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Kimi to Boku no Ashiato - Time Travel Kasuga Kenkyuusho 2

Do you remember the promise?


-> RTS Page for Kimi to Boku no Ashiato - Time Travel Kasuga Kenkyuusho 2

This is reserved for My-PersonalScans-.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) ・Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) ・Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(S) - Music note

Page 35
Hikaru(BOLD): Ahhhh
Hikaru: I've been getting tired of net games too lately... I'm sooo bored.
Title: Do you remember the promise?
Box: ...It came from my little sister I last saw ages ago.
Box: It's probably something important, this "promise".

Page 36
Box: An existence like that was thrust on me one day out of the blue.
Box: Furthermore, I can't remember a single thing about what it entailed...
Hikaru: What? It's just junk mail.
Hikaru: Hm?
Hikaru: ... Time... travel...

(Travel limited to the past twenty years and within Kasuga City only)
*Make sure to obscure bottom half of the disclaimer just enough to still be able to read it*

Box: ...I even had to rely on a shady advertisement like this to figure it out.

Page 37
Title: Do you remember the promise?

Page 38
Miyama: I've been wondering about this for a while but who is that girl there?
Aki: ...It's my sister.
Miyama: Oh, your sister? Come to think of it, I've never heard anything about your family. Say, what's she like?
Aki: Well in that case, I won't be telling you anything.
Miyama: Hold it. It's going to be such a waste now that it's got my interest. Say Chief.
Miyama: It doesn't look like we'll be getting any customers today too. How about we head on to a bar and...

Page 39
Hikaru: Ahhhh
Hikaru: ...Umm I came as customer but
Hikaru: Should I... go?
Aki: No no no no no no no!!!
Miyama: Tch
Aki(BOLD): Welcome Welcome!! Come right on in!!!! (First one on two weeks)
Aki: ...Morii Hikaru-san is it?
Hikaru: Ye-yes...
Hikaru: 25 years old. Occupation, a home-based auction trader.
Miyama: oh come on, he's just a plain old "Hikikomori".
HikaruMutter: Uggh
Aki: Miyama-san! Just keep your mouth shut like you usually do!("Just keep your mouth shut like you usually do!") And the nature of your request is~~~

Page 40
Hikaru: Thi... this
Hikaru: It is a letter from a month ago from my little sister...
Aki: "It's been a while hasn't it Onii-chan. I know it's sudden but do you remember the promise from when we said our goodbyes at the airport?"
Aki: "I already turned eighteen so let's go like we promised that time" ...and this is?
Hikaru: ...Te-ten years ago, me an-and my sister... Our parents divorced so ended up living separately from each other...
Hikaru: I... I st-stayed here in Kasuga with my dad. M-my sister went with our mom... To somewhere in Aomori...
Hikaru: Since then... Our cir-circumstances were that of isolation... And when my dad died, our correspondence... st-stopped altogether. And yet... a po-postcard like this... came... came out of the blue.
Miyama: ...Hey you, are you okay? You're stuttering a lot.
Hikaru: HIII!!(BOLD:"HIII!!) So-sorry...!! I'm a little sc-scared of dealing with p-eople in person...!!
Aki: Um, when she says "like we promised that time", is that the one you were talking about?
Hikaru: Ah...! Tha-that's well...

Page 41
Aki: Erm...
Aki: Do you... not remember?
Aki: Huh... this came... a month ago didn't it!? It says "Let's go like we promised that time" right there doesn't it!!? Is that really alright!??(BOLD:"Is this realy alright!??")
Hikaru: Ev-ev-ev-ve-ven though you say that...!! It's already way too late! It bothered me so much I even came to this shady laboratory!!
SmallText: Snort
Aki: ... So you're saying?
Hikaru: Th-the day I want to go to is the day me and my sister parted. The place is Haneda Airport Lobby. Th-that's where we made that promise... I want to see for myself what it was and remember it!!
SMallText: You see!

