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Sorairo Square 2

Film 2

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Aug 15, 2011 13:13 | Go to Sorairo Square

-> RTS Page for Sorairo Square 2

This is reserved for taimea.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) Means this comment is meant to be included in the typeset version.
(S) - Music Note

Page 33
Shuu: Hey!
Shuu: Heeello
Shuu: It's already noon Fumika!
Shuu: Just for how much longer are you going to keep me out here...?
Shuu(BOLD): Aaagghhh! I can't take it anymore!!
Shuu(BOLD): How about you get yourself together and...!!

Page 34
Fumika: Mmm...? Morning already?
Shuu: Wha...
Shuu: Ah

Page 35
Shuu: Why the heck are you dressed like that!?
Fumika: Nggghhh
Fumika: Well it's not like I could help it could I?
Fumika: The rest of my stuff still hasn't arrived yet.
Shuu: That's true but...
ShuuMutter: This is my room and all...
Fumika: Also here
Shuu: And this is?
Fumika: Wash them for me would you?
Fumika: I don't mind if you want to sniff them, just make sure not to dirty them okay.
ShuuMutter: Wha...!?

Page 36
Shuu: Wh-who'd even do something like that!! Just go and wash your face!!
Fumika: Got it(S)
Fumika: Jeez
Box: Shuuichi's(STAR)
Fumika: Who knew Shuu would have such a short fuse.
FumikaMutter: Hm?

Page 37
Fumika: Oh...
ShuuMutter: Sigh...
Shuu: How did things turn out like this...
Fumika: Oh my
Fumika: This really is good isn't it!!

Page 38
Dad: Just having a girl at the dinner table makes the food taste a whole lot better.
Fumika: It's been a while since I had stuff like this so I'm liking it a lot.
ShuuMutter: What's with this atmosphere...
Dad: Right with that we'll be taking care of Fumika-chan for a while.
Shuu(BOLD): How did it come down to that!?
Fumika: We've been talking about it since just now you know.
Fumika: It'll just be until Mama comes back from her business trip overseas.

Page 39
Fumika: She said I can't stay all on my own in city like Tokyo.
Fumika: She's a real worrywart of a mom...
Fumika: And it's not exactly doing wonders for me to take a break from my idol activities.
Shuu: B-but even so it's...!!

Fumika: Then what?
Fumika: Are you telling me to just go and set up a camp somewhere?
Fumika: Are you saying tat I should go out and freeze to death in the cold...
Shuu(BOLD): Huh!?

Page 40
SmallText: Haha
Dad: It's not like it's going to be a problem right? You'll get to live together with a cute young girl like this after all.
Fumika: Right right(STAR)
Fumika: We're childhood friends at that.
Fumika: I'll be in your care from now on okay!!
Fumika: Shuu(S)
Shuu: Got it...

Page 41
Fumika: Come on come on!!
Fumika: Shuuuu(S)
Fumika: You're supposed to show around town aren't you!?
Shuu: Yeah yeah. I'm coming.
Shuu: You do realize that you might trip or something if you keep rushing like that?
Fumika: It's alrig...
Fumika(BOLD): Fugyya
ShuuMutter: Told you so...
Fumika: Woooow

Page 42
Fumika: Really though. It's like nothing's changed at all.
Shuu: I already said so didn't I?
Shuu: There really isn't anything interesting around here.
Fumika: Guess so...
FumikaMutter: Sigh...
Fumika: If that's the case ten I might just be wasting my time.
Shuu: Haha
Shuu: Is that really something someone who got lost yesterday should be saying?
FumikaMutter: Ugu...
Fumika: Sh-shut up okay. I only forgot a little bit.
Fumika: You on the other hand completely forgot about me!!
Shuu: I-I could say the same back to you!!

