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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Tokyo Innocent 14

The Start of Summer and The First Date in Tokyo 3

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Oct 1, 2010 11:36 | Go to Tokyo Innocent

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Innocent 14

This is reserved for Ala Atra Scans

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(STAR) - Star symbol
(H) - Heart Symbol
(S) - Music Note

Page 131
Girl: Hanzou
Girl: Hanzou
Girl: Hanzou
Girl: Multi-millionaire
Chitose: I was right. Looks like they some business with you.
Girl: Inherit
Hanzou mutter: ...jeweled palanqun?
Girl: Jeweled Palanquin
Hanzou: But aren't they talking stangely?
Girl: Jeweled Palanquin
TN: Two of the girls says "Tama no Koshi" which is part of phrase that means to marry into money. It happens to sound like Jeweled palanquin and I have no idea how to localize this joke.
Girl: Hanzou
Girl: Capture
Girl: Capture
Girl: Capture
Girl: Capture
Chitose: Their eyes
Hanzou: Their teeth...

Page 132
Title: Chapter 14 The Start of Summer and The First Date in Tokyo 3

Page 133
Chitose: We're at a disadvantage if we have to face this many of them. Let's get out of here now!
Hanzou: Yeah
Chitose: I have no doubt that those girls are all possessed by something.
Hanzou: Right
Chitose: But just what's going on here? All of them are youkai with their own youki to begin with. They're youkai being possessed by youkai.
Hanzou: That's because being of mixed blood and living their lives assuming human form for many years will weaken your youki strength. That's not rare in this place is it not?
Chitose(BOLD): That many people all at once!? I've never heard of anything like this happening!

Page 134
CHitose: But if they pose a threat to the people in the streets, I cannot just ignore them as a White Fox shrine maiden.
Girl: Hanzou
Girl: Hanzou
Girl: Hanzou
Chitose(BOLD): But it looks like I don't have to worry about that in the slightest do I.
Small text: Right
Hanzou: They just have one single target.
Chitose(BOLD): You! Don't tell that you went and brought their resentment upon yourself with your insolence...
SFX: Outright
Hanzou: I have absolutely no knowledge of having done such!
Hanzou: Chitose You should go home
CHitose: Why should I!?
Hanzou: No matter how you look at it, they seem to be aiming for me and me alone. You'll get yourself in danger if you're with me.

Page 135
CHitose(BOLD): I I refuse to! I hate being ordered around... On top of that the one who said that we'd "spend the day together" was you wasn't it.
Chitose(BOLD): Are you the kind of man who'd just half ass a decision he made himself!?
Hanzou(BOLD): ...Chitose. Are you not familiar with the meaning of the word "flexibility"?
Hanzou mutter: In this situation
Chitose: SHUT IT
Chitose mutter: I don't want to hear that coming from you
Hanzou(BOLD): I still don't know what's going on though.
Chitose: In that case I should just leave behind and run away!
Chitose mutter: Hmph

Page 136
Text: Tokyo Bay (STAR) Fireworks Display
Mei: Waaaaaah Angela! Look! Look!
Mei: They're going to have a fireworks display!!
Mei: We absolutely have to have go this summer! Let's go in yukata. You'd definitely look great in one Angela!
Angela: Yukata? Do you mean a kimono?
Mei: It's a bit lighter than that! Oneechan likes those so she's got a lot of them at home!
Small mutter: Fufu
Angela: Looks like you're going to enjoy summer vacation.
Mei: Yup(S)
SFX: beep beep
Mei: Huh. It's from Micchi.
Small text: What could it be.
SFX: Ring ring
SFX: beep
Mitsui: Hello! Ichijouji? Do you know where Hanzou's went off to!!?
Mitsui: I drop by your place but everyone's gone off some place. I then went to Yukishiro's and found out that those two are on a date. Why the heck don't they have phones on them.
Small text: Somehow that's...
Small text: Rather
Mei: Well, they were in the vicinity of the Tokyo Tower until just now but I'm not sure where they are now.
P.A.: The train to the Toyosu District has just arrived...
Mei: Me and Angela were thinking about heading over to Odaiba from Shiodome...
P.A.: Shiodome. Shiodome...
Mei: Ah! Hanzou!

