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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Time Eliminator 2

Chapter 2

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Jul 24, 2010 13:35 | Go to Time Eliminator

-> RTS Page for Time Eliminator 2

This is reserved for Otakami Scans.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(S) - Music Note

Page 2
Text: The hidden truth behind that smile is...
Text: Chapter 2
Text: "This painting tempts me, it calls for me to seek it out, it bewilders me, I have been plundered by it. It's as if, like a little bird pinned down by a snake, I have unexpectedly been swallowed by it"
Text: - France Historian Jules Michelle 21st AUgust 1798 - 9th February 1874
(I can't find anything about this guy)
Text: Tomozo

Page 3
Aire: What exactly is a Babylon Item?
Text: Airedale's naive query...
Rex: What's this all of a sudden?
Aire: Umm...
Aire: I have yet to see it even once after coming here you see.
Aire: I was just thinking just exactly what those items really are...
Rex: I see. So you haven't seen them firsthand even since you came then...

Page 4
Aire: Is this one of them?
Rex: Yeah
Rex: What is this?
Aire: An apple... right?
Rex: That it is
Rex: Now, turn around for a bit.
Aire: Ah... Sure

Page 5
Rex: Okay, you can turn back now.
Rex: Now then, what is this?
Aire: The same as just now, an apple... right?
Rex: Seems that way doesn't it.
SFX: Click
Aire: Am I mistaken?

Page 6
Aire: The apple turned into a ball...
Aire: How did...
Rex: Do you know of the word "Bias"?
Aire: Bias... you say.
Aire: If I remember correctly, it means a prejudiced inclination towards something am I right?
Rex: Yeah...

Page 7
Rex: Even with the slightest possibility of a there being an inclination, humans become less capable of making precise judgements.
Rex: For example, let's say there's this young woman who has gives off the impression of being totally hopeless at sports.
Rex: People will see her as this klutz who's just plain horrible at sports.
Rex: Conversely, even if she's actually a super athletic person, people won't register that existence in their heads.
TN: Felt wrong to translate what he said and I know I translated it right.
Rex: People will only acknowledge and put together whatever they see fit from the information surrounding the subject.
Rex mutter: Okay!!
Aire mutter: No!!
Rex: Conversely, that makes it easy for people become inclined in ignoring what they think doesn't
Rex: And thereby the end result is that they end up making judgments based on erroneous facts.

Page 8
Rex: And your mistaking that ball for an apple just now, it made use of that bias.
Aire: Mmm. So in other words.
Aire: I mistook that ball for an apple because I thought that the apple was there at the beginning. Is that it?
Rex: That's right. This Babylon Item took that instance of partiality and covered it with the stronger bias.
Rex: It can even make push one to mistake a fake for the genuine article.

Page 9
Rex: Right now, science can't explain the mysterious powers of these Babylon Items. It'd be easier to call them OOPArts like they did in the 20th and 21st century.
Aire: I see!
Aire: So Conisch-sama is gathering items with that kind of power then!
Rex: Even I have no idea as to how many of these there are in total...
Aire: Pardon me but...
Aire: You're collecting these Babylon Items but
Aire: You really won't tell me what you're going to do with them are you?

Page 10
Rex: I've told you before haven't I? I can't expose you to danger by telling you about it. All I will say is that I am collecting them to close a certain door... That's all I'm going to do.
Aire: I guess so...
Aire: Well then...
Rex: Ahh. Not going to happen.
Rex: I ain't telling you a thiiing!
Aire: No no!
Aire: That's not it.
Aire: I was wondering if you could tell me about the time you obtained that Babylon Item...
Rex: Haaah!?(BOLD:"Haaah!?") Why would you want to know about that?

Page 11
Aire: But...
Aire: I just want to know more about Conisch-sama...
SfX: Fidgeting
Rex: Uuh
Rex SFX: Blush
Rex: Cheh!
Rex: I... I guess it can't be helped.
Aire mutter: Yay

Page 12
Rex: I got this from a client. The case concerned the theft of the Mona Lisa.
Aire(BOLD): Stealing the Mona Lisa!!? There was case like that?
Rex: Ahh. That's right.
Rex: It was a case that I eliminated before you came. So the incident that took place isn't recognized as reality then...
Aire: Seems that way...
Rex: The theft of the Mona Lisa...
Rex: The actual incident took place in the summer of 1911
Rex: And it also happened to be the very first request that I handled as an eliminator...

