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Jabberwocky 10

Adam's Rib 2

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Dec 3, 2010 09:20 | Go to Jabberwocky

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This is reserved for GWR.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) ・Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) ・Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 88

P49 A letter from that very same Schliemann
The letter's seal was marked with the image if the Trojan Horse

P57 Pinkerton!?
This refers to the Pinkerton Detective Agency from America.
They carried out activities as spies for the North during the North-South Civil war.

P58 Adache
Portuguese for Duck!

P117 This date is the anniversary of my death
Things turned out so that Schliemann will have died on the 26th of December, 1890 in Naples due to inflammation in his inner ear.

P119 Django
"Continue, Bodyguard of the Wilderness". It's a name that showed up in a lot in macaroni western movies in the beginning.

Page 89
Sabata: This is... Mister Schliemann, you excavated this at Troy...
Schliemann: That's right. Straight out of the Dinosaur legend. "The very first person". Eola. That fossilized rib.
Schliemann: Eola is the old dinosaur language name. If you were to correspond it to the alphabet then it would be read as

Page 90
Schliemann: Adam
Schliemann: But as for whether or not Eve really was born from this rib isn't the issue under these circumstances.

Page 91
Schliemann: The question at hand is that the story of Adam and Eve was created by Dinosaurs long before the Old Testament.
Schliemann: You can't treat doubts that would put the bible as the work of plagiarism as some joke.
Sabata: "Thou shall not steal" as they say. Still, our people have never heard of there being such a legend.
Schliemann: This rib was also buried with Troy for 3000 years.
Schliemann: In that time, the legend could have been lost after all.
Schliemann: Ithaca, Mycaena as well as Troy. The Americans gave the order to destroy whatever Dinosaur relics that were excavated from the remains.
TN: Schliemann's tie says "Troy" all over it.
Schliemann: It seems that even they didn't think that such a dangerous object would show up...

Page 92
Schliemann: I don't think they know about the recent developments either. They didn't get reported after all.
Lily: And why is that?
Schliemann: Yes, previously you see... I tried to sell the Troy artifacts to the British Museum.
Schliemann: They said things along the line of not buying.
Schliemann: An agreement concerning artifacts fell through so I just took them and ran off.
Lily: Oy
Schliemann: That's why I said with vigour in me, "Well then, I'll show you something amazing"...

Page 93
Lily: So you say...
Sabara: At any rate, we'll keep this over at "Cheteau D'If". It is an inheritance for us Dinosaurs after all. We can't just let the Americans destroy it.
Schliemann: Yes...
Schliemann: What is it?
Schliemann: Look. Why don't you just buy it from. Come on.
Sabata: What?
Schliemann: I mean he has some amazing assets your boss.
Schliemann: After all, just to make our escape out of Constantinople...

Page 94-95
Schliemann: To charter a Parlor Car as extravagant as this
Schliemann: And having it hooked up to the Orient Express at that.
Box: The republic of Bulgaria
Sabata: Excuse me, but wasn't it that greed of yours that put you in your current situation?
Schliemann: I'm jo- It was a joke. A joke.
Schliemann: Dear me, Saba-boy. That's quite a scary face you're making there.
Schliemann: Ah that's right. Did you know? This Orient Express here. There was this man who went on a journey to America after the cousin he was in love with broke his heart. At that time, his heart was healed and he went on to make a model of the sleeping car.
Schliemann: The power of love is simply amazing isn't it. Especially that of forbidden love.

Schliemann: That was surely why Troy came into ruin.
Text: The prince of Troy, Paris, fell in love with the Queen of Sparta, Helena, and brought her back to his country having stolen her heart.
Text: The angry king of Sparta formed a great alliance between Mycaena, Ithaca and the Greek nations to strike at Troy.
Text: The reason for this was because they created a pact when Helena visited the greek nations.
Text: "We will all have her. Though she has become the Spartan's wife, she belongs to no one person here but everyone. Whomever selfishly takes her for their own, everyone is to account for it."
Text: A strange story don't you think
Text: The legend tells us that it was all because everyone was captivated by Helena's beauty.
Schliemann: But the truth is different.
Text: Helena was a dinosaur.
Text: And her existence was like that of a queen in control the dinosaur army of Greece at that.
Text: The human kings feared the might of the dinosaur army so they joined hands with Helena and allied with her dinosaur army. But this was so that her power would be suppressed.
Text: This is where Troy's Paris came in
Text: Paris who had the body of man really did fall in love with Helena.
Text: Helena you see, even with that calculating alliance there, fell head over heels in love as well
Text: Helena went to Troy and so did the dinosaur army. The greeks were, well, they was scared shitless.
Text: And thus came the war and the downfall of Troy.

Page 98
Schliemann: In the end it was probably the union between a person and a dinosaur that lead to tragedy.
Schliemann: The tracks that the country's destruction ran on were that of blighted love.
Schliemann: The two of you should be careful as well~
Lily: Huh?
Schliemann: I have an eye for people you know~ The 'L' word am I rite? Right? Right?
Sabata: Erm, no that's well haha...
Sabata: Well... Well then, it looks like it wouldn't do for us to be happy so that a country doesn't get destroyed.
Lily: Annoying

Page 100
Sabata: Oh yeah(BOLD:"Oh yeah"). Would you sign this book please. Our Count asked us to get it for him.

