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Translations: Gintama 690 (2) , One Piece 909 by cnet128

Hoshi no Samidare 60

Hoshi no Samidare 1

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Jul 15, 2010 07:05 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

-> RTS Page for Hoshi no Samidare 60

This is reserved for Otakami scans.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 2
Animus: ...Hey there Anima.
Anima: ...yeah.
Animus: ...what is this... is this... a spear...?
Anima: ...that's right.
Animus: Why do you suppose there's blood coming out...
Anima: Do you not remember?
Anima: The time when you were made of flesh.

Page 3
Animus: ...yes. That's right...
Animus: The period where I travelled through time and space before manifesting myself through mud.
Animus: Always broke down for some reason.
Anima: Go back.
Animus: I want to become an all knowing person next.
SFX: Cough
Animus: But when and where... I wonder if that even exists...
ANima: It does
Animus: ...... ...Ahhh. There... I see it...
Animus: The next place...
Animus: ...it's quite far back in the past. ...so even that sort of thing can happen huh...
Anima: Can you make up for the karma from your previous existence there?
Animus: ...... It seems difficult... ...I'll need 500 years ...probably.

Page 4
Animus: I don't want to die.
Anima: You going to.
Animus: There are things I still want to... know...
Anima: Seek out the cycle of rebirth.
Anima: You may be able to reincarnate.
Animus: That sort of thing is...
Anima: Who knows.
Anima: But, I do have some knowledge of it.
Anima: You will not detect them, the scents you miss.
ANima: You will not see them, the things you yearn for.
Anima: And in spite of that, you will not know them. The things you love. Things you hate.
Anima: Psychics live out long lifetimes, but the spirit knows that place that they would return to is always nearby.
Anima: And I believe that it takes the shape of a wheel.

Page 5
Animus: I'm going now
Animus: Anima...
Animus: That ring...
Animus: ...fufu... Just until when will you keep that
Animus: child's to...

Page 6
Anima: Oniichan...

Page 7
Title: Chapter 60 Hoshi no Samidare 1
Text: Animus finally falls!!
Anima: ...I'm sorry...
Anima: ...If only I had stopped you sooner... ...this wouldn't have happened...

Page 8
Nagumo: ...Anima
Anima: Forgive me
Anima: When your comrade died I didn't cry for him
Nagumo: No...

Page 9
Nagumo: ...Anima. What will become of this island? Now that Animus is dead won't it fall apart...
Anima: This island will not fall apart.
Anima: Right now Samidare is sustaining it.
Nagumo: What?
Anima: My and Animus' story end here.
Anima: From here onwards, it is her story.
Hanako: Eh?
Mikazuki: Ah?
Nagumo: What are you talking about? That's...
Sami(BOLD): Righty-o! Beast Knights!
Sami(BOLD): Your attention please!

Page 10-11
Sami(BOLD&AUTHORITIVE FONT): From here on out
Sami(BOLD&AUTHORITIVE FONT): I am going to desroy the Earth

Page 12
Everyone(BOLD): Huh?
Sami(BOLD): I'm serious
Yuuhi(BOLD): She's serious

Page 13
ANima(BOLD): They're serious

Page 15
Nagumo: Asahina!? What is the meaning of this!?
Nagumo: ...Amamiya!
Yayoi: ...The two of them are quite serious.
Nagumo: Hakudou...!?
Hanako: Since when...!?
Sami: From the very beginning.
Sami: I've always longed for the Earth. There's no other way for me to own this huge jewel.
Sami: ...From the beginning. I've always been her knight.
Sami: Here I go
Sami: Ultra Samidare Punch
Nagumo(BOLD): Asahina!!

Page 16
Nagumo(BOlD): Amamiya!!

Page 17
Shimaki: This is...
Shimaki: Amamiya-ku...
Yuuhi: Pardon me
Shimaki: Ngguh

Page 18
Yuuhi: Please take a nap.
Yuuhi: You're the scariest one here. If you were to bring out any further golems then you would rival even the princess. It couldn't be helped.
All: Ahh
Mikazuki mutter: Hyou-chan
Yuuhi: Now then
Yuuhi: Would those of you who wish to stop the princess please step forward.
Yuuhi(BOLD): I'll take you on

Page 19
Lee: Noi! Say something!!
Ron: Muu...
Hanako: Subaru-chan. Yuki-chan.
Hanako: Take care of Shinonome-san and Akane-kun.
Yuki: What about you?
Small text: Where are you going?
Hanako: Stay put
Hanako: The two of you can't fight Amamiya-san okay!
Mikazuki: Damn it...
Mikazuki: My legs won't stand up...
Mikazuki: That looks like fun. Goddamit
Subaru: Eh
Mikazuki: Why?
Mikazuki: Why is that the one over there
Mikazuki: Not me...

Page 20
Noi: Yuuhi...
Yuuhi: I'm glad that Mikazuki won't be joining in. I would have definitely enjoyed it too much if I fought with him. I would have used all of my strength on that alone.
Noi: But still... You'll be taking on two mythical beast knights...
Yuuhi: I'll work something out. Babylon is an anti-personnel combat ability after all.
Yuuhi: This ability My endeavors My plans
Yuuhi(BOLD): All for today!!
Yuuhi(BOLD): For the sake of this day!!

