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Sanjin Sadou 1

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Oct 6, 2010 15:57 | Go to Sanjin Sadou

-> RTS Page for Sanjin Sadou 1

This is reserved for Otakami Scans.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(H) - Heart Symbol

Page 000a
Text: Mizukami Satoshi
Bold text: Neighbourhood Park
People mutter: Whisper Whisper.
Mizukami mutter: Grumble Grumble Grumble
Whenever I'm coming up with ideas, I take strolls in the afternoon on weekdays.
People in the neighbourhood seem to think that I'm unemployed 23 year old man. Yup.
My favorite Ramen is Garlic Ramen. Not with the plain broth but with soy sauce actually.
The mangaka I respect is 炎尾燃.
The finishing move I want to use is the Tenkuu-Penkeji-Ken.
TN: That technique's from Dragonball but I have no idea who that mangaka is. If I remember right, it's from when little Goku was fighting an Indian guy who did a flying crosschop.

*The silver haired, black eyebrowed and slightly stinky hermit Fubuki has just suceeded the name of Sadou Kokugetsu Shinkun.
Hearing about it from his master, he helps people sort out the "Rinjin" and "Encumbrances" stemming from the souls of the deceased as well as goblins and the like during his Reiketsu trip. He continues on with his training journey but...!?
*Coming straight from the Rookie of the year award is this newcomer with a unique touch who ended up drawing this action packed series about a modern day hermit, this is Mizukami Satoshi's first serialized work as well as his first volume!!

Page 000b
Text: Thank you very much for buying this~(H)
Fubuki: Come on out! My Stand!! ZA SHIGARAKI!!!
Text: In commemoration of selling Sanjin Sadou's first volume, here's a word from the main character Fubuki.
Text: "Achaaa"
Text: Thank you very much.

Page 4
Side text: Contents
Text: Chapter 1 "Silver Hair, Black Eyebrows"
Subtitle: Young King OURS 2002 November Issue
Text: Chapter 2 "Voluntary Apprentice"
Subtitle: Young King OURS 2002 December Issue
Text: Chapter 3 "The Boy"
Subtitle: Young King OURS 2003 January Issue
Text: Chapter 4 "The Demon of the Bar"
Subtitle: Young King OURS 2003 March Issue
Text: Chapter 5 "Park Barrier (First Half)"
Subtitle: Young King OURS 2003 April Issue
Text: Chapter 6 "Park Barrier (Latter Half)"
Subtitle: Young King OURS 2003 April Issue
Text: Chapter 7 "The Black Cloth (First Half)"
Subtitle: Young King OURS 2003 May Issue
Text: Chapter 8 "The Black Cloth (Latter Half)"
Subtitle: Young King OURS 2003 June Issue
Text: Chapter 9 "The Monkey Hermit of The Cave of Heavenly Seals"
Subtitle: Young King OURS 2003 July Issue
Text: Chapter 10 "Black Suits, Sunglasses"
Subtitle: Young King OURS 2003 August Issue
Text: Appendix
Text: Afterword

Page 5
Title: Chapter 1 Silver Hair, Black Eyebrows

Page 6
Suzuko: Ah!
Suzuko: It's not there...
Suzuko: Siiigh
Suzuko: I'll just have to settle for this one...

Page 7
Suzuko: Wow, silver hair... And... black eyebrows...
Suzuko: Never seen him around here before.
Bird: Chirp Chirp
Suzuko: Uhyaaa. Right out of a fairy tale.

Page 8
Fubuki: Hm Yeah
Fubuki: There huh? Got it. Good work.
SFX: Heart Racing
Side Text: Fairy Tale
Big text: Maiden(H)
Subtitle: (A little bird on his shoulder)
Text: Flower
Box: The Last Line
Text: Landmine
Side Text: DANGER
Big text: DENPA!!
TN: Denpa - A slang for people demonstrating mentally unstable behavior
Side text: (Talks to small birds)
Side text: DANGER
Big text: DENPA!!
Side text: Bye Bye
Big Text: HELL

Page 9
Suzuko mutter: Cough Cough
Suzuko: Wha...
Text: A hallucination...?
Suzuko: I'm home
Suzuko: I saw some weirdo today.
Suzuko: He had silver hair and black eyebrows...
Father: Haa... Sadou Kokgetsu Shinkun... Then you are...

Page 10
Father: Welcome home Suzuko.
Mother: You're early.
Mother mutter: Cough Cough
Fubuki: Hohou
Fubuki: So that silver haired, black eyebrowed weirdo
Fubuki: That's me isn't it?
Father: You have heard fairy tales about hermits from grandma right?
Father: She should have also told you about the one where she sealed with a sealing technique.

Page 11
Suzuko: Yeah
Mother: Huh
Mother: It looks like those weren't just some made up stories.
Suzuko: Hah?
SFX: Sluuuurp
Mother mutter: Cough
Mother: This is the hermit, Fubuki-san.
Fubuki: Yup. I was in the area so I figured I should drop by for a visit. Just to check up on things.
Fubuki: ...however
Fubuki: ...it looks like I might have come a little late.
Mother mutter: Cough Cough
Fubuki: With the sealer gone, there's nobody to reinforce the seal. It seems that no one in the family has been trained in the arts either.
Fubuki: If you leave this thing alone, the "encumbrance" won't stop just at colds and broken bones.
Mother: Is Isn't there anything we can do?
Suzuko(BoLD): Wait a sec!
Suzuko mutter: Mmm

Page 12
Suzuko: You! Aren't you just taking advantage of peoples' insecurities with these outrageous claims!?
Father: Suzuko
Fubuki: Yeah, well, I'll be taking payment.
Fubuki: But it's not like it'll be a lot.
Suzuko: Those who take money from people in trouble are scum!
Father: Suzuko. Stop it.
Fubuki: You can't live by eating mist you know.
Fubuki: This is a business girly.
Suzuko: What!?
Suzuko(BOLD): Then go suck on mist!
Suzuko(BOLD): Since you're a hermit and all!
Suzuko(BOLD): You...
Suzuko(BOLD): Silver haired black eyebrowed weirdo!!
Fubuki: I... I'll do it for free then.
Parents: She did it
text: Weak
Suzuko: Good!

