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Kimi to Boku no Ashiato - Time Travel Kasuga Kenkyuusho 1

The Host and the Sci-Fi Girl


-> RTS Page for Kimi to Boku no Ashiato - Time Travel Kasuga Kenkyuusho 1

This is reserved for My-PersonalScans-.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can'tthink of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
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(S) - Music Note

Page 000
For people, the past gives them "support" and bears its "load".

In actuality those two things are pretty much the same thing. It's basically one whole "clump" the you can use as your support or press yourself down with its weight. I believe whichever way it works depends on whatever your heart assumes it to be.

And when that load gets so heavy that your legs can't move, come pay a visit to the Kasuga Time Travel Laboratory and you just might find something nice.

Page 002
Note: This is a work of fiction. It bears no relation to real people, organizations or events.
travel 1 The Host and the Sci-Fi Girl
travel 2 Do you remember the promise?
travel 3 Credit Change
travel 4 A Leaf
travel 5 A Momento and Love
travel 6 The Chief's Lover

Page 003
Aki: Hey dad!
Mizuki: What's this thing you're making?
Dad: Hmm?
Dad: That's a time travel machine.
Aki: Tiema trabbel?
Dad: It's not yet finished but I should be able to get it to work by the time you and Mizuki are grown-ups.
Aki: ...yes. When we're grown-ups.
Title: The Host and the Sci-Fi Girl

Page 004
Title: The Host and the Sci-Fi Girl

Page 005
Box: 2022, Kasuga City, Kasuga
Box: ...where did I
Box: go wrong...
Box: If the me from 20 years ago saw me now, there'd be a 100% chance that he'd go
Box(BOLD): "What the fuck happened to me in the future?". Definitely.
Guy: Haah... Hafuu.
Guy: ...Well maybe not, the me of the past probably wouldn't have said fuck.
TN: It's actually that he would've used "Boku" instead of "Ore" as it's more polite. The various text on the door and on his back are basically "Give my money back!", "Don't you dare run away!!!", "Asshole, "Moron", "Die", etc.
Box: I've been a host for 17 years. It was only supposed to be temporary though...

Page 006
Box: Oh well. Can't do a thing about it anyway.
Box: Let's just hurry up and go rest in peace before tomorrow morning comes
Guy(BOLD): ...Kasuga
Guy(BOLD): Time Travel Laboratory...?
Sign: Kasuga Time Travel Laboratory

Page 007
Aki: Mmmm
Aki: The sky and the weather's looking nice and clear today too. Right Miyama-san(S)

Kasuga Time Travel Laboratory
Chief Kazamidori Aki

Miyama: ...and it looks like the lab's also going to be just as clear today as well.
TN: There was a pun here involving "Kara"-"Empty" and a similar sounding word Aki mentions and I don't know what that was.
Aki: Oh well. Can't be helped. Our institute in all honesty looks like a joke to upfront people.

Page 008
Aki: However
Aki: To those who've lost their way in life, this place is like a miracle for them.
Miyama: Oh. Speak of the devil.
Miyama: Looks like a lost lamb that strayed away thanks to lurings of the pleasure industry is here.
Aki: ...Sorry to have kept you waiting. Doujima Shousuke-san is it... Age, 35
Shousuke: ... Hey
Aki: Yes?
Shou: ...Is it really possible? This time travel...

Page 009
Aki: Yes, of course it does. ... For inbrain time travel that is.
Aki: We make use of the data that these "Asutoon" have been scanning in the heart of the city for the past 20 years. Physics, physical matter and psychological profiles are projected into the subject and that reconstructs a particular time and space inbrain.
Box: Asutoon
Aki: Consequently, it's not a true time warp you see. Going against the stream into the past and doing something is a time paradox itself... In other words, it has no effect on the present.
Shou: ...yeah, I figured it was something like that. It's right out of the Sci-Fi novel that Ed Mitchell wrote back in 2002.
Aki: Do you mean "Time-space Revival"? That's quite surprising. You seem to be very well read Doujima-san.
Small text: That obscure a novel
Aki: Well then, where and when do you want to go...? And if you would, the reason as well.

Page 10
Shou: ...the time is 18 years on the 4th of October 2004 at 2pm. The place is at my parents' place in East Kasuga.
Shou(BOLD): The reason... I want to see for myself what my life would have been like on the right tracks...
AKi: You say that as if the current you went wrong somewhere.
Shou: Yeah, I fucked up so badly that I want to jump off a building even now.
Shou: I managed to scrounge up about 400000 yen here and there, will this do?
TN: US$4800~
Aki: Very well.