Page 13
Someone: Beautiful isn't it?

Page 14
Woman: The Mona Lisa... The most prominent and most often seen woman in the world.
Woman: Possessing that uniquely perculiar smile, she has a mystrious allure about her. Her eyes as well would just pull you right in with a mere glance.
Woman: But thanks to one certain incident, arguements about whether it's genuine or an imitation have sprung up...
Woman: I do not wish to feel such suspicion upon seeing this piece of art. I just want to experience the hope and thoughts that were put into this work...
REx: At roughly 8 a.m. on the 21st of August 1911... Rather than the crime that some people committed, it's the actually more about the sudden disappearance of the Mona Lisa from this Louvre. And there's the event of its return three years later that came along with it...
Rex: That's what you want me to eliminate?

Page 15
Marie: Yes... It can be done if it's you. That's what I heard from Barney when I asked him about it.
Box: Curator of Louvre Museum Marie Loyrette
Rex: And you believe that?
Marie: I am on the fence about it...
Marie: But, I do have a way to prove it. That OOPArt that I just handed to you is capable of such

Page 16
Rex(EERIE FONT): Ah... It's going straight into my head
Rex(EERIE FONT): Knowledge of this Babylon Item is... entering me
REX(EERIE FONT): Not good... If this keeps up my brain will melt...
Rex(EERIE FONT): This is the power of... Baby... lon...

Page 17
Marie: Are you alright?
Rex: Ye... yes. I'm fine...
Rex: it's real...
Rex: But, why this?
Marie: It's been handed down from generation to generation but keeping something I can't use would be like throwing pearls before swine wouldn't it?
Marie: If I pass it onto someone who can use it to grant my wish then...
Marie: I'd be killing two birds with one stone wouldn't I?

Page 18
Rex: Understood
Rex: Well then...
Rex: Please sign this.
Rex: By signing this, it will make it so that your memories would stay intact even after eliminating history.

Page 19
Rex: I have arrived on the 20th of August 1911 at 3.05pm local time.
Rex: The location is...
Rex: Probably Louvre's Napoleon Plaza. But somehow, it doesn't feel that way...
Rex: I see.... It's because the glass pyramid hasn't been built yet.
Rex: Aside from that, there doesn't seem to be any major differences from the present...
Note: The Glass Pyramid was completed in 1989

Page 20
Rex: that man with the straw looks like one of the targets for this time.
Rex: Vincenzo Perrugia...
Rex: Right...
Rex: About time for me
Rex: To move!

Page 23
Rex: Oh
Rex: The subject matter was right here...
Box: Salon Carre (Square Period)
Rex: On the right is Corregio's Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine.
Rex: And on the left is Tiziano's The Madonna of the Rabbit...

Page 24
Rex: Peruggia's talking to the Ranchelotte brothers
Rex: Vincent
Rex: and Michael
Rex: The three of them will steal the Mona Lisa tomorrow morning then...
Rex: How exactly should I protect her...
Somene: I won't let you do that!!

Page 25
Tissue: Huhmm(S)
Rex: Yo! Long time no see Snotty Tissue!
Tissue mutter: Wha!!
Tissue: That nickname is off limits!!
Tissue(BOLD): I've said before but my name is British Shorthair! I have a cute name you know!!
Tissue(BOLD): You haven't changed a bit! You're still as irritating as ever!
(TN: I curse the author using this weird ass name. Took me half an hour to realize it actually said British Shorthair. What makes it worse is that could probably be Shorthare.)
Rex: I was thinking that I haven't bumped into you in a while. As usual, you're still the raging wave of verbal attacks aren't ya.
Rex: So you hate being called Snotty Tissue huh... Well then, I think Bri-chan is good too. Bri Bri Bri~(S)
Rex mutter: Kuku...
Tissue mutter: Gnash gnash

Page 26
Tiisue: Ah well! I'll make you pay your dues this time around!
Tissue: I'll definitely catch you so prepare yourself!
Rex: Hey hey!
Rex: I haven't even done anything yet.
Rex: On top of that, we're allies to begin with aren't we.
Tissue(BOLD): Hah!! Allies!!?
Tissue: We're complete enemies right now! Do you even understand how serious a felony erasing history is!?
Tissue mutter: Do you?
Rex: There's ain't any evidence of me erasing anything.

