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Hoshi no Samidare 66

SP Booklet

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Mar 13, 2011 12:42 | Go to Hoshi no Samidare

-> RTS Page for Hoshi no Samidare 66

This is reserved for Otakami Scans.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) ・Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) ・Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.

Page 0005
Caption: Completion Memorial Special Booklet

Hoshi no Samidare Illustration Gallery 1
Hoshi no Samidare ~Extra~ Chapter 64.5
Oustanding Audio Sales Promo Paper Illustrations
~Samidare Completion Memorial Congratulatory Contributions~
Ishiguro Masakazu
Naitou yasuhiro
Oshikiri Rensuke
Tanikawa Fumiko
Yamamura Hajime
Kizuki Akira + Satou Nanki
Oishi Masaru
Ogata Tei
Nanakamado Anno
Ogaki Chika
Takeyama Yuusuke
Sao Satoru
Kataoka Jinsei, Kondou Kazuma
Hashimoto Eiji
Miyashita Hiroki
Santou Yuka
Suzuki Sanami
Hasegawa Tetsuya
Ueyama Michirou
Kodama Yuuki
Hijiri Yuki
Hoshi no Samidare Illustration Gallery 2

Page 0007
Mikazuki: And just like that the world was saved... huh. Looks like we're going to be living out our lives smiling and having a blast! Eh Takkun
Akane: Yeah. Well Shinonome-san's always smiling anyway... Ah, it's just around here...
Mikazuki: Kikiki! Well, that's true.
Akane: See ya later then!
Akane: Yes... ...
Akane: Later...
Both(BOLD): Ahh

Page 0008
Akane: I
Akane: I'm home.
Mother: Wel- Welcome
Mother: back.
Mother: Ahh... Well...
Mother: Would you like to eat ?
Akane: ...Ah, sure.
AKane: I'd like to. I'll eat.
Mother: Then I'll go get things ready.

Page 0013
Akane: Huh?
Title: Chapter 64.5 Taiyou and The World
Akane: ... No way
Akane: Huh?

Page 0014
Shimaki(SKELETAL FONT): Be sure to work hard for next year.
Mikazuki: You only flunked your university exam. It's no big deal. The Taiyaki's getting cold by the way.
Akane: Oh the glorious life of
Akane: a retaker(S)
Akane: Haah
Akane: I... I was actually thinking of confessing to Yukimachi-san if I got in.
Yuki: Hee
Akane: Haaaah
Akane: Can't you just do that anyway?
Akane: Please don't make it sound so simple. Stuff like this has to...

Page 0015
Mikazuki(BOLD): AHH
Mikazuki: That's some timing you've got there
Subaru: Eh
Subaru: Huh
Yuki(FORCEFUL FONT): I'm not going to let some gutless little kid who can't even work up the nerve to make a confession date me you know. So how about you give it a try and say it?
Akane: Umph
Akane: Bai... Bailaigyuu
Yuki: Bailaigyuu?
Mikazuki: Uwah. What's up with that!? She's scary!
Subaru: Yuki! Hey...
Akane: Yu-
Akane: Yu- Yukii
Akane(BOLD): Yukimachi-san! I like you!!
Akane(BOLD): Plea- Please go out with me!

Page 0016
Yuki: Sure. Let's do that.
Yuki: From this day onwards we're boyfriend and girlfriend.
SFX: Clap clap clap clap clap clap
SFX: Spurt
Yuki: Hey
Subaru: I think Akane-kun just broke...
Mikazuki: He just came from flunking his university exam and got himself a girlfriend right after that. It's all probably too much for him to process.
Akane: I'm home!!

