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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

Geko Geko 1

Geko Gko

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Sep 20, 2010 07:08 | Go to Geko Geko

-> RTS Page for Geko Geko 1

This is reserved for Otakami Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
TN: – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 9
Text: Geko Geko

Page 10
SFX: Click

Page 11
Nanami: Tetsumaki, I'm home.
Tetsu: Mm. Welcome back.
Nanami: I bought some Sake,
Nanami: Let's drink.
Tetsu: mmm
Box: My boyfriend is

Page 12
Nanami: A frog
Tetsu: What? Again?
Tetsu: It's still light out isn't it?
Nanami: It's okay.
Nanami: Let's watch a video.
tetsu: Haaa
Box: Koido Tetsumaki. 23 years old.
Box: One morning, he just woke up as frog.
Tetsu: Team Baton?
Nanami: They're martians or something
Tetsu: Hmmm
Box: Ever since then he's stayed out of the public view and locked himself away in this room all this time.

Page 13
Nanami: Ughh
Box: Taking care of himself is surprisingly enjoyable.
Nanami: I'm hungover...
Nanami: It's done...
Tetsu mutter: Croak Croak Croak
Box: He can take baths and go to the toilet as usual
Box: He can also clean the room by himself
Note: Likes having things neat and tidy
Box: Except for not being able to go outside, he's still exactly the same as when he was human
Box: As for the things I do for him
Box: I rent books and videos for him
Box: I buy food and other various things for him
Box: I do a lot of things for him outside
Eiko: Hey there Nanami
Eiko: Do you have a second?
Nanami: Eiko

Page 14
Tetsu: The weather sure is nice...
SFX: Growl~
Tetsu: I could really go for some spaghetti
Nanami: A mixer!?
Eiko: That's right. We don't have enough members so it'd be great if you could help. Please!
Nanami: Yeah... a mixer huh.
Nanami: But...
Eiko: It's friday this week. Just for that one day!
Nanami: Wah
Eiko: For just that one day, please forget about Koido-senpai who disappeared!
Eiko: Got it?
Eiko: You want us both to turn out happy, right?
Nanami mutter: Whoah Scary
Eiko mutter: He He He He
Nanami: For 700 yen, you can drink as much you like...
SFX: Stiffen

Page 15
Nanami: Will there be Pon Sake?
Eiko: If you could please don't ask for it but if you want it, you'll get it.
Nanami: I'll go then.
Nanami: Sorry, Tetsumaki.
Tetsu: Mmm~ Tasty
Nanami: ...Tetsumaki
Nanami: Hmm?
Nanami: Why...
Nanami: Why do you suppose you turned into a frog?

Page 16
Tetsu: Mmmm
SFX: Rub Rub
Nanami: Ah... Sorr...
Tetsu: Maybe it was that(EMPHASIS)
Nanami: Ehh?
Tetsu: I accidentally stepped on a frog
Tetsu: Ugh
Tetsu: At the shrine
Nanami: It happened the day before I transformed
Nanami: No way that's it

Page 17
TV: It's beautiful isn't it? The Sea
Tetsu: ...mi
Tetsu: Nanami
Eiko: Nanami
Nanami mutter: Wah
Eiko: Sheesh
Eiko: What are you spacing out for?

Page 18
Eiko: Have you decided on what to order?
Nanami: Ah
Nanami: Yeah
Eiko: Three Lives
Eiko: A Lychee Sour and an Oolong High
Nanami: Two servings of warm sake
Nanami: And one Choco as well
Eiko mutter: Buh
Eiko mutter: So suddenly
Shimizu: I'm Shimizu.
Yamaguchi: I'm Yamguchi.
Horiuchi: I'm Horiuchi.
Nanami: Nanami.
Eiko: I'm Eiko.
Keiko: I'm Keiko.
Eiko: What sort of movies do you watch Shimizu-san?
Eiko: Ahh. I like that one too.
Eiko: We sure do get along don't we.
Eiko: I'd like to see that too.
Eiko: You know. That supervisor's...

Page 19
Eiko: Make conversation will you
Eiko: Don't just drink
Nanami: Ahhh
Someone: Thank you very much
Someone mutter: HA HA HA
Eiko: Huh? Nanami, what about the after party?
Nanami: No thanks
Nanami mutter: Wobble Wobble
Horiuchi: I'll escort you
Horiuchi: Which way is your house?
Nanami: Hmmm?

