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Cafe Detective Club 4

Girls Talk?

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Jul 15, 2010 07:07 | Go to Cafe Detective Club

-> RTS Page for Cafe Detective Club 4

This is reserved for Ala Atra Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(H) - Heart

Page 1
Caption: To Each Their Own
(It actually says Prefences are Respective but that didn't sound quite right)
Emina: Heee. So this is your boyfriend then. He looks like quite the prayer doesn't he.
Nana: You mean player.
Girl: See what I mean. We started going out after I confessed to him three months ago.
Text: Suddenly talking about love!?
Emina: So then you want us to investigate your boyfriend for you?
Girl: Yes. He doesn't just have good looks, he also got into medical school and he can play just about any sport really well. He's an amazing person but...
Girl: Sometimes I really get bothered about what part of me would make a guy like him be interested in me......
Miyu mutter: Here's your complimentary coffee.
Girl: It's not like it's impossibile that he's just playing around with me...
Girl: But, it's because of that can't gather up the courage to ask him directly...
Emina: I see. So that's why you want us to ask him for you then.

Page 2
Box: The Day After
Girl: Good Afternoon
Emina: Ah. Welcome~ We've already asked your boyfriend about it.
Girl: Wh-what did he say.
Emina: Your boyfriend was embarassed about it so he didn't really say very much about it but...
Emina: Well, I'll just say that the conclusion is that you really don't have anything to worry about.
Girl: Really!?
Emina: It seems that he struck out for you because of your chubbiness you see.
Emina mutter: Smile
Girl(BOLD&BLOCKY FONT): Haah!? Isn't that terrible!?
Nana: Don't take things for granted!! The fact that you have a boyfriend is more than enough!!
Girl: Hiii!?

Page 3
Title: Chapter 4 [Girls Talk?]
Text: On the road to school, her heart races...
Text: Fujishiro Takeshi

Page 4
Caption: The Girls Who Don't Have Girls Talk
Girl: That's true. Having a boyfriend is better than having none.
Nana: Honestly, it feels like always ends up with them speaking more fondly of their boyfriends.
Emina: Well, it's not like it can be helped. She's a high school girl at the peak height of her youth after all.
Nana: You're that way as well...
Shizuka: But most of our requests are simple relationship related complaints aren't they.
Miyu: And everyone gets satisfied just by talking about it too.
Risa: Also, Nanachi snaps at them at the end of every single one of these talks.
Nana: That's because each and every one of them just comes in here blathering on about the same thing. No way I wouldn't get sick of it.
EMina: Speaking of which, even when we do end up having serious romance discussions, we don't exactly resolve them.
Nana mutter: Here, this goes to the Digida() table.
(That () is for a censor mark. Don't know this reference)
Nana: What's this Emina? Weren't you the one who said that no matter the request, you'd knock it right out of the park and settle it.
Emina: That's because I have no relationship experience whatsoever. I don't even have any stories about that stuff up my sleeves either.
Nana: What's that? So you haven't even had a first love?
Nana: Honestly, you're such a kid Emina.
Nana: At our age, talks about love affairs make up most of the things we talk about. Right.

Page 5
Nana: You guys don't have any either huh.
Nana: Seriously. It's no wonder I haven't heard even one story about the opposite sex since the club started.
Emina: Hou
Emina: Since you say it like that, Nanachi must have a lot of experience when it comes to love, is that right.
Nana: Eh.....
Miyu: Ahh. In that case we'll leave all the consultations about that to Nanachi.
Nana: Su-sure. You can leave it to me.

Page 6
Caption: Whether it's an all Girls School or Co-ed one
Miyu: I went to an all girls private academy for my elementary and secondary years so there weren't any boys around. All my siblings are girls too.
Someone: Uwah. Not even one for 9 whole years!
Emina: Ahh. I see. So that's...
Emina: Probably the reason why you don't mind flashing your panties.
Emina mutter: Today it's light green stripes huh...
Shizuka: That's just Miyu-san actually.
Risa: Now that you mention it, didn't the you and Miyu go to the same school?
Shizuka: Yes. I was only there for my secondary years though.

Page 7
Nana: So that's why you're interested in girls...
SHizuka(Scary font): Interested... in what exactly?
Nana: N-no. Nothing at all.
Nana: But still. Quite a waste of talk.
Nana: If she had gone to a co-ed school, someone with Miyu's level of looks would have been really popular. Such a waste really.
Emina: She's not restricted at all you know.
Emina: Like that girl just now, there are those who go to all girls' schools and still manage to get a boyfriend.
Nana: Mu...
Emina: To add to that, there are tHose who came from co-ed schools and yet weren't surrounded by boys at all. There are such pitiable girls around aren't there.
Nana: Yeah yeah. That's certainly true isn't it. I wonder who that could be. A pitiable girl like that.

