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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Sayonara Folklore 1

Chapter 1

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Mar 19, 2011 12:54 | Go to Sayonara Folklore

-> RTS Page for Sayonara Folklore 1

This is reserved for Shi-Ki.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) ・Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) ・Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(H) - Heart Symbol

Page 000b
I do my work at Cafe Moka while enjoying some french buns with lots of ice filled inside. It takes me about half a day to digest it. And as such, Sayonara Folklore's raw materials came about pretty much due to carbohydrates. At any rate, please enjoy this like you would with delicious food.

Page 003
Sumika: Senpai! Please!
Sumika: Please be my lover!

Page 004+005
Sumika: So that I can leave this place.

Page 006
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Even if we don't touch each other
far from a fairy tale
whiff of fairy tale
The Professor's cat and the Morning Rain

Page 007
Text: When we first met, she was in tears
Text: And without much grace
Takase: ...It's okay. It's okay.
Text: The charm was forgotten.

Page 008
Text: That's why, surely
Someone: Takase!
TakaseMutter: Ah...
Takase: Ah, sorry. Did we touch just now?
Girl: It's fine.
Girl: You cut it really close there.
Girl: ...so, that's how you met that pretty girl?
Takase: Yeah and I haven't even seen her since then.
Takase: That's why I was saying that she might have been one of "those girls" from that lover's suicide.
Girl: Ehh
Girl: Cut it out. It's Monday so you better watch it with that kind of talk.

Page 009
Girl: Ermm... Sorry.
Girl: Don't mind it.
Girl: Takase, the dorm head is calling for you.
Takase: Ah... That's right. I have to go.
Girl: Did something happen?
Takase: No, it's nothing like that. A girl transferred here as a first year so... She asked me to help her settle in the dorm today.
Girl: Want any help?
Takase: It's alright!
Girl: So you're going to be sharing the same room with a first year?
Takase: Oh... I guess so.
Girl: Takase still doesn't have a roomate right?
Text: There are only girls at this school.
Text: Holding hands. Linking arms. Caressing hair. Whispering secrets.
Text: Those aren't things out of the ordinary but on Mondays, that sort of behaviour is taboo.
Text: It's all because of a curse left behind by "those girls".

Page 010
Takase: I wonder what kind of person she is.
Takase: I guess I'm kinda
Takase: Looking forward to it.
Takase: Excuse me...
Girl: Don't!
Girl: It's Monday so...
Sumika: You mentioned that earlier.
Sumika: I don't know anything about that.
Text: That girl...

Page 011
Girl: If we touch...
Sumika: What's wrong with touching? I want the two of us to get to know each other better.
Girl: But...
Takase: Umm... I'm the one who's supposed to guide you around...
Takase: Err
Girl: Uh
Smalltext: Whisper...
Girl: ...Please pardon my transgressions. I shan't stray off the right path.
Sumika: Could you be that

Page 012
Sumika: You're Takase-senpai?
Sumika: My name is Mashiro Sumika. Nice to meet you.
SumikaMutter: I mistook that person for you
Sumika: I'm glad you're a cute one...
Sumika: Huh...
Takase: Ah...

Page 013
Takase: Ple... Please pardon my transgressions. I shan't stray off the right path.
SumikaMutter: Weird...
Sumika: Just what are you doing...
Takase: It's... It's Monday so touching is forbidden.
Sumika: what happens if you do?
Takase: If you touch accidentally, then you have recite the charm...

Page 014
Sumika: Then don't
Sumika: I don't like it. And just what is the "right path"?
SumikaMUtter: Snicker
Takase: They... They say we shouldn't stray off it...
Sumika: Why not? Sounds good to me. Why don't the two of us stray away senpai.
Takase: Yo...
Takase: Are you a ghost...!?

Page 015
Takase: You... You're the girl who cried that time aren't you?
Sumika(BOLD): I most certainly am not.
Takase: Please pardon my transgressions. I shan't stray off the right path...

Page 016
Takase: A long time ago at this school, a pair of lovers committed suicide together on a Monday.
Sumika: Lovers? At this all girl's school?
Takase: Yes. That's why they say that anyone who touches each other on a Monday will be cursed by "those girls". If you do then...
Sumika: You have to recite the charm, right?
Sumika: Not straying off the right path!
Takase: I said not to do that!!
Sumika: Why should I stop? I thought you were fine with stuff like this.
SumikaMutter: Even though you like it when I'm being clingy
Sumika: You're going to cause misunderstandings. They'll think you really do like me in that way!

Page 017
Takase: ...I was talking about you touching me on purpose on Mondays.
Sumika: ...Well in that case, let's kiss.
Sumika: We'll stand out if we get carried away with touching on Mondays won't we? In a bad way right?
Takase: Yes... That's right so...
Sumika: Will everyone hate us? Even the students in that lover's suicide?
Takase: They will. So just...
Sumika: Got it.

Page 018
Sumika: Thanks for telling me that.
Text: Since that day I've been reciting the charm countless times.
Text: And by the next Monday, Sumika's name became a well known one in school.
Girl: I heard that this time she even clung onto a third year girl.
Girl: That transfer student?
Girl: No way
Girl: She's definitely been possessed by "those girls".
Girl: Her roomate's also going to be in trouble isn't she.
GirlMutter: Ahahahaha

Page 019
Takase: ...Thanks
Girl: No problem.
Text: Blind Spot
Girl: Are you in trouble?
Takase: Huh? ...yeah but it's not like it's actual trouble...
Takase: ...As long as I keep reciting the charm, I'll be fine.
Takase: Mmm...
Takase: ...say Acchan...
Acchan: Yes?
Takase: That girl... She was the girl who was crying in the back garden I was telling you about. She's acting like she doesn't know anything about it though...
Acchan: ...who was it exactly that said it was because of the spirits of "those girls"?
Takase: ...It's not because of the ghosts... And yet... Why is it that...

