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Tokyo Innocent 13

The Start of Summer and The First Date in Tokyo 2

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Oct 1, 2010 11:32 | Go to Tokyo Innocent

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Innocent 13

This is reserved for Ala Atra Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 99
Mei: Hanzou... I wonder if he managed to meet up with Chii-chan?
Chitose: Stop acting like a mime and say something

Page 100-101
Title: Chapter 13 The Start of Summer and The First Date in Tokyo 2

Page 102
[Age] Unknown
[Attribute] Youkai, White Bonze
[Special Characteristics] A round, white, fluffy and light Youkai child.
[Height] Approximately 50 cm(Varies slightly depending on the temperature and humidity)
[Birthday] Unknown(The Priest and the rest celebrate it on June 6th every year)
[Blood Type] Unknown
[Hobby] Sketching. Adventuring.
[Likes] The Priest. Friends

[Food] Uncooked rice. Seaweed. Sweets
[Specialties] Sucking out fevers. Following scents.
[Weak Spots] Horrible tasting food
[Character] An innocent and unruly boy.
- Appears at unexpected places and unexpected times.
- Things often ride on top of his head.
- He was found by the priest a long time ago

[Concerning Shirobou]
- He's a boy.
- The priest spoils him.
- He's gotten rounder and rounder as the story progresses.
- Shirobou's made a secret appearance in volume one. (In one panel only though.)
- Just realized that I've been using him as a self-portait lately...

Page 103
Hanzou: ...... ......huh
Hanzou: I feel like I should say "Nice to meet you"...
Hanzou mutter: Nice to meet you
Chitose: Let's just hurry and find that teacup!!
Hanzou: Wait Chitose!
CHitose: I knew these clothes didn't suit me. Let's just finish this off quickly so I can go home.
Text: Ten minutes later
Shopkeeper: That will be 1200 yen please.
TN: US$14
Shopkeeper: Thank you very much!

Page 104
Chitose: We sure found it quickly.
Small text: ...On top of that, it was cheaper than I thought.
Hanzou: Kannushi called me on the phone last night and told me where to find the shop.
small text: He has good taste. This is a fine shop.
Chitose: Now that we've taken care of the errand I'm going home!!
Hanzou: Wait
Hanzou: Chitose
Hanzou: Would you like to go on a "date" with me?

Page 105
Chitose: Wha- What did you just say!!?
TN: She's stuttering Baka in the background
SFX: Rummaging
Hanzou: Kannushi gave me my pay envelope the other day but...
Hanzou: There was a second one inside just like this.
TN: Kannushi, you magnificent bastard! :O
Envelope: Compensation for the date. This should help out. By Kannushi
Hanzou: He said on the phone that I should take you out for a meal if we had extra time.
Chitose: ...before that do you even understand the meaning of the word "Date"!?
SFX: Outright
Hanzou: I did not overlook that. It means "An engagement between men and women to go out socially and spend time together"
Small text: I looked it up in the dictionary I borrowed from Neesan last night.
Hanzou: ...furthermore. It's be a waste if you just went home after all the trouble you went through putting on your best clothes.

Page 106
Chitose: Don't misunderstand this! All of this was because grandpa prepared it...
Chitose: I'm not into dressing up like this at all!!
SFX: Frantic
Hanzou: ...I don't really follow but they suit you so isn't that good enough?
Small text: Oh
Chitose: Since you say that for whatever reason, I'll come along for just a little bit!!!!
Hanzou: Okay
Hanzou: That's great.(LARGE:"That's great") I too would like to walk around and see this vicinity a little.
CHitose: ...Does he like that? The Tokyo Tower.
Small text: I don't get him
Mei: What should I do?

Page 107
Mei(BOLD): I don't have any money for the train.
Mei: I was so worried about Hanzou that rushed out of the house without bringing along the train fare.
Mei: I know! I'll just borrow some from the station attendant...
Mei: Eh
Mei: Hyaaaaaa
Mei: My possessee constitution is setting off at a time like this!?

Page 108
Mei: Ah... It split...
Angela: Are you alright Mei-chan?
Small text: You forgot your wallet.
Small text: Ah
Mei: Thanks Angela...
Mei Mutter: A sword?!

Page 109
Mei: Are you okay Angela!!?
Angela bug thick mutter: Wheeze
Angela thin mutter: Haa
Angela short thick mutter: Stiff
Angela long thick mutter: Shaking
Angela mutter: Haa
Angela mutter: Shaking
Angela: Don't mind me. I just got a little dizzy from running... Protecting Mei-chan is my job...
Angela: COUGH Ugh... ...I'm dying here...
Angela mutter: Wheez
Mei: Dying!!?
Mei: Noooo
Small text: Don't~~
ANgela: I'll be fine if take a short rest
Angela: Cough
Angela: Oh my?
Angela: You're still being possessed by an attachment on your shoulder... The one from some time ago...
Mei mutter: Wah
Mei: Ah! There is!
Angela: Please wait a moment. I'll settle it once I recover.
Mei: It's okay~(BOLD&LARGE:"It's Okay~"). It's kinda cute! It doesn't look like a bad Youkai right?
Mei: Ah! My ribbon!!

