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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Jabberwocky 9

Adam's Rib 1

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Nov 27, 2010 13:37 | Go to Jabberwocky

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This is reserved for GWR.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) ・Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) ・Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 47
Box: OSMAN Empire, Troy
Cristo: This land was once plagued by fighting.
Cristo: A war that revolved around one single beauty.
Cristo: The great naval fleet of Greece combed these seas. Troy's very existence was at stake and the lives of many a hero were strewn about because of it.
Cristo: Patroklos. Hector. Achilles.
Cristo: Splendid. Just splendid.
Cristo: Everyone thought of it as a mere legend.
Cristo: But then, fifteen years ago, someone proved this romance to be a historical fact.
TN: Book is titled "Passion for the Ancient Past" and is written by Heinrich Schliemann.

Page 48
Cristo: Heinrich Schliemann. Do you know of him?
Sabata: Haa

Page 49
Cristo: A few days ago, a letter from that very same Schliemann arrived.
Sabata: Hey
Cristo: And this is how the letter went.
Cristo: "Presently, my life is being targeted"
Cristo: "As such I would like to request an escort with that threat in mind"
Cristo: "Furthermore, this is a request that you the young leader of the secret society, "Cheteau D'If", have hopes for."

Page 50
Cristo: I am the commander of Cheteau D'If. The only ones I've intended to tell that to are its members.
Cristo: It is not the kind of information that even a great archeologist would be able to excavate out of the ground.
Cristo: He is no ordinary archeologist. Therefore, the people after his life shouldn't be ordinary people. This matter itself doesn't seem to be anything ordinary in the least.
Cristo: Thereby, you have 3 orders to follow this time around. First one, save him.
Cristo: Second, seek out the truth of the matter.
Cristo: Third, I'm counting on you to get him to autograph this book for me.
Lily: Ah, he's a fan...

Page 51
Box: Constantinople
Schliemann(BOLD): Huh?

Page 52
Schliemann(BOLD): Not buying? Did I just hear you say they're not buying?
Schliemann: Wait! Just wait right there!! We're talking about something else entirely aren't we. That was a just a joke Stephen my boy!
Stephen: I only heard from a friend of mine at the British Museum though.
Stephen: The unicorn first came up in the Old Testament six centuries before Christ.
Stephen: Furthermore, that's an Indian rhinoceros... as it seems so.
Stephen: That means there's no way that this came from the Troy that was destroyed 3000 years before even that.
Stephen: Isn't that right?

Page 53
Stephen: Dr. Schliemann.
Schliemann: Tch(BOLD) So the sucker has some knowledge himself then...
Stephen: What?
Schliemann: No no no no. It's certainly true that this was affixed there. By me.
Schliemann: But rather than some ordinary horse, a horned one would fetch a higher price...
Schliemann: You see, I figured that even you might be delighted that way... That's right, it's a bonus! A bonus!
Stephen: At any rate, I'm not buying this. I don't need any of the stuff up till now either so give me back my money.
Schliemann(BOLD): Hah? No no no no no no no no no no

Page 54
Schliemman(BOLD): Right. Got it. Let's get forget about this.
Schliemann(BOLD): I'll bring out something really amazing.
Schliemann(BOLD): I picked it up from Troy. Well? What do you think of this helmet?
Stephen: Huh?

Page 55
Stephen: Do you take me for a fool?
Stephen: There aren't any humans with noses that long...
Schliemann: Like I said Stephen my boy, it truly is amazing. Get a grip dear boy.
Schliemann: This is a far as this story goes
Schliemann: Are you aware that Dinosaurs walk the earth even as we speak?

Page 56
Schliemann(BOLD): Who?
Guy: It's Schliemann.
Guy: Good grief. We finally found him, Bobby(BOLD)
Guy: Yeah, we really worked hard there, Bobby(BOLD)
Guy: What do we about the guy over there, Bobby(BOLD)?
Guy: Did you forget, Bobby(BOLD)?
Guy: We were told to kill everyone that Schliemann blabs to.

Page 57
Schliemann: Pi...
Schliemann(BOLD): Pinkerton!?
Guy: Why don't you come with us. There are still some things we'd like hear from you.
Guy: Sorry for the disturbance.
Guy: We can finally go back to the homeland, Bobby(BOLD)
Guy: That's right, Bobby(BOLD)

Page 58
Schliemann: Damn...
Schliemann(BOLD): Mm?
Box: Duck!
Guy: What the?
Guy: What language is that, Bobby(BOLD)?

Page 59
TN: He wears a fez now. Fezzes are cool. So are mustaches.
Sabata: Finally get to put those linguistics to use.
Sabata: Bobby(BOLD) this, Bobby(BOLD) that. Bobby(BOLD), Bobby(BOLD), Bobby(BOLD)...
Sabata: Mister Schliemann I presume? I am Sabata Van Cleef of "Cheteau D'if".
Schliemann(BOLD): OHH
Schliemann: Are you okay? Your complexion looks rather...

Page 60
Guy: That hurt...
Schliemann: Eh? Ah? Hey! Just now they...!?
Schliemann: Wait!! Aim properly dammit!!
Guy: No no. His aim was dead on Schliemann.
Guy: He got us right in the heart, Bobby(BOLD)
guy: Right
Guy: He would have done us in if we hadn't been wearing these special suits, Bobby(BOLD)

Page 61
Sabata: The hats too!?

