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Sorairo Square 1

film 1

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Apr 5, 2011 15:10 | Go to Sorairo Square

-> RTS Page for Sorairo Square 1

This is reserved for taimea.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) ・Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) ・Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(S) - Music Note

Under the cover front page
Text: Who's gay

Under the cover back page
Text: Get
Page 3
Humi: Sorry about this everyone!!
Humi: But I'm going to go back to being a normal girl for a little while!!
Humi: Don't worry though...
Humi: I'll be back in no time!!
Humi: Be sure to welcome HUMI again when I do!!

Page 4
Fumika: Mmmmm!!
Fumika: It hasn't changed one bit(S)
Fumika: This feeling...

Page 5
Fumika: I'm home!!

Page 6
Text: I like you
Letter: I like you
Text: That was it
Text: That's all that was in that love letter
Text: After school at the shoe lockers
Text: In cute rounded writing
Text: A heart-racing memory from my childhood
Girl: Shuu!!
Girl: Shuu-chan!!
Text: The one who gave me that love letter
Text: Between the two of them
Text: Just who could it have been?

Page 7
Shuu: Mm...
Shuu: Morning huh...
Shuu: Right
Shuu: Hm?
Dad: Hey Shuuichi. Morning.
Dad: You're going to be late again today.

Page 8
Shuu: Yeah
Shuu: Morning dad.
Shuu: Did you pull another all nighter?
Dad: Well...
Dad: There was this anime that brought back some memories and I got pulled right into it.
Dad: Putting that aside, are you heading off to school now?
Shuu: Yeah. I'll be going then.
Dad: Right
Dad: Tell Miyuki-chan I said hi okay.
Shuu: ...sure.
Dad: And while you're at it, it'd be great if you bring back home a bride too.
Shuu: Wh-what the heck!! What are you, some pervert!?
ShuuMutter: Geez. That guy's really just...

Page 9
Box: A blue sky as clear as crystal
Box: Surrounded by mountains and the sea. You'll find breathtaking sights all over the place.
Box: It's almost as if time itself stopped here.
Box: That's what the town we live in is like.
Miyuki: Ah
Miyuki: Shuuichi...-san?
Miyuki: Good morning.

Page 10
Shuu: Ye.. yeah
Shuu: Morning Miyuki.
Miyuki: ...? Is something wrong?
Shuu: Nope!! Nothing's wrong. Everything's fine.
DadSmallText: A bride!!
Shuu: Mo-more importantly, did something happen with you? You're late today.
Miyuki: That's...
Miyuki: I got too absorbed in this late night anime yesterday...
Shuu: Haha. So you pull an all nighter too? Was it really that interesting?
ShuuMutter: My dad said the same thing
Miyuki: Ye-yes
Miyuki: It was a hero anime from twenty years ago but it was really cool...
Miyuki: Uh
Miyuki: Ah!!

Page 11
Miyuki: Kyaaa!!
ShuuMutter: Ehhhh....
MiyukiMutter: Uuuu
Shuu: Are...
Shuu: Are you okay...?
Miyuki: Ah...
Miyuki: That... that was on purpose!!
Shuu: No, no it wasn't.
Shuu: Here
Shuu: Give me your hand...

Page 12
Miyuki: ...sorry
Miyuki: Thanks
Miyuki: ...Is something wrong?
Shuu: Nah...
Shuu: Not a thing.
Shuu: Later then
Shuu: I have to hurry so I'll be going ahead. See you at school.
Miyuki: Oh...
Miyuki: Okay...

Page 14
Youji: Heeey
Youji: Mr peeping tom over there(S)
Shuu: Yo... Youji
Shuu: What is it all of a sudden?
Youji: Well, I was just wondering what you've got your eyes peeled onto since just now.
Shuu: Wha... What you say...
Youji: Ahhh. I see now. She's pretty good that Suido Miyuki-chan.
Youji: That beautiful, quiet and pure vibe she gives out sure makes eroticness unbearable.

Page 15
Shuu: It's... It's nothing like that.
Youji: Yeah yeah. No need to hide it like that dude.
Youji: Just admit it. Say that you were admiring the sight of the first years in swimsuits.
Shuu: No... No I wasn't. It was just for a little bit.
Youji: Still, you really do have it good don't you.
Youji: That girl's been friends with you since you were a kid right? The two of you could get pretty close couldn't you?
Shuu: ...hahah.
Shuu: It'd be nice if that were true...

Page 16
Miyuki: That's amazing.
Miyuki: You're just like a photographer(S)
Miyuki: How did you get that camera?
Shuu: Huh? Yeah...
Shuu: I asked gramps for it and he gave it to me.
Miyuki: Wooow! So cool!!