Page 20
Nanami: Uuu... uggh
Horiuchi: Are you alright?
Nanami: So hard...
Horiuchi: Eh?
Nanami: Tetsumaki...
Nanami: Siiiiigh
Nanami: Even though I'd be free if you weren't around...
Nanami: Why did you have to go and become a frog...
Horiuchi: ...Something bothering you?
Horiuchi: If you're fine with me, I'd be happy to talk about it with you.

Page 21
Nanami: It's impossible
Nanami mutter: mmph
Nanami: I'm simply just trying to be helpful here...
Box: What do you want a stool for?
Box: It's so I can cook for you whenever you come home from the outside.
Box: Ehhh? Haha. You don't need to do that.
Box: What? Then I'd be of no help at all like that.
Horiuchi: Hey...
Horiuchi: It'd be better for you to take a rest

Page 22
Nanami: Well, my boyfriend's waiting for me you see
Nanami: Without me
Nanami: He wouldn't be able to go on living
Nanami: See yaa
Horiuchi mutter: ...huh?
Horiuchi muttter: Hah?
SFX: Beep Beep
Nanami: Ugh...
Tetsu: It's gotten pretty high
Nanami: Tetsumaki...
Nanami: I'd be free if you just weren't...

Page 23
Nanami: Tetsumaki, I'm sorry...
Tetsu: What?
Nanami: ...It's nothing
Tetsu: Honestly. It's still cold so you shouldn't be going out and wandering around all night.
Nanami: Got it
TV: And we're here from Lake Biwa.
TV: Um, this time's...
Nanami: Say, why did...
Nanami: Why did you go to the shrine?
Tetsu: Err
Tetsu: ...well
Tetsu: That's
Tetsu: I wanted to be able to swim
Tetsu: Well, you know, since we couldn't go to the pool or the sea last year. I can't even practice.

Page 24
Tetsu: I guess I just really wanted to go to the sea with you.
Tetsu: And show you someplace nice...
Tetsu mutter: I do want to go eventually
Tv: Here from lake Biwa...
Eiko: Nanami!
Eiko: Are you over your cold now?
Nanami: Yeah
Eiko: Did you come to class?
Nanami: I sat behind you.
Eiko: Sigh... We have to send in that report don't we. Want to go tackle it with everyone today?
Nanami: Ah. Sorry but today's a little...

Page 25
Eiko: Ehh? Ah, don't tell me you and the guy from the mixer are...
Nanami: No, that's not it. I'm just going shopping and stuff.
Eiko: Tch. That's pretty skillful of you.
Nanami: Like I said, that's not it...
Nanami: See you later.
Nanami: I'm going to have to teach Tetsumaki how to cook aren't I.
Nanami: ...dehehe
Cashier: Thank you very much.
Nanami: What should I teach him to make...
Nanami: It really has to be hamburgers huh...
Nanami: He just loves them.
Nanami: I'm home!
Nanami: I got something really nice.
Nanami: Tetsu...

Page 27
text: I guess I just really wanted to go to the sea with you.
Nanami: The sea...
NanamI: Ah! That's far! He's got to be at water much nearer to here...
Nanami: The river!?
Nanami: There aren't many people there...

Page 28
Nanami mutter: Wheez
Nanami: Wha...
Nanami mutter: Wheez

Page 29
Nanami: What are you doing...
Nanami: What are we going to do if people see you!?
Nanmai: Tetsu...
Tetsu: Well, just calm down first.
Nanami: See here you...
Tetsu: I'm leaving all my belongings to you.
Tetsu: I left a letter under the bed so be sure to read it.
Tetsu: I also hid some Sake behind the bookcase. Feel free to drink them.
Nanami: Hey... What exactly...
Nanami: What's going on here Tetsumaki.

Page 30
Tetsumaki: Try to cut back a little on the alcohol from now on okay. And put in a little more effort into your reports too.
Tetsu: Make sure you clean the room regularly.
Tetsu: You always make messes real quick after all...
Nanami(BOLD): What are you going on about!?
Nanami(BOLD): Why don't two of us go home now? Come on now.
Nanami(BOLD): Tetsumaki
Nanami(BOLD): Let's go home...