Page 27
Tissue: Who else could it be except you!? At any rate, thank god I always kept a mark around this era!
Tissue: It's thank to that I've finally run into you!
Small text: As expected of me(S)
Rex: Thanks for that. It's hard to be such a popular guy.
Tissue: Hmmph!! Acting like that even now!
Tissue: This great British-sama will expose your crime perfectly!
Rex: Yeah yeah. Do whatever you want...
Rex mutter: Sigh... What a tiresome girl...
Someone(BOLD): It's closing time!

Page 28
Guard: Little miss, the exit is that way!
Girl: Got it~
Guard: Take care on your way home.
Box: Louvre Security Guard George Picke
Rex: Let's get going then... The museum's closing...
Rex: Since you're going to stalk me, I pray that you won't waste my time.
Tissue: Ah! Hey! I'm still not done talking!
Tissue(BOLD&LARGE): Don't just run off as you like!!!

Page 29
Gurad: It's time for us close up. Please hurry and pack up.
Gurad: Be sure to come again!
Box: 4 p.m. Inside of Louvre Museum D'Chatel - Warehouse
Guy: It's gotten quiet...

Page 30
Michael: Have they closed down...?
Vincenzo: Yeah...
Vincenzo: Now we just have to wait till tomorrow morning and carry out our job according to the orders...
Michael: Failure is not an option...
Vincent: That's why we went through all those simulations...
Vincenzo(BOLD): We will definitely pull this off!!
Text: Tout Va Bien
Subtitle: All is in our favor...

Page 31
Box: Paris Restaurant Rude Wyan
Woman mutter: Stop that~~(S)
Man mutter: GAHAHAHA
Tissue: I shee...

Page 32
Tissue: Sho yoo wanted to sheck out the ringleader behind the heisht...
Tissue: The one on the right ish Marcus, the boss of the bad guys... And the one on the left is probably the counterfeit genius, Eve Chaudron isn't it.
Small text: Om nom nom...
Rex: British... Don't talk while you eat...
Rex:Rather, you sure know a lot about them.
Tissue(BOLD): Of course I would!
Tissue: If we're talking about events that'd you'd erase, this would be the most interesting one(S)
Small text(CURLY FONT): Preparation! Preparation!!
Tissue: Perrugia's group sneaking in and stealing the Mona Lisa will turn into news later.
Tissue: He'll tell rich people "This is the real Mona Lisa that was stolen" and have Chaudron come up with a fake and sell that. It's crime that'll bring in loads of money isn't it?
Rex: That's about right...
Small text: Thanks for the long winded explanation
Rex: In the end he'll make money without getting caught. Just what part of this exactly should I eliminate...

Page 33
Box: On top of that, he's eating here to make up an alibi isn't he...
Tissue: Hey. Hey. Whatcha gonna do? You can't do a thing with me around you know~
Tissue mutter: Ehehee(S)
Tissue: So what exactly did you intend to do? Come on now. Go ahead and tell me.
Rex: You're being noisy
Rex: Maybe I'll head back to the hotel now that I've filled my stomach.
Rex: Don't come into to my room okay.
Tissue(BOLD): Hah!?
Tissue(BOLD): As if we'd go together to a hotel as man and woman! Sorry but it's too bad for you!

Page 34
Tissue: I'll keep an eye on you from the room facing yours! I'm not going to let you do anything!
Rex: I'll leave my curtains open so you'll can watch me as much as you please then.
Tissue: Ahh Before that I'll take a nice shower.
Rex: You... The same as always huh...
Tissue: Hmm Huhuhumm Lalala~(S)
Tissue: Fuu...

Page 35
Tissue: Whuaah(S) I've come back to life(S)
Tissue: Now then. Onto the observation~!
Tissue: Alright. He's right there~
Tissue: On top of that, he really isn't moving a muscle... That's boring... Rather, what did he come here to do exactly...
Tissue: Oh well. It's my job to make sure history doesn't get eliminated...

Page 36
Box: Take a guess
Tissue: I'm not letting you out of my sight!

Page 37
Rex: That's pretty good! You'd think it was the real Da Vinci who painted this.
Rex mutter: Ho Ho~~~
Eve: Wha!? Who are you!? When and how did you get in here!
Rex: Well From the window. I saw you painting the Mona Lisa so I got interested you see...
Rex: Oh! This is also one of Da Vinci's right?
Eve: That's... Dominique Ingres' Grand Odalisque...
Rex: Hee...
Rex: Everything over here seem to be copies that you painted but
Rex: Don't you have any originals that you painted yourself?

