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Hoshi no Samidare 65

That Which Will End and That Which Will Continue

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Sep 2, 2010 16:57 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

-> RTS Page for Hoshi no Samidare 65

This is reserved for Otakami Scans.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 1
Title: Hoshi no Samidare
Anima: ...What is it?
Yuuhi: Well...
Text: At long last, the finale!
Yuuhi: This really takes me back

Page 2-3
Title: Final Chapter That Which Will End and That Which Will Continue
Yuuhi: To think that it's already been 10 years since then.

Page 4
Yuuhi: Now then, let's see... "When" are you from?
Anima: I'm from the time of the designated day of the last battle.
Anima: Today, from this point onwards, the knights will gather and proceed to the last battle.
Yuuhi: I see... So then why did you call the me from 10 years after?
Anima: I... wanted to see your face.
Yuuhi: What? Is that all?
Yuuhi: Here
Yuuhi: You see it?

Page 5
Yuuhi(BOLD): Hihihi
SFX: Stiffen
Yuuhi: Questions then... What should I ask?
Yuuhi: Noi and the rest, just what did you base the servants of the rings from?
Yuuhi: Even though there's meaning behind the number 12
Yuuhi: They don't seem to be from the Chinese Zodiac or any constellations either.
Anima: Ahh. The moon.

Page 6
Anima: During my childhood days, we could see the patterns on the moon through the hospital window.
Anima: We didn't see any rabbits making mochi, crabs or any girls reading books So Animus and I would talk all night about what else we could see.
Yuuhi: I've never seen any Swordfish or Praying Mantises though.
Anima: How nostalgic...
Yuuhi: Something else... Oh yeah.
Yuuhi: You and Animus seem to be from the future but just when exactly are you from?
Anima(BOLD): The 32nd Century
Yuuhi: Whoah
Yuuhi: Di-Did we manage to colonize Mars?
Yuuhi mutter: That's farther into the future than I thought
Anima: I wonder about that... We did have some intention on going to Mars during our childhood but...
Anima: The history of the future I came from has changed so I have no idea how that'll turn out.

Page 7
Yuuhi: History has changed?
Yuuhi: What do you...
Anima: It's because I involved them in the battle.
Anima: I have drastically altered the life of one of the elite scientists of this present era.
Anima: Samidare's older sister, Asahina Hisame
Anima: And Shinonome Hangetsu I am a descendant of these two people.
Yuuhi: Eh
Anima: According to this timeline, me and Animus
Anima: Will never be born
Yuuhi: But wasn't it because he became the Dog Knight that they had an opportunity to meet each other...
Anima: No idea. There could have been other opportunities after all.
Yuuhi: Is that... so
Anima: ...Amamiya...

Page 8
Yuuhi: ...That's good.
Yuuhi: Those two were able to become happy ...
Yuuhi: That kind of future certainly exists as well.
Anima: Yeah
Anima: As well as many more within it.
Anima: Even ones where you turn out to be an adult like that.
Anima: I think
Anima: That's good as well.
Yuuhi: How about you Anima? Isn't there anything you'd like to ask me?
ANima: Eh
Anima: Yeah. ...How are things going now?

Page 9
Yuuhi: Pretty busy actually.
Yuuhi: I've become a detective.
Hiwatari: Amamiya!!
Hiwatari:Since you're free head on over to Nagumo-san's place!
Yuuhi: I am not free at all.
Hiwatari(BOLD): It's a job. Get over there.
Yuuhi: ...right.

Page 10
Subaru: Amamiya-san. Thank you for your efforts!
Box: Hoshikawa Subaru (24)
Nagumo: Amamiya
Nagumo: Running errands for Hiwatari again huh.
Box: Nagumo Souichirou (52)
Yuuhi: Hey there Hoshikawa-san.
Yuuhi: Hi Nagumo-san.

Page 11
Mikazuki: Yo!
Mikazuki: Sou-chan. Subaru. About the data I asked for...
Box: Shinonome Mikazuki (30)
Subaru: Mikazuki-san. Welcome in.
Yuuhi: Mikazuki
Nagumo: So Mikazuki came then.
Mikazuki: Geh! Yuu-kun.
Yuuhi: And what sort of data would that be exactly?
Mikazuki: No, I'm just one of the boss' errand boys so that's...

Page 12
Anima: So Nagumo Souichiro is doing detective work
Anima: And Hoshikawa is his assistant huh. That's unexpected.
Yuuhi: Mikazuki took over Shinonome-san's role .
Yuuhi: He works in an underground protection agency you see.
Anima: Underground
Yuuhi: Lately we've been seeing a string of incidents where we find these prowlers all naked from the waist down, all hung from the pedestrian bridge. That's your handiwork I take it.
Yuuhi mutter: Is this some manga
Mikazuki(BOLD): Nope
Mikazuki(BOLD): I wonder what's that all about.
Subaru: That's awful
Nagumo: Ahh, you mean the guys that Mikazuki asked me to investigate huh.
Nagumo: So something like that happened then.
Subaru: Nagumo-san
Mikazuki: Sou-chan!
Yuuhi: The perps are catching colds because of that and it's slowing down the investigation. It's a real hassle you know.
Mikazuki(BOLD): Then I'll leave their socks alone from now on.