Page 31
Nanami(BOLD): Where are you going!?
Nanami(BOLD): Just how do you plan on getting there!? You can't swim after all!!
Nanami(BOLD): Can you even live without me there?
Nanami(BOLD): I(EMPHASIS) can't live without you! Tetsumaki(BIG&BOLD)

Page 32
Tetsu: For some reason, I just felt like swimming.
Tetsu: I am a frog after all.
Tetsu: Also, you can do whatever you want to do even if I'm not around.
Tetsu: I guarantee it.
Nanami: So why...
Tetsu(BOLD): That, I wrote it down in the letter.
Tetsu: Sorry about this, but...

Page 33
Tetsu: We'll definitely see each other again
Tetsu: so
Tetsu(BOLD&EMPHASIS): See you later.

Page 34
Nanami: Tetsu...

Page 35
Nanami: Fre...
Nanami: ...Ha
Nanami: ...Ha Ha

Page 36

Page 37
Box: To Nanami
Box: Sorry for disappearing off so suddenly like this
Box: It's not that I don't want you to take responsibility any further than this.
Box: I was just thinking of taking a trip somewhere far away for a bit.
Box: I don't know how or why I've taken this kind of form
Box: But since I can finally do so, I'm going to enjoy myself doing what this frog body enables me to do.
Box: So you don't have to worry or anything.
Box: I'm looking forward to our reunion.

Page 38
Box: P.s. Please accept this sketch.
Box: It's a little early but I drew it for you as your birthday present.
Box: Sorry for not going to the sea with you. From Tetsumaki.

Page 39
Nanami: The sea?
Eiko: Yup, tomorrow.
Nanami: Ahhh. Sorry. This week's a little...
Eiko: Ehh?
Eiko: Why's that? Is it your boyfriend?
nanami: Eiko, that's just stupid.
Eiko: Was I wrong?
Nanami: Wrong... Ah, no...
Eiko: Tch
Nanami: At any rate sorry.
Nanami: Nish Shishishi
TV: We're coming to you from Lake Biwa this week as well.
Tv: Our guest this week is

Page 40
Announcer: Lake Biwa's Water God, Tetsumaki-san.
TN: Amusingly enough, "Water God" can be read as both Suijin and Mizukami.
Tetsu: Hey there everyone
Tetsu: Lately, you've been quite the big hit haven't you. The locals are even calling you the grace of god.
Tetsu: Haha. All I did was just swim whenever I liked though.
Tetsu: I feel kinda bad that they went so far as to build this great shrine for me.
Box: My boyfriend is a frog.

Page 41
Part 1 [Geko Geko]

*The frog and the bespectacled girl that I've been wanting to draw has finally been drawn.
The room they live in also being at a place I lived at before, the heroine loves drinking alcohol,
All of it was composed of only things I liked.
This is the last work I drew before my debut, however,
even now after having become a pro, it's still the one I liked drawing the most.

*Just as soon as I finished drawing up the name for this "Geko Geko",
they had announced the results of the Rookie of the Year award, the one that I submitted Yaichirou(Next Page) for,
and the chief phoned in to tell me that my debut's been decided.
As the work that stood witness to the moment I stepped forward from being an aspiring mangaka to an honest to goodness mangaka,
this sends me back deep into all sorts of memories.
...so, chief who contacted me about the results of the Rookie of the Year award told me this,
"Show me the name that you're drawing right now", and just like that I made my way to over to OURS.
Rather than my debut work, it's this "Geko Geko" that started it all.
...And that's why it gets to be the title of the index.

What didn't get covered
*The two main characters are both science and technology university students, Tetsumaki having future prospects as a prodigious institution's student.
But then that went and happened to him... and it turns out the guy's happy with it anyway.
Right now he's having fun swimming around and merry-making with the locals.
Nanami's picking up the odds and ends nicely. How these two began their romance is... a mystery.

Box: One morning, he just woke up as frog.
Tetsu: Team Barton?
Nanami: They're martians or something
Tetsu: Hmmm
Box: Ever since then he's stayed out of the public view and locked himself away in this room all this time.

TN: You can tell a lot about an author from his works. Just wonder why not being able to swim was so important to him.

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#1. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Sep 20, 2010
this is gonna take a butt-load of time

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