Page 011
Miyama: ...As usual nobody but the odd ones come here.
Miyama: Well, I don't really have the right to talk about others...
Aki: ...right.
Aki: This laboratory is a place for those who have lost their way to visit.
Aki: That's the reason why I'm here.
Aki: Doujima-san
Aki: It's to help you find a wonderful path.

Page 012
Shou: ...yeah. This life I led was wrong.
Shou: And
Shou: Miya-chan... I like you!
Shou(BOLD): Please go out with me!!
Miya: I'm sorry Shou-kun...
Shou: And just where it all went wrong
Shou: I knew that all too well

Page 013
Box: 20 years ago
Shou: There!! Did you see that just now Miya-chan!?
Miya: What!? What!? A shooting star!? Shou-kun!!
Shou: Can't be!! It might have been a satellite!
Both(BOLD): A UFO!!??
Miya: Kyaaaaa!!
Box: That girl was Mukouzuki Miya.
Box: We were childhood friends and went to school together all through our elementary, middle and high school years.
Box: We were both shared an interest in sci-fi, mysteries and that sort of thing. At any rate, we got along really well.

Page 014
Box: Even now, Miya is beautiful girl in my eyes, one that had me sighing
Box: Her charm only grew more and more with age
Box: But as for the me, the highschooler
Box: Bed hair
Shou: Miya-chaaan!! Have you read this month's "The SF"!!?
Box: Dirty worn-out T-shirt
Box: Fly, Wide Open
Miya: Ah, yeah. Naturally.
GirlA: Hold it right there Doujima! Head on right the other way!!
GirlB: We were just in the middle of some important girl talk!!
Shou: Eh?(BOLD) Talk?
Miya: Ah, you all can keep going on without me!
Girl mutter: Ehhhh? Miyaa

Page 015
Girls mutter: Whisper whisper.
Shou: ...eh...
Shou: ... Say, Miya-chan.
Miya: Eh?
Shou: Could it be that... She's forcing herself to have these geeky talks with me all this time~~!!?
Shou: But since it's her she'd just tell me "not at all" if I ask.
Shou: Umm... Hey Miya-chan

Page 016
Shou: From a girl's point of view...
Shou: How do I... measure up...?
Miya: ...well.
Miya: Can't say you're the popular type.
Small text: Giggle

Page 017
Shou: It was far beyond what I had imagined.
Shou: Those words of hers crushed my heart.

Page 018
Box: For one reason or another
Box: I came to realize how the both of us felt.
Box: ...I finally realized it at this point
Box: Just how hopelessly in love I was with Miya...
Shou: Sniff
Shou(BOLD): Hey brat!!
Shou: Is this any time for you to be feeling sorry for yourself past "me"!!?

Page 019
Shou: Who...
PastShou(BOLD): Who are you!!?
SHou: I'm the you from 18 years into the future.
PastShou: ...What happened to me in the future?
Shou: Got it word for word...
PastShou: An inbrain time travel system!!??

Page 020
PastShou: But that's right out of that isn't it!! It's just like the Sci-fi novel written by Ed Mitchell two years ago!!!
Shou: Yeah. Just like that.
Shou: Really helps he got it quick.
PastShou: Even so, I didn't think that I'd grow up to have a face that looks like it got beaten up like this.
Shou: That's because I did(EMPHASIS) get beaten up you moron...
Shou: But forget about that and listen up past me!!
Shou: From here onwards you're on your way to a future where your face ends up looking like this.
Shou: You're standing right at a very important crossroad.
Shou: Miya-chan told you that you're not popular with girls right.
Shou: You just burnt your Sci-fi magazines... What did you plan on doing from there?
PastShou: ...I, right now, I just realized that I liked Miya-chan this much...
PastShou: That's why... I'm going to quit being a sci-fi geek and reform myself. I'll study up on jokes.

Page 021
PastShou(BOLD): And I'll confess to Miya-chan when I become cool!!!
Shou: Yeah that's about right. And with that you ended up being rejected spectacularly.
Shou: I like you Miya-chan!!
Shou: Miya-chan... I like you!
Shou(BOLD): Please go out with me!!
Miya: I'm sorry Shou-kun...
Box: ...It was something so small that pushed me to the life a hopeless bum...

Page 022
Shou(BOLD): Listen up!
Shou: Firstly, you don't have a lick of sense for this stuff at all. You're going to spend a month fixing that. After all, you can't even crack a joke that doesn't involve some stupid pun.
Shou: Besides that, you were going to get your ear pierced, wear your shirt collars up and comb your hair up into an all back weren't you.
TN: All back - Combing all of your hair to sweep it all back.
PastSHou: Yup. That's about right.
Shou: You moron!! It's no wonder we got rejected!!
PastShou: What!? Don't you have your hair up in an all back right now!?
Shou: I'm a host so it works for me!!
Shou: Okay then, from here on out we're gonna polish you up in and out with the 17 years I had at Komashi's.
Box: For the unclear sci-fi geek that I was, it was that push that led me here where I'm a host with so much debt that I was on the verge of suicide.
Shou: And once you're at the point where you'll be getting confessions from those small fries in your class that you call girls, that's when you go after Miya!!