Page 38
Rex: With your skill you should be come up with one or two amazing pieces...
Eve: ...I have no intrest in that.
Rex: You don't? Why's that?
Eve: I don't know who you are but please don't bother me... I'm in the middle of work so would you kindly leave at once?
Rex: Well if you say so...
Rex: Huh...
Rex: Could it be that this painting is one of your originals...
Eve(BOLD): Please cut it out!!!

Page 39
Rex: Whoops
Eve: ...stop it.
Eve: I... ...I've decided not to do work that's not going to bring me money...
Eve: My works are merely there for my own self-satisfaction...
Rex: Hmmm... And that's the reason behind this job?
Eve: Yeah. Is that bad? This too is a fine job.

Page 40
Rex: That's true... Does seem to be to fine job.
Rex: But
Rex: Even though you decided not to paint anything, you still keep your remaining works properly...
Rex: Doesn't that mean you still have some attachement to it?
Eve: I told you stop didn't I!?
Eve: You've been babbling on and on since just now...
Rex: So... sorry. Looks like I made you angry...
Rex: I also like painting you see. It's been a while since so it got me worked up... I thought it'd be nice to paint something...
Eve: Hmm

Page 41
EVe: If you want to paint so much then go ahead and take those with you. I'm busy here.
Rex: Oh! Can I?
Rex: Well then. I'll help myself...
Rex: Later then. I'll return these if I can.
Rex: It was fun talking to you!
Eve: It was a pain for me...
Rex: Haha

Page 42
Rex: So it's already 8 o'clock huh...
Rex: That sure took a while...
Rex: Right! I've got my hands on some paint from this era too...
Rex: I think it's it's about time for me to start on my preparations!

Page 43
Box: 6.30 p.m. 21st August 1911
Guard: Group A will focus on maintanence in the Richelieu wing...
Guard: Group B will run checks in the Sull wing.
Guard: I'll be making rounds while carrying out checks myself. If something comes up, report it back to me.

Page 44
Box: Meanwhile D'Chatel - Warehouse
Someone: The gates should have opened by now...
Someone: Perrugia. Is it really okay for us to wear these tunics...
TN: It does say tunics there. A time period thing?
Vincenzo: These are what the staff working the Louvre are assigned with. There shouldn't any problems with them.
Vincenzo: Vincent! Michael! It's time for us to get started too!
Both: Right!

Page 45
Vincenzo: ...looks alright...
Vincenzo: I'll go on ahead...

Page 46
Vincenzo: Wha!! No one's supposed to be here at this time...
Vincenzo: Why is he here!!!?
Vincenzo: Fu-fuck...!
Vincenzo: That bastard... If I remember right, that's the guard in charge... What's he doing in front of the Mona Lisa!
Vincenzo: Since he's checking the artwork, he should be hurrying up and moving along! We can't do anything yet...
Michael: Perrugia, what's wrong?

Page 47
Guard: Hm?
GUard: I heard something...
Someone: Mr. Picke. So this was where you were!
Guard: Yeah. What's the matter?
Someone: We're done on our side.
Guard: I see
Guard: Right then, let's go and check the Egyptian hall.

Page 48
Vincenzo mutter: Haaa~~
Michael: That... That was close wasn't it.
Vincenzo: Yeah... Let's hurry and get started before anyone else comes.
Vincenzo: Vincent Keep an eye out for anyone while we take this apart!
Michael: Perrugia. Dismantling of the Mona Lisa complete.
Vincenzo: Right!
Vincenzo: Vincent, keep the Mona Lisa away in your clothes! We're getting out of here!
Both: Got it!!

Page 49
Michael: We did it!
Vincent: Yup!
Vincenzo: Don't get careless!
Vincenzo: We still haven't broken through the first obstacle!

Page 50
Vincenzo: Get this door open quick!
Vincenzo: Where's the duplicate key that the boss passed to us?
Michael: Hang on a second
Michael: Here
Vincenzo: Hm?
Vincenzo: Kuu
Vincenzo: Hmmph!
Vinchenczo: Shit! This is made from an old mould so it doesn't really fit in there. It won't open...
Michael: Wha... what did you say!?
Vincent: Perrugia, wha... what should we do...
Michael: Things are going to end up badly if we can't get this door open!!
Vincenzo: ...don't panic.