Page 42
Aki: Um, Morii-san? That's impossible. Our time travel only works within the bounds of Kasuga City. We can't go to somewhere like Haneda at all.
SmallText(BOLD): Didn't you read our ad properly?
SmallText: REAAALLLYY!!?
Hikaru: ... Well...
Hikaru: When... It's already...
Hikaru: I don't kn-know what that promise may be but I feel that it's got something to do with the way our family is broken up now...
Hikaru: Since my dad died I.... I've always been on my own.
Hikaru: Yeah... I might be alone for the rest of my life too.
Hikaru: My sister
Hikaru: It doesn't matter anymore...

Page 43
Aki: ...sister...
Aki: ...You don't have to give up on anything at all Morii-san.
Aki: All you have to do is go ask your sister directly while she's still in Kasuga City on the day she leaves at the airport.
Aki: If you ask on that day in your brain... I'm sure we'll at least be able to find a hint about it!
Hikaru(BOLD): ...Eh?
Hikaru(BOLD): EHHHHHH. Ask... her... directly...

Page 44
Hikaru: ...oh...
Hikaru: OOhhh...
Hikaru: Ohhhhhh...!!
Hikaru: A-amazing...!
Hikaru: Thi... This really is a scene from 10 years ago. The house's walls are still new!

Page 45
Aki: ...Ah. Pardon me asking Morii-san
Aki: Bu-but why did you also ask me to come time travelling with you...?
Hikaru: O-of course you had to come! It'd look really suspicious if I tried to talk to her on my own wouldn't it!?
Hikaru: You're the one who suggested this so please work me here! Please!!
Aki: I-I see. Was Miyama-san really no good?
Aki: Dammit. Why did the chief go time travelling with a fatass like him...
Box: Miyama. Left tuning the machine on his own.
Miyama: Just when we were about to go to a bar... Just when the mood was good...
Hikaru: What the hell you idiot!! Just get on out of here!!

Page 46
Misaki(BOLD): Oh shut it you giant hippopotamus!!!!
Hikaru: You don't have to tell me that! i don't want to be a sack of meat like you who doesn't ever leave the house!!!
Hikaru: Wha-what you say!!?
Misaki: Drop dead and go to hell fatass!! Your gross face all is all it takes to get there!!!
Hikaru: .......!! Yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-youuuu!!!!
Aki: ...Morii-san, is that possibly your...?
Hikaru: Moron! Moron!
Hikaru: Ye... yes. That's de-definitely my sister and me from 10 years ago just before we parted.

Page 47
Hikaru: Mi-Misaki had a cute face but she had a uptight personality. We were both pretty rebellious so she got along with me the worst...
Hikaru(BOLD): Aggggh! Just what on earth did I promise her!!? There's no way it not something that's going to be a nightmare of a contract to fulfill!!!
Aki: There there morii-san. Let's just calm down.
Aki: I also had a little sister myself...
Aki: For the time being, let's listen to what Misaki-chan has to say Morii-san.
Misaki: Geez. He's so damn annoying that fatass brother of mine.
Aki: Excuse me, you are Morii Misaki-chan correct?
Misaki: Huh?

Page 48
Misaki(BOLD): Wh-who are you guys!?
AkiMutter: Shhhh
Aki: Please don't make a scene. The truth is that the two of us are mediation proxies sent to handle your parents' divorce.
Misaki: Me-mediation?
AkiMutter: Smile
Aki: Yes. Furthermore, we'd like to ask you a few questions.
Misaki: ...er no. I think I should be getting home now.
Misaki: I shouldn't be talking to strangers...
Aki: Ehh!
Hikaru: Mi-Misaki-chan! Since it's just right along this road
Hiakru: Why don't we talk while you enjoy a parfait at Tenjiku's!?
Misaki: Eh!? Te-tenjiku's!!?

Page 49
Hikaru: Ri-right! With this, she should be probably be more open to us.
MisakiMutter: So good
Hikaru: She's always had a huge weak spot for the Tenjiku Special Parfait they have here...
Hikaru: When we were little, I'd always treat her to one of them every time we had a big fight you see. If I didn't, I'd get stuck getting the silent treatment from her.
Aki: Say, Misaki-chan.
Aki: Is it okay if we asked you a few things while you eat?

