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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Gas Mask Girl 3

Lifeforms That Dream

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Dec 4, 2010 13:04 | Go to Gas Mask Girl

-> RTS Page for Gas Mask Girl 3

This is reserved for MyPersonal-scans-.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) ・Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) ・Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 73
Title: Lifeforms That Dream
Helmet(BOLD): Now then
helmet(BOLD): Fight me

Page 74
Kirika(BOLD): No
Hlemet: Ku... Hahahahahaha... So those rumors of you not clashing with your "colleagues" are true huh.
Helmet: Dear me, it certainly is cold.
Helmet: In that case...

Page 75
Helemt: I'll force you to fight. ...What if I say that.
Kirika: I would not mind it if you won. I do not see any point in fighting.
Helmet: Hmm... You sure are a killjoy.
Helmet: I'll pull back for now. But remember this
Helmet: "I have found you"

Page 76
Helmet(BOLD): You get it don't you?
Helmet(BOLD): I will definitely come at you for real,
Watta: Definitely...
Watta: He said definitely.
Watta: Not good.
Watta: I have no information at all. I guess it really is unreasonable for yesterday's thing to be today...
Watta: The Bagmen. Mask-san. That helmet guy...

Page 77
Box: He suddenly showed up in the middle of yesterday's battle.
Box: Taking care of the Bagmen in the blink of an eye was that mysterious helmet guy.
Box: Helmet Driver's High...
Box: And he wanted to fight Mask-san for some reason.
Kirika: This place is not where you should be..
Watta: ...Mask-san
Box: It's dangerous so don't get involved. If you say it like even I would understand.
Box: Even so, there has to be something I can do
Watta: It'd be great if I could just get some info on that guy though...
President: Huh? Not about Gas Mask today?

Page 78
President: I thought you took to gas masks but this time it's a helmet?
Watta(BOLD): Pre-president?
President: Still... gas masks, paper bags, helmets...
President: You sure have taken an interest in headgear Watta-kun.
Watta(BOLD): ...paper bags don't count as headgear.
President: Huh?
Box: But Mask-san and yesterday's helmet guy both wear things to hide their face too.
Box: Is there some kind of connection to that...
President: ...well whatever. Make sure you keep to the newspaper's deadline okay.

Page 79
Watta: Well... Hahaha... I'll do my best...
Box: The article I wrote on Mask-san was destroyed wasn't it.
President: It's just you and me in the newspaper club now so we really do have to do our best don't we.
Watta: Yes...
President: Well then, I'll be heading home. Can I count on you to lock up?
Watta: Ah, sure.
Watta: Sigh...
Watta: Even though I started all this investigating for the newspaper club in the first place...
Watta: Speaking of investigating...
Watta: Rather than calling it information on the net...

Page 80
Watta: It's really more like useless gossiping..
Small text: A bad hobby...
Sign: Mask-san Information Board
Box: Looking over these again like this... I can see that Mask-san of the rumors are very different from the real one.
Box: Perhaps the imagined Mask-san has already started standing on it's own.

Page 81
Watta: Uhh...
Topic: Gas Mask Girl
Name: Watta
Message: Mask-san is not a demonic killer. She's actually the hero of justice, Gas Mask Girl.
Watta: Uwwah
Watta: Wa
Watta: Wa
Watta: Wa
Anon: Gas*lol*Mas*lol*Girl*lol*. lololololololololololololol.
Anon: Hey newfag. This is no place for you. Go finish your homework.
Anon: Mask-san is my waifu
Watta: I knew they'd make fun of me but... This is somewhat vexing...
Anon: Weaksauce lol
Anon mutter: Shukoo
Anon type: Mask-san is not a demonic killer. She's actually the hero of justice, Gas Mask Girl!
Anon mutter: Shukoooo
Anon: That's just lolololololololol

Page 82
Watta: Oh. A new reply.
Name: HDH

Though Mask-san being a hero may be jumping the gun a bit, it's still a an interesting take of her.

From what I've heard up till now it seems that checking the identities of all of the bagmen discovered has been(BLOCKED)
Also, when you think about the number of bagmen and the fact that the town's population isn't fluctuating at all
it casts some doubt on the assumption that the bagmen really are human corpses.

Come to think of it, it seems that another incident took place yesterday and the bagmen discovered were covered in countless tire marks.
It breaks the trend that's been going up till now.
Either someone's imitating Mask-san or there were multiple perpetrators behind Mask-san...

Watta: Amazing...
Watta: Even yesterday's...
Watta: I have to get in touch with this person. They might be of help...!
Watta: I wonder if Ujiie-san is still around.

