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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Suzuro's Logfile 2

Chapter 2

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Jul 23, 2010 09:46 | Go to Suzuro's Logfile

-> RTS Page for Suzuro's Logfile 2

This is reserved for Stand Alone Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(S) - Music Note

Page 1
Text: Cutting through the wind running
Text: Buying things with everyone
Text: The fun and uneventful everyday
Text: To me, this is what is <Real>
Text: Due to its popularity, we present it with color pages!
Small black text: DIVE

Page 2
Box: 1st January 2168 A.D. Altitude 6500Km
Box: Orbital Colony "Iwafune"
Ginga: Ginga Gou to Iwafune Port Control. Requesting permission to departure.
Ginga: This is the Salvage Ship "Ginga Gou". Ship code is...
Suzuro: Ahhh. Having to work on New Year's.
Suzuro: I really am an admirable working girl.
Ginga: I get it
Ginga: I was the one who called you suddenly.
SFX: Beep
Milee: This is Iwafune Port Control

Page 3
Milly: A Happy New Year to every one onboard the Ginga Gou. Your departure has been approved.
Box: Iwafune Port Control Staff Milly Scolette
Suzuro: Happy New Year
Suzuro: You're working too Milly?
Milly: I'm working 17 hours today since I've accumulated 184 hours of paid vacation time you see. I won't be seeing you all for a while.
Ginga: Ah damn. I was just thinking of taking about three days off myself...
Suzuro: That's just fine isn't it. After all, all Saburouta would do is roll around at home and watch old Holomovies.

Page 4
Milly: Even so, there sure are a lot of Salvage ships setting off today. Did something happen?
Ginga: You live on the Iwafune and yet you don't even know something like this? It's the Mecca of Salvagers you know...
Box: Linear Catapult [6th Pipe]
Suzuro: We need the Unified Administration's approval to hack the servers on the surface you see.
Suzuro: We salvagers have to operate according to the Unified Administration you see.
Suzuro: That's why the list of approved areas gets refreshed every month.
Milly: I see...
Milly: But the servers on the surface. Nobody owns those right?
Milly: Even though it'd be really nice if we could recover all that advanced pre-Rudola technology.

Page 5
Ginga: It can't be helped. As they say, all those things that nobody owns are...
Ginga(BOLD): "Property of the Unified Administration" after all.
Ginga: Hey Tsumugi. Are you feeling alright?
Tsumugi: Hm!? Me!?
Tsumugi: No. Not at all. Don't mind me.
Milly: Iwafune Port Control to Ginga Gou. You're clear to launch.

Page 6
Milly: Catapult control rights have been temporarily transferred to the Ginga Gou. You're free to depart.
Ginga: Roger that. Counting down to launch.
Tsumugi: "Property of the Unified Administration" huh...
Tsumugi: That really brings up some unpleasant memories.
Text: 71 years before
Box: Humanity was struck by an unprecedented catastrophe

Page 7
Box: 3rd January 2097 A.D. The asteroid Rudola fell to the Earth's surface.
Box: That disastrous impact brought great chaos with it
Box: 99% of the human population at the time were lost
Box: It allowed for the occurence of immense quantities of Space Debris in orbit.
Space Debris
Hazardous rubbish circulating around in orbit at high velocities

Box: That thick debris layer cut off the Earth and the Sky.
Box: The few humans who escaped to space had also lost their way back to the the Earth's surface.

Page 8
Box: And now
Box: It has become possible to reclaim much of the lost technology that humanity had to part with after the catastrophe.
Box: The debris in low orbit on the descent down presents a danger to those on their way back. But during some miraculous period, we have been able to connect to the VR networks on the surface and the occupation of salvaging precious information had emerged.
Box: Salvagers are needed.
Ginga: Hey you all! The G's coming at us! Don't bite your tongues!

Page 9
Box: Last night. 31st December 2167 A.D.
Box: Item Shop "Tinkerbell"
Box: The list of servers that are no longer prohibited to be salvaged as of 1st January 2168 A.D.