Page 137
Mitsui: Shiodome, got it!
Mitsui: Sorry but I'll be there soon so please wait right there!
Mei: Eh...
Mei: He hung up.
Mei mutter: And he said to wait here at Shiodome.
Angela: What do you suppose happened?
Angela: But those two are on the move as well.
Small text: Fufufu
Mei mutter: ...come to think of it
Mei: Hanzou rode in on a train. !
Girl: Hanzou
Girl: Capture
Girl: Hanzou
Angela mutter: My My
Mei(BOLD&LARGE): What was that??
Small text: Did they just say "Hanzou"?
Angela mutter: Oh my
Angela: It looks like those girls have been possessed...
Mei mutter: Is... Is it okay if we just left them alone?
Angela mutter: Well, my job is to "protect Mei-chan" to the very end.

Page 138
Chitose: We should have lost even those people by coming all the way here.
Hanzou mutter: Yes
Hanzou: To think that I have been avoiding riding such a thing as that train all this time. How have I missed out! It's a pity that I hate riding vehicles!(BOLD:"It's a pity that I hate riding vehicles!")
Small text: It was refreshing actually.
Chitose: Don't just claim it you hate it without trying it first.
Girl: Hanzou
Girl: Sighted
Girl: Capture
Hanzou: Why!?
Chitose: How would I know!!
Small text: Are they Zombies!?

Page 139
Mitsui: Ichijouji!
Mitsui: Ohhh! Plain clothes! That's not it... Where's Hanzou?
Mei: Who knows? We only saw them get off at the station here...
Mei: There seemed to be some strange people looking for Hanzou ealier though. ...does that have something to do with it?
Small text: Gah
Mitsui: I knew it...
Mei: "I knew it"... So you do know something about this then!?
Angela: I hate kids who hide secrets.
Mitsui: Uhh... .........actually, the truth is

Page 140
Angela: I see. I've got the general outline of the situation.
Angela: Those girls earlier have without a doubt been infected by that Youkai-type virus.
Mitsui&Mei: Ohhhh
Mitsui mutter: As expected of a Professional Exorcist
Angela: Virus youkai have been reported in recent years and deemed to be a new type of youkai in these modern times.
Angela: Once released from the internet, they lock onto users and tie down those who have especially strong desires. You could say that they get possessed by the very incarnations of those desires.
Angela: In this case, the girls who saw Hanzou's fake profile war taken in by their desire for riches.
Mei: So then... What's going to happen to Hanzou?

Page 142
Angela: Right now, those girls who have been infected are aiming to marry into the family so they'll try to assault and capture their target. After that, even I wouldn't be able to...
Mitsui: A mob of girls... ...scary.
Mitsui: I'd be a real piece of work if I felt a little envious of him wouldn't I? Yeah, I would be...
Angela: May I continue?
Angela: The infection won't spread through the air but it seems that it'll work its way into your system if you get bitten by the infected.
Mitsui: Uwaaah
Mei: That sounds just like a Zombie.
Angela: It does say that if one gets infected all you need to do is deliver a light shock to them and they'll return back to normal though...
Angela: Even if you leave them alone, it seems that it'll go away by itself after a day or so.