Page 51
Vincenzo: Can't be helped... Let's pick the door open.
Vincenzo: Michael! Stand watch upstairs!
Michael: Got it!
Vincenzo: ...right
Vincenzo: Now the keyhole...
Michael: Pe... Perrugia!!

Page 52
Michael: Tro... Trouble!
Michael: Someone's heading this way!
Vincenzo: What!?
Box: Louvre Exclusive Plumber Souve
Guy: Hm?
Guy: What are you guys doing standing around this kind of place...
Michael(SMALL FONT): Ah...
Vincent: We... Well...
Vincenzo: ...ww

Page 53
Guy mutter: Ohh?
Vincenzo: So... Some halfwit made off with the doorknob!
Vincenzo: Now then you big oaf!
Vincenzo: How exactly are we supposed to get out from here!?
Vincenzo: Are you trying to tell me that we have to go through the keyhole!?
Guy: Cal... Calm down.
Guy: There's no need to make such an uproar over this. Let me open it for you...
Guy: And
Guy: ...there

Page 54
Guy: See? It's open.
Vincenzo: Ohh!
Vincenzo: Sorry about that. You really helped us out!
Guy: No prob
Vincenzo: Bye... Bye then. We'll be going now...
Vincent: Ye... yeah...
Guy(BOLD): Hey!!!

PAge 55
Guy: I'm going to write up a report after this so
Guy: Please leave that door open like that.
Guy: We can't just let someone stand around at their wits end again after all...
Thieves: Siiigh~~
Vincenzo: Sa... Safe...

Page 56
Michael: Now all we have to do is just get out through the south exit of this courtyard!
Vincent: Yeah... Just a little more.
Vincent: Hey... There's someone...
Vincenzo: What?
Someone: Tch... The security is cleaning in front of the exit.

Page 57
Someone: Dammit! Why is it there are so many things we didn't predict happening at this time...
Cleaner: Hmmhmhmm hhmhmm(S)
Vincent: Wasn't this place supposed to be empty until half past seven...
Vincenzo: No. He's right on time...
Vincenzo: That door just now slowed us down. Looks like it's cleaning time...
Vincent: Are you serious...
Michael: What should we do Perrugia?
Box: You are here
Vincenzo: There's another exit on the other side but seems like it's got a padlock. The route seems to dangerous...

Page 58
Vincenzo: Going back there at this point is dangerous.
Vincenzo: The only logical possible route really is this one...
Vincenzo: But there's someone at the exit so...
Vincenzo: Are we going to have to knock him
Vincenzo: Ehh?
Vincenzo: You're kidding me... Something like this...
Michael: The exit...
Vincent: Is open...

Page 59
Vincenzo(BOLD): Hurry! Let's get out of here before that guy come back!!
Someone: Haa
Someone: Haa
Someone: Haa
Someone: Haa

Page 60
Michael: Haa
Michael: Haa
Michael: Haa
Vincent: Haa
Vincent: Haa
Michael: We... Did we do it...?
Vincenzo: Yeah...
Vincent: We... We really pulled it off didn't we...
Vincenzo: Yeah...
Someone: ...h
Someone: ...uu
Someone: ...uu...

Page 61
Guys: WE DID IT!!

Page 62
Tissue(BOLD&ANGRY FONT): I've been had!
Tissue: Damn it. To think he'd pull this on me...
Tissue: But, there's still no confirmation of history being eliminated yet. Just what sort of foreign influence is left...
Tissue: If I can find that then that guy will definitely show up...
Tissue: Just you wait Conisch!
Tissue: I will absolutely catch you!!

Page 63
Box: 23rd August 1911 Two days after the theft of the Mona Lisa
Boss: Why!?
Boss: Why hasn't it been mentioned in the newspaper!? It's the Mona Lisa! We stole the Mna Lisa!
Small text: Dammit!!
Eve: You don't supposed that Perrugia and the rest failed...
Boss: If they failed then they would have made the news. I'm going to try and contact them.

Page 64
Vincenzo: ...mm...
Vincenzo: Mmm...
Vincenzo: Shut up...
Vincenzo: Hello...
Vincenzo: Ahhh... Boss? What's the matter? At this time in the morning...
Vincenzo: Yeah... Of course we succeeded.
Vincenzo: Eh? I said we did. But we've been sleeping here with Mona Lisa right here.
Vincenzo: Haa... Understood. I'll check it out...
Vincenzo: The boss doubts us...
Vincenzo: The Mona Lisa is right
Vincenzo: here...