Page 10
Box: Sin-Medical. Third server in North America. Estimated rank of difficulty, AA.
(I know it says second in the page but the text says third. You decide which to go with)
Box: BILIDIA. North American server. Estimated rank of difficulty, A+. Beijing-SAEKI Corporation. Second server. Estimated rank of difficulty, B.
Box: Kishima Heavy Industry. Chiba server. Estimated rank of difficulty, AAA.
Tsumugi: Kishima Heavy Industry?
Tsumugi: The Unified Administration gave the approval to salvage there?
Tsumugi: That's where they manufactured combat vehicles for the defense forces of the former nation of Japan.
Tsumugi: And there should some information that the Unified Administration wouldn't want to be known as well...

Page 11
Scientist: Lieutenant!
Scientist: Lieutenant Saeki!

Page 12
Scientist: Could it be you've taken an interest in the markings on our production as well?
Tsumugi: No. I was just thinking about something.
Tsumugi: Rather than that, am I or am I not going to examine is the type-90 smart tank series?
Scientist: M-my sincerest apologies Lieutenant Saeki! Please come this way!
Tsumugi: Is this it?
Scientist: Yes
Scientist: This, is what you will be examining.
Scientist: Kishima Heavy Industry's very first Unmanned Atmospheric Descent Assault Weapon, "Type-96 AUV"...

Page 13
Scientist: Development code, "Octopus".
Tsumugi: It's larger than stated in the specs I've hear...
Scientist: Yeah. This is what we're supposed to use to stow away the smaller units but the real story behind it is that...
Ginga: Hey! I've come to pick you up Tsumugi. Like we promised, the first trip to a shrine for the new year...

Page 14
Tsumugi: S-so it was just you Saburouta. We didn't force you for this.
Ginga: It's true that I'm a little early but is that bad?
Tsumugi: No. I'll go tell Suzuro to get ready.
Tsumugi: Wait here for a little.

Page 15
Suzuro: I knew it. Quite the turnout isn't it.
Tsumugi: That's because it's the Iwafune's largest shrine.
Robot: It seems like that there are people who went out of their way to come here from other colonies.
Monitor: Festival

Page 16
Suzuro: So what do you think Ginga-kun?
Suzuro: Do you have any thoughts you'd like to share about this majestic outfit?
Ginga: Hah? Thoughts?
Ginga: Because you put on such bothersome clothes I had to wait more than an hour for you
Ginga: Oww!

Page 17
Robot: I as well think you should have come up with something better to say.
Tsumugi: Well, putting that stupid Saburouta aside, do you like it Suzuro?
Tsumugi: My newest work
Suzuro: Yup
Suzuro: It's really cute. I really like it.

Page 18
Suzuro: Thanks Obaachan.
Ginga: Later then
Ginga: I'll be in your care this year too!

Page 19
Tsumugi: "I'll be in your care this year too" huh? 2168 sure came by quickly.
Tsumugi: Before I knew it, Suzuro's sure has gotten bigger...
Suzuro: Obaachan. This server...
Tsumugi: Crap. I thought I erased away the high level ones...
Tsumugi: Don't even think about it. Kishima Heavy Industry is a cinsiderably dangerous server.
Tsumugi: You wouldn't be interested in it either since it's a defense contrator.

Page 20
Suzuro: It's a defense contractor?
Suzuro: Are you familiar with them?
Tsumugi: N-no. I don't really know anything about them. I just investigated them a little just now you see.
Suzuro: It's not like I'm interested in defense contractors but...
Suzuro: Kishima Heavy Industry. I think I've heard about them somewhere.

Page 21
Tsumugi: Kishima Heavy Industry was teminated during the Rudola Catastrophe 70 years ago. You probably just mixed it up with some other company.
Tsumugi: She heard about it somewhere!?
Suzuro: Yeah, but currently, no corporation names analogous to it have showed up in the search.
suzuro: On top of that, I also recognize the logo too...
Suzuro: S-so you say but Deja Vu does happen you know.
Suzuro: The brain does have its malfunctions.
Suzuro: Wh-what's wrong Obaachan?
Suzuro: Did something happen?
Suzuro: Don't tell me, this company...
Suzuro: Does it have something to do with that project...!?