Page 143
Mei: Eh That would mean...
Angela: In other words, as long as they don't meet up with the object of their desires, Hanzou-kun, no harm will come out of it.
Mitsui: So if we can manage to not let Hanzou get captured for a day then the problem goes away.
Mitsui: If that's how it has to be then we have to find Hanzou ASAP!
Mei: We'll help out too!
Mitsui: You guys don't have anything to do with this. ...Also, it only turned out like this because of a prank I played.
Mei: Now's not the time to be saying suff like that, right?
Mei: Also
Mei: I just can't leave things alone like this.
Small text: Come on
Mei: He is living with us for the time being after all...
Small text: Right
Box: Didn't hear that
Mitsui: ...Ichijouji
Small text: Going that far for me

Page 144
Mitsui: I LIKE YOU TOO!!
Mitsui: !!? Ichijouji!? Your luggage!!?
Mei mutter: Eh?! Eh?!
Angela: Now, off to find Hanzou-kun. Let's (STAR) go! Mitsui-kun, please carry the luggage okay(H)
Small text: Fu Fu fu
Hanzou: ...I got separated from Chitose. Finding her in this crowd would take near impossible skill.

Page 145
Small text: Wait
Hanzou: For her, being separated like this would also be...
Hanzou: Not good!!
Hanzou: What should I do!? The other party's a girl and performing a purification in this crowd is also...
Yuzu(BOLD): Hold it right there~
yuzu(BOLD): Let go of that arm right now!!
Hanzou: More!!?
Yuzu(BOLD): OW
Yuzu: What do you think you're doing!!

Page 146
Yuzu: Ouchie!(BIG) No need to bite me!
Girl mutter: Huh? What was I...
Hanzou: Are you alright?
Yuzu: I'm perfectly fine(H) Hanzou-kun
Yuzu: Wee meet again(H)
hanzou(BOLD): ...sorry(BIG), but do I know you from somewhere?
Yuzu: Geez~ Hanzou you kidder you~
Yuzu mutter: I'm wearing contacts right now(S)
Hanzou(BOLD): Yuzu!
Hanzou: What are you doing in this kind of place in such a flashy outfit?
Small mutter: Ehe
Yuzu: Did I surprise you? Yuzu came here today to sing for an event.

Page 147
Hanzou: Sing?
yuzu: That's right! Yuzu may be the plain, quiet and shy beauty at school but on days off, I'm an idol who sings rock songs. I'm sing at egg-like live houses and events!
TN: Live houses - where people hold music performances. No idea why she compares it to an egg.
Yuzu mutter: It was selling like hotcakes just now(H)
Hanzou mutter: Oh
Hanzou: It's quite impressive, being a singer at that age.
Box: Not going to take a stab at it
Yuzu: I'd also like for Hanzou-kun to listen to me sing too!!
Hanzou: Sorry, but now is not a good time.
Hanzou: I'm caught up in a dangerous(for some reason) situation today.
Hanzou: I'll definitely listen next time.

Page 148
Yuzu: Hanzou-kyun. Someday, I want you all to myself...
Yuzu: Eh...
Chitose(BOLD): ...that damn Hanzou.
Chitose(BOLD): How is it that I haven't been able to find someone wearing such out of place clothes in the middle of town like this!!
Chitose: Before this, I definitely would have just let things run their course and go home... I can't. Ever since I got involved with those two(PUT "those two" NEXT TO THE FACES), my pace has been completely screwed up.

Page 149
Chitose: Hanzou!
Hanzou: Chitose...
Girl: Hanzou
Chitose(BOLD): Just what on earth have you all been possessed by...
CHitose: Ow...! Don't bite me you damn fool!!
Shima(BOLD): There

Page 150
Small text: Mm Ah
Shima: Yukishiro-san(EMPHASIS:"-san")!?
Girl: Huh? Where am I?
Shima(BOLD): What's with that girl?
Chitose: ...you are
Shima(BOLD): It's Shima! Shima!
Shima: You should at least remember your classmate's name.
Shima: My aren't you all dolled up there. You on a date?(BIG:"You on a date?")
Shima: What was up with that girl just now? Were you having a fight?
Chitose: As if I would get into something so juvenile as a fight!!
Shima: ...really? And I was going to back you up if it was.
Small text: How boring
Shima mutter: Sigh
CHitose: This one...
Chitose mutter: Is she secretly a delinquent!?
Hanzou(BOLD): Chitose

