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Psyren 140


+ posted by Transfade as translation on Oct 25, 2010 03:42 | Go to Psyren

-> RTS Page for Psyren 140

This is reserved for Muda Scans.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can’t think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber – Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) – Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) – Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 1
Text: Ouroboros... It devours all!!

Page 2
Text: And this world's tomorrow has been snatched away!!
Title: CALL.140 "Release"
Author: Iwashiro Toshiaki

Page 3
Van: You can't go there!!
Van: That power is expending quickly... Even we will get swallowed up by it!!
Oboro: The power to destroy the world...
Oboro(BOLD): This...
Oboro(BOLD): It's...!!

Page 5
Amamiya: Nemesis Q...!!?
Kagetora: What the...
Matsuri: The rules really are unnecessary...!

Page 6
Kyle: Ageha...?
Kyle: Ageha!!!
Ageha: Kyle!!!
Kyle: Are you leaving!!?

Page 7
Ageha(BOLD): No. 7! What do you think you're doing!?
Ageha(BOLD): Are you planning on letting only us go!? We won't be able to save everyone that way!!
Q: I did not bring you here to save this world.
Q: We have reached the limit
Q: There is no more time
Ageha(BOLD): Are you letting us free!?
Q: Yes
Q: The time to release you all is here.

Page 8
Ageha(BOLD): No. 7!!!
Q: Thank you...

Page 9

Page 11
Ryu: The city...!!
Ryu: It's in ruins...!!
Matsuri: I'll get us down with my telekinesis!!
Kabuto: What happened here...

Page 12
Kabuto: Don't tell me that W.I.S.E. already started with bringing down the world...
Matsuri: No... When we were up in the air, the destruction seemed to have been limited to the heart of the city only.
Matsuri: There presence of people still remains.
Matsuri: But this was probably their doing...
Matsuri: It seems that they moved up their terrorism activities in order to make an appeal for their own existence.
Kagetora: That's ridiculous! That can't have happened in the two days we weren't around...!!!
Matsuri: Yeah. Something's strange.
Date: October 2009 (Heisei 21)
Headline: Kantou Region In Crisis
Amamiya: Sensei...!! It hasn't been two days...!!
Amamiya: Right now... The time period we're in is...!!

Page 13
Amamiya(BOLD): A year into the future...!
Ageha: How did this...!!
Someone: October 25th 2009...
Someone: At any rate, it seems that he landed one year after September 2008 because of that irregular time trip.
Someone: They're currently sealing of the center of the capital because of its been wrecked.
Someone: W.I.S.E. was supposed to make their war declaration in December 2009 and start destroying things after that... Looks the circumstances have suddenly gone over our prediction.

Page 14
Ageha: How are Tatsuo's and Oboro's conditions?
Ryu: They're asleep... They seem to be fine under the sunlight.
Ryu: It seems that the Illumina's curse has been dispelled.
Ryu: ...I'm glad that we brought Tatsuo back.
Ryu: That was the whole reason I went to Psyren.
Matsuri: We saw the end of the world with these eyes of ours.
Matsuri: Amagi Miroku also desired that end.
Ageha: It's Mithra...!! That woman planned it all.

Page 15
Amamiya: Mithra was that Ouroboros' incarnation.
Amamiya: By having her at Amagi Miroku's side and keeping him in check, Ouroboros was able to make a direct hit on Earth...!!
Amamiya: Amagi Miroku said that she was once human but she got her hands on the "Tears" and gained true power then...
Ageha: That means if we don't figure Amagi Miroku's location soon...
Kabuto(BOLD): That was our objective to begin with!! Did you actuall forget that you battle idiot!?
Kagetora: On top of that, what do we do with those two? We can't just leave them like this.
Matsuri: Looks like we really have no other choice than to contact Elmore do we? Still...
Ryu(BOLD): If it's their whereabouts, I know where to find them.

Page 16
Ryu: They're in the Kamui mountains at Hokkaido.
Ryu: The Hiuta, Kotodama and Kamui mountains... They should be hiding out in one of these places in that region.
Kabuto: Why do you know that...?
Ryu: When I went with Kusakabe-san to raid a tower, we hacked into the main network that W.I.S.E. uses and obtained records of the past.
Ryu: There two pieces of information that I wanted... "A way to cure the Illumina completely" and "records of the history of W.I.S.E. activities".
Ryu: It's loaded up with info on how to remove the Illumina and medical terms that I can't understand but I'm sure Ian-san should be able to do something with it.
Amamiya: Hokkaido... Mt. Kotodoma...
Amamiya: Where have I come across Mt. Kotodoma before...
Amamiya: Ah...
Amamiya: The newspaper article that Yoshina came across previously...!!

Page 17
AMamiya: I see...!
Ageha: Amamiya...?
Amamiya: The newspaper article we found in future inside of the shelter that Kirisaki's uncle owned...!!
Amamiya: On the 29th of October 2009, a small meteorite fell at Mt. Kotodama, Hokkaido. Someone retrieved it just after that...!
Amamiya: Then there was that thing we found at the W.I.S.E. villa... It read "29.10.2009. We have finally communicated with God sucessfully. The promised tears are in our hands...!"
(For consistency's sake, it would be best to compare that quote with that particular bit of info)
Amamiya: That meteorite was the promised "Tears" they spoke of...
Amamiya: That's the final key to Mithra becoming the incarnation of the real Ouroboros...!!
Amamiya: Amagi Miroku's group retrieved the promised tears in the Kamui mountains!!

Page 18
Ageha: The 29th of October... That's 4 days away...!
Kagetora: We'll nab that little meteorite before they do.
Matsuri: Our time slip back to today
Matsuri: was probably no coincidence.
Amamiya(BOLD): We are at the crossroads that would bridge time and decide our fate.
Ageha(BOLD): Those guys never even dreamed that rivals would show up.
Text: To the final battleground!!
Ageha(BOLD): It's going to be a struggle for the promised tears

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