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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Simulacra of the Crazy Idea 14


+ posted by Transfade as translation on Apr 8, 2011 16:51 | Go to Simulacra of the Crazy Idea

-> RTS Page for Simulacra of the Crazy Idea 14

This is reserved for Simple Scans.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can稚 think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) ・Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) ・Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(H) - Heart Symbol

Page 0002
Kansuke: I'm back
Funikura(BOLD): Oh?
Text: Pardon the intrusion
Kansuke: Geh!!! Funikura!!? What are you doing here...
KansukeMutter: Hiiii
Funikura: What's that reaction for? I'm here on a job, a job.
Loli&Twintails(BOLD): Who is she?
Funikura: I'm "Funikura". I was born recently. Nice to meet you my seniors.
Kansuke: ...What did you do to Kubikirimaru?

Page 0003
Funikura: I didn't do anything to her.
Funikura: She should have left for where you were... Didn't you meet up with her?
Kansuke: No...? Wait... Did you come here alone?
Loli: Huh? My strength...
Kansuke: What's wrong? Sasameyuki... Vexation?
Funikura: ...Looks like he's here.
Kansuke(BOLD): Don't tell me...

Page 0004
Title: Siblings
Text: Nice kids(SUBTITLE: Brothers), get presents(SUBTITLE:Little Sisters)

Page 0005
Brother(BOLD): My "Love Domination Amplification Field"
Brother: It lets me force "Little Sisters" and Kikais into submission... It sure is a ridiculous ability isn't it.
KubiMUtter: No matter how many times I take it, it still pisses me off
Brother: Oh? So you can still move? The output's higher compared to last time though.
Brother: Didn't I say there's no need to be so on edge? I only came here to have a "talk" with you.
Brother: How are things?
Kubiki: Just fine. ...I'd be doing so much better if you weren't around though.
Brother(BOLD): That's good.
Brother(BOLD): And here I was thinking that you were having a hard time with those memories you saw in that dungeon.

Page 0006
Kubiki: !!? What did you just say...
Brother: "Release"
Kubi: Huh...?
Brother: Put away your gun and follow me.
Aterui: Master...
Brother: I came to have a talk with you after all.

Page 0007
Brother: My my... It sure has been a while.
Brother: Do you remember?
Brother: Me, you(SUBTITLE:Ayame) and Kansuke came here together for the summer festival.
Brother: And when you got lost, Kansuke came to me crying "Oniichan, Oniichan"...
Kubiki: Stories like that are of no concern of mine.
Brother: Now now. No need to be so testy.
Kubiki: What do you know... What do you know about that place?
Brother: ...Are you worried by it?

Page 0008
Brother: Is it because... you saw memories that didn't belong to Ayame in that dungeon?
Brother: You're supposed to be my little sister "Ayame"... But now you're wondering what you really are aren't you?
Brother: I understand that feeling... I really do.
Brother: Does it hurt? Painful right? You're worried aren't you?
Brother: I'm me. I'm... not worried at all.
KubikiMutter: Gross
Brother: I just want to know. That's all.
Brother: That's fine Kubikirimaru. No need to force yourself.
Brother: I do know everything there is to know about you.

Page 0009
Brother(BOLD): Those memories are making you sad
Brother(BOLD): That's why I'll
Aterui: Enough of that. Step away from my Master.

Page 0010
Aterui: Gaah...!!
Kubiki: Aterui...!!!
Brother: ...Funikura. Thanks for the helping hand.
Kansuke: Aniki...!!
Brother: Oh... And you brought Kansuke and the rest too.

Page 0011
Brother: That reminds me. I still have a few things I need to talk to you about.
Brother: Hm...?
Funikura: Niisama!!
Brother: !!! You're on your own Funikura? Where's Zekkai Kotou?
Funikura: She didn't return.
Funikura: She probably got lost again... I'd bet on it.
Brother: Not again... No way around it. We'll just have to pick her up along the away after this.