Page 8
Caption: One step for the girl who walks
Shizuka: It's really surprising to know that Emina-san wouldn't to have any romance experience at all. Even though you're so cute.
Emina: Well that's because I decided what I wanted to be a long time ago. I didn't really take any interest in things outside of that. Even if I do make it, I'll still be that way.
Miyu: You wanted to be a novelist if I remember right.
Emina: Yup
Nana: Risa's the same right. You're always playing games so there weren't any boys around you. Aren't you going to come out with it?
Risa: Oh?
Risa: Hen. Don't be stupid. Take a look at this!
Nana: Owah! There's loads of guys names in there!!
Risa: Hehen, how's that!! Even though I look like this I still go on dates with guys(H)
Nana: Pl-please overlook this!!

Page 9
Risa: When I was in middle school, I went to all sorts of places here and there with these guys and had a lot of fun with all the different kinds of plays we tried. On especially hard nights, they stayed with me and went back home in the morning. There were all kinds of things going on(H)
Nana: P-p-play!? Hard night!? In the morning!?
Emina: When she said play, she meant competitions at gaming centers, staying with her at night means lining up all night to buy a game. Am I right?
Risa: Heheh, I'm busted huh?
Nana: So that's it. Just plain old gaming buddies.
Risa: First of all, can you even have a boyfriend as a student? With things like going to university and finding employment for them to handle individually, time passes by for the both of them and things will run their natural course and they'll break up.
Nana: I-in that case, isn't it just a matter of the two of them working hard to get past the circumstances?
Emina: Ufufufuu(H) That's right~ Nanachi has to work hard for the one she likes doesn't she(H)
Nana(BOLD&Blocky): Eh!?

Page 10
Caption: That being said, seems like they're really interested now
Risa: Oh! What's this? That's pretty cheeky of you. So you already went and got yourself a boyfriend then?
Nana: Eh!? N-no that's...
Miyu: Ohhh! That's amazing! Just like an adult(H)
Miyu: Who is it? What school does that person attend?
Risa: Wait. We can't just limit it to guys from other schools. We have male teachers after all.
Nana: I'm not interested in old men!
Small text: The youngest one is 27!
Shizuka: No no. We shouldn't limit it to just males either. Nana-san is always saying that I'm interested in girls after all. Maybe she's really talking about herself...
Nana: Sorry about that Shizuka. Are you by any chance the type to hold a grudge?
Nana mutter: My bad

Page 11
Emina: Well then, if we go by that then that means Nanachi's lover is either a crossdresser or a transsexual.
Board: Transsexual or crossdresser Deluxe Size
Nana mutter: Where did you get that flipboard
Nana: Don't go basing my boyfriend using the wild ideas people have.
Nana: Argh! Jeez! Let me make it perfectly clear! I don't have a boyfriend! There aren't any guys around me!!
Miyu: Is it? But Emina said...
Nana: Honestly! Don't say whatever you feel like! You're causing weird misunderstandings!
EMina: I never even said a single word about you having a boyfriend.
Emina: I simply deduced that Nanachi has one-sided feelings for a boy.
Nana: Wha!?

Page 12
Caption: Seems like the number of a Ramen place I've come to like recently
Nana: Wh-wha-wha-what could you possibly talking about. I-it's nothing like that.
Emina: I think the way you're shaking serves as sufficient proof for your circumstances.
Emina: Well aside from that, I also came across four hints that led me to this reasoning.
Emina: Let me start with hint no. 1. Before this, Nanachi mentioned that she "I just want to graduate from gluttony"
Nana: I-I said something like that?
Emina: Hint no. 2 came in the form of a testimony from a girl in my class that went to the same middle school as Nanachi.
Nana: Tes-testimony!?
Emina: It seems that since about half a year ago, she started looking like someone from from on of those shampoo commercials. Up till then she didn't even know about conditioner and just left her hair out to dry...
Emina: On top of that, she started growing her hair out and also went from going to a barber to going to a beauty salon...
Nana: I-it's nothing. I just wanted a little change in the mood.

