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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Tokyo Innocent 12

Title: Chapter 12 The Start of Summer and The First Date in Tokyo 1

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Jul 7, 2010 13:20 | Go to Tokyo Innocent

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This is reserved for Ala Atra Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(S) - Music Note

Page 69
Mitsui: At last! The day that the girls switch to their summer uniforms is finally here!
Mitsui: Hurray (STAR) for Seasonal Clothes!!!
Mitsui: The tension's really gone up! It's feeling more and more like my first summer as a high school student has arrived!
Mitsui: Well there's the end of term exams but I'll wipe it out of my mind for today!!
Mitsui(BOLD): ......rather, it's been a while hasn't it.
Hanzou: Yeah. So now you want to chat normally...
Hanzou mutter: You're the same as always Mitsui

Page 70
Title: Chapter 12 The Start of Summer and The First Date in Tokyo 1

Page 71
Mitsui(BOLD): What are you doing? In this kind of place!
Hanzou: This is en route on my way back home from the shrine. I just passed by just in time to hear you suddenly pull that speech out of nowhere.
Mitsui: Are things looking well on the bride hunting front? Well, if things were going so well for you, you'd have gone back to your island ages ago.
Mitsui mutter: Blah
Mitsui mutter: Blah
Mitsui: And that would mean you're still over there at the Ichijouji house... Just makes me jealous!
small text: Keh
Mitsui mutter: Blah
Hanzou: You came to a conclusion without even asking?
Hanzou: But still, it is just as you said. The change in seasons has crept up on me and yet my mission has yet to be completed.
Hanzou: Just what exactly should I do about this...
Mitsui: That face just screams out impatience.

Page 72
Mitsui: Nice isn't it! I just bought it! I'm aiming to spend this summer filling it up with loads of girls' addresses!
(TN: Before you judge him to be a creepy stalker, the Japanese don't do SMS, they email each other instead)
Hanzou: Again, just righ out of nowhere...
Mitsui: Well, just listen!
Mitsui: What I want to say is "It's better to have loads of encounter than not having a partner at all".
Hanzou: Encounters?
Mitsui mutter: That's right!
Mitsui: Even though I say that there's no way a guy like you would even be able to hit on anybody right.
Mitsui: The impression you give off is, well, in the clear(?) but they'll pull out once you make the first one since you're clueless when it comes to reading the mood. In the worst case scenario, you'd probably fall for some shady scam and get swindled out of your money.
Hanzou mutter: Why do you know that!?
Hanzou: They're all bull's-eyes!!!

Page 73
Hanzou(BOLD): I am frightened Mitsui! Please come up with some sort of plan for me!!
Mitsui(BOLD): ......somehow I feel that you're the type that gets brainwashed real quick.
Mitsui: Since you're hopeless at flirting, how about...
Mitsui: we go with this?
Phone, Big Text: Tokyo Youkai Net
Phone, small text: Instant Updates
Hanzou: What... "For the sake of supporting the lives of Youkai who are students in the capital...site"? I can find a bride with this?
Mitsui: There's an option on the menu that says "Looking for friends" right? You can use my address to register your profile there.

Page 74
Mitsui: But that's only for today got it! There's no way I'm letting you get more popular than me!!
Mitsui mutter: Kii
Hanzou: ...I don't really get it but you have my gratitude Mitsui.
Hanzou mutter: Ah
Mei: Hanzou!
Mei: Ah, Micchi's also with you. What are you up to? In a place like this.
Hanzou: Mei. Angela.
Mitsui: Ichijouji, you and that summer uniform are like a match made in heaven.
Mei: Micchi, I've heard that at least 10 times today.
Mitsui: It's seriously the best! Ultra-cute!!

Page 75
Mitsui: Additionally, Angela(BOLD&LARGE)
ANgela: Yes?
Mitsui: Please go out with me!!!
Mitsui mutter: FOR REAL!!
Mei mutter: He's at it again
Angela mutter: Fu Fu Fu
Angela: Mitsui-kun, I've heard that more than 100 times.
Angela mutter: It's impossible, really...
Hanzou: That's amazing Mitsui.
Mei: But I guess it's still better than a certain someone who's completely indifferent even after changing uniforms.
Hanzou: Mu...
Mei: Later then Hanzou. Make sure come back quickly after you're with your chat!
Mei: We're going on ahead
Hanzou: Yeah. Got it.
Mitsui: Oh, that's right. This guy along with Angela live together with her.
Box: Heard from Mei
Mitusi mutter: Keh
Mitsui: I guess it's about time for me to go home too. I'll contact you about the reaction on the site.
Hanzou mutter: Mmm
Hanzou: I'll be waiting Mitsui.
Chitose: Hey! Hanzou!!