Page 151
Hanzou: Did something happen!?
Shima mutter: Oh
Shima: If it isn't Hanzou-kun.
Chitose: You got here too late!!
Hanzou(BOLD): Shima!?
Small text: After Yuzu it's you...
Shima: Long time no see
Hanzou: I knew that being in the city would be dangerous. We have to get to a place with fewer people...
Hanzou mutter: Hmm......
Chitose: In that case, let's head towards the sea.
Shima: If you're heading to the sea, then why don't you guys take the Yurikamome there?
shima mutter: The station is to the right
Hanzou: Thanks very much
Shima: See ya at school Yukishiro-san.(EMPHASIS:"-san")
Shima mutter: Fuu
Shima: So Yukishiro-san(EMPHASIS:"-san") is on a date with Hanzou-kun? That's weird. There shouldn't have been anything sharp there except for the inspiration though...
Shima mutter: Well, I'm fine with that.
Shima mutter: Since I'm free, I guess I'll go hear Yuzu's performance...

Page 152
Mitsui: He's not at the event assembly hall.
Small text: How's it on your end?
Mei: He's not in any of the stores in the building either!!
Angela: He's not underground either.
Mitsui mutter: It'd be convenient if they had phones
Angela mutter: Why don't either of them carry one?
Mei: Do you suppose they're not in this area anymore?
Mei mutter: Mmm
Yuzu: Hanzou-kun...
Mei(BOLD): Yuzu!!?
Mitsui: GEH
Guy mutter: What!? What is it?!
Angela: Ei
Yuzu: Kyaa
Yuzu: Where's Hanzou-kun!?
Yuzu mutter: AH
Mitsui: You... You didn't change a bit even after getting possessed did you.

Page 153
Shima: Not just Hanzou-kun and Yukishiro-san huh. I'm bumping into a lot of acquaintances today.
Mei: Shima-chan! You said "Hanzou" just now... Do you know where he is?
Small text: Yeah
Shima: They took the Yurikamemo. Mentioned something about heading off to the sea.
Mitsui: Towards the sea... They're going to Odaiba then!
Mei: Thanks Shima-chan!
Shima: Sure
Shima: ...huh. Wind's picking up.

Page 154
Chitose: Why are you and I riding in a feriss wheel so blithely?
Hanzou: We can come up with a counter-plan here quietly after all.
Small text: Hmm
Chitose: But we can't just leave those girls possessed like that...
Hanzou: Still, it's a fact that we won't be able to do a thing without understanding the cause of this situation...
Hanzou(BOLD): ... What a magnificent view.
Chitose(BOLD): You...
Small text: Hmm
Hanzou: The slow pace that this vehicle is moving at is also quite pleasant.
Small text: It's a little cramped though...
Hanzou mutter: But what is with this odd swaying... The wind?
Chitose: Ah
Chitose: Now that I think about it, we're alone up here in such a small space.
Chitose: ...mm. It really is quite a nice view.
Hanzou: We'll be getting off and back onto the ground soon.
Small text: What should we do from here...

Page 155
Chitose: ...yeah
Chitose: I'll look like a fool if I said that I wanted to stay on this ride for a little longer.
Chitose: Mm
Mitsui(BOLD): Ichijouji! This way! This way!!
Mei: The ferris wheel!?
Mitsui: We have a better chance of finding him if we look from up there right!?
Mei: You've got a good head on your shoulders Micchi!!
Man: ...I'm quite sorry, but because of the strong winds, we'll be shutting down the ferris wheel for an hour after the customers currently riding it get off.
Mitsui(BOLD): What!?