Page 65
Vincenzo: Eh...
Vincenzo: Wha... Tha... that... can't... be...
Vincenzo(SHAKY FONT): What the fuck is this....
Note: A special thanks to Hayashi Tomoaki-sensei
Boss(BOLD): Hey! What's wrong!?
Boss(BOLD): Perrugia! Answer me!! Hey! Hey!
Boss: Damn!
Eve: Wha... What happened boss?
Rex: Hahah! In any case looks like it's a total failure.

Page 66
Boss(BOLD): Who's there!?
Rex: Kukukuu...
Rex: Well, the shocked expression on Peruggia's face when the bias was undone must have been one heck of a masterpiece...
Rex: At any rate, this item really is amazing...
Rex: It really fooled ya!

Page 67
Boss: Don't tell me you're the reason for this!?
Eve: But, how did...
Rex: That's right... Though, even if I explained it all you still wouldn't understand...
Rex: I'll tell you anyway as a present.
Rex: At 3.45 p.m. on 20th August 1911, I stood there before the Mona Lisa troubled by the matter of how I would protect it...
Rex: Even if I did stop Perrugia from stealing it from the Louvre, I still wouldn't be stopping his boss Marcus, you. It was because there still stood the possibility of him using different people to carry out the heist. That's why I figured that the only thing that would have worked was to have you think you had it temporarily.

Page 68
Rex: That's when I spotted the security officer, George Picke. The guy was the head of security in the Louvre.
Rex: In the plan's simulation, he was the most troublesome person for Peruggia and his men.
Rex: On my out, I made sure to pass him by at his designated location at the bottom of the second flight of stairs.
Rex: At that time, I used the Babylon's Item's "Bias Copy" power to copy his.
Rex: To make myself one of the staff members was the basis for this. With that, even Peruggia and his men would mistake me for Picke.
Rex: After that, I had to go prepare the fake that Perrugia would steal and headed over to Chaudron's Atelier to obtain the painting materials.
Rex: After leaving the Atelier, I used the current private information that I investigated for in advance
Rex: To contact George Picke and tell him "No need to come in tomorrow. Someone else will take care of things for tomorrow."
Rex: I then proceeded to seclude myself in a hotel near the louvre until the next morning when the gates would open
Rex: And painted the fake with the painting materials until then.
Rex: And on the actual day itself at 6.30 a.m.

Page 69
Rex: The Louvre's gates opened and I used the Babylon Item's power to assume Picke's identity
Rex: I then ordered the maintanence teams to preform checks everywhere except for the Grand Gallery where the Mona Lisa was.
Rex: I proceeded to head to the Mona Lisa at the Salon Carre
Rex: From there, I stood in front of the Mona Lisa observing it allowing Peruggia to see me and hide himself. Under the pretense of carrying out a check, I switched the Mona Lisa with my own painting.
Rex: I then used "Bias Copy" on the Mona Lisa to disguise the fake as the real one and stealthily hid away the real one behind a wall.
Rex: After that, Peruggia and his men happily stole the fake and brought it with them.
Rex: I later went back to confirm that and put the real one back to where it originally making it so that nothing had taken place.

Page 70
Rex: And that's how it went. Your carefully laid out plans did not come to fruition. I essentially made as if it never happened.
Boss: Wha... That kind of thing is...
Boss: What are you...
Rex: Hahah You're reacting just like I predicted.
Rex: And that's it for my present...
Rex: And the last job I have to do is eliminate you!
Boss: Kuu... You bastard! So you want to kill me!? I... I won't let you!!!
Rex: Oh? You won't?
Rex: Alright! I'll take you...

Page 71
Small text: On...
Boss: Gahahaha!(BOLD&LARGE:"Gahahaha!") As if I'd let myself get killed!!
Boss: There are still a lot of things I want to do!!!
Rex: Trying to escape huh!!
Boss: Haa
Boss: Haa
Boss: Haa
Boss: Haa

Page 72
Boss: Guaaaahhh!!!
Boss: Kuuu...
Boss: Hah?
Rex: Goodnight

Page 73
Rex: Phew...
Rex: Right. I've eliminated the incident...
Rex: Mission complete...
Eve: ...mn
Eve: Da... Dammit...
Eve: Why... Why did this...
Rex: Seems like I threatened your job. Sorry about that Miss Chaudron. I left the tools I borrowed from you out by the entranceway...
Eve(BOLD): Why did this sort of thing happen!?
Rex: Eh?

