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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

Simulacra of the Crazy Idea 13


+ posted by Transfade as translation on Mar 20, 2011 12:27 | Go to Simulacra of the Crazy Idea

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This is reserved for Simple Scans.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) ・Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) ・Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(H) - Heart Symbol

Page 0002
Someone: Aniue, why did you tell us to leave that man alone?
Text: Who is "Brother" talking to!?
Title: Kyousou no Simulacra
Someone: I am referring to Kurikura Kansuke.
Someone: That(EMPHASIS) has thown us out of order.
Someone: He will surely be an obstacle in the duels. Something must be done about him.
Brother: There is no need for that my lovely "little sister".
Brother: He's a cooperator. He's simply lending a hand during the duels.
Brother: Rather than that though... I'd like for you to finish the "job" I asked you to do.

Page 0003
Brother: I'll be heading there soon myself.
Someone: Aniue? What exactly are you...
Brother(BOLD): I need to have a talk with Kubikirimaru and Kokushibyou.
Brother: That's all then!!! Counting on you(H)
Funikura: ...What did Niisama say?
Someone: That we are to leave Kansuke alone
Funikura: I see. Then we should hurry with the job...
Someone: Those who are incapable doing anything but what they're told to are incompetents.
Someone: We'll take care of that man while we carry out the job.

Page 0004
Someone: That is also for Aniue's sake.
Funikura: We must follow Niisama's orders "Zekkai Kotou".
Zekkai: Mm... You tried to kill that(EMPHASIS) as well before didn't you.
Funikura: This is this and that is that.
funikura: ...And before even that, we were never told to kill Kansuke.
Funikura: But if you're still going to try it regardless of what's been said.
Funikura: Then you'll have to defeat me first.
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): That I will.

Page 0005
WhiteText: As "I" am "me"(SUBTITLE: "A Little Sister"), there has to be reason...
Title: "Myself"

Page 0006
Kansuke: ...Well Souji-san?
Kansuke: Did you figure anything out?
Souji: Mmm... Sorry, but I don't really get it either.
Souji: That house is ancient after all. It really wouldn't be strange if there one or two hidden rooms in it.
Souji: Even so, that underground passageway is a little disconcerting...
Loli(BOLD): Let's just go in there and sniff things out.
Twintails: Do you even know what you're saying there?
Kansuke: Where's Kubikirimaru?
Twintails: Ahh. She's...

Page 0007
Kubikimaru: ...That's what I remember seeing at that place yesterday.
Kubikimaru: Just what was that...?
Box: Didn't that man create us Using "Ayame's" memories and experiences?
Box: Then what is this memory about...?
Box: I...
Kansuke: There you are! Kubikimaru!!

Page 008
Kansuke: Looks like we're going to have to explore that underground passageway from yesterday again like I thought. ...What are you going to do?
Kubikirimaru: No, I'm going to have to pass you up on that. It'll ruin my mood.
Kansuke: Okay then... understood.
Kubikirimaru(BOLD): Is there really... necessary for us to investigate that place in order to put an end to the duels?
Kansuke: Wh-why are you asking that all of a sudden...?
Kansuke: Well to be honest, I don't really have much confidence in it myself.
Kansuke: I'm looking into Ayame's death again to find a clue to what we can do to stop the duels. ...Then that place popped up.
KansukeMutter: It was by coincidence though.
Kansuke: On top of that I... I feel like I know that place. It feels like that there's something important there.

Page 0009
Kansuke: How do I put it... It like it's going to lead us the way to Ayame you see.
Twintails: Kansuke?
TwintailsMutter: What are you doing?
Kansuke: Whoops... Lo-looks like I have to get going...
Kubikirimaru: Niisan, about Ayame... That place at least isn't in my...
Kubikirimaru: It isn't in "Ayame's" memories.
Kubikirimaru: That place probably doesn't have anything to do with Ayame... But still, I...

Page 0010
Kubikirimaru: I'm afraid.
Kubikirimaru: I'm afraid that if we find out something there... It might turn out that I don't have anything to do with Ayame at all.
Kubukirimaru: That... I might not be a "Kikai".
Kubikirimaru: Then... What would I be?
Kansuke(BOLD): You're you. You're my "little sister".
Kansuke: And Kubikirimaru... It's sad but... Ayame's "dead".
Kansuke: I realized that I'd have to come to grasp with that again by coming here.
Kansuke: You all are already "yourselves".

Page 0011
Kansuke: If something does come up while we're investigating that place, things will still be the same.
Kansuke: If you really don't have anything to do with Ayame... I think that'd be for the better.
Kansuke: Are you worried? You know you can rely on me more right?
Kansuke: I mean I showed you just how "manly" I can be yesterday didn't I?
Kubikirimaru: "Manly" huh...
Kubikirimaru: More like reckless if you ask me... Oh well.
Kubikirimaru: so that we can get some idea out of that house, I'll have "Fake Aterui" on standby.
Kubikirimaru: If anything happens be sure to use it.
Kubikirimaru: Good luck then Niisan.