Page 13
Mother: Here. This is where my mother in law said that the monster that appeared was sealed into this ornament.
Fubuku: ...it's got a real nice face there.
Mother: Huh?
Fubuki: Ah. No, it's nothing. Well then, let's get started shall we.
Suzuko: That's so shady...
(I'm not translating those chants)

Page 14
Fubuki: Ah

Page 15
Suzuko: What on earth is that thing...
Fubuki: Youkai. Spirits. It's good enough to refer to all those other monsters as "Rinjin".
TN: Rinjin means neighbour but it'd be weird to call them that. "Near Ones" sounded good but Rinjin fits better for this.
Fubuki: Within these "Rinjin", there exists an enmity towards people. My colleagues refers to that as "Encumbrances".
Fubuki: That fella there is one of those too.
Suzuko: Hmm...
Suzuko: Then, what are you going to do about it?
Fubuki: It's now able to make a move while being tied down the moment something confronts it. This fellow seems to overreact when it senses an outsider's aura then.
Fubuki: That would basically mean someone of this family or this land has to be the one to do it...
Father: "Do it" you say... You mean us?
Fubuki: Right.
Fubuki: This is the spirit blade "Zuba"
Father(BOLD): Wha!?
Small text: That's dangerous
Father(BOLD): There has to be some other way...

Page 16
Fubuki: Ummm...
Father: We'll pay!
Father: So please...
Fubuki: "Pay"?
Fubuki: "So"?
Suzuko(BOLD): I'll do it.
Fubuki: Hou
Father: Suzuko!(BOLD) You can't do something that dangerous...
Suzuko: Dad. This is our problem.
Suzuko: That's something that left behind by grandma.
Suzuko: In top of that, no matter how many times a guy this weak faces that thing, it's just impossible for him(BOLD&BIG:"it's just impossible for him")
Suzuko: You guys can't do it in that state either.
Father: But Suzu...
Suzuko: At any rate
Mother mutter: Cough Cough

Page 17
Suzuko: If we don't take care of this, it's going harm us even more.
Suzuko: Okay, listen up. As you can see, those arms are going give it a large strike zone . On top of that, you're a member of this family so it's not like it's going to snooze away. Make sure to dodge it okay.
Suzuko: Umm
Fubuki: It'll probably be alright if you just lean over a little.
Suzuko: Once you trick it, thrust in there in a straight line.
Fubuki(BOLD): Take it down with all your might

Page 18

Page 20
Father&Mother: Suzuko!
Fubuki: Hah
Suzuko: That
Suzuko: That was scary...
Fubuki: Good job.

Page 21
Suzuko: Are you really an acquaintance of grandma's?
Fubuki: Nah
Fubuki: That's my master.
Fubuki: I just succeeded the name a little while ago and now I'm in the middle of training.
Fubuki: I'm not that old.
Suzuko: I figured that you used some kind of rejuvenation technique since you're a hermit.
Suzuko mutter: What an unpleasant laugh...
Fubuki: Hyahyahya
Fubuki: I just dropped by during my Reiketsu trip. Master told me to come by and check up on things once in a while you see.
Suzuko: Reiketsu?
Fubuki: Ahh... You could say it's sort of like a training journey.
Suzuko: Hmm... Are you going to continue with that again after this?
Fubuki: I'm going home for now. I have to leave this guy there. I'll get back to it after that.

Page 22
Suzuko mutter: Rather
Suzuko: Are you really okay with that as your compensation...
Fubuki: Yeah
Fubuki: I like these kind of things.
Fubuki mutter: Also, I didn't do much really.
Fubuki: Thanks for guiding the way. I'll just the Shikigami the way from here on.
Suzuko: You mean that bird?
Fubuki: Yeah. Bye then.
Suzuko: Ah. If we have trouble with another monster is it okay if we call you?
Suzuko: What was your name again...
Fubuki: Sadou Kokugetsu Shinkun
TN: That name would translate literally as "Left Path Black Moon Truth Guy". Best intepretation I can think of is "The Man on the Left Path of the Black Moon's Truth".
Fubuki: Fubuki
Suzuko: ...what a weird guy.

Page 23
Text: Chapter 1 Silver Hair, Black Eyebrows
Box: The 1st Chapter of the series. The Main Character's Grand Activity.

TN: I find it odd that Mizukami's best fanservice sketches are found in his first series. The one in the next volume happens to be his most risque one too. Also, Sanjin Sadou means "Sadou, The Scattered Ones". It'll make more sense in time.

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Oct 6, 2010
Thanks for covering all of Mizukami's works. ^^ He really deserves the attention.
#2. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Oct 6, 2010
you're killing me Transfade :))
#3. by Transfade ()
Posted on Oct 7, 2010
Some sacrifices are necessary for the greater good my friend.

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