Page 74
Eve(BOLD): Even though I've put my power to the test!
Eve(BOLD): Why did this happen!?
Eve(BOLD): My fakes... They all fooled the world! It was supposed to be best opportunity!
EVe(BOLD): This is your fault! It's all your fault!!
Eve(BOLD): Everything's ruined!!!
Eve: Haaa
Eve: Haaa
Eve: Haaa
Eve: Haaa

Page 75
Eve: Are you really okay with that?
Eve: Ehh?
Rex: The truth is that you really want to paint your own originals even if you have to suffer and be poor to do it, isn't that right?
Eve: ...you're wrong.
Eve: My originals are...
Rex: Then why did you bring along that piece that you treasure so much?
Eve: Tha... That's
Rex: You want to paint... That's the reason you brought it with you right?
Eve: So that someday you could continue painting it...

Page 76
Eve: I...
Rex: Ugh!
Rex: Crap!
Rex: Chaudron-san
Rex: I really would like to see your painting.
Eve: You want to see...
Eve: ...my painting?
Rex: Yeah. I'm looking forward to it.
Rex: See ya!

Page 77
Tissue: CONISCH!!!
Tissue(ANGRY FONT): GAAAHH!! I didn't make it in time!!!
Tissue: Even though I would have caught him if I had just found out his exact whereabouts just a littler sooner!!!
Eve: Umm... Could it be you are an acquaintance of that person just now?

Page 78
Tissue: Hm?
Tissue: I am but what of it?
Eve: That's...
Eve: If you have some time...
Eve: Would you help me out...?
Tissue: ......eh?
Tissue: A new way of flirting?

Page 79
Box: Present Day Louvre Museum Third Meeting Hall
Marie: Thank you for eliminating history...
Rex: But in the end the authenticity still gets questioned since it was stipulated that the Aerwass Edition was the genuine one by Vanan family...
TN: I have no idea what he's referencing here
Marie: Fufu... How true.
Marie: Then again, the people before us are fine with this regardless of whether or not it's real or fake.
Marie: That one picture... It's that one single woman that they're coming here to see isn't it?
Rex: ...that's good too.
Rex: Huh? Come to think of it, why is that even though history was eliminated
Rex: The Mona Lisa is being displayed here instead of the Salon Carre?

Page 80
Marie: Ah yes... A different woman's painting is now being displayed in the Salon Carre.
Rex: Hee...
Marie: She's not very famous but it was painted by a woman by the name of Eve Chaudron.
Marie: A single piece dedicated to the one who helped her reclaim herself...
Rex: ...and that's how it went.
Aire: Woo... Ugu...
Aire: That was the best... What a wonderful story! I'm so touched!
Aire mutter: Uwaaah~
Guy: Hey there

Page 81
Guy: Whoah!
Guy: Why is Airedale crying!? Conisch, you do understand it's not good to make women cry right?
Rex: She's crying because I told her an old story...
Rex mutter: Sigh...
Guy: You were telling old stories? That's pretty rare.
Rex: Shut it. Rather than that, what's with that huge bag?
Guy: Mm?
Guy: Ahh. This?
Guy: I went to Japan some time before this and bought a pretty old and rare painting you see. It was originally painted in Europe but seems that it kept moving from one owner to the next that it finally reached Japan but...
Rex: A rare... painting?

Page 82
Guy: Check it out(S)
Aire: Ah! That's quite a cute painting!
Guy: Isn't it? It's so old and yet it has the same style of the current era. It's quite rare...
Rex: How... How much did it cost...?
Guy: One Million
Guy: There there. Lately your luck's been bad so I thought it would improve if you put this up.
Small text: Ah. Of course you're going to have to cough up for it as well.
(I can't actually read what that says on account of the blurry kanji but this goes with the flow of his character and the event)
Rex: A painting... like this...
Rex: How would it improve my luck!!?
Text: Going round and round and ending up back at its origins. With meaning to it, his luck may actually be good...

TN: Sorry if there are glaring mistakes here and there but I'm not into art, history or french culture so I am very ill-equipped for this series. A special thanks to Galooza for helping me out with the names of two of the paintings featured in this manga.

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#1. by Endbeyond ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2010
Thank you so much for your hard work!

Just a correction: the France Historian was called Jules Michelet, not Jules Michelle.

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