Page 83
Watta: She's probably gone though...
Amano: Oh! Are you going home now Watta-kun?
Watta: Huh? Amano-san. What's the matter? At this late a time.
Amano: Yeah, I accidentally forgot something.
Watta: Accidentally
Amano: Ah. More importantly Watta-kun
Amano(BOLD): Am I still holding a grudge over what happened yesterday?
Text: *Stole her bike *Left her alone for over an hour

Page 84
Watta: I... I'm sorry!!!
Amano: I'm not so sure if I'll be satisfied with such an apology without something else to go along with it~~~
Amno mutter: Hmmph
Watta: Uh...
Watta: Please keep it within the realm of possibility...
Amano: Fufufufuu~
Amano: Well, it's late already.
Amano: Let's leave this matter for another day.
Amano: See ya later Watta-kun!

Page 85
Watta: Haa...
Watta: ujiie-san... How long were you there...?
Kirika: Ye-ye-ye-ye-yes... Yesterday's...
Watta: Is she apologizing for yesterday?
Watta: Ah no, rather than something like that...

Page 86
kirika: No way...
Watta: Huh!? What?
Watta: Ujiie-san!?
Kirika: ...dammit

Page 87
Kirika: Where...
Kirika: Where is it...?
Amano: Kyaaaaa!
Watta: Ujiie-san!
Watta: Why did you... suddenly...

Page 88
Kirika: I... didn't... make it...
Watta(BOLD): ...wha!?
Watta(BOLD): The bagman's bag... She's being sucked into it!!

Page 89
Watta: Sto... Sttoooopp!!
Kirika: It's... too... late...
Watta: Wha... Why!?
Kirika: Please...
Kirika: Please... it's...

Page 90
Watta: That... that can't...
Watta: The bagman's appearance...

Page 91
Watta(BOLD): Amano... -san...?

Page 92
Amano: In this situation, would it be appropriate to greet you with a "nice to meet you"? It's my victory this round. That was truly careless of you Mask-san.
Watta: It can't... Amano-san was...
Watta: How did...
Amano: He told you didn't he?
Helmet: "I have found you"
Watta: Helmet Driver's High...!

Page 93
Watta: That's... So you were allies!?
Watta: What did you do to Amano-san!
Amano: ...how mean.
Amano(BOLD): Watta-kun. I am the one and only Amano... I am Amano Saki.
Watta: That... That can't be!
Amano: You don't believe me? You can't see it that way?
Amano: I think perhaps Watta-kun...
Amano: Has completely interpreted the circumstances behind these incidents far too much.
Watta: Sta... Stay away!!
Watta: Ujiie-san!!

Page 94
Watta: Ujiie... -san.
Amano(BOLD): See ya later Watta-kun.

Page 95
Amano: Goodbye
Watta: ...uuuuu. What just happened...
Watta: Amano-san...
Kirika: ...rry.

Page 96
Kirika: I'm... so... sorry...
Kirika: I'm so... sorry...
Kirika: Sniff...
Kirika: I couldn't... protect her...
Kirika: Hic...

Page 97
Box: The bagmen
Box: Mask-san
Box: Helmet Driver's High
Box: What exactly going on here?
Box: Just what on earth are these incidents
Box: Ujiie-san

Page 98
Box: I don't understand
Box: Whether it's the burden Ujiie-san's been carrying on her shoulders
Box: Or what happened to Amano-san...
Box: I'm sorry for feeling this way.
Box: That's why...

Page 99
Box: That's why I have to get to bottom of this...
Box: The entire truth behind these events
Teacher(THIN FONT): ...everyone, I have something very important to tell you.
Teacher(THIN FONT): It seems that Amano Saki-san of this class
Teacher(THIN FONT): Hasn't returned home since yesterday.
Teacher(THIN FONT): If any of you know where she might be
Teacher(THIN FONT): Be sure to let us know about it
Text: From the next day onwards, Amano-san never to school again.

Page 100
Topic: About the Bagmen Incidents
Name: Watta

Hello, I am the Watta who posted on the "Mask-san Information Board" a few days ago.
I saw the post you wrote as HDH and I thought that you were considerably well informed on the bagmen incidents so I decided to get in touch with you.

If it's possible, I thought we could do something along the lines of an information exchange if that's okay with you.
I look forward to your reply.

Helmet: Got him!
Helmet: Hahahahah
Helmet: With this it's all going down smoothly
Helmet: It's gotten real interesting.
Helmet: Right? Partner

All those bits of info in the forum on page 80 are basically people speculating stuff about Mask-san.
The discussion shown in the panel on the right is about what's her face like behind the mask and replies saying it's burnt face, a beautiful girl etc.
Highlights of the random posts in the background on that page are:
*Her body being wrapped up in bandages and that she's the grudge of a girl who died in a fire.
*That she uses a chainsaw/hatchet
*A bloody mary-esque incantation used to call her out and that she'll kill whoever does it.
*The 100 yen lighter bit Watta mentioned in chapter one
*A denouncement of the whole thing as a hoax
*That she's over 2 meters tall and that you have to be on the second floor to see her eyes. I like this one. It's hilariously awesome.

Also, let me tell you this is where things start getting real interesting. Look forward to the awesomeness.

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