Page 0017
Brother: Oniichan!!
Brother: So you got in!?
Akane: ...I failed.
Brother: !? Then why were you smiling?
Brother: And what's in the bag?
Akane: This... This was something that a few people who never doubted for a second that I'd get accepted got me to celebrate my getting in.
Akane: A lot of things happened but for the time being let's focus on the fact that this seems to be some sort of clothing.
Brother(BOLD): Let's see it! Let's see it!
Akane: Why an aloha shirt!?
Brother: Awesome!!
Akane: But for some reason I'm kinda
AkaneMutter: Ahhh
Akane: liking it...
AkaneMutter: I wonder why

Page 0018
Father: Taiyou
Brother: Dad! Welcome back!!
Father: Come with me.
Akane: Later then Makoto.
Brother: Okay
Father: ...It's about you living on your own starting this spring
SFX: Rummage Rummage
Akane: That's... I didn't get in... Living on my own as a retaker and getting a job is probably going to be tough... I think
TN: Fun fact - Baito means work and comes from the german word "Arbeit" which also means work.
Father: You don't need to worry about money.
Akane: Ahhh
Akane: ...I see.

Page 0019
Father: Here.
AKane: A passbook...?
Father: That's for a bank account holding your mother's insurance money along with a little bit that I've put in myself.
Akane: Oh
AKane: There's enough in there for six years of tuition and living expenses if you use it carefully.
Akane: Six years?
Father: It's so that you can go to college if you want to go.
SFX: Click
SFX: Light
Father: ...You've become able to talk normally with your current mother since you started middle middle school.
Father: And you're the one in the family that your little brother Makoto is most attached to.
Father: I however don't have the faintest idea on how to connect with you.

Page 0020
Father: My second marriage... Even though your mother died, I went on ahead and pursued my own happiness anyway. I knew that I would be condemned for that.
Father: By both you and your mother ...You really do resemble her.
Akane: That's just...
Father: I know.
Father: It's just a persecution complex.
Father: ...But it doesn't change the fact that it was because of that I let you come to feel constrained. I even thought that it'd be natural for you to want to run away.
Father: Of course, it's fine if you want to stay here at home too. ...I feel that I should let you decide what you want to do.
Akane: ...I'll leave then.
Father: I see...
Father: You don't have to forgive me.
Father: I am a weak human being after all.

Page 0021
Akane: ...It's okay. I don't really care about that. Thanks for talking it over with me.
Akane: Just go ahead and be happy. You don't even have to act like a proper father to me.
Akane: I got to meet some fine grownups.
Akane: That's why from here on out
Father: ...Taiyou
Akane(BOLD): I'm going to live out my days smiling and having a blast
Akane(BOLD): See ya later you lousy old man.
Akane(BOLD): Kikiki

Page 0022
Box: After all that, I'm still here, alive.
Box: That's why for as long as I live I'll do my best to smile.
Box: Are you watching Loki?
Box(BOLD): I have the future is in my hands.

Page 0027
Big text: Well drawn Mizukami-sensei
Text: Before I give a "congrats" or "good job" I have to say that I'm quite envious of Mizukami-san finishing off a series.
Text: Whether it's Samidare's feverish gaze towards Yuuhi or Yuuhi's steadily maturing honest face, there's nobody else but Mizukami-san who could draw them.
Author: Ishiguro Masakazu

Page 0028+0029
Author: Naitou Yasuhiro

Page 0030
Author: Oshikiri Rensuke

Page 0031
Text: When it comes to the "Biscuit Hammer" and the "Golems"... They have nice rings to them. Something like this ain't no Shonen manga!!
Text: Mizukami-sensei. Congrats on completing it!!
Note: I immediately fell in love with this Noi.
Text: The contents feel really packed... That's what I think(STAR)
Author: Tanikawa Fumiko

Page 0032
Author: Yamamura Hajime

Page 0033
Author: Yamamura Hajime

Page 0034
Anima: I shall grant you one wish.
Title: Hoshi no Samidare
Author: Kizuki Akira + Satou Nanki
Anima: You can wish for anything you want.
Sami: wish?
Anima: What would you like?
Anima: What do you desire?
Sami: NGK