Page 110
Mei: Wait!
Mei: Ah
Mei: Hanzou and Chii-chan!?
ANgela mutter: My My
Hanzou mutter: I've seen this building in the neighbourhood.
Chitose mutter: That's because it's a convenience store
Mei: Today's Chii-chan seems different from the usual...
SFX: Thump Thump
Angela mutter: Fufufufu
Angela: Does it worry you?
Angela: Shall we follow them after this?
Mei: We can't! That sounds like stalking doesn't it. Also, I'm worried about it at all.
ANgela: That's a lie.

Page 111
ANgela: It's written all over your face.
ANgela: It's not good for you to allow your heart to stay upset like that.
Angela: At those times, it becomes easy for you to get possessed.
Mei: ......Angela?
Angela: Besides
ANgela: We won't get very many chances to see that(BOLD) Hanzou-kun on a date(?)!
SFX: Excited
Angela mutter: Now! Let's go!
Mei: She just wants to peep on them doesn't she!?
Hanzou: So there was a park like this downtown...

Page 112
Hanzou: Quite some time has passed by since I came to Tokyo but I guess I just can't get used to all these people here.
Chitose: ...yeah. Me as well. I like it here since it's quiet.
Chitose: The breeze here feels nice too.
Hanzou: Yeah. That's true.
Chitose: It'd be nice if we some tea...
Hanzou: The sun is really bright
Hanzou: It's blinding me.
Angela: It kinda seems like they're talking like an elderly couple.
Angela mutter: Fufu~~
Mei mutter: In the end we went...
Mei mutter: Ow

Page 113
Chitose: ...... It feels like a waste of time if we don't talk about something.
Small text: Oh
Chitose: What was it like back on the island you came from?
Chitose: The Youkai there... are there a lot of people there? How do the white foxes on the island live?
Hanzou: There are a lot of elderly folk there so it's a quiet island.
Hanzou: Over these several years, most of the white foxes on the island are supposed to have lived under the guise of human form.
Hanzou: They make use of the facilities and take on the lifestyles of the humans that resided there before them and all is well with that.
Hanzou: To be honest I don't know exactly how many of them are actually youkai.

Page 114
Chitose: That makes no sense. How can you not know that?
Chitose mutter: Mmm...
Hanzou: My own area of residence was isolated from the rest of the inhabitants.
Chitose: Why is that?
Hanzou: ...it couldn't be helped.
Hanzou: It's because I am a Hanyou.

Page 115
Chitose: "Hanyou"? Come to think of it, I've heard about from Jii-san a ling time ago.
Small text: I can't quite recall
SFX: Stare...
Hanzou mutter: Nice...
Mei: "Hanyou"? That means someone who's half human and half youkai right?
Angela: ...no. The "Hanyou" that Hanzou-kun's talking about doesn't refer to that...
Mei: ...then what does he mean?(BOLD&LARGE:"what does he mean?")
Hanzou: Hm? I think I heard Mei's voice for a second there.
Chitose mutter: Yeah
Chitose: I heard it too.
Mei: Hyaaa
Hanzou: Rather than that Chitose, are you feeling hungry?
Chitose: Yeah. It's just about time for lunch.

Page 116
Hanzou: I'll scrounge up some food! You take a break under the shade in that area.
Chitose mutter: Ah
Chitose: Hey!
Chitose: Looks like Hanzou doesn't really want to talk about anything related to the island.
Chitose mutter: Felt like he was trying to give me the slip...
(Is that how you use that phrase?)
Chitose big mutter: Uhh...
Chitose: Maybe I shouldn't have asked?
Mei: Come on, let's go already! Angelaaa~
SFX: Whisper
Angela: Just a little longer.
SFX: Whisper
Mei: ...... Say, about what Hanzou was saying earlier
Mei mutter: Jeeez
Mei: You can't take that!!
Angela: My My
Mei mutter: Wooo
Box: Resolved
Angela: All done

Page 117
Text: 30 minutes later
Chitose(BOLD): He's late
Chitose(BOLD&SHAKY FONT): ...Just where did that guy go off to......
Angela mutter: Whisper...
Angela: What do you suppose is the matter with Hanzou-kun?
Chitose mutter: AH
Chitose: Don't tell me he went back home because he hates me now!?
Chitose: I did poke my nose into something private earlier...
Chitose: No, Hanzou didn't look seem like he particularly bothered by it...
Chitose: ...I knew it. It's impossible for me to spend time together with a guy.

Page 118
Mei: ...I'll go look for him!
Angela: Mei-chan
Girl: ....... .......He's nearby
Girl: .............Hanzou
Chitose: "Hanzou"...?
Chitose mutter: ...was it my imagination?
Hanzou: Perfect. I'll try the food stands here at the plaza.
Mei mutter: Ah
Mei: Found him!!
Mei mutter: What's he doing?!