Page 0012
Kansuke: There's a lot of things I want to look into but I've got school tomorrow don't I...
Kansuke: Hope we manage to get hold of some info that'll let us make some headway.
Twintails: ...In that case wouldn't it have been better if we just asked Kubikirimaru.
Twintails: She's hiding something from us.
Kansuke: I guess so.
Kansuke: ...But then why go all that way to do it?
Kansuke: It means there's some kind of information to be found there. ...The talk can wait.

Page 0013
Loli(BOLD): Achoo!!
Loli: Mmmuu?
TwintailsMutter: Why are you wearing short sleeves?
Twinfails: It's cold so you should have worn some warmer clothes.
loli: I'm not cold in the least. But then again I'm not a barbarian like you. I'm on the other hand am quite delicate.
Loli(EMPHASIS): ...Forget I said that.
Twintails: Here... I'll lend you my muffler so wrap it around yourself.
Twintails: Give me the coat too you scrooge.
Loli: Uncle!!! Uncle!!!
LoliMutter: Please don't strangle me!!!

Page 0014
kansuke: ...The two of you really are like sisters aren't you.
Twintails: Just how are seeing this to come to that conclusion?
Twintails: Fact is that I'm "Ayame" and so is she... We're the very same person.
Kansuke: That's not true at all.
Kansuke(BOLD): I said so to Kubikirimaru too...
Kansuke(BOLD): "You all" are "yourselves".
Kansuke: ...Didn't you already realize that?
Kansuke: The duels... no, nothing can ever make you become Ayame.
Kasnuke: That's why it's, you know, better for you all to just be yourselves.
Twintails: I...

Page 0015
Kubikirimaru(BOLD): Ah
Kubikirimaru: Rare materials drop get!
Aterui: You did it!!! Now you can get that Ice Sword you've always wanted...
Aterui: ...Mistress?
Souji: Oh!!! There you are...!!!
Kubikirimaru: Hey, is something wrong?
Souji: Well, it's just that I just gave shelter to one of your comrades so I came to get you.
Kubikirimaru: Shelter!!? ...then...
Souji: It seems that she collapsed in the vicinity of the village for some reason...

Page 0016
Funikura: Hey there Kubikirimaru.
Kubikirimaru: ...wha... What do you think you're doing Funikura?
Funikura: I'm eating some rice.
SmallText: As you can see.
Funikura: ...And why are you here.
Funikura: A job.
Funikura: And I'm in this state because I talked back to a senior who was eager about doing it.
Kubikirimaru: Senior...?
KubikirimaruMutter: No matter what I do, this girl just messes up my pace...
Funikura(BOLD): Zekkai Kotou

Page 0017
Kansuke: Hmmm...?
Kansuke: I knew it... This part here is especially...
Kansuke: Hey! Help me out here!
Loli: ...I'm hungry.
Twintails: Come to think of it there was roasted food vendor just now...
kansuke: ...You have absolutely no intention of helping do you.
KansukeMutter: Then why did you come here
Loli(BOLD): !! Sasameyuki
Twintails: ...I know.
Twintails: Kokushibyou...? Or is it Kirikirimai...?
Loli: Can't tell... But she's "alone".

Page 0018
twintails(BOLD): Whichever one it is, it's time for payback!!!
Kansuke: !!? Hey what are...!!? Sasameyuki...
Sasameyuki(BOLD): The victor is the first to strike!!!
Zekkai: ...Your bloode blades are ineffective against me.
Zekkai: ...my my.
SFX: Crack
Zekkai: Just what are you doing? Sasameyuki. Vexation.
SFX: Crack
SFX: Crack

Page 0019
Zekkai: We were not meant to work together in groups.
Zekkai: Never forget... The Kikai duels are ones to the death,
Zekkai: The duels themselves are what we desire most.
Zekkai: In any case... You should remove your compassion or pain will follow after.
Twintails(BOLD): Zekkai Kotou...!!!
LoliMutter: Gugee...

Page 0020
Kansuke: Is she also a little sister...?
KansukeMutter: Another one with a weird name
Zekkai: Hmm... I see now
SFX: Badump
SFX: Badump
Zekkai: The reaction is stronger with the "impurities" rather than Ayame.
Zekkai: That means Kubikirimaru and Kokushibyou will have to be rejected.
Kansuke: !!! You... What do you know about thus place!?
Zekkai: ...I have no obligation to answer you, Kurikura Kansuke.
Kansuke: ...ngh!!!

Page 0021
Kansuke: Guwaah...!!?
Twintails(BOLD): Kansuke!!!
Zekkai: I've heard about it
Zekkai: Kubikirimaru... Sasameyuki... Vexation... it seems that you have tricked them.
Zekkai: You've been telling them you are going to stop the duel right?

Page 0023
Zekkai: You are the coward who abandoned me and ran away on your own six years ago.
Zekkai: And now you try to act like a brother to us.
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): Learn some shame!!!
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): You imbecile!!!
Zekkai: Aniue told me that we are not to lay a hand on you.
Zekkai: ...But the fact we meet here must be fate at work.
Zekkai: The "job" will follow after. ...I will make sure you never come anywhere near us ever again.
Zekkai: That is also for Aniue's sake.