Page 0035
Sami: NGK
Anima: Nanba
Anima: Grand
Anima: Kagetsu...
SamiMutter: I'm a Kansai kid after all.
TN: That's a stage owned by a major entertainment conglomerate and I think Sami's saying she wants to see the comedy acts there.
Text: Congratulations on completing your series.
Text: Sorry but... I really loved Samidare-chan's expression in this scene. I really did so I...
Author: Kizuki Akira + Satou Nanki
Text: END

Page 0036
Text: Mizukami-sensei
Text: Great work!
Author: Oishi Masaru

Page 0037
Text: Great job!!
Text: I still remember that time when you showed me the draft for the first chapter back at Yodobatsu Camera Cafe in Osaka from before your serialization. It's already been five years since then hasn't it.
Text: You did a great job on such a long series. Let's go drinking again some time.
Author: Ogata Tei

Page 0038
Text: Celebrating the conclusion of Hoshi no Samidare
Text: Great work!
Author: Nanakamado Anno

Page 0039
SFX: Roll
Title: Even coming and going, gently
Author: Ogaki Chika
Shimaki: Hey
Yayoi: Shimaki-san
Shimaki: Hakudou-san
Yayoi: Good afternoon~ What a coincidence.
Shimaki: It seems that this fell out of your bag

Page 040
Yayoi: Huh
Yayoi: Oh my~~~ Thank you very much for that.
Shimaki: Is this one of those cosplay accessories?
Yayoi: ...yes it is.
Yayoi: Sorry about that...
SFX: Blush
Shimaki: Ohh. I don't know much about anime but what is it about?
Box: An open minded average guy
YayoiMutter: This person doesn't even know about Magical Mary does he~~
Yayoi: Ah. Let's see~~ Right now
YayoiMutter: It might not be all that embarrassing...
Yayoi: "Miiko the Black Shrine Maiden"
Small text: That's what it's called
Yayoi mutter: Ah
Yayoi: The character's a black cat. It'll could end up reminding Shimaki-san about Coo....
Shimaki: Oh yeah that! I've seen the poster for the movie.

Page 0041
Shimaki: I'm sure you'd look very cute in that outfit Hakudou-san.
Yayoi: Thank you~
Shimaki: Ah. Could it be that you were bothered about Coo? It's fine. Thank you though.
Shimaki: That's not even a cat to begin after all.
ShimakiMutter: It's a person right?
Box: Non-Otaku's POV
YayoiMutter: Is that so
Text: A Beautiful Heart
Shimaki: These are pretty well made... but
Text: Silently
Shimaki: I don't think they suit me very well do they.

Page 0042
Shimaki: Right?
Text: A may shower of love rains downs
TN: May Shower - Samidare
SFX: Flash
ShimakiMutter: huh
ShimakiMutter: A picture...
YayoiMutter: I won't show it to anyone else.
Yayoi: Now why did my hand move on its own like that.
Text: END

Page 0043
Text: Celebrating the conclusion!!
AnimusMutter: Hee...
AnimusMutter: Hee...
DanceMutter: Neigh...
Shea: Yaako
Coo: Nano
Lee: Hey Hey
YukiMutter: Hahahaha
Hello there for the first time! I really love Hoshi no Samidare to pieces!!
The battles, the tears, the laughs, the rebellion, the growth of the characters and the way the art progresses, the way Yuu-kun opened the doors without a single shred of hesitance and most of all, the grownups who came out awesome!
(I also really loved how all the adults discussed things too)
The Master was also in the top class among all the awesome masters in the manga world wasn't he?
Tarou and Hanako's going down was also just the most incredible bit!
Actually, I just loved everything! I frickin' loved it all
Thank you so, so much for such an interesting manga!! A great job on it all!!
I'll look forward to what comes after from here too!!
Author: Gobbo x Ryuuji

Page 044
Box: The battle between a certain pair of psychics
Box: Has come to a close...
Box: At the same time
Akane: Time and Space Lucid Flow
AnimusMutter: Rise
Animus: Huh?
YukiMutter: The Biscuit Hammer too!?