Page 76
Chitose: So you were still around then. Grandpa's calling for you. Come back quickly(BOLD&LARGE:"Come back quickly")
Chitose: It's pay day and yet you somehow forget to bring your pay back home with you?
Chitose mutter: You're just that kind of fellow
SFX: Flash
Chitose: Hurry up and come along!
Hanzou: Mitsui, we'll meet again another day.
Mitsui: Right
Mitsui mutter: I see
Mitsui: So he was working at Yukishiro's house earlier... Damn you Hanzou! A hard guy to hate but, I really do hate him!!(BOLD&Large:"I really do hate him!!")
Mitsui mutter: Oh yeah
Mitsui: I'll bully him a little.
Mitsui: ...with this, register and...

Page 77
Hanzou: I have certainly received it.
Hanzou: Kannushi. My mission to search for a bride is taking more time than I expected it to. AS such, it seems that I will be in your care for a while longer.
(TN: Kannushi is Japanese for Shinto Priests. Hanzou refers to him this way sans any honorifics. Hanzou doesn't really use any for some reason.)
Gramps: Take it easy with your affairs. It helps me out as well.
Gramps: By the way, about that matter of a bride.
Gramps: Do you really have no intention of taking our Chitose as yourS?
Hanzou: Eh...

Page 78
Hanzou(BOLD): Taking Chitose as my bride...
Chitose(BOLD): What on earth have you been talking about!!?
Gramps: Chitose
Chitose: Grandpa's favorite teacup!! It's all because you were talking about weird things!
CHitose mutter: AHHH
Hanzou: Don't touch it Chitose. I'll clean it up.
Shiro mutter: Fuu~
Chitose: Sorry Grandpa. I'll buy you one just like it tomorrow!
Gramps: Hmm
Gramps: ! In that case.

Page 79
Gramps: Hanzou. Could you take a day off tomorrow, and accompany Chitose on her shopping trip tomorrow?
Gramps: Chitose is of a marriagle age and she'd be going alone. It worries me. That's why I'd like for you to take the day off tomorrow and go to the Shopping District with her. Would you go as her escort and protect her from any bad insects?
Chitose(BOLD): What are you you saying Grandpa!? I'm already 16 years old!!
Gramps: That's exactly why.
Hanzou: If it's like that then I wouldn't mind going.
Gramps(BOLD): I'm depending on you.
CHitose(BOLD): WHA
Chitose(BOLD): You too!! DOn't make promises without taking things into consideration first!!

Page 80
Mei: ...so then you're going out with Chii-chan tomorrow.
Hanzou: I'm normally in his care and now the priest is depending on me. I gladly took up his offer.
Mei: Hmmm
Mei: ...that sounds kind of like a date.
Hanzou: Date?
Hanzou: I am simply escorting her on an outing.
Mei: Like I said, that's a...

Page 81
Suzuko: A date huh. Sounds nice to me~
Suzuko mutter: Smirk Smirk
Text: Drunk
Angela mutter: Fu Fu Fu
ANgela: Hanzou-kun isn't even the least bit knowledgeable about it either is he~~
Suzuko: Hanzou. When you take a girl out to Tokyo, you have to bring a boquet of deep red roses with you.
Angela: Fufufufufufu
Hanzou(BOLD): Seriously Nee-san!?
Mei: Oneechan! Don't tease Hanzou like that!!
Small mutter: He'll take it seriously!
Hanzou: Do you to come as well Mei?
Mei: I do not! I'm going to sleep now!
SFX: Walking briskly
Hanzou: Mei. It's only 7 o'clock.

Page 82
Chitose: Wait a second. Now that I've thought it through, this will be the first time I'll be going out together with a guy.
Chitose: And it's almost as if it's a.........
Gramps: Chitose! You'll be meeting Hanzou under the Tokyo Tower at 10 tomorrow. Just wanted to make sure you knew where to rendezvous with him(S)
Chitose: Why are you acting so happy about this!!?
Chitsoe: The Tokyo Tower! This getting more and more like a date isn't it!?
Chitose: No! That's not it!
Gramps: Chitose, have you already decided what to wear tomorrow?
Chitose: Wear!?

Page 83
Gramps: If I remember right, there are plenty of clothes I bought for you in your closet aren't there? You haven't worn them even once.
Chitose: Going out in girly clothes like those would make it even more like a......
Gramps(BOLD): Even though you're finally going on a date.
Gramps: I'm just going out to buy a teacup!
Chitose: Fur... Furthermore
CHitose: I was thinking of taking Shiro along with me. It's not going to be a date.
Gramps(BOLD): Shirobou here will be watching the house.
Note: Took a bribe, sorry
Note: Toy car
Chitose(BOLD): You traitor!!!
Gramps: Chitose. I don't mind it one bit if you come back home tomorrow a little late.

Page 84
Mei: Morning
SFX: Yawn...
Mei: It's been a while since I took a break so I slept a lot.
Angela: Oh my. Good Morning.
Angela: Mei-chan, did you any plans for today?
Mei: I don't have any part time jobs today so I'm free for the whole day.
Angela: I see

Page 85
Angela: In that case, why don't the two of us go on an outing?
Mei: Sure
Mei: Huh, Hanzou's already gone out?
Mei mutter: It's quiet...
Angela: Hanzou-kun already left an hour ago.
Mei mutter: Eh!?
Mei: That's weird. I heard that they were going to meet at 10......
Mei: The phone... Who could it be?
Small text: It's unlisted
Phone: ...Hello? Mei?