Page 50
Aki: The truth is that your brother had some urgent business he had to take care of just now.
Aki: And he won't be able to see you all off at the airport.
Misaki: Hmmm. I don't really care about that.
SFX: Instantly
SFX: Stare...
Aki: ...well, it does look that way.
Aki: Misaki-chan, is that really true?
Aki: You do realize that
Aki: You may never get to see you brother ever again?
Aki: The thing of it is that if there was something you wanted to tell your brother, we'll pass it along to him.
Aki: Is there anything you'd like to say...

Page 51
Aki: For example, if you have a promise(BOLD) you want your brother to keep
Aki: Then won't you tell us what that is.
SFX: ...Grip
Misaki: There's nothing like that!
Misaki: Why doesn't he just ask me that himself!?
Aki: Misaki-chan!
Hikaru: ...Ahhh. That's how it is. That Misaki...
Hikaru: Always rebelling... Just what could someone like her make me promise...?
Aki: ..."Eighteen".
Hikaru: Huh?

Page 52
Aki: She mentioned "eighteen" in her letter right?
Hikaru: Eh? Huh?
Aki: Wait a second Misaki-chan!
Aki: In that case, I'll just tell you what your brother wanted to tell you!
Aki: "Once you turn eighteen"
Aki: "I'll grant you one request to celebrate"!! That's what he said!!
Misaki: Eighteen...?
Misaki: ..."Eighteen"? As in an adult...?
Aki: Yes, the age where you're recognized as an adult and independent of guardianship of your parents.
Misaki: ...in that case
Misaki: Please tell my brother this

Page 53
Misaki(BOLD): Once I've turned eighteen
Misaki(BOLD): Let's come here again and have you treat me to a Tenjiku Special Parfait.
Hikaru: Ah...
Hikaru: ...That was the promise.

Page 54
Aki: ...Morii-san. How do you feel?
Hikaru: ...I ...remember now...
Hikaru: "Promise". I thought there was more to it than that. ...I didn't realize it one bit but I'm certain that it was something along the line of "treat me to a parfait".
Box: Still... If that was the case then it makes this letter odd.
Letter: I'm eighteen now so it's time to fork over the parfait!! You promised!! -Misaki
Box: If she wanted me to keep a promise like that wouldn't she be straight out demanding it from me?
Box: Why is she being so indirect about it...
Letter: "It's been a while hasn't it Onii-chan. I know it's sudden but do you remember the promise from when we said our goodbyes at the airport? I already turned eighteen so let's go like we promised that time" -Misaki
Box: It's almost as if she's testing me or something...
Hikaru: My memory?
Hikaru: No. My "feelings"...?

Page 55
Hikaru: Um... Erm, chief-san.
Hikaru: I'm sorry but I feel like something's wrong...
Hikaru: I-I need to find out my sister's contact info!! I don't have any money to pay you with but would you please let time travel one more time!!?
Someone: ...Hikaru.
Someone: This is the phone number to where we're moving. It's for whatever reason you need to call us. make sure you register it into your phone.

Page 56
Hikaru: ...Their contact information?
Hikaru: I don't need something like this!!!!
HikaruMutter: Out with you demon!!
Box: The Present
SFX: Ring Ring Ring

Page 57
SFX: Ring Ring Ring
Hikaru: Badump...
SFX: Ring Ring Ring
Hikaru: Badump...
SFX: Ring Ring Ring
Phone: Hello?
Hikaru: Ah... Erm... That is...
Hikaru: Ah...
Phone: Ah. I'm sorry but I'm just an acquaintance of Misaki-san.
Phone: Wha...?
Phone: I'm trying to sort out the house at the moment... There aren't any of her relatives at this house either. Ah, what is the reason for your call?
Hikaru: Um... Ex-excuse me but Misaki or.... her mother Kazuko would...
Phone: ...I'm sorry. I hate to have to tell you this but

Page 58
Phone: The two of them are no longer with us...
Phone: Her mother died a long time ago
Phone: Misaki-chan... She just died 5 days ago.
Phone: CLICK

Page 59
Aki: Morii-san...?
Hikaru: ... I'm sorry again... Chief-san...
Hikaru: The money... I'll come with a way to get it but...
Hikaru: Would please...
Hikaru: Let me time travel just one more time...
Aki: You don't have to pay. It's on the house.
Aki: You'll have to go alone this time. So do your best, Onii-chan(BOLD).

