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Gas Mask Girl 4

Cylinders, Pistons, Cranks, etc.

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Dec 13, 2010 16:43 | Go to Gas Mask Girl

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This is reserved for MyPersonal-scans-

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can稚 think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) ・Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) ・Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 101
Box: An information exchange on the Bagmen incidents...
Box: Yes
Watta: Ujiie-san
Box: Personally I don't mind doing so but I can't see any merit in it.
Watta: This Sunday.... I'd like for you to go out with me(BOLD:"I'd like for you to go out with me")
Box: Or rather what kind of information do you have exactly?
Box: I...

Page 102
Title: Cylinders, Pistons, Cranks, etc.
Box: ...I know mask-san's true identity.

Page 103
Box: Oh, then by all means let's meet up shall we?
Boy: Hey... He just confessed to her didn't he.
Boy: Yeah. That's how I heard it.
Boy: Is he serious? That bastard Watta...
Kirika: ...sure.
Boy: On top of that he got an OK!
Boy: Unbelievable...
Boy: For someone who hasn't even taken off his briefs to get ahead of us...
(I don't know. Could be an in-joke for the future or it might actually be a benchmark thing for japanese teens nowadays.)
Box: Understood. But in exchange for that...
Watta: That's great! Then...
Box: Yeah, If you let me meet mask-san then I'll cooperate with you.
Box: And as for the time and place...

Page 104
Box: This Sunday. And the rendezvous point will be at...
Watta: ... The worn down building just in front of the station.
Watta: And the rental shop as the landmark...
Watta: Here?
Watta: Why meet up at a place like this...?
Box: Just exactly what kind of person is HDH. I couldn't tell from the emails we exchanged but...
Thank you, with consent I'd be really glad(BLOCKED)
As for the time the time and place we(BLOCKED)
This Sunday. And the rendezvous will(BLOCKED)
building in front of it.
It is considerably old and worn down(BLOCKED)
and comes out by the rental shop's(BLOCKED)
Box: Even so I have to figure out these incidents.
Box: For my own sake
Box: As well as Ujiie-san's

Page 105
Watta: Ah... Sorr... ?
Watta: What is this... This uncomfortable feeling...
Girl: You...
Girl: Get your heads out of the cloud and pay attention to your surroundings.
Watta: Wha... what the...
Watta: ...Come to think of it are those two here yet.

Page 106
Watta: Ah...
SFX: Looking around
Watta: Heeey Ujiie-sa...
Watta: Hm!?
Kirika: Sorry to...
Kirika: Have kept you... waiting...

Page 107
Watta: Now that I think about... I didn't tell her the reason for today did I!? Huh? This is bad...
Watta: Erm... I...
HDH: ...so that's Mask-san huh.
HDH: Sorry for being late. Are you Watta-kun?
Watta: Ah... HDH-san?

Page 108
Watta: Let me introduce you Ujiie-san.
Watta: This person is known as HDH-san from the internet...

Page 109
Watta: Huh?

Page 110 (PATCH WITH 111)
Watta: Mmph!

Page 111 (PATCH WITH 110)
HDH(BOLD): Kukuku Lucky lucky...!

Page 112
HDH: With this ya can't just run away.
HDH: Still it'd be too big a show if we trade blows right here and now.
HDH: So let's do this the old fashioned way.
HDH: I'll be waiting for ya at the abandoned building on the outskirts of town this evening.
HDH: If you don't show up...
Watta: Guhh

Page 113
HDH: Kukuku...
HDH: Well why don't you just look forward to it?
Guy: Hey are you okay!?
Guy: This is just horrible...
Guy: I'll call an ambulance over so you should also...
GUy: ...she's gone.

Page 114
Watta(BOLD): Where am I!? What do you plan on doing now that you captured me!?
Watta(BOLD): Answer me!!
HDH: Nothing really
HDH: I don't have any intention of doing anything to you.
HDH: Besides you there's really nothing else that would get Mask-san to make a move seriously. You just need to be here till Mask-san gets and that's that.
Watta: ..hh!

Page 115
Watta: Yo-you say that but you're really planning on having the Bagmen eat met aren't you?
Watta: Just like Amano-san!
HDH: ...it seems that you're under the impression that I'm some "monster of the week in cahoots with the bagmen" but you see...
HDH: Me and those guys aren't buddies at all.
Watta: Li-liar!
HDH: I'm acting for the sake of my own objectives. For that I'll crush any obstacles that get in my way.
HDH: And I'll make use of anything that's necessary. That's all there is to it.
HDH: I did no more than pass on information to the bagmen.
HDH: Mask-san's whereabouts... And more importantly yours.