Page 156
Mitsui(BOLD): Ichijouji! Look!
Mei(BOLD): Ah
Mei: it's Hanzou and Chii-chan!!
Mitsui(BOLD): Let's get on Ichijouji!!!
Small text: CHARGE!!
Mei: You too Angela!
Mei mutter: Give me your hand
Angela mutter: Wait for me
Guy mutter: They're going in on their own
Box: Hanzou Chitose
Box: Mei Mitsui Angela
Mitsui: Just now, those two were definitely getting it on in there...
(Am I mistaken but does that phrase refer to flirting or intercourse?)
Mei: Eh
ANgela mutter: So exhausted...
Mitsui: They're all alone in there aren't they?
Mitsui: They should have at least kissed right?
Small text: ki...
Mei: Kiss!?

Page 157
Mei: I see... ...yeah. High schoolers after all... ...yeah, but as much as those two
Mitsui: You want to kiss Ichijouji?
Mei: Yeah...
Small text: ...hey!
Mei(BOLD): No I don't~
Angela: Mei-chan. You shouldn't get any close to that boy okay.
Mitsui mutter: Kukuku
Mitsui mutter: So cute...
Mitsui: Ah
Mitsui(BOLD): They're doing something that dubious in there!!!
Hanzou: ...Chitose
Small text: Haa

Page 158
Hanzou: What am I supposed to do when even you get possessed!!?
Hanzou mutter: That hurts!!
Chitose: Hanzou
Chitose: Hanzou
Chitose: Hanzou
Hanzou mutter: My neck
SFX: Crack
Hanzou: HNG
Hanzou: The girls from before are down there!!
Hanzou: What should I do in this situation!!?
Hanzou: Uwaah

Page 159
Chitose: Ow...
Chitose: WHA
Hanzou: I'm sorry
Hanzou: ...nothing at all. ...no, they're just tiny.
Note: Honest to a fault
Small text: AH
Hanzou: ...that's not it! That was an accident!! Don't worry! I had absolutely had no ulterior motive. Not even the tiniest bit(EMPHASIS:"tiniest")!!
Box: In these few seconds, Hanzou has hit every single switch there was to hit.

Page 160
Chitose: Hanzou, you are every bit the skirt-chaser I thought you were.
Chitose: You took the opportunity to commit that insolent act while I had fainted. On top of that, you just bluntly brought up matters that I had issues with...
Hanzou: Chitose?
Chitose: These talismans have the power to purify all earthly desires. They are forbidden and have been handed down in the Yukishiro family. I am going to straighten out your spirit with them.
Chitose(BOLD): Hanzou. Prepare yourself.
Hanzou: Chitose, let's talk about this.

Page 161
CHitose(BOLD): PURIFY!!!
Girl mutter: Did you see a blaze there for a second!?
Girl mutter: Waaaaaah
Girl mutter: An illusion!?
Girl mutter: Waaaaaah
Angela: This entire area has been utterly purified.
Angela mutter: Haaa
Mei mutter: Waaaah
Mei: I wonder if Hanzou's alright?
Mitsui mutter: Uuu
Mitsui: This really is all my fault... ...How am I going to apologize to Hanzou?

Page 162
Mitsui: Hanzou!
Mitsui: I'm really, really, really, really sorry!!
Chitose(BOLD: Do you have any idea what we went through because of your stupid little joke!!? I even had to go as far as to use forbidden techniques you know!!
Mitsui mutter: HIIII
Mitsui mutter: Scary
Hanzou: That's enough Chitose.
Hanzou: It only turned out like this because he was helping me out with my mission. Please don't hold it against him too much.
Mitsui: Please don't drive me back into the corner even more with your kindness.