Page 045
Shimaki(BOLD): Akane-kun!?
Noko: Beware the owl
Nagumo: Ho
Loki: That... That's not it!
Loki: Taiyou's will is...!!
Akane: Sure, I want to see this story come to an end but I also don't want it to end just right when I found such an interesting work! Using my special skill, I'm borrowing Akane-kun's body which is in bad shape even though I'm going on all about this under the present conditions so I'm kinda sorry about that. By Gobbo(STAR)Masaru
Mikazuki: Takkun!?
Mikazuki: What is the heck happened to you!?
Box: Still
Box: I can't be the only who thinks that.
Smalltext: ...probably
AkaneMutter: What did I...
Author: Gobbo(STAR)Masaru

Page 046
Author:Takeyama Yuusuke

Page 0047
Title: Mission TO Biscuit Hammer
Yuuhi: ...Princess
Sami: What is it Yuu-kun?
Yuuhi: The Biscuit Hammer...
Author: Sao Satoru

Page 0048
Yuuhi(BOLD): It won't cause any trouble with guys like NASA will it?
Satelite: Waah
Sami: I thought the satelite broadcasts weren't coming very clear lately.
Sami: You don't think it's because of that is it?
Yuuhi: Before that, just what is the Biscuit Hammer exactly?
Woman: Biscuit Hammer?
Sami: ...The truth is...
Book: The OoPArts of Space
Sami: It's the SDI's trump card in their strategic defense plan!!
Yuuhi: Hah?
SmallText: Old!
Sami: Not only do they use it to smack down the enemy's missile but they also use against meteors because of its size.

Page 0049
Sami: But its real real purpose is...
Sami(BOLD): Protecting the Earth from Alien Invasions!!
Yuuhi: If I said that I wanted it to fit in my pocket
Yuuhi: I think the Hammer would be grow.
Sami: You believe in strange things Yuu-kun.
Noi: Guehh
TN: Yuuhi... Just what the heck are you reading in front of a minor?
Shopkeep: Thank you for your business
Yuuhi: Huh? Where did Noi go?
Sami: I don't see him.
Shopkeep: Excuse me
Shopkeep: But please don't bring animals with you inside
Shopkeep: It's a hassle for us.
Note: That was pretty lame
Text: END

Page 0050
Author: Kataoka Jinsei, Kondou Kazuma

Page 0051
Author: Hashimoto Eiji

Page 0052
Title: The two of them getting along

Yuuhi: Hey
Yuuhi: Hey
Noi: Uwooh! Such humiliation! Stop it Yuuhi! I will not forget this! I will not forgive...
Noi: Ahh
Noi: Ugyaaaaaaa
Noi: Waaahhh
Yuuhi: Ah... So-sorry Noi.
Noi: Waaah
Noi: Uhha
Noi: Waaa Uaaaahh
Yuuhi: Is it that painful...

Yuuhi: Well...
YUuhi: Sorry about that. I didn't think it'd hurt this much.
Noi(BOLD): Why don't you try slicing off your dick and see what it feels like you ass!!
Yuuhi: Well... My dick can't grow back.
Yuuhi: For the time being, eat this and get better.
SmallTexT: It's fully grown.
Noi(BOLD): Like hell I will
Yuuhi: What? It's nutrition for you to grow it back.
Noi(BOLD): Don't need it!
Noi(BOLD): I get my nutrients from you
Noi(BOLD): I'll be absorbing it all.
Box: The two of them
Yuuhi: Ahhhh. Don't absorb it.
Yuuhi: Don't absorb iiiitttt
Sami: They look like they're having fun
Box: are getting along

Page 0053
Text: Hoshi no Samidare
Text: Great job!!
Text: Thank you
Text: Very much!!
Text: I lover Shinonome Hangetsu
Author: Miyashita Hiroki

Page 0054
Author: Santou Yuka
Title: Future Sense
Noi: Oh how long it has been Anima-sama!
Yuuhi: She's not wearing any!