Page 0023
Twintails: Kansuke!!
Kansuke: ...Don't do anything Sasameyuki.
Twintails: What's this? Do you plan on persuading her? It's impossible. Out of all of us, she's especially bullheaded and there's no compromising with that dullard.
Zekkai: ...You know, I can hear you Sasameyuki.
Kansuke: Even so... I can't not try.
Kansuke: And if words won't work then I'll just have to show it to these guys with my actions.
Twintails: Kansuke...?

Page 0024
Kansuke(BOLD): What you think of me has nothing to do with it.
Kansuke(BOLD): I am going to put an end to these duels.
Kansuke: Zettai Kotou
Kansuke: I will make you spit out everything you know.
Twintails: ...Were you that kind of character...?
TwintailsMutter: Damn hothead...
Loli(BOLD): Do your best Oniichan!!!
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): I refuse

Page 0025
Kansuke: Kuu... That...
Twintails: I didn't mention it before but she happens to be the "Strongest" among the Kikai.
TwintailsMutter: Work hard enough not to die
Kansuke: ...Strongest?
Zekkai: I hope you have made your resolve Kurikura Kansuke.
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): I am... Zekkai Kotou!!!
Zekkai: A woman who "does" whatever I say I will.
Kansuke: Perfect then!!!

Page 0026
Kansuke(BOLD): Let's make this a head on showdown!!! Face to face!!!
Kansuke(BOLD): Let's attack each other precisely and magnificently!!!
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): "Be Crushed"
Kansuke: GAAAH...!!?
Kansuke: Kuu...
Zekkai: Whatever you do will be futile.
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): "Get kicked and fly off"

Page 0027
Kansuke: Woah... Woah...!!?
Zekkai: I will tell you one thing
Zekkai: The part I was granted was the "tongue".
Zekkai: My ability is "Executing one's words"
Zekkai: I... It is an ability that makes it so that I will absolutely accomplish what I say will happen.
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): Thereby it makes me the strongest.

Page 0028
Kansuke: That really is amazing
Kansuke: Well then!!
Kansuke(BOLD): How about you try this on for size!!!
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): "Stop it with a single finger"

Page 0029
Zekkai: You haven't run away... Not like six years ago.
Zekkai: That willpower... It would been nice if you had shown that then as well.
Kansuke: Are you serious...
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): "Fly from being punched"
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): Judgment!!!

Page 0030
Zekkai: ...What are you playing at Sasameyuki?
Twintails: I... I'm with Kansuke.
Zekkai: Kansuke? What are you saying.
Zekkai: Do you not want to become Ayame? Do you really not want to become that person's little sister?
Zekkai: You as well Vexation?
Kansuke: Sasameyuki... Vexation...

Page 031
Zekkai: Inconceivable
Zekkai: Has this man gotten hold of some sort of weakness you possess?
Zekkai: What is it that this man has done to you?
Twintails: True... If you compare this guy to that person, he'd be inferior in every single way...
Kansuke: Hey...
Twintails: That's why only that person is suitable as "Ayame's" brother.
Twintails(BOLD): However... "I" think I'd be more like "myself" as "this guy's little sister".
Twintails(BOLD): After all, I... I have my own will!!! I feel that I should help this guy.
Kansuke: Sasameyuki...

Page 032
Zekkai: "Myself"... huh
Zekkai: Even though we'll end as simple Kikai if the duels are stopped.
Zekkai: Very well then. Since there will be no duel today I will not fight you.
Zekkai: ...My job is to destroy this underground passageway.
Zekkai: So that it will have no further influence on Kubikirimaru and the rest.
Zekkai: At any rate, it seems that the job has been settled anyway. ...There is no need to delve in deeper.
Kansuke: Wait...!! I have to things I need to ask you!

Page 0033
Zekkai: ...In deference to those two, I shall tell you a little about it.
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): There was a single Kikai here.
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): A "failure" left behind by the first Utaemon.
Zekkai(EMPHASIS): A grotesque anomalous Kikai.
Kansuke: Utaemon's... Kikai...
Zekkai: Even in those memories of yours... There should still be a little bit left remaining.

Page 0034
Zekkai: Kurikura Kansuke
Zekkai: If you don't want to lose a little sister again
Zekkai: If you really do wish to stop the duels...
Zekkai: You must... make yourself know nothing.
Kubikirimaru: Zekkai Kotou huh?
Kubikirimaru: ...yet another troublesome thing shows up.
Kubikirimaru: With things like this we'll have force ourselves to stick together.

Page 0035
Brother(BOLD): Where are you off to in such a hurry?
Kubikirimaru(BOLD): Wha...
Kubikirimaru(BOLD): This... it's...

Page 0036
Brother(BOLD): Hallo!!!
Brother(BOLD): K-u-b-i-k-i-r-i-m-a-r-u(H)
Kubikirimaru(BOLD): You...!!!?
Brother: Whoopsie... That won't work. You're in my "range". You understand don't you?
Brother: My "Love Domination Amplifying Field"
Brother: No need to put on such a scary look... It'll ruin your pretty little face.
Brother: I came to have a little talk with you.
Brother: A very important talk.
Text: What does the brother have to tell the sister!?

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