Page 020
Sumika(BOLD): Senpai~ Found ya(H)
Takase: Gyaaaaah
Sumika(BOLD): Now now~ If you don't hurry up and say the charm you're gonna get cursed(H)
SumikaMutter: Kya Kya
Takase: Mashiro-san!!
Acchan: Takase's shouting...
Takase(BOLD): Geez... Wait Mashiro-sa...
Takizawa: Takase-san!!
Takizawa: Just why are you running and shouting in the corridors?
SmallText: Ta-
Takase: Takizawa-sensei...
Takizawa: No running!
TaKase: I... I'm sorry.
Takizawa: I've been hearing some strange rumors too.
AcChan: Takase made a teacher angry...

Page 021
Takizawa: I hope you really haven't been having a sordid relationship with the first year Mashiro Sumika.
Takase: Even the teachers...
Takizawa: It's normal for people to make up these strange rumors
Takizawa: But you're a senior so you have to set a proper example.
Takase: Yes...
Acchan: Are you alright...?
Takase: Yeah...
Acchan: The teachers here are just a little touchy about it because of what happened with "those girls".
Takase: Yeah... Thanks...

Page 022
SUmika(BOLD): Why aren't you angry!?
Sumika(BOLD): I'm bothering you! You could have just told her that I was the one at fault...!!
Takase: I... I won't do something like that...
Sumika: ~~~~~mh
Sumika(BOLD): Senpai you idiot!!
Takase: I'm back... Mashiro-san...

Page 023
Takase: Is she asleep...
Text: Mashiro-san... Why are you doing all these things to make me angry?
Sumika: ...Oneechan...
Takase: ...huh?
Takase: ...Mashiro-san?
Takase: Is she talking in her sleep?
Sumika: ...Senpai. Senpai.

Page 024
Sumika: It's Monday.
Sumika: Are you going to recite the charm before you say good morning?
Takase(BOLD): Please pardon my transgressions. I shan't stray off the right path!!
Sumika: Just as I thought.
Text: "Oneechan..."
Takase: Last night she...
Sumika: Say Senpai...

Page 025
Sumika: What are your parents like?
Takase: Oh... I don't really know much about them. They died when I was a kid...
Sumika: So that's why you cry in your sleep call out "mommy".
Takase: Huh...
takase: I... I wasn't crying...
Sumika: You were! It doesn't really bother me.
Sumika: Feeling lonely is nothing to be ashamed of.
Text: Ah...

Page 026
Text: Could she be trying to cheer me up...
Sumika: Be sure you recite that charm a lot.
Sumika: I touched you lots while you were asleep.
Sumika: You're a surprisingly heavy sleeper.
Takase: *Reciting charm over and over*
SumikaMutter: Nyahaha(H)
Text: She's supposed to be the girl who cried that day.
Text: So why is she acting like an entirely different person?

Page 027
Text: "Oneechan..."
Takase: Mashiro-san cried at that time too.
Takase: Was it so she could call out to someone...
Sumika: Senpai
Sumika: When are you coming back today? I want it to us be alone together as soon as possible(H)
Takase(BOLD): Wha... Ma...
Girl: Huh...? It's that rumored first year.
Girl: They say she's been possessed by "those girls"...
Girl: No way
Takase(BOLD): I... I shan't stray off the right path!
Takase: ... Why...
Acchan: Mashiro

Page 028
Acchan: This is a second year classroom. Please show a little restraint.
Sumika: ...Why? It's not like it's got anything to do with this.
Takase: Acchan...
Acchan: There are those who believe in the stories of the ghosts and are afraid of them here.
Sumika: I said I don't know anything about that.
Acchan: Mashiro is quite childish.
Acchan: You are clinging to her without regard to your surroundings like a spoiled child.

Page 029
Sumika: Tha... That's not...
Acchan: Takase is not your mother. Since you entered the dorms, you should be acting more independent.
Acchan: To cry in public, that was very infantile of you.
Sumika: Crying...
Sumika(BOLD): Yo... You blabbed about it!?
Takase: Ah...
Sumika: Mmph

Page 030
Takase: Ma... Mashiro-san...!
TaKase: That look just now.
Acchan: Takase!
Takizawa(BOLD): Hey...! I said no running in the halls...!
Takase(BOLD): I'm sorry!!
Takase: Her face... It was just like how she looked when she cried...
Takase: That's why She's definitely...

Page 31
Takase: See...
Text: I was right
Sumika: ...Senpa...
Takase: ...I'm sorry...
SmallText: Wha...
Sumika: What are you apologizing for!? You should be angry at me! You should have told on me to the teacher!
Sumika: I... I...
Text: Inside of me

Page 32
Sumika: I just want to leave this school...!!
Text: This crying figure is the real her.
Takase: ...Mashiro-san...
Sumika: I just want to go home...
Sumika: But I break the school rules and ruin my records, Oneechan would hate me for it...
Sumika: I don't want that to happen!

Page 33
Takase: It's okay. No need to cry...
Sumika: mh
Sumika: Senpai! Please!
Sumika: Be my lover!
Text: That's when I realized it

Page 34
Sumika: So that I can leave this place, please pretend to be my lover.
Text: If her wish was granted, then we'd part ways wouldn't we.
Text: I did not recite the promise that I would not stray. I felt myself impure.
Takase: That's why this burning feeling in my chest has to be...
Takase: Alright. I will.
Text: Monday's curse

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