Page 0012
Loli: Oniichan!!
Brother: Vexation! Good job on surviving! ...well done. Well done.
Brother: Sasameyuki!!
Brother: Seems that you're the one who killed Deathko!!
Brother: Congratulations!!!
Brother: You helped out with it too right Kansuke?
Brother: You really do make your brother proud.

Page 0013
kansuke: How is it that... you can make that kind of face?
Kansuke: You really... Don't think anything of them do you?
Kansuke: In those duels, these guys... You said these "little sisters" die again right?
Kansuke: Don't you realize just how stupid that is?
Kansuke: ...This is the last time I'll try to talk you of it.
Kansuke(BOLD): These duels, I want you to put a stop to them.
Brother: ...Sorry, what?

Page 0014
Kansuke: Kubikirimaru!!
Kansuke: That one from before... I'll be using him.
Kansuke: There's still all sorts of things I want to say to you. Lots of questions too.
Kansuke: But first... I will stop these duels. Kansuke: Are you ready for this Aniki?
Brother: What are you saying... What are you planning on doing!!?
Brother: It's me you know!!? Your brother!!

Page 0015
FunikuraMutter: That moron
Funikura: Niisama... I've been telling you over and over that Kansuke's trying to end the duels.
Brother: Eh...
Funikura: In other words...
Funikura: He's Niisama's "enemy"
Brother: Enemy... what...!!?
Brother: Didn't you come to my place to help out with the duels!? Didn't you succeed Utaemon for Ayame's sake!!?
Kansuke: Who exactly would help out with this foolishness!!?

Page 0016
Kansuke: Stop all this and get it through your head already!!
Kansuke: Ayame died!
Kansuke: Right here in this village... she died here!!
Kansuke(BOLD): These guys are their own selves!!
Kansuke(BOLD): They will never become Ayame!!!
Brother: Hmmm...? So he really does want to end the duels then?
Funikura: That's what I've been trying to telling you.
Brother: I'm shocked...

Page 0017
Brother: Kansuke... I really do like you you know.
Brother: If you were a girl I'd have taken you as my bride in a heartbeat.
TN: O_O ...I can't even process how much more creepy weird that line makes him now
Brother: However... I've said it before
Brother(BOLD): Interfere with the duels and you will be granted death.
Loli(BOLD): Oniichan...
Brother(BOLD): Fall for me
Brother(BOLD): "Love Domination Amplification Field"

Page 0018
Loli: Ah...
Kubiki: ...ngh...
Kansuke(BOLD): There's no way in hell...
Kansuke(BOLD): That I'd fall for you!!!
Brother: Not you
Brother: The Goddesses of victory!!!

Page 0019
Kansuke(BOLD): Wha...
Kansuke(BOLD): Sasameyuki... Vexation!!?
Brother: "Love Domination Amplification Field Lv. 2"
Brother: I can manipulate what Kikai's within a 100m radius of me think.

Page 20
Kubiki: Ngh... guh...
Aterui: ...Master...
Kubiki: Ate... rui...?
Aterui: Please... release my "restraints".
Kubiki: !!! You're...
Aterui: Hurry...
Aterui: Kansuke-san... You want to save your brother don't you?

Page 21
Kubiki: But... you're...
Kansuke: Ngh...
Brother: Kansuke... About what you asked me earlier
Brother: Whether or not I really do think nothing of these girls dying.
Brother: When you're making a Kikai... A strong sentiment is required of you.
Brother: It's so that they turn out more human-like... Strong powerful emotions are put into it.
Brother: And those Kikais that get created... You can go as far as to call them my daughters since they have a part of me.

Page 22
Brother: That's why the duels being to the death... It's not possible for me to think nothing of it.
Kansuke: Then
Brother: But that's just it.
Brother(BOLD): In spite of it all, I still choose "Ayame".