Page 101
Man: These guys are making light of the Pinkerton agency's investigation abilities. DANNY(BOLD)
Man: There it is DANNY(BOLD). The aforementioned rib.
Man: I see DANNY(BOLD)
Man: Then we have no use for them do we.
Schliemann: An autograph? Sure
Lily: Wait!
Schliemann: For what?

Page 102-103
sabata: Pinkerton's?
Sabata: They were shot...
Schliemann: What!? They're dead!?
Schliemann: Why?
Dino: It was because they were trouble.

Page 104
Dino: It'd be a pain if this gets out to those uninvolved .
Dino: So that's why I had them leave.
Sabata: Who are you!?
Box: Damn. What just went on? I didn't hear any gunshots at all.
Dino: Please give up.
Dino: I am not an enemy(BOLD)

Page 105
Lily: But you're not saying you're an ally(BOLD) either.
Dino: Oooh!!
Dino: So this is Eola's(SUBTITLE: "Adam's") rib!!
Dino: Helena took it with her to Troy 3000 years ago and it disappeared just like that... Mister Schliemann! You were the one found it right!
Schliemann: Eh? Ah, well... no
Dino: What an exploit!!
Dino: Simply magnificent

Page 106
Dino: Excuse me then. I'll be taking this back now.
Schliemann: Hah?
Dino: Our Religion has been searching for this for the past 3000 years.
Dino: You see, I was born with a rib missing. Do you know what that means?
Dino: Yes!
Dino: I am Adam's reincarnation!
Dino: This is my rib!!

Page 107
Box: Haa
Box: An amazing one showed up
DIno: I am very grateful that you protected this from the Americans. Still, we are its owners. "Caesar's possessions belong to Caesar"
Dino: Of course one cannot call that an ordinary deed.
Dino: So rather than give you a reward, I shall pay you for it.
Schliemann: Eh?
Schliemann: You will?
Box: Crap...
Lily: Schlie...

Page 108
Schliemann(BOLD): Hell no
Lily: Eh?
Dino: Might I ask why?
Schliemann: You see, I have an eye for people.
Schliemann: You're planning something dreadful aren't you?
Dino: Hahaha
Dino: Nothing of the sort

Page 109
Dino: It's something wonderful.
Dino: With this undeniable evidence, it will be possible to prove that the foundation that a greater part of humanity relies on was plagiarised from us dinosaurs. That's right.
Dino: You all just copied us like the monkeys you are!!
Dino: If this were to be announced to you humans then you'd lose that foundation wouldn't you!! At the same time, we can send a message to the dinosaurs! This is how that message would go!!

Page 110
Dino: There is no longer any need for us to live beneath the humans in secret!!
Dino: Now is the time for us to reclaim our niche!!
Dino: It's war!! Yes!! Hunt down the monkeys!! Come! Come!! We'll slaughter them all!! We'll build a palace from the ribs of those monkeys!!
Dino: Haah. Haah. Well, I don't really mind in any case.
Dino: For the time being, I'd like for you to return it to me.
Lily: Watch out Mister Schliemann!
Sabata: Stay back!

Page 111
Box: This guy...
Box: Just where is he keeping his gun...?
Box: That's right. We didn't hear any gunshots.
Lily: It's wrong.
Sabata: The one who's shooting isn't him!

Page 112
Box: Tail End, Special Passenger Car
Box: 5th Car, Luggage Car
Box: 4th Car, Dining Car
Box: 3rd Car, Sleeping Car

Page 113
Box: 2nd Car, Sleeping Car
Box: 1st Car, Mail Car
Box: Coal Car

Page 114-115

Page 116
Lily: Mister Schliemann!!
Schliemann: Mmm...
Schliemann: Ahh, that's right. I have to sign this don't I...
Lily: Huh?
Schliemann: This is going to be worth something...
Schliemann: After all...

Page 117
Schliemann: This date is the anniversary of my death
Lily: Mister Schliemann!! Godammit!!
Lily: Sabata!!
Lily: Sabata!?
Sabata: Dja...
Django: Oh...

Page 118-119
Django: If it isn't Sabata
Sabata: Django...
Django: Hey
Django: How many points is an arm?
Django: You really are quite the nimble fella
Django: You actually made me miss.
Django: I got a perfect score on your sister with just one shot.

Page 120
Django: Guggh
DjangO: Sabata... You-
Django: You fucking egg-eater!!

Page 121
Box: 3rd Car

Page 122-123
Django: Hey hey. It's Sabata.
Django: Sabata! Sabata!

Page 124
Django: Even though I went through all that trouble to destroy the filthy egg-eater's skill
Django: What, have you grown again Sabata? Sabata!!
Lily: It's impossible Sabata!!
Lily: You can't hit him with a pistol!!
Sabata: Shut up!! Don't get in my way!!
Lily: Saba...

Page 125
Lily: Sabata!!
Django: Now then
Django: How many points was it for the head?

Page 126
Django: Tch. A curve.

Page 127
Dino: Now, think this over. During this curve your only enemy is very huge me.
Dino: "Things will work out"

Page 128-129
Dino: That's just naive
Dino: Here's some ribbing for you!!
(He was going for a rib pun here and that's the best I could come up with)

Page 130
Dino: Mmm. So there was snow there huh.
Dino: I wonder if that saved them.
Dino: Oh well

Page 131
Lily: Sabata...
Lily: Sabata!!
Sabata: Unhh...

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