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Geko Geko 2


+ posted by Transfade as translation on Sep 28, 2010 00:14 | Go to Geko Geko

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This is reserved for Otakami Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
TN: – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 43
Box: Yaichirou

Page 44
Keiko: Sorry I'm late.
Keiko: But that damn Yaichirou...
Doctor: Found yourself on a roof again?
Doctor: Oh my, having multiple personalities must be quite the hassle, isn't it.
Keiko: Haa
Keiko: Why is this guy so laidback...
Doctor: Let's see, you've also had five counseling sessions now. For now, let's go over your circumstances Keiko-kun.

Page 45
Doctor: Koido Keiko. Primary Personality. 20 years old. University Student.
Doctor: Yaichirou. Manifested March last year. Secondary Personality.
Doctor: Because he wanted a human body, he hitched a ride in Koido-kun's. 112 years old. A cat with psychic powers. (Self-proclaimed)
Doctor: And then... I wonder if there's nothing else to go over at moment?
Doctor: Well, impatience is taboo and patience is a virtue so let's take this slowly.
Keiko: ...That's because you're not in a hurry are you...

Page 46
Keiko: Huh... Why am I at a place like this?
Keiko: Yaichirou. You awake? Honestly, you are really...
Yaichirou: Don't just get down from the roof whenever you like!
Keiko: Don't you(EMPHASIS) get up onto the roof whenever you like!
Yaichirou: Aren't we going home?
Keiko: Work.
Girl: Welco... Oh my, Koido-san.
Girl: What's the matter?
Keiko: ? What you say... Well, there's my job and...

Page 47
Girl: Eh? But you...
Keiko: Huh?
Keiko: Ah, owner...
Apron: Crescent Moon Shop
TN: "Crescent Moon" is pronounced Mikazuki btw.
Guy: You're fired.
Guy: You come late and go home early. You take off time without permission and you eat the snacks.
Guy: You also treat the customers roughly.
Guy: Right now, we have enough hands here.
Guy: There are plenty of people who can replace you.

Page 48
Yaichirou: This great isn't it. It was a lousy job.
Keiko: You damn jinx.
Yaichirou: What's that for? You make it sound like it's my fault.
Keiko: It is(EMPHASIS) your fault!!
Mother: Keiko. It's time to eat.
Yaichirou: Keiko's not hungry. Oh! Salmon!
Mother: Is that so? Well then Yaichirou, come eat for her.
Yaichirou: I'm digging in.
Mother: It really is nice to have a boy.

Page 49
Doctor: What? So you got fired then?
Doctor mutter: Slurp Slurp
Doctor mutter: Nohoho~n
Doctor: A short fuse is going to make you lose. You shouldn't get hot under the collar like that you know.
Guy: There are plenty of people who can replace you.
Mother: Is that so? Well then Yaichirou, come eat for her.
Mother: It really is nice to have a boy.
SFX: Annoyed Annoyed
SFX: Frustrated Frustrated
Keiko: Cats sure have it nice. Being so carefree and all.
Boy: Yaichirou
Cat: Meow
Keiko: Huh, why did I react...

Page 50
Boy: Here's some food.
Keiko: Yaichirou... the cat.
Keiko: Come to think of it, the people of this house
Keiko: I'm sure they moved away March last year...
Keiko: Last year during March, Yaichirou also... ...no... don't tell me that...
Yaichirou: I'm going off now
Mother: Oh my, Keiko. Where's your bag?
Yaichirou: Don't need it.
Yaichirou: I'm just taking a stroll to the sea. Bye.
Mother: Huh? ...Ah! Yaichirou?
Mother: Wait... I'm certain that today Keiko was going to...

Page 51
Keiko: I was supposed to take my supplementary exams today!!
Yaichirou: Ah. Morning Keiko. It's already noon you know.
Keiko: Noon!? It's over now!
Yaichirou: Rather than taking an exam, coming here was more interesting.
Keiko: That's not the problem here is it!? What am I going to do!? I failed another credit again!
Yaichirou: Doesn't have anything to do with me.
Yaichirou: I am a cat after all.
Keiko: And I'm the one who ends up taking the trip home...