Page 13
Yuuhi(BOLD): That's not the problem here! I'm going to have to arrest you one of these days you know!
Mikazuki: Weeell
Mikazuki: Hihihi Ah. Subaru. Let's go watch a movie. The one you said you wanted to see.
Subaru: But I'm in the middle of work...
Mikazuki: Sou-chan. Mind if I borrow Subaru for a bit?
Nagumo: Sure.
Nagumo: Hoshikawa, go right on ahead.
Subaru: Excuse us then, we'll be going now.
Mikazuki: See ya.
Anima: So Hoshikawa and Mikazuki are going out then?
Yuuhi: I'm not too clear about that myself.

Page 14
Yuuhi: Nagumo-san. What sort of data did he ask for?
Nagumo: It concerns the members of a group of swindlers.
Nagumo: At any rate Amamiya, want to head out and get some food?
Nagumo: So Hiwatari is the same as ever then huh.
Yuuhi: She's a slavedriver.
Nagumo: Have you put in for vacation time in August?
Yuuhi: I can once I clear a major case.

Page 15
Akane: I've finished delivering the food.
Box: Akane Taiyou (22)
Akane: Ah! Amamiya-san. Nagumo-san. Welcome.
Yuuhi: Hey Akane-kun.
Yuuhi: So you went and delivered in that outfit then?
Nagumo: Mmm
Akane: Sorano-san. I'm back.
Hanako: I've made you some food so
Box: Sorano Hanako (28)
Hanako: Go and put up the break notice there.

Page 16
Anima: So Sorano Hanako is running a cafeteria
Anima: And Akane Taiyou works there huh.
Yuuhi: It seems that the first floor of Sorano-san's house used to be a cafeteria a long time ago.
Yuuhi: She remodelled it back into service on her own.
Yuuhi: Akane-kun's a University student now and he's changed the most since then. He's got glasses now and for some reason wears Aloha outfits.
Yuuhi: Seems that he decided to loosen up after failing the university's entrance exam the first time round and somehow became a whole lot cheerier after...
Anima: Aloha...
Nagumo: With those glasses on, you sure look a lot like Amamiya from way back.
Akane: Mphhaha! Is that so?
Akane: Even Shimaki-sensei tells me that a lot too!
Akane: Really! Sorano-san's spicy hot Konnyaku dish is just absolutely scrumptious!!
Yuuhi: No. He doesn't. Not one bit.

Page 17
Hanako: Akane-kun and Amamiya-san?
Hanako: They really do look alike don't they.
Yuuhi: Even Sorano-san...
Akane: Amamiya-san. Let's go do some training again.
Yuuhi: Another time.
Nagumo: So you're teaching Akane the Furukumoryuu are you.
Yuuhi: I'm not teaching him anything so impressive.
Yuuhi: I came into acquired those skills through an irregular method you see. I've never even been to Shinonome House Dojo...
Yuuhi: On top of that, Mikazuki's teaching him too so Taiyou's movements are all messed up.
Akane: It gets interesting when the two of them get together and teach me things.
Yuuhi: If they come at you like this then you have to do this.
Mikazuki: You're supposed to make a feint like this if they come in like that.
Akane: Even the other day...
Akane: Ummm...
Yuuhi: Like this. Like this I said.
Mikazuki: But if it's like that then it has to go like this. See?
Yuuhi: No. It goes like this.
Mikazuki: It's better if it goes like this doesn't it.
Yuuhi: Like this!
Mikazuki: This!

Page 18
Mikazuki(BOLD): See!?
Mikazuki(BOLD): Like this!
SFX: Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
Akane: Yes, Sir!
Akane: I'll be sure to study it.
Akane: It ends up like that everytime so it ends up being a blast.
Akane mutter: Ki Ki Ki
Nagumo: Just what were you guys doing?
Hanako: What have you been doing?
Anima: Just what are guys doing?

