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Gas Mask Girl 1

He calls Her Hero

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Nov 20, 2010 13:25 | Go to Gas Mask Girl

-> RTS Page for Gas Mask Girl 1

This is reserved for MyPersonal-scan-.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) - Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) - Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 000b
Author: Hey there! This is my very first Tankouban, and I've somehow managed make it here.
Author: This manga doesn't really look like one but it's seriously a battling manga.
Author: That's what I think but I'm sure we'll come to agree.
Author: Anyhow, I'd love it if you enjoyed this.

Synopsis: The "Bagmen Incidents", a series of murders. The perpetrator is the rumored girl clad in a sailor uniform whose face is concealed by a Gas Mask dubbed "Mask-san". One day, by a coincidence, that same Mask-san was seen by the young boy Watta. Furthermore, that face belongs to, of all people, his classmate...!? With the unprecedented heroine, Gas Mask Girl unfolds with suspense in battle and on campus. The curtain rises magnificently!!

Page 000c
Big Caption: Smash!!
Smaller Caption: Helmet Driver's High's trap!!
Kirika: You're the only one I won't forgive!!
Kirika: Eat this! Gas Can of Justice!!
Text: The Bagmen's Great Illustrated Encyclopedia. Popularity of sales yet to be decided!
Pic Caption: The Bagmen's Great Illustrated Encyclopedia
Text: Gas Mask Girl

Text: UGYAA! Impudent Fellow!
Big Caption: Exploding Gas can!! Great Explosion!!
Text: Helmet Driver's High
Text: A mysterious man who manipulates bikes
Watta: Do your best!!
Watta: Gas Mask Girl!!!
Test: Watta

Page 001
Box: Rumors concerning "Her" are an everyday thing. You hear them quite often.
Box: Like that she's the ghost of a girl who died in a fire.
Box: That she wears the gas mask to hide her burnt face.
Box: Or that she kills people and bring their heads home so she can find a replacement.
Box: There's even one that says that she won't attack you if you bring along a 100 Yen lighter of all things.
Box: Still, nobody's actually seen her face so no one knows what's true or what's a lie.
Box: Except for one thing...

Page 002 (PATCH WITH PAGE 003)
Title: He calls Her Hero
Box: "She"... there's nobody but Mask-san to be the perpetrator behind the "Bagmen Incidents"...
Caption: Gas Mask Girl 1

Page 005
Boy: Wha... What just happened? That's really Mask-san isn't it.
Boy: Eh? Bu... But...
Boy: But that...
Boy: That face was...
Watta: Hey Watta-kun!

Page 006
Watta: Uwaah
Watta: He... Hey Amano-san!
Amano: Ehehe. Sorry. Sorry.
Amano: Say, about another Bagmen Incident taking place yesterday... Is that true?
Watta: Ah, umm... Yeah...
Amano: ...I see.
Box: The "Bagmen Incidents". That's how these events that keep on happening are being referred to.

Page 007
Watta: Everything from the neck up is missing in the victims.
Watta: Instead, they say a paper bag covers what should be there.
Watta: ...that's how mysterious these incidents are.
Amano: Hey Watta-kun...
Amano: About that... Why don't you give it a rest and stop searching for Mask-san?
Watta: Huh?
Amano: It's dangerous. What do you plan on doing if something happened?
Amano: We're only middle schoolers after all...
Amano: Also...
Amano: Mask-san is a demonic killer isn't she?

Page 008
Box: A demonic killer... huh...
Box: That's... true isn't it...
Watta: Be... Be careful okay.
Amano: Ah! Wait!
Box: It goes without saying that Mask-san is the perpetrator behind these Bagmen Incidents.
Box: I who was there to witness it have no doubts to voice.
Amano: Wait up
Watta: Well... I only peeked in as she left though...
Watta: Even so, why is it that I just can't come to grasp that
Amano(BOLD): Watta-kun! Watch out!

Page 009
Box: The Mask-san I saw is
Box: My classmate Ujiie Kirika-san.

Page 010
Kirika: Ah... Good Mor... ning.
Kirika: Ah. Yes...
Small text: Rice grain...
Amano: Hurry up! Watta-kun!
Watta: Eh? Hey!
Watta: Wait Amano-san...