Page 60
Box: The date is a month prior...
Box: 24th February
Box: Her
Box: Eighteenth Birthday
Box: The place...
Hikaru: Haa...
Hikaru: Haa...

Page 61
Hikaru: Haa...
Hikaru: Haa...
Misaki(BOLD): ... Onii... chan...?

Page 62
Hikaru: ...Hey.
Hikaru: I got... your postcard...
Misaki: You remembered...? A promise like that?
Hikaru: You moron... Your message was really indirect.
Hikaru: Why did you have to write it that way.
Misaki: ...I wanted to make a gamble.
Hikaru: Huh?
Misaki: It may have just been a small forgettable promise
Misaki: But to me, it was still a very important one.
Misaki: If you felt the same way
Misaki: Then you would have come here all this way to meet meet up... That's what I thought.

Page 63
Misaki: Once I turn eighteen, I'd be able to live however I liked, no parents around to stop me. That's what I thought long ago.
Box: I see now...
Box: I really was being tested.
Misaki: It'd be nice... If I really could live however I liked.
Hikaru: No parents... Mom died too 5 years ago didn't she?
Misaki: So you knew then.
Misaki: ...If it was just dying, it wouldn't have be so much of a betrayal.
Misaki: Even on her deathbed, she wouldn't allow any contact with you guys.
Misaki: Even when I heard that dad died, I was the one who didn't want to go see you...
Misaki: So why did you come here today?
Misaki: ...Both me and you We're always going to be alone.

Page 64
Misaki(BOLD): Oh you know how badly we'd keep hurting each other if we lived together don't you! It's a good thing that we were separated!!
Hikaru(BOLD): Huh!? Wha... That's obvious isn't it!! You're you after all!
Misaki: ... Still...
Misaki: Being on your own...
Misaki: It's really lonely...
Misaki: There's nobody there to fight with...
Misaki: You can even die just like that if you get sick...
Hikaru: Misaki!!
Misaki(BOLD): The truth is

Page 65
Misaki(BOLD): ...I really wanted to
Misaki(BOLD): live with you... With everyone...
Misaki(BOLD): The whole family together...
Box: ...In reality though, my sister was definitely waiting there, all alone.

Page 66
Box: She didn't even order her favorite Tenjiku Special Parfait
Box: All that time... Alone...
Hikaru: I really am... A useless older brother.
Hikaru: I really am a sinful fellow...
Box: A month later
Hikaru: ...Since then, I've been asking her acquaintances about her at Aomori.
Hikaru: That Misaki who used to be so lively, was over there almost never laughing... Same goes for getting angry.

Page 67
Hikaru: She didn't even make any friends. Since mom died she's always been all by herself. It seems that she was facing an illness little by little...
Hikaru: That Misaki was...
Aki: Do you regret time travelling?
Hikaru: No, that's not it. It's the past me that I'm regretting.
Hikaru: Now then, it's about we get going.
Hikaru: In exchange for that free round of time travelling...
Hikaru(BOLD): I'll be treating you to a round of Tenjiku's Special Parfait. It's really tasty!
Miyama: ...I'm surprised. You're not stuttering at all now.
Miyama: Did you get over your fear of people?

Page 68
Hikaru: ...I'm still afraid
Hikaru: But I'm sick of being alone.
Hikaru: I have to do my best from now on
Hikaru: I have to live not just for myself but my sister's share too...
Aki: Morii-san...
Aki: And my sister's share too...
Box: No matter what regrets they carry on their shoulders, people still face forwards and move on with their lives.
Box: Isn't that right Dad?

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