Page 0055
TItle: VS The Layer
(IIRC, Layer is a slang cosplayers use to refer to themselves)
Yayoi: Anima-sama, these clothes!
Yayoi: For your figure to show through these clothes so perfectly! These seams, this fabric
Yayoi: They are too magnificent!
yayoi: But really, just how do you get dressed?
Anima: There is...
Anima: A method!
(Yeah, I don't get how this is funny either)

Title: Straight Man and the Fool
Anima: You're free aren't you! So let's talk dirty!
Yuuhi: Talk dirty about what?
AnimaMutter: ...ahh~
Anima(BLOCKY FONT): Oh my~~ I mispoke~~ How embarassing~~
Anima: Fufufu... I've been studying up a bit on playing the fool.
Anima: There! Straight man me four eyes!
Yuuhi(BLOCKY FONT): I really have no idea just what exactly it is I'm supposed to comment on... Is it that there isn't a missing four-eyed straight man?
Text: END

Page 0056
*Every SFX on this page is "PITAN". I assume it's a reference to some anime.

Page 0057
Text: Congrats on Samidare's ending
Text: Thank you very much for such a hot story!!
Author: Suzuki Sanami

Page 0058
Title: Samidare of the English Navy
Author: Hasegawa Legend
Text: Nelson
Text: Polar Bear
Noi: That guy's using a stand too!?
Yuuhi: I said it's not a stand!
Noi: Emerald Lizaaaard!!
Yuuhi: I told you to do that from the start!
Bear: Just what's so good about that woman?
Nelson: Now's not the time for that!
Nelson: AttaaaaacK
Bear: Isn't she just a bitch?
Yuuhi: Oww
Author: Hasegawa Tetsuya
Yuuhi: This is!
Box: The english navy's biscuits are very hard.
someone(BOLD): GYAAAAH

Page 0059
Tarou: Well that's that isn't it. I was just thinking but...
Title: Hoshii~ no! Samidare
TN: That's a pun. It means "Do want! Samidare"
Author: Ueyama Michirou
Tarou: Don't we as the beast knights have no sense of uniformity? How do you put it... as in visually? I figured that if we had some kind of uniform we just might feel more like a team wouldn't we...
Mikazuki: Uniforms huh... You mean just like the power rangers?
Yuuhi: Errm... Full body tights might be a little too...
Tarou: No no. I wasn't talking about wearing tights...

Page 0060
Yuuhi: Uniforms... Uniforms... Come to think of it doesn't Hakudou-san have a cosplay hobby?
Tarou: Yeah! Cosplay! That's it!!
Tarou: Anima too. I mean that's one heck of an outfit she wears right?
Tarou: If the princess wears something like that too during battle time won't we get way more motivated!?
Yuuhi: That would be... That'd really be something Kusakabe-kun!!

Page 0061
Mikazuki: In that case Hakudou-san will have to go with that! A madi uniform!
Mikazuki: The miniskirt clad kneesocks wearing panty shot flashing swordmaid! Ain't that just moe(BOLD)?
TN: Mikazuki! You are a man among men!!
Yuuhi: Hell yeah it is!!(BOLD:"Hell yeah it is!!) Could it be that Mikazuki's a genius!?

Page 0062
Yuuhi: Then the chicken and turtle pair should also be miniskirt maids...
Mikazuki: Nope! They really have to be wearing orthodox maid outfits!
Yuuhi: In the heat of battle they'll flash us their Zettai Ryouiki and nail us to the spot!!
TN: Zettai Ryouiki, the proportions of mini skirt to flesh to kneesocks. Legendary proportions are 4:1:2.5. Ladies, please do remember that.
Tarou: Mi... Mikazuki-san!! You really are a freakin' genius!!