Page 116
Watta: Wha... Why
HDH: I just want to duke it out for real with Mask-san.
HDH: And by making her recognize me as a dangerous existence Mask-san just might get motivated enough.
HDH: Actually, you should be glad if she did get motivated enough to show up here after I captured you like this...
HDH mutter: Ha Ha
HDH mutter: Ha Ha
Watta: For something like that...
Watta: For something like that Amano-san...
Watta: Amano-san was...

Page 117
Watta: ...huh?
Watta: Amano-san was... What happened to her?
watta: She was eaten by a bagman...
Watta: Huh? Then who was that?
Watta: The bagman?
Watta: Amano-san?
HDH: Humans who get taken in by the bagmen are neither people or bagmen.
HDH: No... They just might be as much people as they are bagmen.
HDH: The humans assimilated into the bagmen...
HDH: They are different from people as they have another face and have obtained power.
HDH: Just like the me right here

Page 118
Watta: No way...
HDH(BOLD): In other words...
HDH(BOLD): Me and Mask-san... We are existences that were born from having been assimilated by the bagmen.

Page 119
Watta: That's... Ujiie-san...
Girl: Where are you running off to in such a rush?
Girl: The arranged time isn't here yet is it?

Page 120
Watta(BOLD): You're lying! Mask-san isn't in league with the bagmen!
Watta(BOLD): There's no way I'll believe such a thing!
Watta(BOLD): And just what on earth are the bagmen in the first place!
Watta(BOLD): Just what exactly is their aim!
HDH: ...I won't answer that. What the bagmen are and what they're after.
HDH: Even I don't know that.
HDH: It'd be better for you to ask Mask-san about stuff like that than me...
HDH: She can even clear things up on the authenticity of my story...
HDH: Rather... Why haven't you had mask-san tell you?
Watta: ...hh!

Page 121
Kirika: You understand don't you? Watta-kun.
Watta: That's...
Kirika: Don't come any closer. You must not get involved.
Kirika: This place is not where you should be.
HDH: You asked but she turned you down. ...am I right? If it takes something of the level of a frank and cold refusal for you to pull back then you'd better give it up for your own sake.
HDH: But just why is it exactly that you want to learn more about these incidents to begin with? What do you intend to do once you do?
HDH(BOLD): You know about Mask-san... Even so what can(EMPHASIS) you do?

Page 122
Kirika: ...Do you want to fight me as well?
Girl: Stupid... I have no intention of doing so!
Girl: It's just that... I cannot understand no matter how I think about it.
Girl: I do not see any merit in you going so far as to saving that guy.
Girl: Just what is his existence to you?
Girl: Could it be that guy is some sort of special...
Kirika(BOLD): No
Kirika(BOLD): He is just a human.

Page 123
Watta: I'll... learn about the incidents...
Watta: And that way... I'll be Mask-san's strength...
HDH: How?
HDH: You have no strength of your own so how would you become hers?
Watta: Even... Even without strength I'll use some other way to do so...
HDH: Some other way?
HDH(BOLD): Gathering information? Coming up with tactics? Do you really think you have the knowledge or the aptitude for that?

Page 124
HDH: Let me declare it
HDH(BOLD): There is absolutely nothing you can do
HDH(BOLD): And such I have to ask
HDH(BOLD): What is it exactly you want to do?

Page 125
Watta: What you say... What I...
Watta: What was it that I wanted to do?
Watta: Ujiie-san
HDH: ...You really should think it over properly for once you know. That is if you still want to continued to be involved with Mask-san.
HDH: Now then
HDH: It's about time for me to get going
Watta(BOLD): Wait! Lastly... One last thing...
Watta(BOLD): Wha... What is you reason for fighting!?

Page 126
HDH: ...I believe that the strongest in the world has to be myself.
HDH: That's why there ain't no way I'm acknowledging that she's stronger than me!!
HDH(BOLD): We're going to beat each other down till there's only one of us is left!!
HDH: And it will prove it
HDH: I am strong!

Page 127
HDH: I've been waiting for ya Mask-san

Page 128
HDH: Now...
HDH: Let's get things started

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