Page 19
Yuuhi: 20 wins, 25 losses and 7 draws. Lately it seems like all I've been doing is lose.
Yuuhi: It seems that guy's gotten even stronger. The local Yakuza are even calling him Kishin.
TN: Kishin - Fierce God
Anima: Kishin...
Yuuhi: Ugh
SFX: Riiiing
Yuuhi: It's Hiwatari-san.
SFX: Riiiing
Yuuhi: Hello
Hiwatari: Amamiya, go on over to professor Shimaki's place since you're free.
Yuuhi: I'm not free at all.
Hiwatari(BOLD): Your job. Go.
Yuuhi: Fine...
Yuuhi: I'm going to Shimaki-san's place from here.
Yuuhi: Sorano-san, the bill.
Akane: Ah. I also have a report I've got to send in.
Nagumo: How busy.
Hanako: It's alright Akane-kun. You can go.
Hanako: Give Shimaki-san my regards.
Akane: Got it.
Akane: So, was there an incident?
Yuuhi: No

Page 20
Yayoi: Oh my. Amamiya-kun. Akane-kun.
Shimaki: Hey there.
Box: Shimaki Yayoi (Maiden Name, Hakudou) (33)
Box: Shimaki Hyou (37)
Akane: Ah. Mrs. Shimaki. Is something the matter?
Yuuhi: Good afternnon.
Yayoi: I just came to drop off Hyou-san's box lunch~
Yayoi mutter: No ho hon
Shimaki mutter: No ho hon
Shimaki: That really saved me Yayoi-san.

Page 21
Anima(BOLD): Hmmm?
Anima(BoLD): ...hmmm?
Yuuhi(BOLD&LARGE): They got married. The two of them.
ANima(BOLD): Hmmm?
Yuuhi: Like I said, Shimaki-san and Hakudou-san
Yuuhi: Got married the year before the last one.
Yuuhi: They even had a ceremony

Page 22
Anima: Just how exactly did...
Yuuhi: There were all sorts of reasons. We were surprised too when we found out they were dating.
Small text: It's been 10 years after all
Yuuhi: They're now a thoroughly happily married couple floating on cloud 9.
Yayoi mutter: No ho hon
Shimaki mutter: No ho hon ...well, it might be pretty outdated nowadays.
Yayoi: Well then, goodbye~
Akane: That's lot of boxes.. She's definitely stuffing him up so he'll kick the bucket sooner.
Small text: Death by Metabolism
Akane mutter: Whisper Whisper
Yuuhi: Idiot
Yuuhi mutter: You...
Shimaki: Amamiya-kun.
SHimaki: I heard from detective Hiwatari.
Shimaki: Here, the follow up on the findings on the care for the juvenile mentality of those from families with assailants as members.
Yuuhi: Thank you very much.
Akane: Haaa
Shimaki: Akane-kun, have you done your report?
Akane: Ah. Yes, somehow.
Shimaki(BOLD): Make sure you keep to the deadline on the next one.
Akane: Yes sir...
Small text: That I will

Page 23
FX: Ring Ring Ring
Akane: Hello?
Akane: Hm? Behind?
Yuki: Hi there Taiyou.
Box: Tsukishiro Yukimachi (24)
Yuki: I went to the shop just now and heard from Sorano-san that you'd be at the University.
Akane: Yuki-san, what about school today?
Yuki: Today's a half day.
Yuuhi mutter: Hey
Shimaki mutter: Hey
Yuki: Afternoon
Anima: Shimaki Hyou is an assistant professor at the university. Hakudou Yayoi is a housewife.
Anima: And Tsukishiro Yukimachi is middle school teacher huh...

Page 24
Anima: ...there seems(EMPHASISE) to be some meaning there for everyone.
Yuuhi: Seems that way.
Yuuhi: Incidentally, Tsukishiro-san and Taiyou are dating.
Yuuhi: Well then, I'll get going too.
Shimaki: Okay
Shimaki: Can you make it this summer?
Yuuhi: Yes.
Yuuhi: No need to worry.
Shimaki: I'm looking forward to it.
Yuuhi: Yeah.

Page 25
Anima: ...Amamiya
Yuuhi: Yeah, I know.
Yuuhi: I'm going to tell you now
Yuuhi: About her
Yuuhi: After fighting her illness for the 8 years since then, she finally went for the last operation two years ago in France.
Yuuhi: The surgeon was her own mother, the physician Asahina Haruko.
Mother: Pheeew... ......

Page 26
Father: Good work.
Father: ...How did it go.
Mother: Yeah... Thank you Otou-san.
Mother: It was a success.
Father: I see.
Father: As expected of the Godhand.
Mother: No
Mother: That was the work of humans.

Page 27
Yuuhi: She's been recuperating in France for the past 2 years since the operation.
Yuuhi: She's in the pink of health. My princess, Asahina Samidare.
Anima: ...Asahina Haruko was recorded as a historic figure in the medical field. As far as I knew, it was never stated whether or not she managed to cure her own daughter's illness.
Anima: I see... Samidare's cured...
Yuuhi: Say, why was it Sami who got the role of the princess?
Yuuhi: You're Hisame-san's descendant and yet it wasn't Hisame-san.
Anima(BOLD): Sami(EMPHASISE), huh?
Anima mutter: Calling her that
Yuuhi(BOLD): What?
Anima: You wouldn't understand even if I explained.
Anima: That's just how fate flowed.