Page 62-63
Guy: Schliemann blabbed to him too then, Bobby(BOLD)
Guy: Yeah, work is just piling up for us, Bobby(BOLD)
Guy: Even so, Bobby(BOLD). Not even one of his shots are hitting their mark are they?
Guy: The same goes for you too you know, Bobby(BOLD).
Guy: Whoah
Guy: I want to keep observing that guy, Bobby(BOLD)
Schliemann: What do we do!? What do we do Saba-boy?
Sabata: Saba-boy?

Page 64-65
Sabata: This is...
Sabata: As expected of the Grand Bazaar. They sell everything here.
Guy: Hey Bobby(BOLD)
Guy: Have they given up?
Guy: Nope

Page 67
Text: This extra long gun that Sabata's firing is called the Fokker Model, a revolver developed by the Colt Company as a small arm designated for captains within the American Cavalry Regiments.
Text: With a span of 40cm and weighing in at 2Kg, they say the power behind the bullets this gun fires
Text: rivals even that of the modern day 357 Magnum.

Page 69
Guy: My goodness. Incredible. Just incredible.
Guy: That fellow really is amazing, Bobby(BOLD).
Guy: Just take a look... Haha
Guy: Right through the heart...
Guy: Bo...(BOLD)
Sabata: Let's go.

Page 70
Sabata: Hey now. Isn't this just plain overkill for one old man?
Schliemann(BOLD): Saba-boy!!
Schliemann(BOLD): What do we do!? You're supposed to save me aren't you!! This is completely different from what I was told!!
Sabata: No need to worry.

Page 71
Sabata: This is Istanbul, the city within a city after all.
Sabata: There's one special Guardian Angel here.

Page 74
Guy: This smell...
Guy(BOLD): No! Don't!!

Page 75
Lily: Sabata!!
Sabata: Lily!!

Page 76-77
Lily: Please to make your acquaintance Mister Schliemann.
Lily: My name is Lily Apricot.
Lily: Ah. It looks like handshakes are no longer in order.

Page 78
SFX: Gurgle
Lily: So
Lily: Who were those men?
Schliemann: Pinkerton's detective agency.
Schliemann: Even after the end of the civil war, the army's spies are still keep keeping on.
Lily: ...so you're being pursued by the American government is it?
Lily: Why?

Page 79
Schliemann: It's because I met with President Filmore in America before I excavated Troy. Obviously.
Lily: Eh?
Schliemann: My oh my. You should have at least read up the autobiographies for men as great as I.
Lily: Great...
Schliemann: Still, I never mentioned it in any of the books. The American government itself ordered me to excavate Troy at the time after all. Actually,
Schliemann: And this was an order that was given to me

Page 80
Schliemann: "Discover and describe Troy as how it would have been according to its legend".
Lily: And by that you mean...
Schliemann: The Americans knew. That there are things in Troy that would cause problems if they came to light.
Text: Did you know? Troy's remains are all said to be in the the 9th layer... I announced that they were in the 2nd layer though. But in actuality, the true remains of Troy's warring times have always been in the new 7th layer.

Page 81
Schliemann: Firstly, everything that I dig up at the 7th layer that falls under "artifacts in bad condition" as specified by the Americans should be destroyed.
Schliemann: Furthermore, I'm allowed to dig further down into the cleared layers as long as I announce them as Troy's ruins.
Lily: So the reason you're being pursued is because you didn't actually destroy those badly conditioned things, correct?
Schliemann: Yep, completely. It'd be a shame if I did.
Sabata: Don't tell me that you were trying to sell them off as black market goods before...
Sabata: Of course you'd get found out that way.
Schliemann: No no no no
SFX: Nom nom nom
Schliemann: In your old age, gathering wealth is more important than prestige.
Lily: So then what was it exactly that you found that has them after your life?

Page 82
Schliemamnn(BOLD): Oh, yes. Adam's Rib.
Text: In the remains of Troy's temple, I found this slate with a legend inscribed on it.
Text: According to it, the very first person of the clan had a giant body but not a trace of wisdom.
Text: God then took a rib from that man and created a woman from it.
Text: And later the woman gave birth to children that were granted wisdom. That's how the current world came to be.

Page 83
Schliemann: Similar aren't they. The story of Adam and Eve created from his rib who ate the fruit of wisdom.
Schliemann: But that's the thing you see, Troy's ruins date back to 12,000 BC. That's far older than the Old Testament.
Lily: So the bible had a source material?
Lily: But if that's the case then... Well it's certainly an eminent matter.
Schliemann: I suppose. But the thing of it is you see, is that I found it.
Schliemann: Right in the temple. The fossil of "Adam's Rib".
Schliemann: Don't you want to see it?
Lily: It exists!? Here!?
Schliemann: Yup. It's hidden in the highest point in the area. Or rather

Page 84
Schliemann: Anybody who comes here to Constantinople would see it anyway.
Schliemann: Take a look at that Crescent Moon symbol at the top of that mosque. I even went as far to replace it.
Sabata: Hey. You're kidding me, right?

Page 85
Schliemann: Well? It's a tad too large to be human don't you think?

Page 86
Lilu: Could it be...
Schliemann: Exactly. The clan that left behind that legend and "Adam's Rib" at Troy were Dinosaurs.
Schliemann: Incredible isn't it? The foundation of Judaism and Christianity, beliefs held by a billion or so people

Page 87
Schliemann: May have actually been ripped straight out of a dinosaur legend.

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