki: Gotcha!!

Page 14-15
Lee: Don't chicken out Subaru!!
Subaru: You as well Lee!
Mikazuki: Somehow it doesn't really feel like a Last Battle, right Mu?
Mikazuki: Hihihi
Shea: You're happy that you get to hold hands with Amamii aren't you? Yaako
Yayoi: This isn't the time and place for that Shea.
Dance: It's do or die time isn't it. Nagumo.
Nagumo: Yeah. It's do or die time Dance.
Shimaki: I wonder what the 12th on their side is like Coo.
Coo: It'd be nice if it were weak.
Kil: Your allies are all people of valor. Don't get anxious. We will be victorious Hanako.
Hanako: You really don't know what it means to be nervous do you? Kil. Thank you.
Loki: What will you do Taiyou?
Akane: I don't know... But, right now I will do what I want to do Loki.
Ron: Don't fall off Ron.
Ron: Hmmm... I'll leave it to you Yukimachi.

Page 16
Yuuhi: After this battle is over, what will happen to you and the rest?
Noi: ...We'll disappear. Win or lose, today is our farewell.
Yuuhi: I see
Yuuhi: I've been in your care all this time.
Yuuhi: It's been a pleasure, partner.
Noi: The pleasure was all mine, my friend.
Noi: However, it's still too early for goodbyes.
Yuuhi: Quite true.
Yuuhi: It's here.

Page 19
Mikazuki: HUGE!!
Nagumo: But that makes it easier to hit!! It's in our favor!!
Nagumo: Let's do this!

Page 20-21
Everyone(BOLD&JAGGED FONT): Negai Kanau Hikari!!!(SUBTITLE:Shooting Star Arrow)

Page 22
Subaru: Did it hit!?
Hanako: We missed...!!
Yayoi: But there was more than enough power in it!!
Yayoi: We got it's arm!!
Yuki: We got a hold it now!!
Yuki: Let's hit it dead center with the next one!!
Nagumo: Get ready for the second volley!!
Nagumo: Catch your breaths!!
Nagumo: It's moving...!! Will we make it in time!?

Page 23
Yuuhi: Princess!!

Page 24-25

Page 26-27
Shimaki: WHOAHH
Nagumo: Looks like Asahina really can solo that thing herself...
Yayoi: That's...
Yayoi: The fist of the one who wants to destroy the planet...!!
Mikazuki: Woah! Princess! You're the best!
Yuuhi: Shimaki-san!?
Shimaki: We need more time for the second volley!! I'm going to back up Asahina-san!
Shimaki(BOLD): Kybele!! (SUBTITLE: Mother Earth)

Page 28
SHimaki(BOLD): Ende!! (SUBTITLE: 12th)
Beasts: Coo!?
Loki: That's huge!!
Shimaki: Go!!
Coo: Somehow it's a little bit embarrassing.

Page 29
Sami: Pheeew! We made it just in time!!
Anima: It's just one of Animus' lame jokes.
Anima: However, to have wounded the enemy golem like that...
Anima: They might have won even if you weren't around.
Sami: That would have been a bother!!
Sami: I wouldn't have gotten the chance to show off!

Page 30
Sami(JAGGED FONT): Urrryaaaaaa!

PAge 31
Box: The next one decides it all. It'll be a total victory. However
Box: If we didn't have "Negai Kanau Hikari", we'd be at our wits end and we'd have been completely annihilated with just one blow. The ones who opened up this future for us
Box: Are these two!!
Box: I had it in my head that a "Fight to Protect" was one to be fought by adults. That was just my pride talking.
Box: Children have the power to protect their own tomorrows. The day that "Negai Kanau Hikari" is completed
Box: Is the day their tomorrow arrives!!
Yuki(JAGGED FONT): Second volley!! Here wee gooo!!

Page 32

Credits Page
Damn it Mu, at least join in! Also, Negai Kanau Hikari means "Wish Fulfilling Light" and not Shooting Star Arrow which is actually the Kanji they use to spell it with. And though it's simple enough to just leave it english, I'd rather stay consistent and leave it however they call it out.

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