Page 28
Yuuhi: Is it because she's someone's reincarnation or something like that?
Anima: That isn't the case.
Yuuhi: ...After this, who will you, Noi and the rest reincarnate into?
Anima: Who knows. But, they're probably end up someplace far away.
Anima: At the very least
Anima: You won't have to worry about us reincarnating as your children.
Yuuhi: Really
Yuuhi: There's no need to act so coy.
Anima: Fuu Now then...
Anima: It's time for us to say goodbye.
Yuuhi: Is that so... Thank you.
Anima: It was nice talking to you.

Page 29
Anima: Emerge victorious in the last battle
Anima: And show that your future has been connected
Yuuhi: Yeah
Yuuhi: That can be arranged

Page 30
Sami: Yuu-kun
Sami(BOLD): I'm home
Box: Asahina Samidare (27)
Yuuhi: ...Welcome back.
Hisame: Yo Are you taking a break from work?
Yuuhi: Hope you had a pleasant trip
Yuuhi: Yeah but I have to get back as soon as I can though.
Sami: Are you feeling okay?
Yuuhi: Yup. And you?
Sami: Mfufu

Page 31-32
Sami(BOLD): Invincible!!

Page 33
Hisame: She's got so much energy that it's getting to be a problem. Lately, she's even been running 10km every day.
Yuuhi: Ehhhhh
Yuuhi mutter: That's some recovery power
Sami: I'm taking on the olympics!
Sami: My goal is to bring home the gold for every sports event they've got!
Hisame: Can you even do that?
Hisame mutter: The rules and such
Yuuhi: Just what I expected from my lord.
Sami: Nishishi
Yuuhi: I'll be there to help you for the entirety of my life.
Box: I stake my life on it
Box: I've thought it every day in the time I could not see her.
Box: It's alright. I'm coming with you.

Page 34
Box: Me. This planet.
Box: It's all there for your sake.
Box: Even if it doesn't get destroyed
Box: If you think about it, you could do whatever you like can't you?

Page 35
Box: August that very year, we all met up at that beach once more.
Box: We went to hold a get-together as well as to celebrate Sami's full recovery.
Sami: Subaru-chan, did everyone grow ever more?
Akane: Maybe it's Asahina-san who's shrinking?
Sami: Akane-kun's the one who's getting too tall.
Mikazuki: Princess, are you up to drinking now?
Sami: Yup! Let's have a drinking contest! I'm aiming for the Olympics you see.
Nagumo: There's not going to be anything like that happening.
Shimaki: Ahaha
Yayoi: Ufufu
Sami: Oh yeah. I've got some things to give you all.
Sami: I made them myself.

Page 38
Box: 10 years ago, we called ourselves the Beast Knights.
Box: A group of people with psychic powers.
Box: Our enemies were Animus and his minions of golems.
Box: We fought in battle for the very existence of the Earth.
Box: Within that, there was a third faction that plotted to destroy the planet in secret.
Box: This tale of the planet's destruction concluded in nearly a year's time.

Page 39-40
Yayoi: Hey everyone~
Yayoi: What do you say that we leave our luggage here for a bit and take a stroll along the beach~?
Hanako: Sounds good to me.
Akane: Uwaah! Ouch!
Mikazuki: What's with that pathetic tone Taiyou? Your Aloha's sobbing away.
Small text: Ki ki ki
Akane: But it's hot!
Box: Even though an amazing story like that took place
Box: Even though that story has already come to an end
Box: Even now, after 10 years have passed us by
Box: Our lives goes on as always

Page 41-42
Box: We have gained friends to share our lives with.
Box: Our story continues on
Box: And with this...

Page 43
Box: We have
Box: Grown up a little

Hoshi no Samidare - END
The final volume is set to go on sale this winter!!

Credits Page
TN:The ad page says that Mizukami-sensei will be drawing a 16 page original episode in exclusive to a pamphlet as well as color illustrations that can only be acquired through the application at the bottom of the page, free of charge. Sucks not to be a local in this case doesn't it.
TN: Couldn't stop smiling during this entire chapter:D A most satisfying epilogue for an already satisfying story. My only regret is that I didn't translate Sami's "Muteki" as "Unstoppable" the first time she said it. Be sure to thank Mizukami-sensei for his hard work at "http://nanbeinekogaeru.blog61.fc2.com/?no=62". Oh and pray to whatever deity you worship that this gets licensed as well an anime by GAINAX.

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#1. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Sep 2, 2010
holy hell..i knew it had a lot of text but..daaaamn :))
#2. by Transfade ()
Posted on Sep 2, 2010
Yup. Did my best to get this out asap but fate kept throwing obstacles in my way. Do your best dood!

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