Page 011
Box: A demonic killer...
Box: That's right. I definitely wasn't seeing things yesterday.
Box: She's certainly a somewhat peculiar person though.

Page 012
Box: Ujiie-san being a murderer is pretty unbelievable.
Box: You just can't picture her as someone who'd kil...
Watta: HII!
Watta: ...nope
Box: Forget just now. It didn't count.

Page 013
Watta: ...mm?
Watta: Uwaah!
Watta: Wh-who left a kitchen knife in a place like this!
Kirika: ...hand..
Kirika: ...it's alright.

Page 014
Watta: Thank you...
Box: Ujiie-san is really kind... incredibly so
Box: That's why I really hate being afraid of Ujiie-san like this.
Box: This can't go on.
Box: I can't let it keep on going like this indefinitely.
Box: If I don't confirm it for sure

Page 015
Amano: Why don't you give it a rest and stop searching for Mask-san?
Watta: Sorry... Amano-san
Box: But I have to see it with my own eyes!

Page 016
Box: That's strange... There shouldn't be any houses this way...
Box: I knew it... She's...
Watta: No...! What can I do if I let myself get timid!

Page 017
Watta: That's right!
Watta: I came here to confirm it didn't I!

Page 018
Watta: ...huh
Box: But, what if...
Watta: I lost her...?
Watta: Geh This is bad... Fog is coming in
Watta: At this rate, even if I keep looking I...

Page 019
Watta: Uwaah
Watta: Achaa... Whoops...
Watta: If she is really Mask-san then what should I do?

Box: It's just like Amano-san said

Box: What if she really is a demonic killer?

Page 022
Box: Am I going to get killed?
Box: Am I going to have my head chopped off like the other victims...?
Watta(BOLD): NO!!
Watta: I don't want to die!!!

Page 023

Page 024
Watta: Haa
Watta: Haa...
Box: What do I? What should I do?
Box: Isn't there anything...
Watta: Don't come...
Box: A way to save myself
Watta: Don't come...
Box: Something...
Watta: Oh yeah... That's right. A 100 Yen lighter.
Box: And so... I clung to a rumor that came from who knows where

Page 025
Watta: Huh... What the...?
Watta: This...
Watta: Light up
Watta: Light up!
Watta: It... lit up

Page 026
Watta(BOLD): ...huh?
Box: What the heck... is this

Page 027
Box: Could this be... Is this a bagman...?
Watta: Ah... nggh...
Watta: Ngghh... It... hurts...
Box: The bagman... attacked me!?
Box: Then... Then Mask-san was...
Watta: Help... me...


Page 030
Watta: Nggh... Cough Cough
Box: Mask-san...?
Bagman(ROBOTIC FONT): Ugh...
Bagman(ROBOTIC FONT): Nggh...

Page 032
Box: This spectacle unfolding right in front of me...
Box: My eyes took it all in

Page 033

Page 035
Watta: Amazing...

Page 036
Watta(BOLD): Wait!
Watta: Ujiie-san! You're Ujiie-san aren't you!?
Watta: I... I don't know if this is a good way to say it but...
Kirika: Don't come any closer
Kirika: Coming here... You can't...

Page 037
Kirika: ... I-I am... Mask-san af... after all
Kirika: ...The scary, terrifying(BOLD:"The scary, terrifying") Ma... Mask-san...
Box: No...
Box: That's not true!
Watta: ...even so

Page 038
Watta(BOLD): Even so, you saved me! You came to my rescue!!
Watta: If I don't tell her!
Watta: That is... You're really cool! I thought you were incredible!
Watta: I realized that I met one of those Heroes of Justice that I once admired long ago!
Watta: That's why you!
Watta: You aren't just some Mask-san!

Page 039
Watta: If I don't tell her how I felt!
Watta: You are... You are a hero!(BOLD:"You are a hero!")

Page 040
Watta: Ah!
Box: She didn't say anything back
Box: Did my words even reach her?
Watta: She left...
Box: No... Even if they didn't
Box: She's still... My hero

Page 041
Watta: Mmmm...
Watta: I really did something foolish didn't I...
Kirika: What are you looking at?
Watta: Hm? I'm looking at my hero.
Watta: ...huh?
Kirika: ...You should treasure it.
Watta: Ah

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