Page 119
Hanzou: All this because it was impossible for me to decipher most of the of the menu in that store I entered just now.
Hanzou big mutter: sigh...
Hanzou mutter: I'll have to look into the meaning of "Expresso" once I get back...
Angela mutter: A cafe?
Mei: No wonder he's taking so much time!!!
Hanzou: But still, I am baffled with all the wide variety here. It would have been better if I had asked Chitose what she wanted to eat.
Mei: Never mind! Just hurry up with this
Hanzou: Mmm
Hanzou(BOLD): Squid on a stick is a good pick.
(TN: He was going with a pun between squid "Ika" and good "Iika" here hence the reactions)
Stranger mutter: Ah...
Mei(BOLD&SHAKY FONT): No it's not!!!
Mei mutter: Having squid on a date
Mei: On top of that he unconsciously made a really questionable joke there!! People are looking at him in amazement!
Angela mutter: Fufufu...
Small text: Jeeeeeeez
Mei(BOLD&BLOCKY FONT): Out of all the things he could pick why does he choose that!!? Angelaa~
Angela: I have a good idea

Page 120
Hanzou: ...Shopkeeper
HanzoU: I'll have...
Mei: Please give me everything you have.
Hanzou: Ah
Shopkeeper: That's 20 pieces in all okay! Lotsa thanks!! Sorry bro but that's it for today's batch. Rather, the two of you sure are wearing awfully thick clothes in this heat aren't ya.
Box: Mei
SFX: Staaaare
Hanzou mutter: 20 pieces...
Hanzou: How dissapointing. I was just one step too late...
Mei(BOLD&SHAKY FONT): He'll figure it out!! ...Angela
Small text: No matter how much he's
Angela small text: It'll be fine. It'll be fine.
Hanzou: There's also the soup over there...
Mei: Wouldn't Takoyaki be nice?
(TN: Takoyaki - Octopus Balls)
Mei: They're easy to eat.

Page 121
Hanzou: ...Indeed. They certainly are unlikely to soil one's clothes. What splendid reasoning.
Hanzou mutter: Yeah
Hanzou: A kind person
Hanzou: Somehow it feels like I'm being stared at... And by more than one set of eyes toos...
Angela: It's a wonder that he didn't realize it at all(H)
Angela mutter: Fufufu
Mei mutter: Yeah
Mei: Rather, the fact that you managed to fit these disguise goods in your bag is also a wonder.
Hanzou: Sorry for the wait Chitose.

Page 122
Chitose: It's not like I was intending on waiting for you. In fact, I was going to go on home if you took even a little bit longer!
Hanzou: Sorry
Chitose: Forget it. The octopus tastes good so I'll overlook it.
Mei mutter: Sniff
Mei: My salary turned into squid...
Youkai mutter: Om nom nom
Mei: Munch...
Mei: I'm going to have to save up again
Angela: Let's each as much as we can
SFX: Whisper
SFX: Whisper

Page 123
Hanzou(BOLD): Again. Why am I feeling these gazes...
Chitose: Come to think of it, girls along this path have been looking at you since just now.
Girl mutter: Whisper
Girl mutter: Whisper
Chitose: ...... That's good isn't it. You don't need force yourself to be with me.
Chitose: Why don't you call out to them. Your mission is to search for a bride after all.
Hanzou: I'm not forcing myself at all. ...Chitose, are you?
Chitose: Wha- No, not really. It's not like that......
Hanzou: ...then doesn't that mean there's no problem at all?

Page 124
Hanzou: Just relax and put yourself at ease Chitose.
Hanzou: Passing the time together is supposed to be a much simpler matter.
Chitose: ...... I'll keep that in mind.
Hanzou: Mmm
Chitose: ...well then, how should we the spend the rest of the day?
Hanzou: Right
Mei: It's time for us to go now.
Angela: Have you had enough?

Page 125
Chitose: I don't mind going up to the observation deck on the Tokyo Tower either. You seemed pretty interested in it.
SFX: Stiffen
Hanzou: No... I am afraid that we will have to pay visitations to alternative venues.
Chitose: Sure
Small text: Why are you talking like that?
Mei: He really is honest.
Mei: Let's find a store somewhere
Small text: All that squid has me needing the toilet...
Angela: Okay

Page 126
Hanzou: Let's decide where to go while we walk.
Chitose: ...sure !
Chitose: What the? All these girls...

Page 127
Small text: Saaaaay
Mitsui: Wanna come and play with me once you're done with your club?
Box: Flirting at School
Girl: Treat us to some food and you've got a deal(H) The entire girl's tennis club that is!
Mitsui: I don't have that much money!!
Mitsui mutter: There's more than 40 of you!
Mitsui mutter: Seriously...
Mitsui: Going after rich guys, that's plain just messed up. That's a surprising way to get tricked ain't it.
Mitsui: Ah. That reminds me, I wonder how Hanzou's registration on the site worked out?
Mitsui: Hm?
Mitsui: What the heck is this!?

Page 128
Big text: Notice
Text: The site was infected with a Youkai-type virus early this morning. The site is currently undergoing maintenance
(Cut off the bits of the obvious words at the end for the original effect)
Mitsui: For some reason
Mitsui: I'm getting a bad feeling about this.

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