Page 17
Miyuki: Shuu-chan, are you going to be a photographer when you grow up?
Shuu: Eh!? Umm...
Shuu: ...yeah.
Shuu: I guess... that'd be nice.
Miyuki: Waaah
Miyuki: Really!?
Miyuki: Hey hey!
Miyuki: When you do, make sure you take a great picture of me okay(S)
Shuu: Sure.

Page 18
FormTitle: Photography
SmallBoxText: President
LongBoxText: Tachibana Shuuichi
Shuu: Ahh
Shuu: Guess it's no good this time too.
ShuuMutter: Sigh...
Shuu: Sure am pitiful aren't I...
Shuu: That person
Shuu: Wonder what's going on with her...
Miyuki: Excuse me

Page 19
Miyuki: Umm...
Miyuki: Is anyone here...?
Shuu: Mi... Miyuki?
Miyuki: Ah, Shuuichi-san.
Miyuki: Good afternoon. You're in this club?
Shuu: Did you come here for something?
Miyuki: Yup
Miyuki: Sensei asked me to bring these here.
Shuu: Ahhh
Shuu: In that case just put them over there.
Shuu: You can just leave them here.
Miyuki: Okay
Miyuki: Thanks

Page 20
Miyuki: Umm
Miyuki: Do you...
Miyuki: like taking photos?
Shuu: Ye... yeah
Shuu: It's because of my grandpa's influence
Shuu: From a long time ago...

Page 21
Miyuki: Oh...
Miyuki: S-sorry... I...
Shuu: Haha...
Shuu: No
Shuu: I'm sorry as well.
Shuu: You couldn't have remembered that after all.
Text: ...yeah
Text: There's no way she would
Text: After all

Page 22
Box: Miyuki's memories only goes as far back as two years ago.
Shuu: Miyuki!?
Shuu: Are... are you alright? I just heard over the phone...
Shuu: About you getting into an accident...
Shuu: Miyuki...

Page 23
Miyuki: Who... are you?

Page 24
Shuu: Huh...?
Text: Can you really say that someone who's lost their memories are still the same person they were from before...?
Text: Aren't they different?
Text: When she left that hospital, my existence disappeared from her eyes...
Fumika: Hey you!!
Fumika: The student over there!!

Page 25
Fumika: I have a few things I need to ask you
Fumika: So could I have a bit of your time?
Shuu: ...what?
Text: Oh... man...
Text: For some reason I have this feeling that I should stay away as much as I can...
Text: So...
Text: Sorry!!
Text: I'm ain a rush right now!!
Fumika(BOLD): Haah!?
Fumika: Oh...

Page 26
Fumika(BOLD): Hold it right there buster!!
Fumika(BOLD): Stop you moron!!
Shuu: ...ngh
Shuu: Wha... What the heck was that for!?
Fumika: Hmph. That's my line you hick!!
Fumika: What's up with this town!? Why do I have people running away from me!?
Fumika: I've been having all sorts of trouble ever since I came here...
Fumika: I just wanted to ask for directions!!
Text: Got chased by a dog
Text: Did a barrel roll
Text: Fell into a river

Page 27
Shuu: ...Forget that. What was just now for!?
Shuu: You sure are pretty rude for someone I've only just met.
Fumika: ...Hah?
Fumika: Why were you set on not being of help to me!?
Shuu: Why...
Shuu: It's because you don't off as someone with much common sense.
SmallText: And that's just by your appearance...
Fumika: That's because you're just a lowly hick... Do you have any idea who you're talking to right now?
Shuu: ...Hah?
Fumika: Wha... what?
Fumika: Agghhh!! That's it!!
Fumika: Look here you!! I'm...!!!!

Page 28
Fumika(BOLD): The super popular Idol HUMI!!
Fumika(BOLD): You get it now!?
Shuu: ...huh?

Page 29
Fumika: ...hmhmm!
Fumika: Well. Of course you do. There's no need to say so either.
Fumika: At any rate it looks like I Shocked you so badly that you've become speechless.
ShuuMutter: No no
Fumika: See!
Fumika: Now that you understand hurry up and make like a servant and show me the way to...
Fumika: Wait
Fumika: Hmmm!?
Fumika: Mmm... ...
Fumika: Hm...?
Shuu(BOLD): Wha... What is it!?

Page 30
Fumika: Could it be that you're...
Fumika: Shuuichi?
Shuu: Wha...
Shuu: How do you know that!?
Fumika: Ahah! I knew it was you!!
Fumika: I really am super lucky! This has to be fate as well!!
Fumika: Shuuichi!!!
Fumika: I am going to make you happy!!!

Page 32
FumikaMutter: Glasses Glasses...
ShuuMutter: Puhh

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