Page 21
Dance: To think there would be a hidden boss fight as well. What should we do Nagumo?
Nagumo: We'll stop them without killing them.
Nagumo: We'll break their resolves.
Nagumo(BOLD): We
Nagumo(BOLD): Are the ones who protect this planet after all.
Shea: It's finally here. This day. Is this alright? The two of them are ridiculously strong. Yaako
Yayoi: That's true. But it's going be alright. I'll stop them.
Yayoi(BOLD): I will capture you
Yayoi(BOLD): Amamiya-kun

Page 25
Yuuhi: Your weakness
Yuuhi: Is that you are too strong.
Nagumo: Guh...
Yayoi: Yo- You're heavy
Yuuhi: Your anti-personnel battle plan involves adjusting your power down to a much softer degree and your attention gets divided because of it.
Yuuhi: Taking the offensive power of your abilities as well as the way you think into account, you cannot win against me.

Page 26
Nagumo: ...Did you know about this Hakudou? About Asahina and Amamiya.
Yayoi: ...yes. I overheard the two of them talking about it during the summer training camp...
Nagumo: ...And you believed that?
Nagumo: I don't buy it
Nagumo: There's no way either of them would seriously want to do such a thing.
Nagumo(BOLD): For that Amamiya Yuuhi...! And that Asahina Samidare...!
Yuuhi: ...that's not like you Nagumo-san.
Yuuhi: To voice out your doubts on the battlefield.
Nagumo: These aren't doubts
Nagumo: They are regrets
Nagumo: After everything's done and over with, even if someone has to get their bones broken for it
Nagumo: I want to go out and drink some good Sake

Page 27
Yuuhi: ...Drink
Nagumo(BOLD): Amamiya
Nagumo(BOLD): Once we get back, let's go and do just that
Nagumo(BOLD): The two of you will not destroy the Earth
Nagumo(BOLD): Get that through your heads before anyone gets hurt.
Nagumo: In that case please show me that you can stop me.
Nagumo: It's an adult's job to admonish the young ones.

Page 28
Nagumo: I want to stop the two of you
Nagumo: I want to do my job you see
Nagumo: I'm unemployed after all
Yuuhi: ...Thank you very much.
Yuuhi: Then please stop us
Yuuhi: ...that is if you can!!(BOLD&LARGE:"if you can!!")

Page 29
Hanako: Found it!!
Hanako: Water!!

Page 30
Yayoi(BOLD): I can't catch him...!! Why!?
Yayoi(BOLD): When we were training you...
Yuuhi: That was also for today's sake
Yuuhi: Preparation
Yuuhi: Water!?
Hanako: He dodged!? Kuu... The control is...
Nagumo: Sorano!!

Page 31
Nagumo: Raising his own speed while slowing down his opponent's. Amamiya's Babylon...!!
Nagumo: What a troublesome fighting power!!
Hanako: The water's heavy!!
Hanako: My control is...
Yayoi(BOLD): ...HAAAAAAH!!
Yayoi: Catch him!!
yayoi: Somehow!!

Page 32
Hanako: Now
Hanako: Freeze and...
Hanako: sto...

Page 33
Yuki: Sorano-san!
Yayoi: Hanako-chan
Hanako: Haa Haa Haa
Hanako: So- sorry
Hanako: ...kuh
Nagumo: Her stamina ran out...! No... Sorano did well even though she's not a mythical beast knight...
Nagumo: ...rather, Amamiya's physical strength is phenomenal. He's been leading us by the nose all this time...
Mikazuki: Ngggggh
SFX: Gnash Gnash Gnash Gnash Gnash
Subaru mutter: Shock

Page 34
Mikazuki: Goddammit Goddammit Goddammit
Mikazuki: Goddammit Goddammit
Mikazuki(BOLD): I want to go...
Mikazuki(BOLD): I want to be there...!!
Mikazuki: Takkun! Takkun wake up!
Mikazuki: I'm begging you...
Akane(BLOCKY FONT): Ngoh...
Akane(BLOCKY FONT): Mmm Aloha
All: What is he dreaming about?
Akane mutter: guuuh...
Yayoi(BOLD): Kyaaa!! Wha...

Page 35
Shea: Hyaa
Dance: Hou
Sami: Yu... Yuu-kun...
Sami mutter: Uwaah
Sami: That's just mean...
Anima mutter: Mmphufuu~
Anima: Give it up Nagumo.
Nagumo(BOLD): Anima...!?
Anima: No one can beat Amamiya.
Yayoi(JAGGED FONT): Maximum Output

Page 36
Yayoi(BOLD&JAGGED FONT): Ryuuoukon!!
(TN: Dragon King's Bash)
Nagumo(BOLD): Hakudou!!
Nagumo(BOLD): You're putting in way too much!!
Noi: Hey Hey Hey Hey
Yuuhi: Whoah...

Page 37
Nagumo: What absurd...
Nagumo: Kuh... Defending myself sapped my stamina...
Yayoi: Haa Haa
Yayoi: Haa Haa Haa
Yuuhi: Pheew...
Yuuhi: ...I'm sorry Hakudou-san ....
Yuuhi: But I...

Page 38-39
Yuuhi(BOLD): I am in love with that girl
Yuuhi(BOLD): That's why
Yuuhi(BOLD): I have to be the one to stop her
Yuuhi(BOLD): No one else
Yuuhi(BOLD): ...I...

Page 40
Sami: ...yeah
Sami: It's just as Yuu-kun says
Sami: I knew he would
Text: Stopping her because he loves her! Yuuhi vs. Samidare finally commences!!

TN: "Hoshi no Samidare" means "The Planet's Samidare".

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