Page 023
Box: She was the one that I loved absolutely, the girl from my childhood
PastShouMutter: Not good?
Shou: Why the heck did you go out and buy this kind shirt?
Box: And she turned down the confession I gave my all for...
SHou: And quit with it that weakass tone you're using! Act more like a man!
Shou: And no more using Sci-fi lingo!!
Miya: Ah. Hey Shou-kun, did you watch the Mexican UFO special yesterday?
PastShou: ...No I didn't. I've outgrown that stuff.
Box: That complex wouldn't have formed if it were anyone else.
Miya: Shou-kun...?
Box: The fact that I was rejected, that I was rejected by Miya
Box: In order for me to look back on that
Box: I made sure that I'd never ever get rejected again by a girl I liked.

Page 024
Box: ...Still
Box: If I could do it all over again, I'd like to see it.
Box: Me walking together with Miya
Girl: Doujima...
Girl: Well it's... Why don't the two of us go out together?
Girl mutter: Fidget Fidget
PastShou: What do you think you're saying? No way we're going out.
Shou: Alright. Now Norma's been cleared too.
Shou: I really polished him up into a shiny gem.
Box: ...it's possible, I put everything into it.

Page 025
Box: Now then... You don't have anything to be afraid of anymore.
Box(BOLD): Go forth me!!
Box: That girl you've always liked
Box: Go and have her accept you.
Box: Don't mess up
Box: Not like the real world's me
Box: If it's the you are right now
Shou: If it's the me right now...!!!

Page 026
PastShou(BOLD): Miya...!!
PastShou(BOLD): I like you!! Please go out with me!!
Miya: Shou-kun... I'm sorry

Page 027
Shou: Wha... What...
Shou: Why...?
Shou: Why not...!!? Doesn't this guy have it going on!!?
Shou: Is there no hope even after going this far!!?

Page 028
Miya: Ex-excuse me but who are you?
Shou: I'm this guy from the future!! Miya, just what do you have against this guy!?
Shou: This guy's really changed hasn't he!? It's to the point that the girls from the class confessed to him too... Don't you think that he's become a good man...?
Shou: Why is that...
Shou: Why is he...
Shou: no good...?
Miya: ...I
Miya: He had bed hair and his shirts were always messy.
Miya: I didn't mind the fact that he wasn't popular among the girls. The him who was always chasing mysterious things...

Page 029
Miya(BOLD): That was the Shou-kun
Miya(BOLD): I really liked.
Miya: Don't ever change
Miya: I wanted to tell him that...

Page 030
Miya: Don't ever change...
Shou: ...ku
Shou: Is that so... So that's how it was...
Shou: Sorry Miya...
Shou: In the end... I...
Shou: I didn't realize it at all
Shou: It was just me rejecting who I was...

Page 031
Shou: No matter what I do
Shou: I'm still just an idiot...
Aki: ...Doujima-san.
Aki: Time's up.
Aki: How are you feeling?
Aki: That was a little long trip after all..
Shou: ...I really am a huge moron aren't I.

Page 032
Shou: I couldn't figure out how she really felt
Shou: And because of that misunderstanding, I went and screwed up my own life...
Aki: But it's because of things like that
Aki: That I do things like this
Aki: It's because there are people like you here in this world that I do all this.
Aki: Doujima-san
Aki: The first time is on the house.
Aki: We used the institute's scan data and looked into Miya-san's moving records.
Aki: Don't tell me you're going to give up on living just because you messed up once are you?

Page 033
Aki: It seems that she's currently in Mexico you see.
Miya: You're going home already? Even though you went all this way to come to place like this...
Shou: ...sorry about visiting out of the blue.
Shou: But for you to be researching UFO's out here in Mexico... You really went all out to reach your original goal.
Miya(BOLD): Fufu
Miya(BOLD): I'm never going to change you know. Not ever.
Shou: Ain't that the truth.

Page 034
Shou: Well, once you've wanted to die, pretty much anything's possible.
Shou: ...Even if it's someone who's changed as much as me
Shou(BOLD): I can still get it all back as long as I'm alive.
Miya: ...That's obvious isn't it.
Box: ...Dad. This institute you created here.
Box: It's managed to do some good work today too.

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