Page 163
Chitose mutter: Hmph
Mitsui mutter: Depressed
Hanzou mutter: Hey
Mei: Now now. Micchi was also acting really frantic too. He did chase after you two all this way after all.
Mitsui: Ichijouji...
CHitose: Mmm...
Small text: Fine
Chitose: Indeed, if you all hadn't come all the way here, we wouldn't have been able to stop all this without knowing about the origin...
Chitose: Mm
Chitose: There's something on your shoulder Mei. Come here, I'll take care of it for you.
Small text: Ah
Mei: No no! It's okay! This little fella is...
Hanzou: Is it really okay to leave it like this?
Hanzou mutter: Oh, I've seen this guy before.
Chitose(BOLD): It's pulling out your hair.
Mei: No, it's alright! He's been with me this whole day and he's kinda grown on me.
Chitose: Grown on you? This little fellow without a hint of charm...?
Mei: Oh yeah! Chii-chan!
SMall text: That that
Mei: Me and Angela were talking about it earlier.
Mei: Let's come here for the fireworks display next time!!

Page 164
Mei: Let's go once summer vacation comes
Mei: We'll all go next time
Chitose: Mm
Mitsui: Fireworks are nice and all but let's not forget the sea!!
Small text: Swimsuits! Swimsuits!
Angela: That's certainly true~(H) But don't forget the end of term test before that okay.
Small text: Ohh
Mitsui: That's a touchy subject there Angela...
Mitsui mutter: Yay
Mitsui mutter: Yay
Hanzou: ...saved.
Mei: What?
Hanzou: It's nothing...
Chitose: I'm feeling kinda hungry...
Chitose mutter: SInce I didn't have anything else to eat but octopus
ANgela: What do you feel like eating?
Mitsui: My phone...

Page 165
Mitsui: What the? This is mail for Hanzou ain't it...
Mitsui: Crap. Looks like I'll have to cancel his registration.
Mitsui: Sorry guys! I'll have to take off now. I got some business to take care off at home.
Small text: See ya!
Hanzou: Very well. Till we meet again Mitsui.
Chitose: Can I ask you something?
Chitose: When we first being chased by those girls why didn't you just run the other way and head back home? You could also have asked help from Grandpa and he would have found a way to take care of it.
Hanzou: It involved Youkai after all. Who knows what kind of trouble could have happened if I had gone home with Mei's possessee disposition and all.
CHitose: Hmm. So that's how it was.
Chitose: Grandpa's going to get worried so I'll be heading home too.
Note: His misunderstanding still persists
Hanzou: Even though we were supposed to be on a date today, all that happened. Sorry about that... along with a couple of other things.

Page 166
Chitose: ...no, today's date was unexpectedly...
Chitose: Never mind. ...bye then.
Hanzou mutter: "Unexpectedly..."? Unexpectedly what?
Chitose: I just said "date".
Small text: I said it myself.
chitose: Just what have been I doing today!!
Chitose mutter: Can't believe this
Mitsui: ...what should I do about this...

Page 167
Text: The mission to find a bride is just a pretext that the White Foxes of the island came up with to drive their burden Hanzou off the island.
Gramps: Chitose. Did you get the tea cup?
Box: Just got out of the bath.
Chitose: Yes, I found it immediately.
SHiro mutter: Have one
Chitose(BOLD): No need
Chitose mutter: Ugh...
Gramps: Incidentally, did you have fun today?
Gramps mutter: Ho Ho
Chitose: No... Not particularly...

Page 168
Chitose: Hanzou was being a skirt chaser as usual.
Chitose: Ran into some classmate halfway through.
Chitose: I rode on a ferris wheel for the first time.
Chitose: Made a promise to hang out with Mei and the rest during the summer...
Chitose: ...well
Chitose: Gulp
Chitose: It wasn't a bad day.
Shiro mutter: She drank a mouthful.
Gramps mutter: Ho Ho
Gramps: That's good to hear
Chitose: The teacup I bought is broken!!!
Gramps: I'll just order this similar one I found online and have it delivered here.
Small text: Ho Ho
Shiro mutter: Get sweets too
Chitose: Then why didn't you do that in the first place!!?
Text: Tokyo Innocent 3 End

TN: Sorry for the huge delay but all that text was a daunting task for me(3900 words). I imagine the chapter was a nightmare for our editors too.

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