Page 86
Mei(BOLD): Sheeesh~~ I can't believe you!!
Mei(BOLD): For you to get yourself lost on your way to the meeting point!? I'm not your mommy you know!!
Mei(BOLD): On top of thay, why is it you decided to walk all the way here when you could have just taken the train here!?
Hanzou: With the exception of ships, I'm weak with all kinds of vehicles.
Mei(BOLD): Jeeeez! Just what era are you from!? If you're going to be like that then you wouldn't have made it in Tokyo at all!!

Page 87
Hanzou: It just so happens that your number is the only one that I remembered. I'm sorry for this but I have to rely on you for this.
Mei: Let's just hurry up! Chii-chan's waiting.
Mei: And we're here!
Hanzou: Ohhh. This is......

Page 88
Hanzou: The Tokyo Tower
Mei: ...... ...Hanzou?

Page 89
Hanzou: ...It's certainly quite the spectacle. It looks almost like almost like a Taiboku made of metal...
Mei: Taiboku?
Hanzou: ......yes. Quite.
Hanzou: It reminds of this gigantic Sakura tree back on the island.
Mei: ...... A giant Sakura tree?
Small text: Ahhh
Mei: It was my favorite place.
Hanzou: It's an island with very little to it but the view from up in the tree was breathtakingly beautiful.
Hanzou: I most definitely would like to show that to you Mei.

Page 90
Mei: Did you know? You can also go about halfway up the Tokyo Tower.
Hanzou: A scene overflowing with with people and buildings that contrasts with that of the island... Indeed, that interests me greatly.
Small text: Hmm
Mei: This is an earth-shattering matter for you isn't it.
Mei: In that case
Mei: Why don't we take a trip up there some time? Together.

Page 91
Hanzou: Sure
Mei: Well then
Mei: That's a promise
Hanzou: ...yeah.
Hanzou: It's a promise.
Hanzou: ..... But still, if we're going to do that...

Page 92
Hanzou: We're going to need a good deal of stamina and physical strength to get up there...
Mei mutter: Hey...
Mei: I know I said it but we won't actually be climbing that!!
Mei: It's abut time for Chii-chan to get here so I'll be going oaky.
Hanzou: Mei
Hanzou: So you really don't want to come along then? There's the matter of getting possessed after all.
Hanzou mutter: On top of that, coming all the way here to only to go home is...
Mei mutter: Yeah
Mei(BOLD): I'm going home.
Mei: It'll be alright.
Mei: Angela's around.

Page 93
Hanzou: ...I see. Well, in any case it puts me at ease to know that your foul mood has cleared up somehow.
Mei(BOLD): Eh!? My mood wasn't bad in any particular way at all.
Mei: Even though I said that, I was feeling a little bit annoyed until just now. I wonder why.
Mei: Oh well!
Hanzou: What a bind.

Page 94
Hanzou: Wasn't it supposed to be a very spacious spot under the Tokyo Tower? At this rate I'm going to have a hard time finding Chitose...
Hanzou: What with this? This strange crowd... Is something going on?

Page 95
Chitose: You're late Hanzou!
Hanzou: ...... ...Chitose?
Chitose: ~~~~~~~~~

Page 96
Girl: Hey! Hey! I think I've seen that person's face somewhere.
Girl: She's pretty. Could she be a model?
Girl: No no! The guy!
Girl: I knew it!
Girl: He's the one on this site.
girl: He's the son of the prestigious and rich White Foxes.
Girl: The one that's been looking for a bride.

Page 98
[Age] 15
[Occupation] Shrine Maiden. High School Girl (1st Year)
[Attribute] Youkai, White FOx
[Height] 167 cm
[Birthday] January 1st
[Star Sign] Aquarius
[Blood Type] A
[Likes] Mei. Anyplace quiet.
[Food] Oden and any brothy kind of food. Green Tea

[Specialties] Youkai Purification. Athletics in general.
[Weak Spots] Socializing with people. Cooking. Milk. Flirtatious guys.
[Character] Values tradition, rules and has a old style personality though she's missing something in the way of that. She has a strong stubborn streak but she does want to become more honest at some level.
- At home(The Shrine) she wears her Shrine Maiden attire or some rough garments.
(TN: I really have to point out that it's described as RAFU which could be read as rough or nude woman)
- Worries about getting sunburned so she wears long sleeved sweaters along with her school uniform.
- Has a complex over her small bust.

[Concerning Chitose]
- Whether she's in her uniform or her shirne maiden attire, it's fun drawing her.
- I originally planned for her to be an invincible perfect character but ever since she git involved with Mei and Hanzou, she at some point turned into a character that's quick in jumping to conclusions.
- Even though she's a beauty, I'm always drawing her being frank and full of fighting spirit.
- I love Miko-san. I finished reading the first one when I got my hands on it and also ended up with shrine maiden outfits.
(TN: The only way this bit made sense if she was referring to another manga)
- It'd be nice to draw a smiling Chitose at some point...

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