Page 13
Emina: That sudden awakening to dressing smartly and the graduating from your glutonny are evidence of your newfound awareness of boys, am I right?
Miyu: Hee. So that's how it is.
Risa: Quite an easy person to figure out.
Shizuka: Nana-san's quite the cute one(H)
Nana: Uuuu~~
Risa: In any case, how did you know it was one-sided? There's the possibility that she had an image change because of her boyfriend right.
Emina: That's where hint no. 3 comes in. I based it on the way Nanachi's been acting everytime we have a consultee come by for romance related talks.
Emina: If she did have a boyfriend, she wouldn't always be coming up with those prejudiced comments like that would she.
Nana: Ugugu......
Risa: I see
Emina: But what really decided it was hint no. 4. There isn't a single boy's shadow to be found in Nanachi's phone logs at all.
Nana: Wha!? How in the world did you get past the lock!?
Small text: Rather, when!?

Page 14
Caption: First loves taste like pickled squid?
Nana: Well even though you say it's one-sided, I've really only met him once...
Nana: I don't know his name or even which school he's going to now...
Emina: Say, do you want to stop by the book on the way back?
Miyu: Alright
Nana(BOLD): Wait up you!
Nana: Don't suddenly lose interest all of a sudden! Shouldn't you be taking responsibility for exposing me and hold up the other end of the conversation!
(Am I using the right metaphor here?)
Emina: Owowow. It was a joke! A joke!
Emina: Since it's out there's no need to act so rebellious. You actually do want to talk about it. Do you really have any other choice?
Nana: Whose fault is that...
Nana: Oh well. It was about half a year ago when I took a field trip to Tsubame Academy...

Page 15
Girl: Then we'll be taking the train back.
Box: Nana, 3rd year of Middle School
Nana: Mm. Later then.
Nana: Let's see, the next bus is...
SFX: Grrrroooooowwlll
Nana: Ooops
Boy: Fufuu
Nana: Mm? A laugh
Boy: That's a pretty hearty roundworm you've got there.
(Is a roundworm the same thing as a tapeworm?)
Boy: You can have some if you'd like. Well?
Box: That's when I met him...
Nana: Ye-yes...
Nana: An-Hey. What's so funny.
Emina: We-well......
Emina mutter: Pupupuh
Risa mutter: Kukuku
Risa: Of all things, he heard your stomach growling...
Miyu: Rather, I want to say something about him having a whole bin of pickled squid in his bag.
Shizuka: It really does seem like the gluttonous Nana-san...

Page 16
Caption: Buys a bin every day
Nana: Yeah...
nana: I've never been able to the sweet and sour flavor of the pickled squid from that time...
Emina: Pickled squids are supposed to be only sour though...
Miyu: And since then you've taken quite a liking to pickled squids. Enough to buy them all the time at that.
Nana: Well, there's that too...
Nana: He said he really loved cheap snacks so he often bought them.
Nana: Nowadays, there aren't very many shops that sell them so...
Nana: I was thinking that it'd be nice if I were to bump into him again in shops around here...Well, even now I haven't met him even once. I only have that one thing to go by...
Emina: Huuuh

Page 17
Nana: What? Haven't had enough laughs yet?
Emina: No no. You've got it wrong.
Emina: I never noticed it because you're always making those snide remarks but you have a pretty cute side to you. It's got me going all Kyuun~
Nana: But I can't just not butt in...
Emina: Ah! That's right! I just thought of something good(H)
Someone: Hm? What's that?
Emina: Hey everyone, how about we go looking for that darling boy for Nana's sake(H)
Miyu: Ah. Sounds great(H)

Page 18
Emina: We can count the search as part of our detective work and we'll be able to find the recepient of Nanachi's unrequited love. We'll be killing two birds with one stone.
Nana: Do-don't use my lovelife like that~~~
Miyu: Huh? Her retort's not cutting it, is it?
Shizuka: Isn't she actually pleased about this?
EMina: Alright! The Cahe Detective Club will be carrying out genuine detective work! It sutarts tomorrow!!
(TN: She slips when she says start here)
Everyone: Ohhhhhh!!
Nana: Don't mess around with such an important matter
Small text: I'll get worried
Emina: Things like romance troubles should be taken care off quickly. If it breaks then it'll get resolved in the blink of an eye!
Nana: Don't decide that it'll break right at the end!!

Credits/Recruitment Page
TN: As much as I like Emina's playfulness, I'm only doing this chapter so if you want this series keep on going send some decent translators our way at Ala-atra-scans.com ASAP.

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