Page 43
Shuu: Honestly though. You were wearing those bottle bottom glasses way back then you know.
ShuuMutter: How the heck was I supposed to tell?
Fumika: Hey...!!
Fumika: Enough about the past okay!!
Fumika: ...jeez.
Fumika: You're the one who got all excited about me in my underwear...
Shuu(BOLD): Huh!?
Shuu: I wasn't all that excited by that...!!
Shuu: I-I wasn't!!
FumikaMutter: Yeah yeah
Fumika: Reading you loud and clear~
Fumika: Oh!
Fumika: This takes me back
TN: Sign says Suidou Hospital
Fumika: Miyuki's house

Page 44
Fumika: Hiii!?
Fumika(BOLD): What's up with this ridiculously huge dog!!
Shuu: Hm?
Shuu: Huh? You don't remember him?
Shuu: It's Miyuki's Koro.
Fumika: Ehhh!? You're kidding!?
Fumika: How would I know!! I mean he was like this back then!!
Note: Tiny!!
Fumika: Th-the passage of time sure is cruel...
Shuu: Tell me about it...
Fumika: Ah. That reminds me.
Fumika: I still haven't met up with Miyuki. Is she doing well?
Shuu: Don't. Forget about it. You'll just be a disturbance.
Fumika: Haah!?
Shuu: Also, she's busy helping out over there.
Shuu: Woudn't we just be a bother if we show up out of the blue?
Fumika: That's true but...
Fumika: Ah
Fumika: I see. I see.

Page 45
Fumika: Miyuki's still Shuuichi's princess isn't she?
Fumika: Oh?
Fumika: A bullseye?
Shuu: Idio-!! That's not!! It isn't like that at all!!
Fumika: Hahaaahmmm
Shuu: Going by how you're being, seems that you haven't even confessed to her yet.
Fumika: Jeez
Fumika: Just what have you been doing these past five years...
Fumika: Ah!
Fumika: Could it be that...

Page 46
Fumika: She turned you down
Fumika: ...or something like that?
Fumika: Ah! He-hey now!!
Fumika: Shuu?
Fumika: Wait a sec!! What happened!? Tell me!!
Fumika: Hey!!

Page 47
Fumika: Come on Shuu(S)
Shuu: ...ngh!!
Shuu(BOLD): I told you that's not how it is didn't I!?
ShuuMutter: Ah...
Fumika: Ah... Sorry. I was being insensitive wasn't I...?
Shuu: No. I was also...

Page 48
Fumika: On-onto the matter at hand then
Fumika: There's this place I want to go to
Shuu: A place you want to go...?
Fumika: Yup
Fumika: That place!!

Pace 49
Fumika: Ohhh...
Fumika: It's just as huge as ever...
Fumika: Say Do you still remember?
Fumika: Miyuki, you and me used to come here to play all the time back then.
Shuu: Oh yeah. You also fell down a lot when you tried climbing up there too.
Fumika: Huh!? Don't bring that up...!
Fumika: ... It's a relief though...

Page 50
Fumika: That it's still here...
Fumika: Along with these marks as well...
Fumika: I kinda missed them.
Shuu: Yeah

Page 51
Fumika: ...Say Shuu? The truth is that...
Fumika: I was reaally anxious about this...
Shuu: Huh...?
Fumika: I mean It's been five years hasn't it?
Fumika: What if no one remembered me at all? What would I have done then...?
Fumika: But the thing is Shuu
Fumika: You're still taking pictures right?

Page 52
Fumika: It made me happy
Fumika: Seeing that things haven't one bit
Fumika: ...say Shuu?
Fumika: I
Fumika: I've come back right?

Page 53
Shuu: Yeah...
Shuu: Welcome back
Shuu: Fumika!!
Fumika: ...yup!!
Fumika: I'm back!!
Fumika: Shuu(S)

Page 54
Miyuki: ...huh?
Miyuki: Shuuichi...
Miyuki -san...?
Shuu: Mi...
Shuu: Miyuki!?
Fumika: Hm...?

Page 55
Fumika: Miyuki...
Fumika: You mean Suidou Miyuki!?
Fumika: It really is you!!
Fumika: It's been a while! Are you doing well!?
Shuu: He-hey!!
Fumika: Whoah...
Fumika: You've become really pretty.
SmallText: Ahaha
Fumika: Confused?
Fumika: Come one! It's me! Me!
Fumika: Ohama Fumika!!
(The other reading for her surname happens to be Obama and I'd say this is less risky to go with in case I'm wrong)
Fumika: You remember me don't you!?

Page 56
Miyuki: I'm sorry
Miyuki: But...
Miyuki: Who are you...?
Fumika: Huh...?

Page 58
Text: Had this up as a draft in the beginning
Miyuki: That woman...

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