Page 23
Brother: ...Every single time any one of these girls die
Brother: My heart is overcome by grief and my chest feels as if it's been ripped apart!!
Brother: Because of that... I cannot treat these girls as people.
(This line is vague in reading it as he could just as easily be saying that he can't see them as objects)
Brother: It's all for Ayame's sake!!
Brother: I must see them off not with tears but with a smile!!
Brother: I'm completely aware of how ludricous it is to try and bring the dead back to life!!
Brother(BOLD): That mind cannot be strong without it!!!
Brother(BOLD): Humans like that!!! They cannot go crazy without it!!!

Page 024
Brother(BOLD): Do know what it is Kansuke?
Brother(BOLD): It's "Love"! Love!
Kubiki: ...That's enough of that.
Brother: Do you want to stop the duels as well? ...You are...

Page 025
Kubiki: I am me... Your little sister Ayame... I have no intention of becoming her.
Brother: ...You are incapable of stopping the duels. That's how I made you all.
BrotherMutter: Is it because of Kansuke's influence?
Brother: Also... You do realize that the duels are for your sakes as well don't you?
Kubiki: Hah... Is it to die for your stupid wish?
Brother: ...hey now
Brother: You pointing that gun at me... Is it really by your own will?
Brother: Are those feelings of yours really "yours"?
Brother: Don't you it just a little bit strange?

Page 026
Brother: How you aren't being affected as much by my Love Domination Amplification Field?
Brother: How you are the one sole Kikai among the rest that bears such utter hostility towards me?
Brother: Shall I tell you why?
Brother: It's as simple as can be!!
Brother: Another Kikai had been integrated into you.
Brother(BOLD): And her name was "Hiruko".
Brother(BOLD): She was the one in that dungeon... A Kikai created by the hands of Utaemon.

Page 027
Kansuke: Integrated...!!!?
Kubiki: What on earth are you saying...
Brother: ...Only a tiny bit though. I needed her to make the first four you see.
Brother: Additionally, her facial features expressed themselves especially strong in you.
Brother: She was terribly attached Kansuke you see.
Kansuke: Aniki... Just what are you trying to say...
Brother: Kubikirimaru... Your adoration for Kansuke. Your pointing that gun at me.
Brother(BOLD): That's not "your" will at work. It's Hiruko's.

Page 028
Kubiki: As if that could be true!!
Kubiki: I'm me!!! I by my own will
Brother: You've already vaguely realized this haven't you.
Brother: That's the reason why you're so worried.
Brother: The duels... They take place in order to erase "Hiruko".
Brother: Are you getting this Kansuke?
Brother: The one you call your little sister... It's not because she's a "little sister" that she loves you.

Page 029
Brother(BOLD): Kubikirimaru's favoring of you
Brother(BOLD): That good will towards you comes from a Kikai unknown to you.
Box: Unknown?
Box: Hiruko...?

Page 030
Kansuke: Gaah...!!!
Brother: ...Now then, it's time to say our goodbyes Kansuke.
Brother: I'll never forget our days together.
Brother: You are a true member of my... of our family.
Kubiki: Onii...san...

Page 031
Brother: From the very, very, very bottom of my heart, thank you for everything up till now.
Aterui(BOLD): ...Honestly you bunch. Still as troublesome as ever.

Page 032
Brother: She's devouring her surroundings...?
Brother: What are you...?
Aterui: Aren't you the rude one... Did you forget me already?
Aterui(BOLD): The part I was given was the "Stomach"
Aterui(BOLD): My ability is "Awful Eating"

Page 033
Aterui(BOLD): The ability to eat anything and everything.
Aterui(BOLD): And strengthen myself based on what I take in.
Kansuke: Ate.. rui... san?
Brother: What is the meaning of this!? ...Why are you here!?

Page 034
Kubiki: ...nee-san...!!
Aterui: Long time no see. Eh, "oniisama"?
Text: This mysterious entity, they recognize each other as brother and sister...!?

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