Page 22
Ginga: ...Now then, our objective this time around is Kishima Heavy Industry.
Ginga: But since today's the first day, we're only going to do a preliminary sweep of the place. Anything further than the usual should be carried out with prudence.
Ginga: In any case, it seems that the government at the time approved the use of lethal armanents.
Ginga: That seems to be the reason why the server has an estimated difficulty rank of AAA.
Box: 2nd January 2168 A.D. Altitude 1300km
Ginga: From what we know, there doesn't seem to be any of the corporations Mechs...
Box: That plan...
Box: Saeki's research institute is supposed to have been heading it.
Box: At least until Kishima got involved. Had those roots always been deeper than anything I could imagine?
Box: In that case, the current Unified Administration is still...
Suzuro: Obaachan

Page 23
Suzuro: Tsumugi Obaachan!
Tsumugi: Wh-what is it Suzuro? Did something happen?
Suzuro: Like we were saying about Kishima Heavy Industry.
Suzuro: It provided munitions to the defense forces of the former nation of Japan right?
Ginga: Is that true?
Tsumugi: Ah. Yeah, more or less...
Tsumugi: I'll put off thinking about it for the time being.
Tsumugi: I can take the opportunity while salvage it to obtain some information.
Box: The problem, just how much I should tell Suzuro...

Page 24
Where connection to machines via VR Net is established.

SFX: Ziiiip
SFX: Bonk
(What sound does cloth make when it hits something? Bonk doesn't sound right)
Suzuro: Oops

Page 25
Suzuro: I missed.
Tsumugi: Hey! Suzuro! Don't just throw your clothes around like that!
Tsumugi: Put it in the basket properly
Suzuro: My bad
Box: There are magnets at the bottom of the basket. They pull keep clothes sewn with metallic fibre in place in zero gravity.

Page 26
Suzuro: But still, you sure have it easy Obaachan.
Suzuro: You don't need to use the annoying level 3 Communicate at all. You just plug in there directly and you can even go for a full dive.
Suzuro: And you'll always stay beautiful too.
Tsumugi: I'm absolutely not going to let you undergo cyborg transformation if it's for that kind of reason.
SFX: Plug
Suzuro: I won't
SFX: Beep
AI: Pre-dive Checklist is complete
AI: ALPFC flooding commencing
Suzuro: But I wonder if you're happy with being beautiful and healthy all the time.
Tsumugi: Honestly. You sure have gotten good with that mouth of yours...
Small text: Oh...
Suzuro: Phew...

Page 27
Ginga: Suzuro. Tsumugi.
Ginga: Sorry but we're going to have to abort the mission.
Suzuro: Did something happen...?
Tsumugi: What is it? The ship in trouble?
Ginga: That's right.
Ginga: It's just that the ship in trouble isn't ours...
SFX: Bzzt

Page 28
Ginga: It's Atila-san's
Ginga: Hey!
Ginga: This the Ginga Gou, Information Salvage Ship of the Iwafune.
Ginga: We can prepare rescue relief for your ship! Please respond!
Ginga: Shit! They're not answering back even on the emergency channel!
Ginga: Aren't there any survivors!?
Tsumugi: But it's strange that they haven't turned on their rescue signal. It should have turned on automatically in that state...

Page 29
Ginga: At any rate, I doubt we can waste a second discussing the their status. I'll head over there myself and confirm whether or not there are survivors!
Tsumugi: Don't you idiot!
Tsumugi: If that was because of a debris accident then that means it dangerous to be in orbit here! What can we do if the captain is away from the ship at a time like this!
Ginga: But it's not like we can just sit here and do nothing until rescue from the Iwafune arrives!
Tsumugi: I'll go
SFX: Plug

Page 30
Tsumugi: With my body, I should be able to work outside the ship for up to an hour without any equipment.
Tsumugi: Besides, I have experience with this kind of operation.
Small text: Beep
Suzuro: I'm coming too Obaachan.
Tsumugi(BOLD): Do-don't say such stupid things! It's way too dangerous!
Suzuro: I'll be alright. No need to worry.
Suzuro: Saburouta. You stored away some emergency repair robots that can work outside right?
Ginga: I did but those are automatons. You can't pull off any advanced stuff using those manually.
Ginga: It's especially impossible to use those for rescue...