Page 0063
Mikazuki: And since Hanako-chan's always wearing plain looking clothes...
Mikazuki: She'll be transforming herself into a magical girl!!
Tarou: To see or not to see... As a man I simply must see that!!
TN: I really wish the series had more moments like this.
Mikazuki: Alright then! Yuu-kun, next time you see Anima go make an appeal to her! Tell her of this awesome idea that rocks my soul to its very core!!
Yuuhi: So we're going for it!?
Box: Rejected
AnimaMutter: Om nom nom
Anima: Refill

Page 0064
Text: Great job Mizukami-sensei!!
Text: Since you drew a story about saving the world I think it'd be awesome if your next one is about saving the galaxy.
Text: By Ueyama Michirou

Page 0065
Author: Kodama Yuuki

Page 0066
Text: Great work on Hoshi no Samidare
Text: Good luck on your next work!
Author: Hijiri Yuki

Page 0067
Oishi Masaru: "I am secretly aiming for the places where I can play the fool". That's my impression of Mizukami-sensei lol. Anyhow, great job on the series!
Ogaki Chika: Congratulations on finishing the series. It really thrilled and excited me every month. Biscuit Hammer will always be in my heart!
Oshiri Rensuke: From his days of being a rookie and even up till now, I have always seen Mizukami-kun as one to be respected, envied and feared! lol. Great work...!
Kataoka Jinsei, Kondou Kazuma: After reading and loving everything till the end in one sitting, it was with great pleasure that we participated in making this booklet! A great job on the series! We're really looking forward to your next work!
Kodama Yuuki: After reading these stories by Mizukami-san, I take with me the characters' energy and always feel motivated and moved by them. Congratulations on wrapping up Samidare!
Sao Satoru: Pushing myself to draw this collaboration manga, I have to ask, those two seem like they have conversations like that don't they? Great work Mizukami-sensei!
Santou Yuka: Congratulations on finishing up Hoshi no Samidare! I truly enjoyed it! Ah, Mizukami-senei, for the commemoration Anima, I enlarged her breasts by 1.5 fold. No, there's no need to thank me is there?

Text: Congrats on ending!!
Text: My only regret is that Hakudou-san will never take up the Takeyama name.
Takeyama Yuusuke

Hashimoto Eiji: "Ours will no longer see off those who are late with their work." That's how I parted with the Hoshi no Samidare that I loved reading from its very first chapter. However, I do not feel bitter about drawing an illustration for it like this in the least.
Yamamura Hajime: Perhaps it went according to your prediction that I would draw Hakudou-san. ...Twice. I think probably that once wasn't enough to satisfy me. I really enjoyed it. Great job Mizukami-kun! keep at it on your next work as well!

Page 0068
Text: Thank you very much
Author: Mizukami Satoshi

Page 0071
Everyone, from the very bottom of my heart, I thank you for coming with me all this way. I hope you enjoyed the bonus chapter about the ending from the youngest Beast Knight's, Akane Taiyou's, point of view.
To all the senseis who took their time out of their busy schedules to contribute their magnificent work for this, I truly am grateful to you all.
For all these amazing authors to draw these for me, I am extremely honored.
I really want to tell the me from before I became a mangaka all about this.
There's still a lot of manga that I want to draw after this so it would make really happy if everyone keeps on following the Mizukami Satoshi manga from here on after.
Thank you so very much.
See ya again next time! -Mizukami Satoshi

Text: Mizukami Satoshi-sensei, Wedding Commemoration Illustration

TN: Well that's the very last of the series and I hope you all enjoyed it. Please do support Mizukami-sensei if any of his works gets licensed and get the word out on just how incredible a story this was and how amazing an author he is. Also, Mizukami-sensei and his three assistants are doing fine in Osaka where effect was minimal in comparison to Tokyo. Hopefully it'll stay that way. Let's pray and hope for the best for Japan and its earthquake situation and that it'll recover quickly.

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