Page 53
Keiko: Ju-just now! Was that ESP!?
Yaichirou: Guess so.
Keiko: Agh... That's it. Hand me back control over my body.
Yaichirou: We'll get home faster this way.
Yaichirou: Ah
Keiko: AHHH!!
Guy: Kei... Keiko-cha...!?

Page 54
Phone: Doot Doot
Doctor: Reading that back, because he couldn't take anymore of Yaichirou-kun's anti-social behaviour, your boyfriend told you "We're breaking up"
Doctor mutter: That he did
Doctor: Well... How should I say this? He didn't handle supporting your mental health very well did he.
Doctor mutter: With that personality
Keiko: Wheez Wheez

Page 55
Yaichirou: It's not something worth getting angry over. There are rotten men out there after all.
Keiko: ...down.
Yaihcirou: Huh?
Keiko: Let's have a showdown Yaichirou.
Keiko: Winner gets the body.
Yaichirou: What's with you all of a sudden
Keiko: I'll let you decide how we do this.
Yaichirou: ...hee? You're serious then?

Page 56
Yaichirou: We'll settle it with a game of tag! You have until sundown to catch me.
Yaichirou: If you do, I'll give up that body!
Yaichirou: However
Doctor: Oh? A... cat?
Keiko: ! That cat...
Yaichirou: If you fail to do so by then
Yaichirou: Then at that time I(EMPHASIS) will be "Koido Keiko"!

Page 57
Yaichirou: I too, am tired of fighting.
Doctor: This is unreasonable Keiko-kun. I also understand the resentment you hold
DOctor: But your chances of...
Doctor: Ah

Page 58
Guy: There are plenty of people who can replace...
Mother: Well then Yaichirou, come eat for her....
Yaichirou: There are
Yaichirou: rotten men...

Page 59
Yaichirou: Teleportation
Yaichirou: You've heard of this at least right?
Yaichirou: Then at that time I(EMPHASIS) will be "Koido Keiko"!

Page 60
Keiko(ANGRY FONT): Don't you screw around with me
Keiko(ANGRY FONT): I will definitely kick you out of here!
Yaichirou: Scary

Page 61
Doctor: Keiko-kun!
Yaichirou: My body!

Page 62
Yaichirou: Damn... I need to tele...
Yaichirou: ! I can't!?

Page 63
Yaichirou: Fast...!? Don't tell she's snatched away my psychic powers... WAH

Page 64
Yaichirou: I got you!
Cat: Meow
Doctor: She's floating...
Doctor: Hey... Yaichirou?
Yaichirou: Ah... My consciousness been completely transferred...
Yaichirou: I am no linger inside that cat.

Page 65
Yaichirou: It's all because you went and took my powers. Dammit. Our souls were way too close.
Keiko: Huh!?
Keiko: Uwaah!! I'm floating!?
Yaichirou: We can no longer separate ourselves!
Keiko: EHHH!?
Doctor: Heeey! Keiko-kun! Can you come down?
Doctor: Let's see, so basically...
Doctor: That cat, "Yaichirou's" body was also borrowed.
Docotr: Hahaa I see.

Page 66
Yaichirou: I wanted to try out humans once in a while you see.
Keiko: Just what exactly were you originally
Yaichirou: Well, originally I was a cat too.
Docotr: Psychic powers huh... Hmm.... "Esper Keiko"? Sounds nice.
Yaichirou: Well, it'll naturally go away in a hundred years. You'll have to bear with it until then.
Keiko mutter: Haa?
Keiko: I can't just bear with it. I just wanted to be normal and...
Keiko mutter: Esper Keiko?
Keiko: Huh?
Keiko(BIG AND BOLD): 100 years!?
small text: One hun...
Yaichirou: Well at the very least be sure to take good care of me "Esper Keiko"
Doctor: That's pretty nice "Esper Keiko"

TN: This would have made a pretty entertaining short series IMHO.

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