Page 31
Ginga: Seriously. Suzuro really knows how to completely take you by surprise from time to time.
Ginga: Modifiying my maintanence robots and running two of them...
Suzuro: It's pretty easy you know.
Suzuro: I'm just controlling them through a new User Interface. I just added some new routine processes in there. I just interrupted the main processes that were already there and put the new ones on the highest priority.
Ginga: I have no idea what you just said there. You can return those back to normal later right...?

Page 32
Tsumugi: Right. I'll get onboard from here.
Tsumugi: Suzuro. Have the robot remain here on standby.
Suzuro: Roger
Suzuro: Alright then. Nico, you stand by in this area. Pana, you go explore the stern. Report back to me if you find any abnormalities.
Suzuro: Canal, you follow my intructions and head to the box.
Ginga: She even named them...

Page 33
Tsumugi: Looks like the airtight interior has completely been undone...
Tsumugi: If there are any survivors, the cockp0it's the first place I should check...
Tsumugi: Hey! Get yourself together!
Guy: Ugggh...

Page 34
Guy: Y-you're...
Tsumugi: Everything's going to be okay. I came here to rescue you.
Guy: Re-rescue... So I've been saved huh...
Tsumugi: You look like you're in bad shape there. We'll get out of here and get you some medical aid. How many people rode onboard with you?
Guy: Be-besides me there's
Guy: Our Diver Kyle...
Guy: Ah Ahhhhhh
Guy: That's right... Kyle's...
Guy: Ohh... Kyle...! Kyle!
Tsumugi: Hey! What's wrong!?
Tsumugi: Where's Kyle at!?

Page 35
Suzuro: What the heck...
Suzuro: It wasn't because of a deris collision...?
Guy: Kyle... He's dead.
Tsumugi: Dead? Because of the debris accident?
Guy: No! It wasn't the debris...!
Guy: If we don't get out of here quickly...
Guy: We'll get killed...!

Page 36
Tsumugi: I found one of the crew. He's wounded.
Tsumugi: Suzuro! Take him to the Ginga Gou for medical care.
Suzuro: What about you?
Tsumugi: According to this guy, there's another crewmember who's diver.
Tsumugi: He said the guy's dead but all I got was the gist of it.
Tsumugi: I'm going in again to confirm for my peace of mind.
Suzuro: Be careful okay. There's a huge tear in the ship's hull... This probably wasn't due to a debris accident.
Tsumugi: Got it. I'll take caution.
Tsumugi: Is this the diver room...

Page 37
Tsumugi: Wha
Tsumugi: It's plain and clear this kind of damage is unnatural!
Tsumugi: Don't tell me the emergency signal was smashed on purpose...
Tsumugi: Cra-

Page 38
Suzuro: Saburouta Counting on you to give him medical aid.
Ginga: Roger that.
Ginga: Pull yourself together! I'm going to patch you up now!
Guy: Kuh...
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep
Tsumugi: ...Saburouta...!
Ginga: Tsumugi? What's wrong!? The noise is awful!?
Small text: Bzzt
Tsumugi: ...Now... Suzuro... Tell... Orbit... Withdraw...
Small text: Bzzt
Small text: Bzzt
Tsumugi: ...this guy...!
Small text: Bzzt
Ginga: Hey Tsumugi! What happened!?
Ginga: Respond!
AI: Ginga Gou's AI to Captain. Emergency Warning.
Ginga: Mm. This is...
AI: Wide area jamming taking place. Source of jamming yet to be identified. Possibility of this being an electronic attack is 98%.
Ginga: An electronic attack!?

Page 39
Text: The true identity of the invited visitor is a phantom that should not by any means exist?
Tsumugi: The Type-96 AUV Octopus!?
Text: Why is there a weapon from before the catastrophe!?

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