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Jabberwocky 11

Adam's Rib 3

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Dec 8, 2010 16:07 | Go to Jabberwocky

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This is reserved for GWR.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) ・Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) ・Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 135
Booth: I just contacted them. The recovery team is heading our way as we speak.
Booth: Painkiller?
Lily: Thanks
SFX: Slip
Booth: Ah Hey

Page 136
Booth: Sheesh...
Sabata: Hey
Sabata: Withdraw?(BOLD) Boothroyd
Booth: Like we have any other option.
Booth: There I was thinking that you weren't showing up at the rendezvous point And it turns out one of you got his arm blown off and had a lot of blood come out a hole in his shoulder.
Booth: And the other has ribs that'd look just like Bohemian glass if you sent of by seamail and forgot to put packing material around it. In very small pieces.

Page 137
Booth: We're lacking in battle personnel even if we sortied. It can't be helped.
Sabata: And the rib(BOLD)?
Booth: Like I said, they're broken(BOLD:"they're broken")
Sabata: I'm not talking about Lily's!
Sabata: I meant Adam's
Booth: The carriage car was found at Belgrade station. Inside of it was Schliemann's corpse.
Booth: If Cheteau D'If can recover it, I think we can probably have it treated as a natural death... Naturally, the rib was taken away.

Page 138
Booth: It just took a different route but we do know its whereabouts. It seems that a huge number of dinosaurs are gathering at a certain mountain in Greece.
Booth: They're gathering members for this war on humans that they mentioned before.
Booth: With that becoming their banner, it's natural to assume that "Adam's Rib" is there.
Booth: Agents within Europe will gather at Cheteau D'If headquarters to prevent the war.
Booth: The commander expects that the assault division will arrive at Greece by tomorrow morning via the D.H.(SUBTITLE:"Dragon Horse").

Page 139
Sabata(BOLD): What about Django!? Is that bastard there too!?
Sabata(BOLD): Where in Greece!?
Booth: And what do you intend to do if I were to tell you Sabata?
Booth: The order we were given was "Return". Those are our orders!(BOLD:"Those are our orders!")

Page 140
Django: "The navel of the Earth"
Django: That's what they called this Delphi back in ancient Greece.

Page 141
Dino: Navel!?
Django: In ancient times they say that this where it was said the gods decided and sent down all their revelations.
Dino: The world was originally ours(BOLD) to begin with!! Navel my ass! Such an obscene thing has nothing to do with us Dinosaurs!!
Dino: Oh well. You could say that this is an excellent place to launch our signal fire to take our vengeance on those conceited monkeys. They'll be clenching their teeth attacking with all these cliffs here. On top of that, we have recovered that as well.(BOLD:"On top of that, we have recovered that as well.")

Page 142
Dino: Adam's rib
Dino: Finally, after 3000 years it has returned to what is essentially its owner!!
Django: Fufuu. Essentially is it?
Dino(BOLD): What?
Django: My my. You really do believe that you're Adam's reincarnation don't you?
Django: You're a huge oaf that's only good for his ridiculous muscle power. Even your parents cast you aside. Amargasaurus right?
Dino: Django, just what are you spouting out with that damn mouth of yours... I am...
Django: There ain't a single person who actually thinks that you're our boss you know.
Dino(BOLD): Wha...
Django: It was great having someone who could carry this heavy piece of luggage So we just let you think whatever you liked.
Django: The one who's guiding us all is somewhere else.

Page 143
Django: Yeah, that number of ribs thing... well(BOLD)
Django: Chance. That's all.
Dino: Ugh...

Page 144
Django: Is that so
Dino: Eh?

Page 145
Django: Then take it

Page 146
Django: Now then. Next up is the oh so fun war.

Page 147
Booth: Miss Apricot!
Booth: Sabata's gone!!
Booth: There should be one more horse pulling the carriage.
Booth: He probably rode it to...

Page 149
Django: Did you really think you could get me from behind? Really?(BOLD)

Page 150-151
Django(BOLD): Slow! You are slow Sabata!!
Django(BOLD): What's wrong!? Not talking back cause of you're hurt!? Well!?
Dino: Boothroyd. We came to retrieve you all. Where are the injured ones?
Booth: Well
Booth: That's...

Page 154
Sabata: Lily!!
Dino: Mister Django!!
(Find out what language KOSU is supposed to be how to spell that. Replace mister with it if successful)
Django: Hey
Django: They're my game.
Django: Nobody lays a hand on them

Page 155
Sabata: Lily why are you here!?
Sabata: To ride on a horse with your ribs broken!!
Lily: Haha He was just blowing it out of proportions.
Sabata: My being here has nothing to do with Cheteau D'If's battle plan! There is no reason to it beyond it being personal! You know that!
Sabata: For you to go against orders and going as far as risking your life...
Sabata(BOLD): Why!?
Lily: Beat me
Lily: Just why is that?

Page 156
Lily: It's just that you told me "Don't drink for the sake of puking anymore" when you gave that Le Lys Dans La Vallee.
Lily: You told me "I don't live in hope of a tomorrow without you"
Lily: And you scolded me saying "Don't compare yourself to a pawn."
Lily: That's the kind of man you are. If you wanted a reason it'd be something like that.

Page 157
Lily: That's enough isn't it?
Sabata: Hmmph(BOLD) I also said "You are so my type"(BOLD:"You are so my type")
Lily: Hah(BOLD) You're finally seeing straight now after blowing your top
Lily: At any rate, for now we need to stay out of the line of fire and run around and get some distance.
Lily: In that time, we'll have to come up with something(BOLD)...

Page 158
Lily: ...right
Sabata: Django!!

Page 159
Django: Did you really think something like horse would be able to escape an allosaurus(BOLD)?

Page 161
Sabata(BOLD): Lily!!
Sabata(BOLD): You sure are a woman who falls a lot.

Page 162
Django: You've got yourself in quite a bind there Sabata.
Django: Only one arm
Django: The woman(BOLD) or the gun(BOLD)
Django: Which can't you go without?
Django: Don't you just wish you had another arm?
Django: Just where did it fall off? Eh? HAHAHAHA(BOLD)

Page 163
Sabata: Hey
Sabata: It's dark so I can't see but
Sabata: But how high do suppose this cliff is?
Lily(BOLD): Huh?

Page 164
Sabata(BOLD): To tell you the truth, I've lost so much blood that I can't aim since my one hand keeps shaking.
Sabata(BOLD): That's why...
Lily: Hah(BOLD) Just how will things turn down below? If your eyes can't tell then there's no way mine can.

Page 165
Lily: It's high isn't it? Then again it could be low too.
Sabata: How would I know. But this is Delphi.
Lily: The result depends(BOLD) on God's(BOLD) oracle(BOLD) doesn't it.
Lily(BOLD): Let's go together
Lily(BOLD): Sabata

Page 166
Sabata: Right. Then let's hear it out shall we.
Lily(BOLD): To the oracle then.
Django: Hey. Hey. The only thing you're going to hear(BOLD) to are gunshots(BOLD).
Sabata&Lily: Smirk

Page 167
Django(BOLD): Haah?
Django(BOLD): I'm not letting you die just like that...

Page 170-171
Lily: Aim?
Sabata: Perfect
Sabata: Honestly

Page 172
Sabata: You really do make a reliable "right arm"

Page 173

Page 174
Lily: Ha. Amazing. So this is an oracle?
Sabata: It seems that the gods of Olympus are quite fond of beauties.
Lily: Hahaha That's just annoying

Page 175
Lily: Well then, now that we're done saving you
Lily: How about we try our hand at saving the world too?

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